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Fifty Shades of Purple (Humor/PFL)

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A New Crate and An New Surprise?


It was moments like this at Cicelle enjoy the most, her tiny hooves lightly tapping on the moss cover stones of Moonglade. The shafts of light dripping through the trees to rest warmingly on the humble structures. She hadn't had a score this big in at least a decade, so many of her treasures and for so cheap! Normally she'd have to dive through pile after pile of old dusty books just to find something she hadn't already devoured years ago. Her cheeks and neck were flush with heat and color as she ran briskly down the path at of town. "What was she running for again?" she thought to herself, the first rational one to cross her mind since she had shoved the coin purse into Mr.Tuuro's chest. Taking a deep breath, she stopped herself on the border edges of town. Cicelle put a hand to her heart, pounding like an orc war drum, a small giggle escaping the utter grin she had on her face. The night was one to give wonder to the soul. Taking a moment to look around and actually appreciate it, her hand thickly gloved and shielded with a full-on spaghetti of runes and wards reached out to touch the elven gazebo. "This Place is so peaceful.. its almost romantic" Her voice clear, but low as she spoke to herself; accent having left now with the pressure of appearances gone as well. Cicelle's gaze continue to admire the view, all the while thinking how great it would be if someone had brought her here. Instead of alone. Again.

A pink umbrella sowed with colorful pink hearts along the rim, a stark contrast to the soft lush green of the forest. Eyebrow raised her peered over, taking cover behind a small scrub to conceal her equally bright purple and pink robes; though it provided little if any true concealment. A man with jet black hair and fancy garb was holding a woman with orange-tabi like hair herself or at least she thought. It was hard to tell with the light though one thing was certain both was human and there was certainly some sort of alchemic mixture going on; the man's arms wrapped around the woman tenderly. Cicelle's tail uncurled from under her long cape to gently wave from side to side her head tilted to observe. The man looked familiar though she couldn't quite tell from this far away but the look in his eyes she could recognize anywhere. "It-Its just like.." Cicelle unknowingly to herself moved to gain a better vantage point over the couple "my stories." Her voice faintly trailing as a tendril came up to touch her lips; she continued her polite ease drop. The couple had shifted into a better position not much so but enough to look into each others eyes, and granting Cicelle a better view of them both. They seemed young at least, perhaps the male was in his late twenties or so, the woman could not be discerned "As it would be rude to guess a woman's age!"

Cicelle could hear the narrative already, their eyes alight with passion under the blessed moonlight their love was forbidden but not stopped by such. Here among the out scatter wood away from the hamlet, they found peace in each others arms. It was all too perfect in her mind. The self-made story growing with each subtle motion, a hand placed there, an eyelash batted so softly, temptingly. Cicelle's hands were pushed to her cheeks as she watched, her own mouth slightly open as her tail whipped back and forth to the amusing of the guards who could not help but notice the gawking dwarf Draenei. The couple by the stream were speaking to each other but they were simply too far. "I have to know." Cicelle's voice firm as she snapped off a branch from the scrub and held it in front of her advancing on tiny hooves softened by the leaf covered flooring. Sidestepping along the path in plain view of all but her quarry or more so they were too distracted with each other to notice she did so till bumping into a guard and promptly apologizing before quickly jetting away inside. "S-s-sorry!"

The inn was crowded but her objective was clear, navigating through the group of Kaldorei with the grace of a Kodo in heels and certainly making sure not to accidently bash everyone on the head as she went through with her makeshift camouflage until finally making it to her vista on the floor between floors among the ramps. They were out of site from here. Cicelle pursed her lips and deducted their location, simple matter for her profession but the whole adventure was making her feel a bit dizzy. To the surprise of a passing waitress, Cicelle jumped down from the half-floor and proceeded on her mission. Barreling through brush and minor pebbles alike nothing from going to stop her from watching the love scene unfold nothing except mud. Her eyes went wide at the obstacle. Fifteen yards of filth were between her and capturing the story, and she was too close to walk it anymore for fear of disrupting the scene. "Do it for the memories! Come on, go, go before they finish!" The voice in her head egged her on and with a gulp she obeyed. Sinking down to her knees and began to crawl; each step more disgusting than the next as the moisture seeped into her clothes and the dank mud stained her well-worn (but not fading!) dress. A small whimper emitted from her throat " Raeisley will be so mad.. but Rebella would be proud at least.. and Shaacelle? Well she'd think this was all dumb but no she's dumb with the nagging and the mean words, but who am I kidding I loved them all and Mums, Mums always understood most days." . The hard surface of a rock broke Cicelle from her mental tangent. "Ow.." She brought a hand up to rub her fore-plate, looking around to take inventory of her surrounds only to discover she was much closer than she intended. She ducked her head, only to miss whatever name was called from the woman's lips "Dang it".

The two were fully embraced down still in the passionate standoff; it was about to happen Cicelle could feel it in her bones.

