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[A] Rainmantle House

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Backstory: Headed by Frenne, his network of craftsmen, spies, writers, enforcers, researchers and influential members of society group together at the manor of Lord Jaxus Rainmantle.

Rules: Be civil, be inviting, be creative. RP will be fairly loose, guild arcs will rarely have success based off of rolls, instead opting for method taken.

Joining: Speak to any guild member about setting up a meeting. Don't worry about your character's class, there can always be a use, and anyone who wants to come is welcome.

Role: 90% RP purposes, don't expect a full RBG or Raid team. There will still likely be some PvP or PvE, but it will not be an official guild event.

Alignment: For all intents and purposes, you become neutral inside of Rainmantle manor, outside of it you can be as evil or good as your heart desires. Feel free to use and abuse this neutrality inside the manor, as it extends to non-guild members as well.

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