[A] The Jade Lion: an RP-PvP guild

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The Jade Lion is a frigate class ship of the Alliance Navy, named in honor of the Tushui Pandaren who joined the Alliance. Its goal: to protect the naval interests and waterways of the Allaince, be they under threat from pirates, hostile creatures, or even the Horde. While the ship may be named in honor of the pandaren, it is still a part of the Alliance Navy meaning its crew comes from a variety of races. Originally under the command of Captain Zhii Fa, a Tushui pandaren himself, he left for personal reasons back to his homeland, leaving the command of his ship to Commander Danariel. Operating from its base in the port-town of Surwich, The Jade Lion awaits its orders from Alliance command for its next voyage... and next adventure.


The Jade Lion is a RP-PvP guild, meaning we do RP and PvP, usually in that order of importance. Every week, usually a Tuesday, we have a on the calendar RP adventure that is very similar to a D&D style adventure, if a bit lighter on rules. Each scheduled weekly RP event builds off of last weeks, meaning that it creates a campaign where choices from before will affect what occurs in the future, however, there are also smaller side arcs occurring between characters, and smaller adventures may happen randomly on different days. Random RP usually occurs everyday, so just ask in guild chat if anyone is, or is willing to RP.

As mentioned, we do PvP as well! Most of the guild participates in some form of PvP, be it world, rated or something else. Many of our guild mates are seasoned PvP arena experts, and are willing to help you out in gearing or learning the ropes of the arena. If you are more experienced, be willing to help out those who are not as well since we all started out as a day one, no clue what we are doing, PvPer. If you are looking for arena buddies, many of us have multiple classes to help make an arena comp. RBGs are something we are currently working on, and we have done a few, but there is no day set aside for consistent RBGs as of yet.


Simply ask myself, Danariel-Twistingnether, or someone in the guild you see on to join. We will give you an OOC rank with no privileges until we can set aside a time to do a formal RP interview, or something of a similar nature, at which point you will be promoted to an IC rank with increased privileges. We also have an OOC rank with privileges if you simply wish to join for PvP reasons, however it is encouraged you do RP, since this is primarily a RP guild.


The rules are fairly simple for this guild, mostly coming from common sense. I don't wish to enforce rules, but if someone does come out of line to badly it will be done.

1) Follow the Terms of Service (ToS) made by Blizzard. You would be banned or suspended from the game otherwise, so just don't break them.

2) Good sportsmanship. While this rule is very wide open, its just common courtesy to be nice.

3) RP and PvP. If you don't RP or PvP... what are you doing here?

4) "Villain" characters. While you won't be required to RP a mary-sue nice person, or even a nice person, this is still the Alliance military. Short answer: don't be a stereotypical evil character, they just would not mix well with the guild. Exceptions may be made if done right, however.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in game or by some other method. If I am not on, ask about us to anyone who is online! Someone will get you to the right person, so don't be shy.


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((So this is where you guys take my links.

Edit: I'm typically the one that puts the adventures together. Throw any questions you have about them to me ingame (I'm typically on Resia or Raeh). ))

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After a brief debate, it was decided that The Jade Lion does not believe that it is worth the investment to remain on the Netherholdt and our future belongs on Emerald Dream will be transitioning there over the coming months before legion. The guild name is the same and those prominent figures to get in touch with are either transferred or remade with a similar name if need be.


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