"Aevanida.." The man with jet hair said in the familiar voice, why did it sound so? They must have loved each other deeply by the look in the woman's eye. It's the same look Mums would give Dad right before they'd have to go visit one of their aunts or uncles. Cicelle's skin becoming hot at the cheeks even more if it was though possible "I must have looked like a Gorgrond grape right now, feels like I might explode with excitement at any moment". The couple were closing on each other now, the perfect kiss, a roll of passion, the tension of muscle about to be released in one moment. With baited breath Cicelle watched, bringing a finger to pinch her nose to stop a sudden flow from further staining her robes from the new mud brown to Draenei blue. "So.. roman- Wait," She blinked and leaned forwarded from her cover, the man's face coming more in view and the moment ruined in a terrifying realization. "UNCLE MARRUS!?" Cicelle's mind exploded in shock and so did her body; in her fright an arcane explosion discharging from herself. She scrambled backwards, dropping her hard-won branch and bolting through the mud slurries back up the lodge as fast as her tiny hooves would carry her.

"U-u-uncle Marrus has a paramour?!" She yelped out loud as she tripped over stalwart pebble "Eek!" and down went Cicelle into the mud face and all. With groggy determination she rose, taking her equally muddy glove to wipe her face and spit out whatever foul druid leafs had gotten into her mouth. "Uncle Marrus with a paramour?. Well.. I guess that makes the story all the better?" She spat again, giving a small groan at her new found soreness. "They aren't going to believe this at the next book club meeting!"


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Azure Denial


Arms outstretched like a scarecrow baking in the sun of Westfall, Cicelle waddled into her apartment shivering from the cold mud caking her front from her hooves to her fore-plate. She admitted some kind of shaking coo from her throat as her fingers awkwardly worked their grasp around the door handle, turning in slowly and as quietly as she could manage but to no effort. The greeting cries of a herd of turtles met Cicelle's first steps into the complex; with a heavy sigh, she was forced to smile as the green and aqua tide of reptiles scuttled to her hooves. "Yes, Yes, hello; Mama missed you too but is very very dirty." With the grace of that equal to a rock floating in quicksand, Cicelle waddled into the room, the turtle herd giving her wide berth while following behind in practiced fashion. All the while letting forth a chorus of notes from their tiny mouths. Cicelle's apparent could be described in one word. Quaint. It was small even for a person of one with bed, kitchen, study, lounge and workstation all in one room with a separate room for a tiny stand up shower. Decorated in typical Cicelle fashion, much of it was caked in various shades of purple, red and blue. The wall offering stalwart vigil over her bed was lined with various small but personal accomplishments. Pictures of the family now passed, and tokens of youth such as a poster with a string of good girl stars. A clothes line which stretched from one corner to the other is where the young Celle had found herself as she began to unrobe.

"Burr.." She tucked her head into the warmth of the inner linings of the robes, lingering a moment as her arms joined her. Even with all on her mind, the uncanny chill of the apartment which seemed to have no effect on the tiny herd taking turns biting her hooves and ankles still slivered into her skin giving pale goose bumps to her otherwise smooth skin. " Uncle Marrus has a paramour?" The question lingered in her minds ever since she had stumbled back face first into the muck in her hasty retreat from the scene. Her tail unraveling to assist, wrapping around the edges of the robes to help lift it up and over her head and into her hands to place on the clothes lines. Cicelle lips curled downward as she pinched her hooves together; "A Paramour" the phrase leaving her lips quietly. In her heart the idea felt wrong to her but who was she to protest? Even one of her dear sisters was the product of such and Raeisley herself played that role quite often. "Sometimes one needs to be reminded of how much love they feel for someone by experiencing the bitter-sweet guilt of betraying them" Cicelle could hear her say. She shook her head and returned to undressing, taking her prized gloves to hand on the line also before reaching down to work on the gifted leggings often hidden under her robes. Their sight brought brief reprieve to her lips as they always made her smile and feel pretty "Who cares if they are meant for.. other things". Once off she bent to remove her undergarments one at a time, pulling it off one leg before hopping on the other (much to the terror of the turtles at her hooves) to fish them off and flick the blue gem line Draenic panties across the room to land on Head Turtle, Master of The Eastern Book Shelf, Guardian of The Smut Pile and Grand Keeper of Super Sekerts Jaake's shell who was resting on her bed post. His scaly head ducking to the safety of his shell before being bombarded by the pantsu-onslaught. Cicelle gave a small giggle at Jaake before reaching up in the air to stretch, heading to the bathroom to begin decontamination from the day's trials in the solace of warm water. Like a hand opening a safe, she stepped inside the small shower with reptile parade in suit swarming at her feet for attention Cicelle reached up to the ceiling to release the preheated water. An instant sense of relief accompanied her sigh, her small hands go into her own silver thread hair to undo her bun and let it fall down her exposed back and onto her shoulders. "Yeah. It's not my place to judge besides.." her voice trailed in her head, Cicelle's hips beginning to sway as she rubbed her fingers through her hair undoing knots and removing grim; Trace amounts of arcane seeping from her fingers to aid in her cleaning. "I have more books to read!" a hop following her exclamation, sending the turtle herd once again running for cover from their resting places under the warm rains.

