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[A] The Order

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The Order of the Black Dawn


The Order has existed for an unknown length of time, working from the shadows and limited by no borders or factions to secure a common goal, the domination of Azeroth and those that call it home. Its members run deep within both the Alliance and the Horde. From Blood Elf magisters to Human nobles, the siren call of limitless power has drawn countless. Even now, the acolytes of Dawn seek to restore their numbers and ride forth to make their dream a reality.

Since the death of the last Grandmaster during the horrifying events of the Eclipse, divisions within the Order divided its members, who struggled to stay alive amidst a civil war for the power left behind by their fallen master. Now, a new Grandmaster has arisen from amongst its members. The time for waiting has ended. He calls to all those that share his ambition, Horde or Alliance, to come forth and join in the dawning of a new Order.


The Order of the Black Dawn is a lawful evil RP guild that I and another are trying to get off the ground as an official guild. The Order has been around in Ravenholdt RP for some time now, just never as an actual guild. The idea to finally take this step really came out of the end of the Eclipse story arc, but have never had the time.

Currently looking to get a few more charter signatures so that we can get things off the started. So far we have a few plans in motion that should help define the guild’s goals and methods, ranging from interactions with some of the many other guilds on Ravenholdt/Twisting Nether, as well as events focusing on rebuilding the Order and (hopefully) moving closer to its ultimate goal.

The Order has primarily worked from the shadows and only on rare occasions has it found it necessary to present itself in full force. While rebuilding its numbers and getting things situated The Order will act in a similar regard. We will interact with the community through subterfuge among other tools. Though, I imagine once we have enough people and are ready, we might step out of the shadows and act openly.

Addressing the cross-faction aspect. Since guilds obviously can’t have members from both factions, I am working to devise a way to include any from the Horde who would wish to be a member of the Order. For now, if you are Horde and are interested, feel free to shoot me a message and I am sure we can work something out.If anyone has any questions about the guild itself or would simply like more of the history of the Order, feel free to let me know and I will happily get back to you.

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