Quorum: Reckoning Night (wPvP, A/H)

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When: Thursday, 11 February, 8ST->End

Where: Stranglethorn Vale

Some days from now...

Mr. White paced frantically, draping his fingertips over his desk as he circles it. His eye twitches, as the leather and iron-clad man before him tries to engage him in conversation.

"Brother. Best to admit that you failed. We are not so different, we can relocate, you can rebuild-"

"Rebuild? Do you imagine it is ever-so-easy to find source like the one I've used? And now this petty group of would-be heroes is laying siege to my compound. I have worked far too hard, for far to long to let the Rite fail now. You have your *pets* and their false sense of joy..."

The Good Hunter clutched his spear, and looked on at Mr. White.

"Always room for you at my manse, brother. But do not speak ill of those I have enlightened. I bring out their best selves, while you merely drug yours into submission. There is no falsehood in that which is taught, but ingesting joy yields...nothing permanent. And I do have good news."

Mr. White stopped his pacing to look at the Good Hunter and his spidery devices and insectile armor. He wanted the point of this visit.

"Borgorei has recruited several firebrands. Your site may be safe. Should they fail, they incite war. In either event, we advance."

"You know I would prefer not resorting to a violent means to our goals...But it is ever-so-prudent to seek reliable help. Well then!"

White claps.

"You go back to your plan. It seems I must tend to this matter personally," said White, "Even if the Source falls, well, I think I have put enough of my plan into motion to summon my Hounds."

The Good Hunter scoffed.

"Didn't think it came to the point you would need to enter the field personally...But by all means. The Kin are ready? "

Mr. White went over beside his desk, and strapped a bastard sword and a heavy shield to his back.

"Indeed, they have adapted to their new forms quite well. And, if I am going to be ever-so-truthful, Miar and Daybreak have yet to be used in combat in some time. I will punish those who would ever-so-dare to take away the happiness of others. Especially mine."


The emergent facts of the conspiracy guide the Alliance and Horde to an innocuous site in Stranglethorn Vale. Each has been deceived.

The Grim go thinking that the drug Wreave can be used as a weapon against the Alliance, as through control of the site means control of the poison within.

The united forces of the Alliance go to stop the flow of the horrific drug into their most vulnerable populaces, though it may be swiftly turning into a trap. The Quorum has eyes everywhere, and until the truth comes to light...


[[basically, the IC justification for this will develop over the coming period leading to this event. The plan right now is to have a few smaller PvP events to determine the overall flow of the battle, rather than one huge match. So, come prepared for your 2v2's, 5v5's, and other team-based wPvP forces. Hope to see you there!]]

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The drug known as "Wreave" is proven to contain components that are Troll in origin, specifically Gurubashi: a supposedly extinct herb known as Bloodvine, and the Blood of Hakkar.

Katelle and Zakarnas infiltrated the area of Zul'Gurub in an attempt to track down the source of the Wreave, or at least find hints and additional information. What they found instead was immensely disturbing, and bodes ill for the entirety of Azeroth should the situation get further out of hand.

Guerrillas have turned Zul'Gurub into a creation/distribution compound for the Wreave. Prisoners, coming from a wide variety of ages, genders, and races, are kept caged in horrific conditions. They do not complain, however, because they care only for the Wreave--and their desire is sated when they are let out of the cages, dosed with the drug, and escorted into a temple.

The people do not come back out, and what happens to them while they are inside is unknown.

Atop the temple is a flickering God-image, held in check by several spellcasters...reminiscent of nascent Gods and deities who are biding their time before they may return to this world. Below the God-image is a pool of what is presumed to be the blood of Hakkar.

The two rogues escaped unseen, but the horror of their experience has been imprinted on their very souls. One thing is for sure: we need more information, or we need to take down this compound.


"Feral" people in Duskwood have been linked very convincingly to the Wreave addicts...but they are not addicts themselves.

Cultists of the "Wolfmother" have attacked people in Silvermoon City, and two men matching their description have attacked one of the Empire for want of information she is thought to hold...that may very well involve realms and dimensions in flux.

Members of the Horde have uncovered a powerful machine that is thought to have the ability to burrow between dimensions. They mean well, but their ambition is the target of fear from those more well-informed.

A terrifying design, parallel to that of the Silver Sickness, has been discovered in the office of a missing Horde journalist.

A pervasive blue mist has been mentioned several times, especially after people are thought to have died, and yet nobody seems to know where it comes from...

It seems as though everything the citizens of Azeroth have experienced in the past year is coming to life yet again...all at once.

A letter is sent to the heads of several Alliance organizations--members of the Coalition, the Alliance-sanctioned vessel Jade Lion, and fledgling Beryl Falconia, to name a few--detailing the happenings summarized above and indicating that the only known source of this malefic conspiracy is the compound in Zul'Gurub. Katelle Larmont, in her capacity as General of the Twilight Empire, further pens her desperate request for these forces to come together and mount a mission (assault or investigative remains to be seen) against the Zul'Gurub compound in hopes of finding answers and putting an end to some source of the corruption plaguing Azeroth yet again.

(( Heads of major Alliance guilds can consider themselves having received a copy of this letter from Katelle. I'll send out PMs to these people that I know of and ask them to check the thread! If you suspect you may not be on my list, please poke me. ;) ))

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The Wordbearer glanced over the report, written on soft vellum, with narrowed eyes. One of his spies, a Darkspear headhunter who had embedded himself in the Skullsplitter tribe by means of black magic, had contacted him through a dead drop which was regularly checked by Grim servitors. The spy had killed a low-ranking Skullsplitter scout and impersonated him by a dark ritual that involved some very foul-smelling glue, a concoction derived from spider and fly eyeballs, and the scout's own skull.

That was really neither here nor there. What concerned the troll warrior was the report's contents. The spy had been succinct. There was a compound lying hidden in the depths of Stranglethorn Vale that contained a large cache of some substance called... "Wreave."

He'd been hearing rumors about a drug from an unknown source appearing throughout Alliance towns and villages. Its effects were not clearly known, although it was apparently addictive in the extreme. The more interesting factoid was this; after being thoroughly enthralled by the alluring substance, the populations of these vermin encampments would disappear overnight. And the drug's name, spoken about only in whispers and hushed tones, was Wreave.

Whoever these people were who were distributing the drug, they were targeting the Alliance first. That made him pleased, but wary. A drug could be a two-edged blade, as liable to cut its master as its slave, and there was no proof that the Horde were anything but another set of unsuspecting subjects who had yet to be seduced by the drug's thrall. Regardless, the infernal material was better of in the Grim's hands than anyone else. He scowled and looked up as a rapping sound came from the door to his small office. "C'mon in," the troll muttered, irritation coloring his words.

The thin, bony form of the Grim Dreadweaver Lupinum entered soundlessly. His glowing eyes opened in wider in curiosity at Leyu'jin's tone, but the priest made no mention of it. "Wordbearer," he said in a breathless but harsh voice, "I have received word that the Alliance have found a stash of Wreave." Lupinum picked at the sleeve of his flowing white and ebony robes absently. "The site is located in Stranglethorn Vale. They are preparing to strike within the week, the ignorant apes. We need to take the fight to them and obliterate them."

"Wreave, joo say?" The white-maned troll dangled the report from his fingers. "Ah alredy know. Ah will inform da Commandah, dat material canna fall inta da hands o' da blue lions. Howevah o' wutevah it be, da Grim will hav it."

((I've made a post on the Grim forums letting everyone know about this. Is there any way to involve the other Horde-side guilds in this event? Was thinking maybe Borrowed Time could be contracted.))

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