A scrub of her arms, breast, back, tail, hocks, horns, thighs, tendrils (Especially the tendrils!) and any other place one could think of all the while humming a familiar family tune as her tail whipped from side to side in anticipation. As carefully as it was turned on, Cicelle twisted the crystal nob with a delicate hand to seize the water flow before shivering and reaching out to grab a towel and dry herself and step out into the open in front of a body length mirror. She looked like Mums, not quite as beautiful but close in her eyes. They shared the same silvered hair and horn style, but she was shorter and a lighter shade of blue. Her own tendrils not as long nor her tail; she smiled and perform female sorcery wrapping her long hair in the towel bundle, pulling it off her body to rest on her head like a whip cream crown. Once the grand feat was done she retrieved a waiting set of bright pink-purple bathrobes monogrammed fittingly Ce. P. in deep purple. "Everyone now come on, time to dry and sleep." Cicelle pulled another towel from the wall hooks and picked up each turtle individually and dried them; pulling their toes and rubbing their shells to make sure they were truly clean and free of any ill-givings "Jake, Jackie, Jock, Johan, Jane, Jocelyn, Jenkin, Jerry, Jin". Cicelle smiled as she did her work, taking no displeasure in making sure her tiny family was well and clean before rising to re-enter the studio apartment and skip over the create of new found treasures. Picking one from the top, she brought the black leather bound book to her face to read the title. "Baking Passion" The guiltiest of tiny smiles dawning on Cicelle's face. She already felt a little flush just holding it. This one was actually recommended at the book club some time ago though she could never find a copy herself.. until now. With a giddy laugh, she bolted across the room, scooping up Jaake from his pedestal on the bed post and diving into her soft plush purple bed before rolling like an alligator in a death roll into a ball with her head turtle and latest indulgence close to her chest. Taking Jaake from her chest and tucking him into the towel on her head she open the book and began. It was a story of Peter a pretzel maker by trade who had won the eyes and heart of the heroine 'Catfish' Everdeen, they lived in a poor world where the law was decided in grand games and the victors were champions that were showered with wealth but their love and passion trump the challenges they face. The story started a little slow for her taste but well worth it once Peter entered the scene.

Cicelle read out loud to Jaake or so she teased herself to be doing.

"His salted pretzel was a full meter of baked delight, dangling in temptation off the counter as he worked. His muscles tensing with each rough exertion. His hand molding the dough with a firm grasp on the inflated hind of it." Cicelle's cheeks were flush, her tail wrapped firmly around her leg to be most comfortable and a tendril had found its way to sit just at her lips, she bit lightly on it as she read. "Miss Everdeen stood there quiet, a hand to her chest watching him work. She had rushed here in haste but was stop in pace by the sight of Peter working his craft, sweat was dripping off his chest and arms. Strong arms from kneading dough for long hours she had thought to herself. Peter moved and pulled out a fresh pretzel from the oven and took a vial of oil to cover it so and with a careful sprinkle, covered it with salt. Everdeen's mouth watered, a deep craving and hunger filled her gut. The idea of a thick warm pretzel in her mouth to suck on was too appetizing right now but the guards were coming and she couldn't gawk much longer. 'Peter we have to-' She began but was caught off guard by his abrupt stare to her. "Aw Catfish didn't hear you want in, what can I do you for.. perhaps a pretzel? Hot from the oven and as always made them myself. His voice was warm as summer honey, he didn't stop in his work as he talked. Taking a the dough, he was working on and spreading it, twisting the legs up and spreading them again. Miss Everdeen bit her lips brief imagination taking over, 'Peter we have to go the guards are coming to force us into the games!'. 'Yeah and? They are always trying to do that, what's new'. Cicelle adjusted her position in her seat, Jaake falling asleep to her readings as she devoured page by page. Miss 'Catfish' Everdeen had a wardrobe malfunction and Peter was there with the heroic catch. A few lines later clothes were been torn, oils uses and indulging actions leading one into another Cicelle brought her hand to her cheek, it felt as if she had a fever. Her lip becoming well chewed from the reading and only getting worse. 'Peter pushed aside her legs to assert his frame between them. Catfish looked at him, her mind a blur and made breathless. 'Time to put the dough in the oven and stir the batter?' Peter grinned wickedly pu-- Blue splat."

