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((Log taken in the wee hours of 1/12/16. Setting is the Borrowed Time garrison in Frostfire Ridge.))

23:41:30 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Enjoying the walk around?

23:41:47 Parigan-Ravenholdt stands looking over the lower part of the garrison with his arms crossed.

23:42:59 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You seem rather popular.

23:43:50 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: There's a lot of displaced people from the war. Even some that just want a good cause to rally behind.

23:44:54 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I bet you get a lot of spies. They love a generous cause.

23:45:34 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Some. We have eyes on most of the goings on in the Alliance and Horde.

23:45:58 Naheàl-TwistingNether pulls his hood back.

23:46:37 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I meant you must have spies in your garrison, reporting -your- goings on to whomever they truly serve.

23:46:59 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The window works both ways.

23:47:24 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Besides, few see below the surface. We're but simple mercenaries, after all.

23:47:49 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: This setup is a powder keg for tragedy. Someday your open doors will let rabid dogs in this little chicken coop.

23:48:26 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: That happened once.

23:48:42 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: It'll happen again.

23:48:51 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: And again. And again.

23:49:08 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You ever hear the definition of insanity?

23:49:27 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You ever hear the difference between insanity and genius?

23:50:51 Parigan-Ravenholdt chuckles lightly. "I've met some vain elves in my time. I bet you would make good friends with them."

23:51:39 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Nobility?

23:51:59 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Naw, just the usual higher-than-mighty elf way.

23:53:18 Naheàl-TwistingNether | A fight starts to break out between some of the civilians - an orc an a human. It's quickly broken up by a massive tauren who tosses them far to either side of the town center.

23:53:53 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: That'll be taken to the arena later. They'll box, then drink.

23:54:41 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Good, I was concerned your kind didn't allow for people to fight their troubles out.

23:55:09 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We're not stupid enough to think that the war will be solved by getting everyone to hold hands in a circle and sing merry tunes.

23:55:24 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Orcs, culturally, love a good fight. Humans, too.

23:55:24 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: The only thing worse than generosity is penning people up with nothing to take their anger out on.

23:55:47 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You want riots? 'Cause that's how you get riots.

23:55:47 Naheàl-TwistingNether looks at you.

23:56:48 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: This isn't generosity. It's a tenuous refuge. Most of the adults here are either trained to fight, are being trained to fight, or are supporting those who can fight.

23:57:25 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Giving someone a chance, placing trust in them. That's enough generosity to be taken advantage of.

23:57:43 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: If we don't give people a chance, we'd be no better than the Grim.

23:58:11 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: But if we give them every chance with no consequence, we'd be as blind as Sanctuary.

23:58:54 Parigan-Ravenholdt rubs his empty eye socket. "I say you're all blind."

23:59:22 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You believe peace isn't possible?

23:59:38 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Nope.

00:00:08 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I've built a career out of doing the impossible. I'll just add this to the list.

00:00:33 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Only difference now is that I have support.

00:00:38 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: If you've done it, it isn't impossible.

00:01:28 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Do you know why people pursue ideals?

00:01:48 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: In their hearts, they know they're impossible, but they pursue them anyway.

00:02:09 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Might as well be dead, then.

00:02:53 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I deny that outlook. I chase a dream because I wish to see it come to light.

00:03:11 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It'll never come, but we may yet see something close given an eternity.

00:03:45 Parigan-Ravenholdt says nothing in response, though he is clearly unimpressed.

00:04:42 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Maybe someday you'll see. But, then, maybe you recognize it as possible, but realize what getting there will mean.

00:05:21 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I'll believe it when I see it. Evidence doesn't support it so far.

00:05:46 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Children aren't born to hate. Circumstance pushes them into it.

00:06:35 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You ever see a kid scream because they couldn't get a toy they wanted? Most people never outgrow that. They just scream about things they say are bigger.

00:07:16 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: What would you propose, then?

00:07:26 Naheàl-TwistingNether says evenly as he looks to Parigan.

00:07:34 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Me? What does it matter, you've already made up your mind.

00:07:52 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I'd be a fool if I didn't take good advice.

00:08:06 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I'm no advisor.

00:08:30 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: "Advisor" is a nice word for a yes-man. I have no interest in yes-men.

00:08:42 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You have no investment and are more likely to give me an honest opinion.

00:09:09 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I think you're all going to die for your cause, and get nowhere close to achieving it.

00:09:22 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I already have.

00:09:44 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Aye, I'm sure you did. You ever hear the definition of insanity?

00:10:16 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Well, I can't say that I've achieved the requisite for genius yet.

00:10:18 Naheàl-TwistingNether grins wickedly.

00:11:01 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: If you were truly a genius, you wouldn't be having this conversation.

00:11:25 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: If I were truly a genius, my success would be plain for all to see.

00:12:16 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Have you ever heard of society's great lie?

00:12:53 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: No, but I'm sure I'm about to learn all about it.

00:13:06 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It's, quite simply, justice.

00:13:57 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It doesn't exist. Grind the universe to it's finest powder and sift through the finest siv and you'll never find a single grain of it.

00:14:21 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: But it's that lie that people continue to pursue.

00:14:43 Parigan-Ravenholdt picks some grime out of his metal jaw's hinges. "Oh please, do go on."

00:15:57 Naheàl-TwistingNether folds his arms and regards Parigan. "Why are you here?"

00:16:26 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Because my wife told me to.

00:17:10 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Then I would ask you - politely this time - to return to her with a message.

00:20:08 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We will not accept willful blindness within our walls for long. If she wishes send an emissary, she should choose another.

