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[H] Sir Thaldis Dawnstrike

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Full Name: Sir Thaldis Dawnstrike

Age: Middle-aged (250 or thereabouts, I guess)

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male (hence the 'sir')

Hair: Dark

Skin: Fair - does not tan

Eyes: Emerald

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180lb

Place of residence: Thunder Bluff

Place of Birth: Quel'thalas

Known Relatives: None.

Religion/Philosophy: The Light.

Occupation: Bodyguard/clerical/misc. duties for the Outriders

Group/Guild affiliation: See above.

Enemies: Poor administration.

Likes: Working.

Favorite Foods: No particular likes

Favorite Drinks: Fortified wine

Favorite Colors: Red

Weapons of Choice: Cut-and-thrust rapier.

Dislikes: Inefficiency. Idleness.

Hobbies: None (really).

Physical Features: Thaldis is average in height and has an athletic build. Most notably he is missing his right eye, but otherwise his face is unremarkable. He goes to great pains to make his appearance neat and tidy.

Special Abilities: Despite his outwardly appearance, Thaldis is actually a paladin (not a blood knight). He only calls upon this in extreme cases, seeing the Light as something one shouldn't squander and use for personal gain. Also a highly skilled swordsman, and a gifted administrator.

Positive Personality Traits: Strong moral compass, diligent, poised at all times. Also rather observant.

Negative Personality Traits: Humorless - an 'oddball', inflexible, borderline obsessive compulsive disorder with respect to work.

Misc. Quirks: Various. Poor social skills. Uses a pallet of bricks for a mattress - cannot sleep on a soft surface. Dislikes wasting time on 'fun'. Always commenting on how efficient something is or isn't. Often fidgets by correcting his hair or attire. Refuses to drink a beverage if it has ice in it. Some others.

History: Thaldis Dawnstrike's family is stepped in military tradition - his grandfather led troops in the Troll Wars and his father was a Ranger-Captain for centuries, a position Thaldis himself would attain. Outside of the rangers, he was also an undefeated fencing champion. He was a Ranger Captain when the Second War came around, which would claim his father's life and gravely wound him. His injuries would prevent him from joining the Alliance Expedition into Outland.

He resigned his position after the war and spent the next twenty years tutoring young lordlings in swordsmanship. He picked up a sword (not that he had a choice in the matter) when the Scourge arrived. They would kill what family he had left - his older sister, her husband and their children. With few options, he rejoined the military and campaigned under Kael'thas as an officer. He would help storm the Black Temple and survived the march on Icecrown Citadel.

Between the crushing defeat at Icecrown and the Scourge, Thaldis was one of scores of soldiers unaccounted for. Having been separated, Kael'thas and Illidan gone and Scourge everywhere, he rallied a dozen soldiers and tried to lead them south. Over the next two gruelling months, he would lose all but two of them to various means as well as his eye to infection. After duelling and killing a mercenary captain for his ship, he ordered the rest of the mercs to sail them home.

With Silvermoon more concerned with suppressing their own population than dealing with the Scourge, Thaldis didn't stop at Quel'thalas. He joined the Scarlet Crusade (when Highlord Mograine was alive) and later the Argent Dawn, becoming an original member. It is here he would learn to become a paladin and be granted knighthood. He campaigned here and in Northrend until the Lich King's defeat years later.

After returning from Northrend, he and others were restless, and he eventually formed a short-lived mercenary company, consisting of ex-Crusade members. They were largely destroyed by a rival company and with nowhere to turn, he went to the Regent-Lord - an acquaintance from back in his Ranger days. He was appointed to Kiraleen Starvale and the Outriders, where he serves to this day.

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