Cicelle blinked a moment, "huh?" the words covered by a blue ink splodge? Another splat fell onto the pages and she looked around alarm checking to where it could have fallen from, looking up at the ceiling before the warm sensation began to pull above her up her lip. "Oh no, no, no!" Cicelle cried but it was by far too late, another splat dripped from her nose onto the pages staining them in brilliant azure. She brought her hands to cover her nose and catch the running blood but it was too little too late as it seeped through her fingers to further ruin the book. 'No! Not again!" She reached out to grab the pages, the blood flowing freely again to drip and her damp hands adding fingerprint splotches, smearing on the pages. "Wh- no! aww!" Cicelle jumped up and bolted towards the bathroom, Jaake stirring from his slumber in alarm and releasing a deafening turtle screech to rally the troops; the herd resting on the floor raising in kind to the call. Jin's (turtle) rally was squashed literally by Cicelle's hoof as she hopped off the bed, accidently stepping on her dear shelled friend and sending her into a tumble with only one hand to help break her fall, the other firmly pinching her nose in a vain attempt to stop the blue tide. With a pained grunt and sore moan Cicelle, rose to sit on the floor, rubbing her hand against her chest as the army of turtles surrounded their keeper to ensure her safety. Them all making turtle noises at her and huddling to her legs. "Ow.. paper, need tissues.." and as asked, Jock and John tugged a floor-bound box over to her and beeped. Cicelle offering a small smile in graduate and a shell rub for their aid before taking a few of the tissues to press to her face. She sighed and frowned, making sure her robes weren't stained which luckily were not but that could not be said for her 'Quality Novel', she reached up and opened it. The blood had seeped in and ruined the page.. and those below it also. Cicelle let out another sore and now crestfallen moan and the herd responded in kind. Jaake calming on her head and resting once more while the others attempted to climb into her lap. She sighed once more "I guess, we'll have to wait for another copy to turn up again.." her frown lightened as the pets crawled onto her, making themselves comfortable. At least, she had her friends.


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A Paper Whim


"Whut" Cicelle stood there simply blinking in stiff silence, rereading the same line.

"Men willing to kindly and humorously submit themselves to be auctioned off for a “date” to the highest bidder"

"Men willing to kindly and humorously submit themselves to be auctioned off for a 'date'"

"Men willing to kindly and humorously submit themselves off for a 'date' "

"Men willing to kindly go on a date"

"On a date".

The air gusted from the northwest, bringing the scent of much-needed salt to Cicelle's nose to break her from her stupor.

"Whut. Jaake! Kis see this?!" Lifting her hat up to reveal the drowsy turtle underneath nestled in her bun. "We can buy a date!".

"Buureemp" Jaake grumbled as he turned in the bun away from the light. His green shell clean and polished like always; the sun rays of the mid-afternoon casting a green hue off it.

"Jaake, look!" Cicelle's eyes flicked away from the paper for the first time in an hour, up to her brow. A small delighted smile on her face even if unsure of it all.

"Buureeemmp" beeped back, opting to retreat to the quiet sanctum of his shell instead of listening to the pattering on of wishful thinking. Though this was a weak guard against his master's delicate fingers which simply scooped him up in her grasp to press face against the paper.

"Look see! We just have to bid and- and, and look who's on the list!" Cicelle bounced slightly in place on her tiny hooves; her tail whipping excitedly from side to side under her weather guard.

With reluctant expression, Jaake brought his head to bob out of his fortress to squint at the paper. After few minutes of eyeing at the strange human runes they meant nothing to him; for Jaake is a turtle and cannot read- most days.

"Mr.Tuuros kis on the list and that one man from the cave!" Cicelle blushes a little, hugging the turtle to her cheek. "Xan-dric"

"Cicelle what are you doing" The sweet silvery voice whispered into Cicelle's ear.

"Bahlaha-goop!" Cicelle hopped a near full meter in the air before landing with a clack of her hooves. Fully started she whipped her head around looking for the source of the sound, her tail fully retracted into a defensive ball.

A Draenei woman fully clad in various blue garments wrapped strategically around her hips, waist and inner thigh to create a rather intricate illusion of clad nudity. Her hair was a deep brown woven in a braid that wrapped around her horns town to her neck, teasing at an exposed tendril line, an unnatural color but one would not know that unless had seen her beforehand. The woman put a hand to her mouth and chuckled.

"Raeisley, don't sneak up on me like that!" Cicelle leaned over towards the woman who was making her way to the posted board. Cicelle clenching Jaake pressed suffocatingly close to her chest. "Buureeep"

"Just checking up on you, my dearest sister, you've been standing here for so long I feared you had died standing up." Raeisley turned giving Cicelle a simper before returning her attention to the paper. One arm placed under her elbow while her other hand placed lightly on her cheek. She turned in one grace unison movement, not a hair out of place. "Were you planning on going to this little auction?"

"What!? No!.. Maybe.." Cicelle looked down and embarrassed, a hoof placed behind her to twist back and forth. "Thought, it might be nice.. might place a bid.. maybe win and not still be waiting". Cicelle bit her lip waiting for a laugh.