00:20:53 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: In the interest of fairness, I told her sending me was a bad plan. She told me she had no one else to send.

00:22:33 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Were it not for what I heard from her in Everlook, we wouldn't be speaking. In fact, I would still be hunting her, but I can't say that I would've done different, given the larger picture.

00:23:59 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: That's why I said you'd be a genius if you weren't talking to me. I'd already be dead. Because if you ever threaten her, I will kill every last person you've ever cared about.

00:24:26 Parigan-Ravenholdt glares at Naheal with his one good eye, grinning widely. "That's a promise."

00:26:10 Naheàl-TwistingNether holds his spear to Parigan's head. "If you *ever* utter something like that again, your entire company will be crushed. Do I make myself clear?"

00:26:39 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You do *not* threaten my family.

((At this point the two duel and Naheal disarms Parigan.))

00:27:05 Parigan's weapon goes flying from his hands. Green, pestilent blood oozes from an old wound under his breastplate. He regards Naheal with the same glare from before. "You done throwing your tantrum?"

00:28:04 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I don't think you understand what kind of situation you're in. You're here because I believe that this was all sparked from a misunderstanding.

00:28:55 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: This is against my better judgement because I believe that your wife has at least a decent heart. You, on the other hand, have demonstrated that you're a danger.

00:29:08 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I understand clearly. You put a spear to Brinnea's throat and she smiled at you like a friend would. It makes me sick.

00:30:20 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: She damned the souls of innocents. She deserves the same fate and justice will come for her one day. If she chooses to serve a life devoted to making sure that kind of situation doesn't happen again, then that's fine.

00:30:29 You laugh at Naheàl-TwistingNether.

00:30:48 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You really are mad! You told me justice did not exist, blind fool!

00:31:08 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Yet it's that lie that society is based upon.

00:31:36 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Society is for the weak. We don't need it.

00:31:55 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...then I guess your wife's getting a corpse back.

00:32:08 Parigan-Ravenholdt steps aside, retrieving his weapon casually.

00:32:39 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You sure you want to muss up that pretty hair of yours?

((They duel a second time, Naheal coming out ahead once more.))

00:33:39 Naheàl-TwistingNether 's ghoul grabs Parigan's head and starts squeezing.

00:34:35 Parigan-Ravenholdt sticks his metal arm up against Naheal's leg. The hand falls loose and a deafening blast rings out. Gunpowder sears the air around Naheal's leg.

00:35:23 Naheàl-TwistingNether seems unperturbed (engineer!) and grabs Parigan by the spine. "You're done."

00:36:16 Parigan-Ravenholdt || The sound of the blast attracted Parigan's mount, a large wyvern which lunges at Naheal, more to separate the two than fight the death knight.

00:37:19 Naheàl-TwistingNether | The wyvern is intercepted by a bronze drake, which wrestles the creature to the ground.

00:37:46 Parigan-Ravenholdt twists against Naheal

00:38:50 Parigan-Ravenholdt twists against Naheal's grip, unhinging his metal jaw to deliver a vicious bite to the Death Knight's arm.

00:40:48 Naheàl-TwistingNether doesn't flinch as the warrior's teeth sink in. "You're presistant. I'll give you that. But it's warmongers like you that cause problems for this future. And it's because of that that we will never have a chance against the Legion. Submit."

00:42:27 Parigan-Ravenholdt instead emits an ear-splitting shout, one rivalling the roar of a dragon. All his unholy strength is let forth in a berserker rage, all fixated on removing him from Naheal's grasp, even if he must sever the man's arm.

00:43:51 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Stop. This isn't what either your wife or I want.

00:44:37 Parigan-Ravenholdt is too blind with rage to respond. If the death knight doesn't let go, his arm's coming with Parigan wherever he decides to go.

00:54:44 Naheàl-TwistingNether marks a quick rune on Parigan's prosthetic arm, then one on his leg. He then lets go of the warrior the mechanisms for both start to freeze up.

00:55:44 Parigan-Ravenholdt flies backwards as he is suddenly released. The warrior's joints freeze, and his leg collapses under the pressure. He falls to the ground, barely able to move.

00:55:53 You kneel down.

00:56:48 Naheàl-TwistingNether places a hand to his ear as Parigan calms down. "Kallavan. Yeah, it's me. First meeting didn't go all that well. Turns out their emissary isn't really all that interested in the whole situation."

00:57:18 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You attacked me, bastard...!

00:57:28 Parigan-Ravenholdt seethes with rage.

00:57:29 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You threatened my family.

00:58:03 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: When you calm down, I'll show you what happened to the last person who did that.

00:58:33 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I'll tell you what you can do with that spear of yo---

00:58:47 Parigan-Ravenholdt abruptly collapses.

00:58:50 You lie down.

00:59:10 Naheàl-TwistingNether eyes you up and down.

00:59:45 Parigan-Ravenholdt 's wound seems even worse than previously let on. It has traces of the Light lingering within.

00:59:58 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Idiot

01:00:11 Naheàl-TwistingNether lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

01:00:22 Naheàl-TwistingNether kneels down.

01:00:42 Naheàl-TwistingNether channels necrotic energy into Parigan to drive the Light out.

01:01:23 Parigan-Ravenholdt roars awake, sitting up suddenly as the Light's crippling power is lessened.

01:01:40 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Whomever tried healing you had no clue what they were doing.

01:01:56 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Gah! What the...

01:02:03 You look at Naheàl-TwistingNether.

01:02:10 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You had the Light buried in you.

