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A friend of mine, Eve, turned me on to this incredible game that I never heard of before. It's basically like Minecraft, only not 8-bit. It's a sandbox/survival type game where you have to craft.. literally everything. Tools, weapons, armor, you build your own house. Build a whole town! It's multi-player with hundreds of servers available holding up to 64 players per server.

There are RP servers, and PVP servers, and RP-PVP servers. Eve was on one of the RP servers yesterday and saw an announcement that there was about to be a horse auction. A bunch of people had gathered and the seller was bringing out the horses one by one, and people were bartering for them. But rather than just bidding with gold, they were offering up things like 20 flax seeds and a leather bag! Or whatever they had to offer.

With the PVP system, when you go to attack someone, they can chose to yield which also means they have to hand over all of their loot/inventory! Or you can even knock them unconscious and steal their stuff. And speaking of stealing, it appears that you can steal from other players. I came across a crate a little bit ago with some crafting ingredients in it, and was able to drag them from the crate to my inventory. (Although I then put it back, along with a hunk of bread because stealing probably isn't very nice!)

I've barely scratched the surface of this game but I'm blown away by it. It's currently on the Steam winter sale for 40% off, I think it cost me about $23. WELL WORTH IT! It's only on sale until Jan. 4th I think, so get this while it's cheap.

Here is the game trailer.. watch this!!


The official website is

Just to show you how immersive this game can be, here is the website for the RP server I'm on:


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Yesterday, someone mentioned to me that 'tomorrow is decay'. When I asked what that meant, he said that every now and then, the server is cleaned by having a day of Decay, where temporary builds on land that has not been claimed are erased to make room for new builds. I didn't think much of it, figuring it was sort of like a server reset and I assumed that the deleted builds would simply derender or just be deleted after a server restart.

Apparently, that isn't quite the case. During Decay, temporary builds catch fire and burn down! That's pretty damn cool.



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