Raeisley smirked and floated with her steps over to Cicelle and outstretched her arms to embrace her lightly. Both of rather short in stature for their race the siblings were a select few to be able to look each other in the eye when up close. "You make sure you have fun then okay? Nothing wrong with buying a little company for the evening. If there was I would surely be out of work quick" Raeisley smiled at her sister and kissed her head. Although Cicelle was older than Raeisley by nearly a full year, she always acted as senior to her.

"Oh?- Oh! I vill, kis excited.. hopefully, can win someone." A renewed smile dawned on Cicelle's lips, Jaake to her chest she waved her tail softly to the side.

"Do you have enough coin? These events could become a little pricey." Raeis tilted her head, partly away from her sister to give them both air. Taking a moment to grace Jaake's head with a finger.

"Kyes! Still have some from last pay check, should be enough." Pulling a small pouch from her side with one hand while support Jaake in the other she split the small mouth of the bag to peer inside. A quick summary with a glance estimated her fortune at Five gold Forty-five Silver and one copper which was never to be spent.

"Are you sure, It would be no effort to pass a few coins down the family line.." Raeisley looked sympathetically as the younger of mind Draenei, a warm smile on her face; one she'd rarely grace others with.

"Kyes is sure, vill drive them down somehow and vin er.. someone. heh." Cicelle blushed some more, putting her coin purse back and brought the hand behind her head to rub the ponytail.

"Well best to luck to you then dearest, and don't have too much fun with whoever you win.. That means if you get Tuuro don't abuse your powers and make him give card readings all day" the coy curl of Raeis' lips returned.

"Vill not! Promiise!" Cicelle leaned forward again, bouncing slightly on her tiny hooves, much to the amusement of Raeisley. "Umm. Raeis, there is going to be a female version of thiis I think... vill you be entering in that?"

Raeisley's eyebrow perks, and her neck going back as she chuckled and turned to leave. "Not likely dearest, no one there could afford me." She gave Cicelle a parting glance with a wink as she drifted down the road to the south. "Be safe."

Cicelle smiled a little and nods. "Vill, be safe too Raeisley!" She raised her voice to cry after her parting sibling. a few minutes passed and her eyes returned to linger at the paper. Jaake squinting at the bright light of the square.



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Speed Bumps


(Not proofed yet)

"Ugghhhaaa.." The moan escaped Cicelle lips from under the mountain of pillows that covered her. A splitting ache had plagued her head for two days now, sprawled out on her bed in her small cloths wrapped by her monogrammed night robes to add warmth to the chilling apartment. An army of turtles stood stalwart patrol around her, some rolling oranges from as far as the kitchen to be pushed up the bedside while others rested in the moonlight strands of her undone hair. Everything was such a mixed blur, how did she fall again? The memory came with frustratingly painful effort as she pushed her head into the pink-purple satin sheets, her horns becoming caught in the increasingly more tangled mess. All she could really recall was being at a meal with a new friend and drinking some water, then she felt really dizzy and needed some air but when she got outside she tripped? Yes, she had tripped and someone caught her then she woke up in her bed with Jaake biting her nose. Her eyes squinted open and narrowed to look at the tip of her nose swollen to a deep blue before shifting her vision upward towards head turtle Jaake who was innocently napping coiled in her hair on top of the source of her pain. "Is mean turtle.." She pouted out.

Moments or years past who could tell as she drifted into an uneasy sleep. What was she missing from the memories? The pain spiked as the herd of turtles around her erupted in a chorus of turtle screams. The sound of soft steps on the wooden floor of the apartment nearly drowned “oh no, this was it. They had finally found her and were going to send her back- this was it.” Cicelle clenched her eyes closed and brought her hands up to cover her head and Jaake. “Kis sorry! D-d-didn’t mean to!”

The pillow covering Cicelle’s head was lifted with a quiet ominous motion only to be cast aside to hit the backboard of her bed with a thump. “I’m sure you didn’t dearest.” Raeisley’s voice came from plump lips as sweetly as a breeze pushing away a summer swelter. Cicelle’s eyes slowly unclenched to look up at her almost lofty half-sister her lips curling into a smile as she began to sit up, only forced down by a splitting headache.

“ah-ah-ah, not so quickly love. Here bring your head to me and see how well it is healing.” Raeisley floated to take a seat on the bed, the herd of turtles scurrying away in panic in the wake of the mistress of cold. Only Head turtle Jaake remained defiant with a hiss from his station only to be gently plucked up by long chilling fingers and set down on the floor with the shakes.

Cicelle put her hands to her eyes to shielded of the light, “Thought you were someone else for a moment” she bit her lower lip before releasing as a soothing chill touched the bump on her head. “aww..”

“I know Cicelle, just relax for a moment. Do you remember anything from your date?” Raeisley crossed one leg over the other, her dress splitting to show off one bare as she leaned over with proper posture to inspect the nasty bump that caused her dear sister so much grief.