01:02:15 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Why would you even bother...

01:02:41 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I'm an insane man chasing an impossible dream. That's why.

01:03:55 Parigan-Ravenholdt scoffs. "So what does 'the man' plan on doing with me, then?"

01:04:25 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Your wife's interested in peace, right? A potential ally?

01:04:38 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Oh yeah, you two would get along nicely...

01:05:13 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Let's just say this isn't the first time I've been pounded in the dirt by a death knight.

01:05:49 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: What *is* your purpose here? Truly?

01:06:06 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I told you, she asked, and I came.

01:06:23 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Did she also pound you into the dirt when you disagreed?

01:06:33 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Not this time, no.

01:06:43 Naheàl-TwistingNether smirks slyly at you.

01:06:58 Naheàl-TwistingNether offers Parigan his hand. "Those runes should be wearing off soon."

01:07:02 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I do as she asks. If I don't she tends to get herself hurt.

01:07:24 Naheàl-TwistingNether 's wound on his arm and leg are already in the middle of healing themselves.

01:08:03 Parigan-Ravenholdt glares at Naheal again. "I'm here because I only care about one thing, Brinnea. That's why I go to such lengths when I feel someone threatens her."

01:08:47 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: That's a point of view I understand. I would go just as far to protect my family.

01:10:27 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Don't put yourself against her. You'll only end up losing what you hold dear before you end it.

01:10:54 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Know that I've only ever said one other thing more sincerely than that.

01:12:11 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I don't want to pursue war between us. We're after the same thing and there's no reason why we shouldn't work toward it together.

01:13:02 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I'm not interested in your cause. But Brinnea needs me.

01:13:29 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: So I'll play along. If, of course, you plan on leaving me alive.

01:14:06 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You get one more chance. Just as anyone else here. If you threaten anyone here, you'll die and we'll be at war.

01:14:25 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: But it's a war that, if either of us survive, neither of us would win.

01:14:59 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Tch, if there's anything I truly despise in this world, it's being forced to do things against my will.

01:15:16 Naheàl-TwistingNether chuckles. "You'd best complain to your wife about that one."

01:15:51 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Pah, I'd rather not. That cost me last time. One eye and a hand at the least.

01:16:19 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Who are your wife's targets?

01:16:41 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Targets? You talk like she's some assassin.

01:17:08 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: She's preparing for war. Anyone who starts a company like that means to fight someone.

01:18:15 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Last I heard, she just wanted to help the pathetic citizens of Redridge with problems Stormwind is too busy to clean up.

01:18:51 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Basically do the work that the nobility claims to do, but doesn't actually do?

01:18:56 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Sure, she's prepared to fight. Her hope is she'll turn the common folks into monster hunters or something of the sort.

01:19:33 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I don't claim to understand her plans. I just do what she asks so far.

01:20:01 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You believe that we're out to kill her, then?

01:20:25 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You tried once, didn't you? And you would have succeeded if I hadn't stepped in.

01:21:45 Naheàl-TwistingNether gets a somber look. "I bear no ill will toward your wife. My only interest is in preventing the next wrong, which, at the time, I believed she would commit."

01:22:58 Parigan-Ravenholdt toys around with his frozen metal arm. "Are you aware that the orc who captured her in the first place was a puppet for a human witch that tried to steal Brin's body once?"

01:24:14 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I'm not. We were initially hired by the Grim to assist in dealing with the people responsible for that village getting slaughtered. It wasn't until we found out what *they* did that we backed out of that contract.

01:24:45 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: And from there, the whole situation's just kept getting weirder and weirder. That being said, we've been... understandably distracted, I think.

01:25:21 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I believe my wife is just as tired being a pawn in other people's schemes as I am.

01:25:48 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: That's why we backed out of our contract with the Grim.

01:26:21 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: She's lost too much and been powerless too often to face the caniving bastards that think we're toys for their amusement...

01:27:12 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: The fact that I caused even a little of her suffering fills me with guilt. I feel shame about nothing anymore, save for that.

01:27:39 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I wish I could sa y that I lost most of what I did in recent years because of something similar. *he shakes his head* No, I willingly cast aside everything I could for the hope of a better future.

01:28:28 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: People take for granted what they have until it's gone. Everyone does.

01:29:23 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: That's why I take on everyone else's burdens and defend this so fiercely. I can't go back. Best I can hope for is that no one else has to sacrifice that much to make peace a reality.

01:30:08 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Something your wife will share, I'd bet. Even if we do forge a world of peace, we can't take part in it.

01:30:33 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You said justice was the great lie of society, but I have a different idea in mind.

01:30:45 Naheàl-TwistingNether looks at you.

01:30:48 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Hope.

01:31:27 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: It's all that keeps us going in our pointless cycle of life. Hope is truly the definition of insanity. And we

01:31:33 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: are all infected with it.

01:32:21 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...during the siege on Silvermoon, during the Plague.

01:32:56 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I was in the market square. Fighting off ghouls and the like. One of the walls came down on top of me. Ended up buried for... I couldn't even tell how long at the time.

01:33:32 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: People kept digging, looking for survivers. I could hear them above me, you know?

01:33:41 Naheàl-TwistingNether doesn't even look to Parigan as he speaks.

01:34:00 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: They'd find someone, then keep looking like there would be someone else there

01:34:28 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Eventually... it stopped. I couldn't call for help. Couldn't get anyone's attention.

01:34:55 Parigan-Ravenholdt continues tinkering with his arm.

01:35:27 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: One night... was quiet. I heard someone up in the rubble near where I was and I called out. Barely louder than I'm speaking to you now.

