What is up with WoW these days?

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Hello, everyone!

Most of you don't know me (which is GOOD) but everyone can help me with this question... How has been World of Warcraft (and more important, RP in it) these days? Is it still going strong? What's the situation? I was maybe kind who knows entertaining the idea of coming back, but not sure if the game has gotten better or worse! Which are your thoughts? Which are the big RP Guilds, where is RP activity more noticeable, Horde or Alliance?

Last time I played was Wrath of the Lich King, so to give you guys some vague notions of what WoW was like the last time I tried my hand at it.

Regardless of the feedback, thanks for reading!



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RP is good on both sides. The community is small, but close-knit, and RP is easy to find once you start talking to folks. Here are my impressions of guilds, others are free to add more details or different impressions:


- The Grim is still around, celebrated their ten-year anniversary not long ago, and are still evil.

- Sanctuary has been revived and are still good(y).

- Borrowed Time is a catchall for neutral mercenaries and more flexible storylines (time travel, etc.).

- A few others are kicking about like Coldstar Cantina, Outriders, and others.


- Twilight Empire is a peaceful guild that came with Ravenholdt which recently celebrated their eight-year anniversary.

- Eternal Aegis are defenders of the Alliance not afraid to get their hands dirty.

- Jade Lion is big on PvP.

- Cup & Blade Caravan is heavily RP focused with the theme of being a traveling caravan of traders and entertainers, which literally travels around the continents.

- Beryl Falconia was recently founded and is growing and is based on recruiting members which have fallen from grace and want to redeem themselves.

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I know you!

Welcome back! ...if you decide to come back.

Xara gave a good rundown of the guilds.

RP has been awesome for the past year. It's been so active. Horde has Cantina nights every Sunday where everyone just shows up and RP's, along with lots of random RP sessions in Warspear (new town in this expansion) or Orgrimmar. I'm trying to get a similar RP night setup for Alliance side, which seem to have less random RP, but more RP events/meetings.

Just browse through the Journals and Nether Legends forums here for an idea of what's been going on. The RP has been busy, and it's very easy for new people to get involved. If you bring Cessily back, I think you'd be surprised at how many people are still around who would remember her--for good or bad! :)

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Welcome back! I feel like the RP community is stronger than it's been in years. There is also a lot of cross faction RP and events happening lately also, if that's your thing.

If you do pop over on horde side, let us know what name you are going by- we have an OOC RP channel that's extremely social, but we don't advertise the name here to avoid trolls sneaking in.

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Thanks, everyone!

Xaraphyne: Thanks for the input, Xaraphyne! Thank you a lot. =)

Syreena: Ohmygod. =| People remember me? That's terrible! T____T But I remember you too! A-HA!

Liliana: I just might! =)

Nikaa: Cross faction RP and events? Can enemy factions communicate in game now!? The hell is this sorcery?!

So, I was curious... are Rogues still dime in a dozen nowdays? Worth making one, or are they more rare nowdays that people can play Pandamonks and Demon Hunters?

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Well early welcome back! (if you do decide to join again). Plenty of RP to go around like everyone else has said. Plenty of guilds, and random RPers, willing to RP with you alliance side! I'd imagine the OOC chat is the same channel from back in the wrath era, but just ask someone in game that RPs if you don't know it. We even have a new IC channel if that's your thing.

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Horde side best side!

As far as rogues? Rogue population has kind of dwindled. Druids are definitely the favored stealthies at the moment.

RP wise the merging of TN and RH was a glorious splendid thing. There's a lot of RP. Not at the level it once was -- but it is definitely healthy.

You should give it a go :)

Join the dark side.

Our RP channel is cooler than the Alliance's.

((Xara kinda stole all the information giving but I wanted to be involved so nyah.))

((Horde RP is what kept me in the game actually. Was very close to quitting and then poked around Horde side. Now I've been kidnapped and can never leave.))

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