Cicelle’s expression soured, her cheeks blushing as her hands drifted to mix with her neck tendrils on her face. “No.. Wait?! I had a date! Kyes, now I remember I got there and I..” perking up with renewed zeal, happiness had never been found and lost so easily. “I.. got dizzy and left.. oh.” Her frown sinking her down back to the softness of the satin sheets. “And blew kit..”

Raeisley looked down at her dear sister with her normal simper, continuing to stroke her hair where the bump was with a cooling chill. “Don’t worry, I stood in for you and besides you weren’t missing much. Actually, it would probably be better if you just forgot about that.. bull.” Her tone edging down slowly from comforting to icy disdain.

“B-but-but.. aw.. are you sure?” Cicelle glanced up wide eyed at her sister who gave in return a simple nod. “I.. guess another forty years won’t be that long.” Her voice died to sadness as she pressed back into the sheets, her horns offering small support to a tilted head.

“It’s for the best deary, just you see. So who is Xandric”

Cicelle blinked rapidly “h-how you know that name?” She managed to stutter out before looking up at her sister in horror who was holding a small journal in her one hand, reading it in an elegant manner as her tail wrapped around her leg.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Cirdnax I mean.” Raeisley chuckled to herself as her finger went from Cicelle’s head to turn a page, a delighted smirk on her face.

Cicelle reached up in a fruitless squirming, Raeisley simply lifting her frame to sit onto lower half of Cicelle. “N-n-no! Kis no one, just made up! Give me that back!”

“Cicelle love you aren’t fooling anyone with your ‘codes’” Raeisley brought her thin fingers up to make air quotes “share or I’ll share with everyone else”. The blood drained from Cicelle’s face with at her words.

“Uh huh” Raeis’ eyes rolled to glance down at the journal her simper yielding to a musical giggle as she read more. “No one, correct?”

Cicelle nodded as she began to wiggle from under her sisters bum, “N-no one, just m-ma-de up”. Jane and Jackie waddling over to her aid; biting down with their beaks to help pull her loose of the evil woman. “Kis not import-portant.”

The simper faded from Raeisley’s face, rising to let Cicelle go giving her back to the bed she stood a moment and sighed. Her tail swaying from side to side in a slow methodically smooth motion “Don’t say that Cicelle”. She turned to face her younger in mind sister with a smile warm enough to melt permafrost as she leaned down with elegance to gently offer the journal back with open hands.

Cicelle blinked as she rose the pain giving her daze “Vhy? K-kits not… not important”. Extending her hands out to accepted the dearly kept papercraft back and pressed it against her breast tightly, her robes wearing loose on her form. The tendrils on her neck curled to form small bulbs; continuing to adjust her gaze on her half-sister’s uncanny expression.

“And why is it not important hmm?” With sudden action Raeis leaned forward, her wrists going to her hips to protrude outward. To Cicelle, she looked like a blue duck for a moment before she squatted down in front of her. Raeis’ looking down at the hostile army at her hooves before turning an eye back to the bewildered youth.

That gave Cicelle pause, glancing around her mouth open slightly as she thought “Because.. vell. Kis just stories. T-they aren’t real.. or eber vill be”.

A moment of silence hung for a moment as Raeisley studied her sister. Cicelle bit her lip, the tendrils on her neck squeezed tight and even her tail moved to ball itself, she shifted her weight and her eyes avoided Raeis’. The moment of finally broken by Jaake who deaf to the atmosphere began to beep incisively to before returned to his prized perch. Cicelle glanced at him with downcast eyes, managing to force a smile for her loyal companion “kyes, kyes I hear you Jaake”. Setting the journal aside she grabbed him by the sides to put in her lap, softly stroking his shell till he settled all the while blinking away hopeless dreams.

“Tell me about him,” Raeisley said softly, a tone she reserved for only two things. Tilting her head as she rose once more her motions fluid as mercury she sat next to Cicelle, her arms going back to support her supple frame.

“Oh… aw... umm... Vell, vas doing work so no one would get- Err… worried why kit was takiing so long to come back and well. During a cascade I- mmmm… bumped into someone he knew and he came to find her and make sure she vas safe.” Cicelle’s eyes danced around the room as she told the story her nervous demeanor never changing.

Raeisley brought a hand to cover a chuckle a mocking tone seeping into her voice “Just don’t let Shaacelle catch you doing those portals. You know how she is with ‘Its not scientifically proven safe yet!’ deal.” Another chuckle escaped her lips as she glanced to Jaake to offer him a single pat on the head with her index finger.

“Okay, so what else.” She looked up to smirk.

“Aw- vell, er… nothing? Kis fighter liike dad vas, is- vill?” Cicelle scratched her head in minor confusion losing focus.

“Oh really now? So he’s brave and valiant and stalwart” Raeis leaned close to Cicelle face as she spoke, a humoring smile all the while.

“Aw- K-kyes.” Cicelle's eyes fell downward again to Jaake, warm blood rushing to her cheeks to give purple coloring to her azure skin “C-came to save his ‘f-friend’ I.. I think they were er… special to each other”. Her voice trailed off towards the end, the perceived reality sapping away heat from her cheekbones.