01:35:32 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Just enough to get her attention.

01:35:58 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: She got me out. And started teaching me fel magic .

01:36:03 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: My hope was my damnation.

01:38:09 Parigan-Ravenholdt says nothing, continuing to fiddle with his arm.

01:39:17 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...maybe you're right. Maybe hope is a lie. Maybe we'll never forge that kind of world. But, if we don't, it'd a bit like acknowledging that loss doesn't mean anything, doesn't it?

01:41:37 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I was told by a man I once though to be wise that life is a struggle. That the only ones who can say they truly lived are those who never ceased to struggle, even to their last breath.

01:42:17 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Even those who died long ego?

01:42:22 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ago*))

01:43:21 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: When you're gone, you don't care about what you did or did not do anymore. This is our one life, our only chance.

01:43:46 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I lost my chance once, and when I was gone, it felt...peaceful.

01:44:01 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]:'re lucky.

01:44:06 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: For most, that would be reassuring.

01:44:29 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: But I live again, and nothing puts fear in me more than the thought of being at peace.

01:45:09 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Have you considered working for a dragonflight?

01:45:26 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I don't work for people.

01:46:07 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Good thing dragons aren't people

01:46:23 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: You working your way to a point?

01:46:26 Naheàl-TwistingNether | A female voice from the Bronze Drake yells "HEY!"

01:47:47 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Well, I'm absolutely incapable of finding a truly peaceful world. If we ever *do* manage to create it, then I'd have to either go off myself to prevent insanity or find some other world to go fight in.

01:48:39 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Hence why peace isn't possible. No one settles for a peaceful life.

01:49:00 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It isn't by choice in my case. It's a reality of being a death knight

01:49:43 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Has she never told you? Part of being a death knight involves brutally killing someone on a regular basis to keep our sanity?

01:49:58 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: I am well aware.

01:50:15 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It's why I signed on to the Bronze. Protect reality from the old gods, have an infinite number of enemies to kill so I'm not driven insane, and I can still pursue this peace.

01:52:28 Parigan-Ravenholdt grunts in frustration, letting his still frozen arm go limp. "I thought you said these would wear off quickly."

01:52:54 Naheàl-TwistingNether examines the arm. "Huh. Odd. Are those dwarven make?"

01:53:12 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: No.

01:53:53 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Now, I know that I didn't hit those that hard...

01:54:15 Naheàl-TwistingNether takes Parigan's arm and starts examining it.

01:55:20 Parigan-Ravenholdt appears less than pleased with having his arm man-handled, but keeps quiet.

01:57:16 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Shoddy work

01:58:01 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: It's tested well on more than just you, elf.

01:59:09 Naheàl-TwistingNether sighs. "It's barely connected and your straps there turn it into a gigantic structural weakness and don't even get me started on the joints."

01:59:32 Naheàl-TwistingNether pulls off his left gauntlet, showing off his own metallic arm.

02:00:45 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I could improve the design, but it looks like whomever put this together did a rush job

02:01:39 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Are you going to continue critiquing my work, or are you gonna let me walk again?

02:02:24 Naheàl-TwistingNether regards Parigan again, as if pulled from another world. "Huh? Oh, right."

02:02:48 Naheàl-TwistingNether starts erasing the runes, then pulls out his tools and starts to fix the limbs.

02:05:14 Parigan-Ravenholdt || Once his prosthetics are fixed, Parigan stands shakily, readjusting his balance to the metal leg.

02:05:32 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Those things go out quite a bit, don't they?

02:06:02 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I didn't see any redundant systems there. Makes even a slight bruise potentially crippling to them.

02:07:11 Parigan-Ravenholdt tests the unloaded hand cannon while replying. "Usually when they come off, its because of a tremendous force that would damage even the best of mechanisms."

02:08:12 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: If you really feel the need to make new ones, knock yourself out.

02:08:36 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: "Feel the need"? I'd just up the size of mine and stick it on you

02:08:50 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: But I suspect that you'd not appreciate me messing with your nerves

02:09:33 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Well, it's not like you're offering to buy me dinner first...

02:09:51 Parigan-Ravenholdt clicks his hand back into place.

02:10:08 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: If you're going to stick around

02:10:27 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We expect you to contribute, but you'll also recieve a cut for any job done

02:10:52 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Hmph, I'm familiar with how mercenary bands work.

02:11:21 Parigan-Ravenholdt jabs his thumb at the bronze drake. "Care to let my wyvern go?"

02:12:00 Naheàl-TwistingNether | The drake is clearly just playing with him at this point, but then lets him go. Just before the wyvern stands, she goes back to playing.

02:12:32 Naheàl-TwistingNether watches this. "...welcome to Borrowed Time's garrison. This is my every day."

02:12:37 Parigan-Ravenholdt 's mount begins to snarl at the drake, but with a sharp call from its master, the beast timidly comes to rest at his heels.

02:13:02 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: This wyvern was a gift from a now dead orc. A stolen gift, but a gift nonetheless.

02:13:14 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: So, spoils

02:13:43 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Yes, well, I felt he owed me after the Horde's hunters killed my last mount. A friend, actually.

02:14:17 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I see nothing wrong with taking spoils. An army has to feed itself and honor and glory don't fill bellies.

02:14:49 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: If you don't mind, I'd like to find myself a bunk to stitch myself up in.

02:15:02 Naheàl-TwistingNether jerks his thumb toward the garrison.

