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An angry, kinda scared like, kinda shell-shocked resonating voice narrates. Over a black screen

“Something is coming.” Drums play after he talks like duh, duh duh duh, duh.

1.Ext. Hell if I know

A huge, like, colossal black worg snarls at the pitch black entrance of a cave.

“And when it gets here.”

2.Ext. Winter Forest

A black furred hand rips Gorehowl (Because you know what? Fuck you Thrall. It’s our right to be able to use Gorehowl’s likeness because it’s awesome and it’s not like you need it for anything!) out of a wolf corpse, the camera pans up to reveal Konro, spattered in blood and guts, wearing a furious expression on his face.

“It will tear this world apart.”

3.Ext. Hell-cave or whatever

Stranger, the big black worg, barks at the cave and backs up. It seems as though a thousand glowing eyes light up inside and a growl to go with it.

“So we have to kill it.”

4.Ext. Snowy Mountains

A good few raids of heroes and you know, other “people”, like elves. Look out over the vista of a massive like, gigantic army of giant wolves and like tauren that are wolves like the worgen but cooler. A fireball crashes into the screen.

“Before it gets to us.”

Fades into a close up on Konro’s eyes. He’s breathing heavily, not in that way, you dirty people. Sweat covers his face and you can see his breath rising in the cold. His fqce contorts into a visage a pure and unbridled rage as he roars a battle cry.

Cut to black.

Text fades onto the screen.



(That was so fuckin epic)(WASN’T IT THOUGH?)(Wait, I just remembered, weren’t we going to put the sex appeal in this trailer?)(WELL IT’S TOO LATE NOW)(Let’s just throw a babe up at the end)(KAY)

Quick shot of a bodacious blood elf babe’s delightful rear end in lingerie.

(Perfect)(DID WE EVEN NEED A SECOND TRAILER THOUGH? TRULY)(It'll be good publicity)(UH HUH)(Go eat some corpses)

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