“Now that would certainly put a pickle in your story wouldn’t it? Well just a speed bump no matter, remember that never stopped Dad.” Raeisley reclined to fall into the pillows mound.

“T-t-t-that was different! K-kis nothkiing like this.” Excitement and shock at Raeisley’s comment flashed to Cicelle's face whipping her head to look at her with utter disbelief.

Raeisley rolled over to expose her back, taking a deep breath as she took in the comfort of a familiar bed. “No, it really isn’t dearest. I’ll stay here tonight to look after that nasty bump of yours. Do you mind if I use your shower real quick- no turtles please they like to try to harry my ankles while I clean.”

Cicelle blinked rapidly, her protest caught in her throat with the sudden change of topic “I- aw- of course?”.

“Thank you, love.” And with that, she was gone, rolling out of the bed and bouncing off towards the restroom with a long stride. Cicelle sat there feeling confused and unanswered, her mouth still left open she blinked a few times linger there a moment till the rains of the showerhead echoed into the apartment room. The journal of impossible dreams sat next to her tauntingly in the corner of her eye with its plain cover.

She bit her lip and pulled her vision away from it, the warmth returning to her cheeks. “Kis… Kis different”


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Woman In The Mirror

Her silver hair was already undone before she even entered the room. Disquiet ruled Cicelle’s expression as she waddled into her room. The swarm of turtles crawling out from under her bed to meet her; they brought a smile to overthrow her anxious feelings. Jaake remained on his throne upon the many plush pillows that covered Cicelle’s bed.

“Hello, babies. Yes,yes mommy is home.” She bent her hocks to squat, removing the glove from her right hand to feel their smooth cool shells. A chorus of turtle bleeps replied as each took their turn to receive a shell rub.





“Jessic-“She stops to hold back a giggle at Jessica rolled onto her belly like a dog.






At least she could count on all of them to trust her and with the last rub, she rose once again and hopped over her admiring crowd towards her bed. The night was taxing if not from magic it was from Autumn’s words, hours had passed and the pit in her chest had not faded. Though she certainly had the remedy for such melancholy. With entourage in tow, Cicelle gained a sharp smirk she pranced a crossed the apartment to one wall holding her extensive collection of her favorite series. With a hop she reached up to the far left Cicelle pulled a well-worn covered book down to hold to her chest with a flush riding into the dimples of her cheeks.

“Desira: A Ballot of Passion” The words fell from Cicelle’s lips like butter. She had read the whole 854 book series 48,932 times (soon to be 48,933) and it never failed to excite her with it's detailed and intimate story which left her on the edge of the bed. Her tail whipped from side to side, turning to the bed with a giddy spring she hopped into the bed. Launching poor Jaake into the air before he plopped down right next to her with the same grumpy turtle face.

Cicelle blinked with a guilty smile at the turtle. “Sorry Jaake. Want to read with me again? You can do the man voice this time”

Jaake gazed at her with beady unblinking eyes… “bleep”

Cicelle chuckled and rolled onto her stomach to kiss his head. “Okay let's start. Ummmmm”

The volume had gilded pages, a personal touch she had added over the decades. They were thin, yellowed, and brittle from age. Time and time again she had looked for a replacement but this copy was special with a signature of the author on the inner cover it couldn’t be replaced by anything less; the first edition no less.

“In a land far away but not too far, long ago but not too long. There was a woman- her name…” Cicelle smirked down at Jaake pressing their noses together. “Desira. Clad in the lushest of blues the countess had no rival in beauty or skill, she could sing, dance, tell all the great epics and poems of the ages, and weave the most potent of charms and most of all she was a person of wit. But great stories are not built on what makes someone perfect”

Cicelle kicked her legs up and down on the bed her tail waggling in rhythm. Delight shined on her face as the sun shines on Stormwind harbor during the summer. Scooping Jaake she pushed him just between her breast and the book so he could read also for his upcoming lines.

“No they are based on their flaws and Desira had one weakness that always seemed to come up. The chancellor had entered the room long past the last tick of the clock, the oil lamp hung smoldered; suffocated by their mistresses will though there was naught need for a flame. A flash heat had taken to her chest and the fire burned deep. The chancellor was a tall man, swept back jet hair which hung down to an open V-neck.” Cicelle began to mumble the description to herself, her eyelids dropping to a daydream state. A beep from Jaake roused her to focus once more with a giggle.

“Sorry Jaake, it’s your turn now, though.” Moving her finger onto the ‘lip’ of his jaw she operated his mouth while changing her voice to match the characters voice.

“My lady, you called. What could be set you at this wicked hour? I had come in such haste that I had not even had time to grab undergarment or belt. He had a rogue’s charm to him despite his station or perhaps because of it.” Cicelle removed her finger from Jaake’s mouth with a smile and kissed his head with a smile. “Good voice over.”