02:15:10 Naheàl-TwistingNether barracks*))

02:15:28 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We'll be keeping an eye on you, but make yourself at home, regardless

02:15:43 [Parigan-Ravenholdt]: Right. Thanks for not killing me, or whatever.

02:15:52 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: If you need a workshop, you can borrow mine. Just don't mind the insane orc or goblins.

02:16:14 Parigan-Ravenholdt slowly retrieves his fallen sword, returning it to its sheath.

((Parigan goes to stitch himself up in the barracks, end scene.))

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((Setting: Stonewatch Keep in the Redridge Mountains, a couple days before the events of the previous post. Kallavan speaks in an obnoxious Cockney accent.))

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ya' Brinnea?

Brinnea-Ravenholdt regards Kallavan with eyes of frost. "Indeed I am, traveller. Have you business with Beryl Falconia?"

Kallavan-TwistingNether eyes you up and down.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Could say that. Thin' ya' met an associate of mine.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt rests an elbow on the hilt of her blade. "I meet many people, friend. Care to offer a name?"

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: He's wanting it cloak and dagger for now. He does send his regards and wonders why ya' decided to move from Winterspring to Redridge.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Unless yer gab with him wus less than informative for ya'.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: A good question. Tell me, though, how do the Reborn Black fare?

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Weak, though growing stronger.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt smiles, folding back her hood. "Then you may let your associate know that this location more nicely fit our purpose."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ask that ya call me Roberts in this form. I'm no' exactly on Grandfather Winter's nice list when it comes to either nation.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Very well, "Roberts," you may call me Brinnea. I fear not anyone who knows of me.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ya' kicked a hornets nest no' too long ago. Grim's gonna be hunting ya' and most of that merc group has ya' on their shit list. Kinda why he wants it quiet.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Lucky ya' both groups are regrouping now.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Lucky, maybe. But the change in location was also meant as a way to shake unwanted attention.

Kallavan-TwistingNether shifts uncomfortably.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Could we get away from prying lamps? This suit's rather stuffy.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt nods. "Of course, right this way."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Thanks. Hate that suit.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt takes another long look at Kallavan. "Your garb, you wouldn't happen to have history with SI:7, would you?"

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: ...could say that. It's a long storry if ya' want to hearr it.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Only if you have the time and patience to tell it. From what I hear, you came to learn something rather than teach.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Both, actually. If you'rre gonna worrk with us, you'rre betterr off alive, so ya' need to know what's up.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Fine by me. Then let's draw up some terms. If this is to be a mutual arrangement, then we can share information equally. I tell you something, you tell me something. Deal?

Kallavan-TwistingNether gives Brinnea a long look. "Deal."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Good, I'll start. Falconia's undergoing reconstruction efforts on the keep. We'll have it in ship-shape soon enough.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Our numbers have just recently increased b y a drastic amount after a recent battle. They swell with former enemies. In fact, I'm one of those former enemies.

Kallavan-TwistingNether looks at you.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I clever tactic, and one I am familiar with.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Malastar lives by a personal mantra: Win without destroying. Subjugate without humiliating.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Some friends of mine are collecting workers for the construction project. Plenty of drifters and jobless folks in the area. Wasted talent without proper guidence.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Defias?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: There's not much left to call Defias. If any of them used to be, all the better. We could use such experience.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I see...

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: And what about this "Malastar?" Who is he?

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ya' want a historry orr wot?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I want to know why he matters. How he might affect things.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: He's Bronze Dragonsworn, a Knight of the Ebon Blade and a former Blood Knight from Silvermoon.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: He's got quite the storry to him.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ya' want the whole thing?

Brinnea-Ravenholdt soaks the information in wordlessly. "Orc raids are becoming more frequent in this area. Prevailing theory is there's a new merc band possibly forming a clan. Tell me how Borrowed Time is connected to the Bronze Dragons."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ain't just one Flight. There's a member of each Flight within Borrowed Time, and each with their own desires. No' sure why they're gathering there, but sum folks are starting to think it's fate.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Must have quite a bit of pull if they've got dragons joining up.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: That's the funniest thing. They'rre just showing up on theirr own.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: No black dragons, though? That might be less than appreciative.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I did say "every" flight.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: After all, ya' asked about one when ya' realized who I wus.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt grins mirthfully. "I suppose the trade was more even than I suspected. And here I thought I was the only one sending a wolf into a henhouse..."

Kallavan-TwistingNether grins at you wickedly.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Most of our company's already gotten a feel for the... "bigger" threats.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Parigan was rather reluctant to travel back to Draenor for this deal. Last time he was there, he lost an eye. I doubt Borrowed Time will be happy to see him, for the most part.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Considerring the only one that wus available forr yerr little execution wus crrushed by a drrake...

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I wonder if you're as on edge as we are, though.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: That's the big secret, Roberts. I'm always on edge. I just know how not to show it.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt remains unwaveringly calm and blank of expression. Indeed, it is impossible to get a read on her thoughts.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Considering the fact that you've had rifles trained on me from the moment I came in, only to lead me into a dank corridor should I decide to attack ya'?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: To be fair, you asked to come inside.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: And ya' obliged.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt shrugs. "There's little of value here as of yet. The place is liable to come down on its own at this point. We'll have it fixed up regardless."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: So, I got a question for ya'. Were ya' planning on expanding?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: When the time is right. Redridge, Duskwood, Westfall, even Elwynn are in dire need of attention. The armies of Stormwind are all off fighting foreign wars, which leaves a small standing army and militias for protection.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I'm sure you heard what happened to Eastvale.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Aye. We've an orphan from the area in our garrison.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: There are more threats than Stormwind can deal with. But the people can, with the right push.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: So ya' plan to rally the common folk?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Only those with the heart to fight for what belongs to them.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: So. Information for information.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: We'rre expanding in Drraenorr. In the prrocess of finding the rremnants of the Irron Horrde and rrallying them to ourr bannerr.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: The idea is to create a sort of sanctum for folk who want to just be left alone after the wars are done, but we're prepping for a Legion invasion.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: You think the demons are coming soon?

