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Quorum: An Eerie Plot

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((These will be straight copy-and-pastes from entries of my "Jade Lion Official Reports Logs" that pertain to the Quorum plot. The rest of the logs can be found at this link, should you be interested: ))

*This letter is sealed with the official symbol of the Alliance Navy*

Date: 21-JANUARY

Ship/Class: "The Jade Lion" Frigate-class

Report by: Captain Bishara-Poor, Danariel


Our mission to inspect the beached horde ship off the eastern coast of Swamp of Sarrows occurred without major incident. Maps, journals, supplies, and some odd creatures were recovered from the vessel. The ship, which we thought might have been a stray abandoned ship from the Horde blockade, turned out to be a second war era freighter-class ship, flying the Stormreaver Clan's flag. Hull damage suggests the ship was shot with cannons, but why a ship from over twenty years ago has beached now is beyond me, but the boarding team found interesting intel that was unknown during the war back then, and the ship itself held some surprising secrets.

The main deck of the ship was found to be nothing special, just dust built up from many years of abandonment. The second floor of the ship was also nothing special, other then some luxury goods and some alcoholic drinks much to our dwarvern priest Bravish's happiness; however, the captain's cabin held old maps that confirm the ship was indeed used during the second war by the Horde. They marked down various odd coordinates that do not make sense on one of the maps, on the southern tip of Kalimdor in the Uldum desert. Why would they be marking down coordinates there when the war was being fought mostly in the northern Eastern Kingdoms? Other random maps were found; Tol-Barad island, the coast of northern Kalimdor, and even maps of Draenor such as Shadowmoon Valley. These, however, had no coordinates marked on them.

The next deck again held nothing surprising, left over magical rituals were found, but our mage did not find any current or dangerous magical spells or enchantments active. Considering that the Stormreaver Clan was the clan of warlocks, its not a surprise to find an old summoning circle. Most of the supplies on this deck was just alchemical components.

The last deck is what held the most interesting intel. This deck held the crew quarters and kitchen, which just held personal belongings of the crew and old food, but our Commander Raeh was able to spot a small, out of place hole in the wall on the far side of the kitchen. Our mage, Cicelle, tried prodding at the hole with some magic, only for it to shock her. She was fine, however, she was able to find out this was a magically warded room. We were able to find an odd key and it worked for this hole, which opened up to a hidden room containing the most shocking find. Slugs like creatures in tubes were found, pale and iridescent. They were eerie, seeming to follow us as soon as we walked into the room, twitching oddly. An empty box was found on the table in the small room, with weird runes that hurt the eyes to stare at. The journals we found here contained... a scary plot should it of succeeded. The texts themselves tell all you need to know, and how it pertains to the supplies we found. The slug creatures were destroyed by our mage shortly after her reading of it.

*The journals are rather faded and old, some parts hard to read but the following can be made out*

-A list of names of Stormwind councilors. In a different hand, at the end of the script is scrawled: “We are undone. Regent Valconis has proven remarkably willful.”

-Page open: “We found the Tarvos Parasite, and killed Morgorr to extract it from his flesh, when it became obvious that he had grown mad under the creature’s influence. We put the vessel it formed from his body, as well as the nucleus, into the box we acquired from Subjugation’s Tongue. It creates a blade, and imparts a great degree of sensitivity to void magic when wielded. We’ll deliver it to the Beast in Repose when we next put ashore.”

-Last entry: “The Mooncalves we pulled from the Corpse of the Sea have proven remarkably hearty. But we are running out of test subjects. They easily burrow into the skin, and find instinctively the host’s spine, which the follow unerringly towards the brain, where they pierce the skull and begin to form a bridge with the host. Those so bound easily bend to the will of those trained in the Void. While these methods are clearly more reliable than the current campaign’s current direct manipulation, I retain my belief that simply eliminating the zealots in the human government may lead to more immediate results than any long-term social manipulation.”

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