Quorum: Reckoning Night (wPvP event!)

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Hi everyone. As part of the storyline, I wanted to do a world PvP event (in fact, this would be one of several) in the next week or two.

The IC justification for either faction will be made apparent in the next week or so. I was hoping to host it, then, Friday 5 February, sometime in the evening. However, is there another day/time that works better for people? I was hoping to get a turnout similar to the Tol Barad event (about 10-15 per side) and go from there. But, I know everyone's busy, so I was hoping to have more of a dialogue to pin down a day and time than simply hoping people arrive.

If you're interested, please let me know!

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Actually, that week isn't going to work for me either.

For now, let's put a tentative date out as

Thursday, 11 February, 8ST.

Ideally, we can get a pretty solid turnout. If not, I was planning on making this a bunch of small conflicts throughout the area, leading into one final raid v. raid encounter. TE, JL, BT, and the Grim can hopefully make it. (Hints towards plot developments :D)

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