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Chief seems to think so

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: It is always wise to be prepared, in any case.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: And I agree with him. With the slap we gave them on Draenor, they're gonna come here.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: It is my hope that someday Beryl Falconia is ready to combat such threats.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: There's a lot of folk in Borrowed Time who would do the same, but lack trust in the Alliance.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Internment camps and multiple attempts at genocide tend to do that.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt smirks. "And they seem to forget all the fun times we had. Like the Second War, where they almost destroyed every human kingdom on Azeroth."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Considering one of the folks we tried to massacre wus an ally in the Second War...

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Besides, it ain't like the Alliance is gonna let Lorderon just sit there. No' after they invaded Gilneas.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Did you take part in the battle for Andorhal? I did. It was my home once, after all. But I don't hold on to hard feelings. My allegiance is to Azeroth, and what is best for her survival.

Kallavan-TwistingNether chuckles at you.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Should gab to the Chief about Lorderon, then.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: But anyway. Sum of us are looking to just ignore the whole Alliance and Horde war if we can. Let the nobility kill each other. We'll get the common folk together to do the real work

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Like we always do.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The war is taking a toll on both sides. More often than not, I see mercenaries take to the field more than soldiers of either army. Fighting men and women are paid well. Falconia is a mercenary band, officially speaking.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: As is Borrowed Time

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Technically speaking, we're on a long term contract with the Horde

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: We're looking to get a similar contract from the Alliance. I have a contact that will make that possibility into reality.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Means that you'll be crossing blades with Borrowed Time folks

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Possibly. Or maybe we'll be put on border patrol. Depends on where we're needed. Or where my associate says we're needed.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: If you're looking to fund yer band, you'll want to be on the front.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: And some of us will be. Others will be learning from the sidelines, as it were.

Kallavan-TwistingNether nods at you.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Then that matches up wot Malastarr's suggested.

Kallavan-TwistingNether extends a hand. "He's said ta work with ya for now."

Brinnea-Ravenholdt takes the offered hand. "It is good to have our numbers bolstered further."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: It's temp until we're sure ya' can be trusted.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: And we'll be wantin' sum inforrmation on who we can and can't trrust amoungst the Alliance, just as yerr guy's gonna learrn.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Still, we are a young cause, and assitance is always appreciated.'

Kallavan-TwistingNether nods at you.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I'll tell ya' more ab out Malastar if ya' want to know

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Specific orrderrs: "My life's a matterr of public rrecorrd."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I'll have someone find you a room that isn't full of cobwebs. It was a pleasure meeting you, Roberts.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: It's Kallavan without the suit.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Kallavan, then.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Roberts is just the cover.

Kallavan-TwistingNether grins wickedly.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Never know who might be listening.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt pulls up her hood and calls for a guard to do as she promised before heading upstairs.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Trrue. But if someone's listening to the converrsation, then it'd be known ya' werre worrking with the Horrde, too.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Then I guess it is a good thing my guards are so attentive.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: On the bright side, we're no' contracted with the Grim anymore.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Always a plus.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Well, watch yer back, Knight.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt grips a blade. "You as well."

((Several days later, after Parigan entered the Borrowed Time Garrison))

((Still at Stonewatch Keep))

Narÿa-TwistingNether stands with her arms folded as she waits for the guards to fetch Brinnea, humming an erratic tune.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt exits the ruined keep, stepping softly despite her well-armed appearance. She regards the draenei with cold eyes.

Narÿa-TwistingNether lets her arms drop as she tilts her head back to look at the smaller woman. The perpetual grin on her face, her lips never seeming to touch even when she speaks, widens. "Hiiiiiiiii."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Welcome, traveller. What brings you to the doorstep of Beryl Falconia?

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Oh, things. And other things. Are you the one everyone wants dead? Because you look already dead to me. Like me!

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I am wanted by many. Peacekeeping is a dangerous line of work, and not always appreciated.

Narÿa-TwistingNether 's grin grows slightly lopsised, as a smirk would appear on her features. Black ichor slows oozes from the corners of her mouth. "Are you in it for the appreciation? Because you might be in the wrong line of work, then. And maybe I came to the wrong

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: place."

Brinnea-Ravenholdt rests an elbow on the hilt of a sword. "I am in this to safeguard the innocent and protect those I love. Now, have you business with me?"

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sure, sure. Can I join?

Narÿa-TwistingNether looks at Brinnea expectantly.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Of course, Falconia is open to any with the desire to help others. I have but a few questions to ask you first.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Ask away!

Narÿa-TwistingNether throws up her hands and grins wider again.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: First, why do you wish to join us?

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: So no one dies who shouldn't.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Second, have you ever killed anyone outside the theater of war?

Narÿa-TwistingNether cocks her hips to the side and puts a gauntleted hand there, looking at Brinnea.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Not yet.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Want me to? I can if you want.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: In that case, third, would you be willing to do so for the sake of peace?

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sure, no problem, long as they're supposed to die.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Very well. Do you know what our purpose is?

