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Khorus Ravenwing

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Full Name: Khorus Ravenwing

Nicknames: The Black Flame of Eversong

Date of Birth: July 15, about 200 years before the Dark Portal opened

Age: ~230 years

Race: Sin’dorei

Gender: Male

Hair: Golden Blonde

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Fel green

Height: 6’5’’

Weight: 160 lbs

Place of residence: Silvermoon City, Eversong

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City, Eversong

Known Relatives: Father: Matthanos, Mother: Oricelle, Brother: Vergil, Aunt: Janiel, Uncle: Jorfis

Religion/Philosophy: Non-practicing

Occupation: Artificer, Opera Singer/Actor, Archaeologist

Enemies: The Reliquary

Likes: Warm weather, socializing

Favorite Foods: Chicken

Favorite Drinks: Sweet wines

Favorite Colors: Gold, red, black

Weapons of Choice: Elven swords, estoc

Dislikes: Cold and wet weather, quiet places, dull or superstitious people

Hobbies: Experimentation and treasure hunting

Physical Features: Built strong for an elf mage. Hefty upper body and lithe lower body. Built to dance or fence.

Special Abilities: A fire-based battlemage that channels fire spells through his blade and uses mage armor to suppresses the impact of enemy strikes and spells. Armored arm grants ability to freely manipulate magnetic fields up to levitating approximately 100 lbs. of magnetic metal for two minutes. Carries enough metal in his bag of holding to coat his body in armor.

Positive Personality Traits: Upbeat and relaxed. Doesn’t let things get him down and is highly resourceful and inspires confidence.

Negative Personality Traits: Self-confident and boastful. Considered an outcast by many due to his odd mannerisms and experiments. He associates with shady characters on a regular basis, and often doesn’t flinch at atrocities committed, unless done to people he cares for.

Misc. Quirks: Often plays with fire, even in flammable environments. Sometimes stops paying attention to what people are saying because he thinks something else is more interesting.

Theme Songs: Blood Thirst Concerto - Soul Calibur V

Summer - Vivaldi’s Seasons

History: Born and raised in Silvermoon City. Was childhood friends with an elf named Alleda. His father, Matthanos, was a detached and disinterested man who often took out his anger on his wife and children. During Khorus’ youth, his mother Oricelle left Eversong and disappeared entirely. Khorus was close to his mother, and was devastated by her leaving. He blamed his father for it, and became obsessed with finding her, while growing steadily less loyal to his father. Meanwhile, Khorus’ brother Virgil became a respected paladin and a keeper of the peace. Khorus would eventually become a member of the Kirin Tor and fought alongside the Grand Alliance in the Second War. He joined Kael’thas and the Illidari when the elves’ homeland was invaded by the Scourge. He became addicted to demonic energies, and even now continues to harvest fel magic to fuel his addiction, shunning the Naaru’s gift of a new Sunwell for reasons unknown. Never one to settle for a single vocation, Khorus has bounced from one faction to the next, often departing on poor terms, to find a new manner of enhancing his power. His power-hungry nature stems from his ultimate desire to find and protect his mother from all harm.


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