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[A] Beryl Falconia

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Beryl Falconia is a brand-new guild looking to recruit members for its in-character founding. Its purpose will be to transform common people, degenerates, outcasts, and anyone else who wishes to join into monster hunters and guardians of the common people. Those who join this guild do so with the knowledge that their deeds will more often than not go unrewarded and without thanks. For some, the rush of fighting evil is reward enough. For others, the desire to protect people runs deep in their veins. Others still simply need a group to watch their backs because no one else will. Falconia is the guild for all these people, and more.

OOC Activity:

Beryl Falconia is intended to be a guild dedicated to combating threats to peace by whatever means necessary. To fulfill this fantasy, it will be my pleasure to help members with PvP and PvE related tasks including Battlegrounds, Arenas, Dungeons, Raids, and more. The goal of the guild is to work together to solve problems we could not otherwise handle, and so I would encourage anyone who joins to support their fellow guildmates in their endeavors to progress, be it in item level, PvP or PvE skill, or in practicing roleplay.

Since the guild is still very new, and not officially formed ICly, it will be the primary goal of its first members to divine a purpose for the guild, as well as its direction. I am in the process of laying the foundations for the guild's creation in a story arc currently, and happily invite any assistance in progressing the story in whatever ways you can.

IC Activity:

The Hierarchy of the guild will be a basic Initiate, Member, Officer, GM setup until such time as a working system is implemented. The GM is Brinnea Velmon, who recently escaped from an execution and is hunted by both Alliance and Horde soldiers who wish for her to pay for her crimes. As such, the guild will initially draw in those who have no qualms with bending the rules or operating outside desirable boundaries of society.

With Legion fast approaching, it makes most sense for the guild to focus its monster-hunting and evil-vanquishing on demons on the offset, although its members will be well trained to handle threats made by major factions. The guild will also have strong ties to Gilneas, thanks to its primary funds coming from a noble named Esmerra Blackmane.

Anyone interested in helping this guild take its first steps into the RP community, please contact me here via PM with a character in mind for the guild. I appreciate your time and any help you can offer!


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