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: If I had to guess, it's --

Narÿa-TwistingNether says the next aprt with the exact same intonation Brinnea did earlier, and a passable impression of her voice as well, down to losing her draenei accent.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: 'To safeguard the innocent and protect those you love'. Right?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Indeed. And the methods by which we do so are limited only by what is best for their safety.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sure, sure. So who decides what's best? You?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Circumstance and one's own conscience. However, if you wish to work for me, you must put your trust in me until I know I can put mine in you.

Kallavan-TwistingNether leans against the wall. He folds his arms.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I may not have all the answers, but I take care of my own. Join us and I'll see to it your talents are put to use in the best way I see fit.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sounds good. WHat do you want me to do first? I can get rid of those couple of ruffians over there if you want.

Narÿa-TwistingNether eloquently indicates with a shoulder the two to her left.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: They will be your comrades if you join us.

Narÿa-TwistingNether finally looks that direction, sizing both men up. "I can still beat them up if you want."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Tell me, what is your name?

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Oh right. Narya Elenn.

Narÿa-TwistingNether grins.

Narÿa-TwistingNether looks down at the smaller woman as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt folds back her hood. "I am Brinnea Velmon, a pleasure to meet you."

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: That's the name I heard. They say you wiped out a whole tauren village. But I asked around and you didn't kill that many civilians.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: And I suppose that news does not trouble you since you still stand before me.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Well, I originally came here to kill you, but I think you're all right, so I joined you instead.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: So, what's my first job?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: If you're to work with us, you have to sign a contract. It's part of our more official stance as a mercenary guild. After that, since you're so eager for work, we have plenty of jobs that need looking into.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sure, sure. Where do I sign?

Brinnea-Ravenholdt draws a roll of paper from her belt, unrolling it and offering a pen to Narya. She points to the line with an 'X' beside it. "Sign here. You can read the fine print if you like, it's mostly about pay grade and whatnot."

Narÿa-TwistingNether takes the paper and pen, and presses the paper to Brinnea's chest to sign it. Her signature is pretty much just a squiggle. "Nah, I don't need pay. What am I gonna spend it on? Food?" She offers the items back.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt puts them away. "The most valuable pay we can offer is a chance at experience. We take contracts for bounties, raids, and protection. They vary in difficulty, and our best fighters have the chance to go after the toughest of prey."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Traditionally, Beryl Falconia was a monster-hunting band as well as a mercenary company. It builds character.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: I like killing monsters. Especially the senitne tkind. And the kind with two legs. And testicles.

Kallavan-TwistingNether smirks slyly at Dazlinder.

Kallavan-TwistingNether raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Dazlinder.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt gestures for the draenei to take a look at the public notice board to the left side of the keep stairs. "That board holds job opportunities that are open to any member to take on."

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sure, sure, I'll check it out. Anything else I should know? Do you ever smile?

Narÿa-TwistingNether grins.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt smiles back. "I smile when I have to."

Kallavan-TwistingNether checks the board casually, then takes a sheet off of it.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Light, don't do that, it's fucking creepy when dead people smile.

Dazlinder-Ravenholdt mutters under his breath.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: As for other information, you have free reign over the grounds. We have a mining operation being built in the ravine to the east, and rebuilding efforts in all parts of the keep.

Kallavan-TwistingNether rolls up the sheet and puts it in a scroll case on his belt.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Got it. There a password or anything? How will I know who's a member and who's a trespasser or spy?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Those who are familiar with all our faces are put on guard duty from time to time. At the moment, we have friends to do that for us.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Heh, friends. I remember having friends. That was a long time ago. The only thing you can have now is family.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: In any case, our most prominent contract at the moment is with the citizen population of Lakeshire. Orc raids are pushing the militia to their breaking point, so we are here to watch the border for them.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sure, sure. I can handle that.

Narÿa-TwistingNether speals as though she can do so herself, similar to her confidence in offering to take care of the other two present shortly ago.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Word is the orcs might even be forming a new clan with a warlord to lead them. If I need any assistance in investigation, I'll let you know.

Kallavan-TwistingNether blinks at Dazlinder.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Bored, are we?

[Dazlinder-Ravenholdt]: quite.

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Sure, sure. All right then, Boss, Head Honcho, whatever I'm supposed to call you.,

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea is fine, but if you're feeling formal, you can call me Ma'am.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Maybe we can get sum folks together for a contract. Get sum gold flowing for the company.

Dazlinder-Ravenholdt shrugs.

[Dazlinder-Ravenholdt]: Food and drink tends to make the long periods move quickly

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: So, we need a tavern

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: Do they always talk? Do they have to talk?

[Narÿa-TwistingNether]: It was better when they weren't talking.

[Dazlinder-Ravenholdt]: Well at least a decent one is down the way from here.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt || An odd whispering sound can be heard, originating from Brin's belt. She draws forth a stone that seems to be the cause. She looks at Narya, saying, "Excuse me a moment, I need to handle something."

Narÿa-TwistingNether salutes you with respect.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: And there we go.

((After receiving a stone-call from Parigan, Brinnea speaks to Kallavan.))

You look at Kallavan-TwistingNether.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Roberts.

Kallavan-TwistingNether pulls out a scroll and offers it to Brinnea. "Had a bit of a scuffle. Figured you might want in on the info."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I heard already.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt takes the roll of parchment anyway.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I get the feeling ya' figured they'd end up slapping each other around.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: You want to discuss that in private, or are you satisfied with only one side of the story?

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I'd prefer to have the full picture. I'll be relaying it back, too

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Then you ought to come with me.

Kallavan-TwistingNether nods at you.

((They enter the Keep proper.))