She turned the page with a crisp rasp, her favorite part of this book was coming up and she savored ever muscle movement of turning the pages. A small cough to clear her throat. Crossing her legs in anticipation.

“Why Councilor- I had not meant to cause you distress- but you see…” Cicelle coughed. “As you see..”

Something was wrong, suddenly Cicelle felt embarrassed. Her head shrug between her shoulders and her fingers tightened around the cover, closing it to a narrow slit as if to stop others from seeing. “A-a-as- as you s-s-ee...” A shock of cold felt to her spin, she bit her lip trying to just voice out the next time.

“A-a-ah- as. As.. y-y-y-ou see.” Bile touched the lower reaches up her throat, she shut her eyes and could hear laughing. She shut the book with a snap sitting up to grab her knees she pushed the novel to the edge of her bed and took a deep breath.

She could still feel it, the warmth of the jungle sun against her robes. The humidity and morning dew collecting on her skin. Seeing Verrek there. It wasn’t her fault he started undressing in the middle of the camp, it was a scene clean cut from one of her books. The fire, the heat, the sweet, the slowness of it all. He kept eye contact with her the whole time she should have known better. Then right as the last button was coming off. He laughed, laughed at her. It was taunting, demeaning, he must have seen the way she was acting and thought it fun to tease and mock her. Her eyes narrowed down at her hooves at the memory. A joke, a gag, just some fun for others. The whole thing made her feel like an idiot. She was an idiot for the belief it could possibly happen for her.

Pushing herself off her bed, she waddled up to her body mirror located right by the bathroom entrance. Her throat felt choked so she took a deep breath as she did her hair. All-together, once back, over under, around the corner, sweep left, sweep right. Pop on the top, she had done it a thousand times before- well much more but besides the point. Her eyes scanned herself critically as she would search a room for traps or wards. Why would it ever happen for her, she wasn’t even half a pretty as Mums, she wasn’t smart and charming like her sister Shaacelle or a beautiful and talented entertainer like Raeisley. She wasn’t secretly brilliant and strong like Raeh or silent and resourceful as Rebella. Or She wasn't steadfast and level head like Autumn. A scratchy laugh escaped her throat. She had nothing special so why would she ever have a special moment, it was imbecilic for her to think so even for a shred of a moment. That’s why she had all the books and the spying and the daydreams. All she could do was pretend and that was that everyone had a role in life her parents always told her and that was part of hers.

Not ever.

Not ever.

Not ever.

Not ever.

Not ever.

Not ever.

Not ever having that one sunlit moment.

Cicelle slammed her hoof against the floor board. Her breath was rapid and her hand went up to touch her head, why was she sweating? She looked at herself in the mirror once more, her eyelashes were wet and the small amount of makeup she took so much time to put on was dripped onto her cheeks. Had she been crying this whole time? Down at her hooves, Jaak’s turtle head popped her toes. Looking down all her turtles were around her in a semi-circle looking up. Cicelle curled her tail and turned around at them, squatting down to touch their heads.

“What’s wrong babies, no, no, mommy is okay.” She blinked and her eyelids stuck together for a moment before she sneezed. Her sinuses began to fill and she sniffled. Jaake who seemed to material in her bun beeped as she peered over her forehead down at her face.

“Oh? W-whut?” In a rapid serious of blinks Cicelle nodded and stood quickly with a smile.

“Oh-oh right.. Sorry, I forgot” She scurried to the side of the room perpendicular to the bathroom and opened up a cabinet to pull out a head of lettuce. A flick of a switch on the wall and part of it came out to lower into a small table with a knife and nine bowls already ready. Cutting off wedges at a time she filled each bowl and every other she fed a piece up to Jaake with munched happily in her bun.











Each came to their own bowl and she smiled as she watched them eat. It stirred warmth in her heart and she rubbed her eyes clean with a sniffle. Waiting patiently to make sure they ate it all and didn’t make a mess.

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Cicelle's tummy was a torrent more violent than an unstable mana bomb, which she kept spewing onto the soft grass forest floor which she landed. Her head pounded like orcish war drums if she had ever heard any. A thin trail of dried blood stuck to her cheek where apparently the world's sharpest blade and nipped her. It was all a blur of blackness when she tried to remember the night before. She was supposed to go and bring everyone home to the ship but certainly that did not happen- or it did and she couldn't remember. 

"Jaaake.. mommy needs orange.. please." Cicelle opened her eyes from the fetal position on the ground. Her thickly gloved hand worn from centuries of work touched her bare head and her eyes grew wide in surprise. 

"Jaake?" Cicelle lifted her upper body to look around, her wide eyes turning to little slits as she squinted in the dark woods. Silver hair tangled into a matted mess dripped down her neck to cover tendrils rolled into nervous bulbs. 

From the woods the skittering of long thing bone tapping around wood echoed like a whisper from the forest sending a chill down from her head to her hooves. 


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