Kallavan-TwistingNether looks around.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt crosses her arms and looks Kallavan up and down.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: In truth, I only received word from Parigan a moment ago.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I've been trying to figure out how to present it without causing problems. Our chief's a bit of a hothead if the wrong subjects are hit.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: So it would seem.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: In all honesty, I did not expect him to be the one throwing the first punch. Pari's usually the one with the short fuse.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: The Chief's preemptive if he senses a threat to his family or his company. Good chance he sensed that with Parigan.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Acts first, but will take in the whole picture if he gets the chance.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I'm sure he wonders why I sent Parigan in the first place.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: His exact words were "she figured this would happen. Either she's trying to teach him sumthing or trying to see if we'll kill him if he antagonizes us."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I'm guessing it's a third option. Ya' don't know who ya' can trust just yet, so ya' sent him.

Kallavan-TwistingNether puts a hand to his ear. "Lakeshire's gettin' hit."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Consider the matter tabled for the moment, then.

Kallavan-TwistingNether nods.

((The mercenaries fly quickly to Lakeshire to investigate the disturbance before returning to the matter.))

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Looks like they hit the gryphon master, then bolted.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Saw the remains of one. Adult. Large, so probably either a human or a worgen.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: This sort of act is why this area needs more protection.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: These people are sitting on the edge of a warzone with Blackrock so nearby.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: In any case, we were discussing my reasons behind sending Parigan as our representative.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Yeah

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: In truth, I didn't send him because he was the only choice, I sent him because I wanted to show your associate how serious I am about this potential alliance.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Parigan is many things, a violent man and a killer only a part of his many vices. But he is my husband, and the man I love.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ya' sent someone with that short of a fuse and that willing to pick a read and write to show how serious ya' are about this potential alliance?

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ah! That's it.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: We are bound together eternally, and nothing can break us apart again. That is what I wanted to show your friend. Parigan is a difficult man to get to know, but with enough patience, pressure, and time, he will open up.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Ya' may have thrown him into a hornets nest. No' all of Borrowed Time is happy about this little work-together we're starting.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Parigan is no stranger to danger. I was aware of the risks, which made it all the more difficult to ask him there for me.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: However, I believe this situation is salvageable.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: So do we.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Let me be blunt. I'm no' here because I'm a trusted advisor. I wus only recently turned to the company

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: From what I heard, Parigan was not beaten soundly. If anything will inspire him to stick around, it will be the desire to overcome Naheal in fair combat.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: That'll work to our advantage, then.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Malastar is saying with almost certainty that the Legion *is* coming. Like he's seen it or sumthing. He wants us in top shape before they get here.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Parigan will provide quite the challenge for anyone looking for a sparring partner.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: From what he told me, he's been in the fighting pits all day.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: He doesn't want war between our companies, regardless of their little scuffle. It'd cost us both too much, since I'd think that this company would read and write just as hard - and dirty - as we would.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Pari won't want to bring more trouble to me, that's for certain. He'll play nicely for as long as I ask him to.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: From the sounds of it, this wasn't the first time he's been on the recieving end of a runeblade.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt sighs. "No, fate has turned us against one another before. It has taken much for him to realize just how much I mean to him, and him to me."

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I did say he takes rivalries seriously.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I think they'll get along. Malastar has a talent for turning enemies into allies

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: I would respectfully ask him not to expect too much of Parigan. His attitude will likely not change for anyone. Especially not me.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I'll relay it. Can't do much more than that.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: But we have an arrangement. Information for information. Time I pay up.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: One last thing.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Tell Malastar that Parigan does have a weakness. He'll never hurt a child.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: They have a way of bringing out his heart, or whatever's left of it.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Plenty of teapot lids around there, then.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Really, the place is like an orphanage nowadays.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt looks as though she is remembering something with a somber air around her. She gazes off at a dusty wall. "Right, your turn, then."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Pretty sure I told ya' that I'm one of Malastar's former enemies, right?

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Something like that, yes.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Well, I did sum digging on the guy when I wus trying to kill him and it turns out that he's got quite the rap sheet. Even has a bit of an odd background for an elf.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: For one, he wus a major part of the resistance against their prince, but he niver got his name cleared of treason.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: For two, he spent most of his life after the Second War with his father in Andorhal and Stratholme.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Did the standard family checkup. Had a twin with sum magic talent and his pop wus a jeweler. But they're all worm scran.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Engineer. Did sum sapper work in the Northrend campaign, but he seems to prefer machines that mimic life.

Brinnea-Ravenholdt rubs her chin with a gloved hand. "Interesting."

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: He's also partially bally. Tried to make runeblades that channeled holy magic. Severely weakened him and nearly crippled him after prolonged use, but he's since returned to the classic Acherus runes.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: He sounds like a man looking to test the limits of possibility.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: He's a cove that doesn't value his own life.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Have you anything else to share?

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Plenty, but I think that's payment enough for now.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Good. I have work to do, and I'm sure you can find something to keep yourself occupied.

Kallavan-TwistingNether nods at you.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Try no' to die too often. I hear it still hurts for yer kind.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Take care of yourself as well.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Oh.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I forgot one thing

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Malastar plans to welcome him within Borrowed Time as a mercenary for now and wants me to see if we can do the same here.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Of course. As I said before, the assistance is appreciated. And I assure you Parigan has plenty to offer as a hired sword.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: Good, then.

You nod at Kallavan-TwistingNether.

[Kallavan-TwistingNether]: I'll be tossing sum of my pay in yer coffers.

[brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Good hunting, then.

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