Anthem: Thanksgiving Turkey Brawl [A/H, WPvP]

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“Where’s the turkey?” asks the draenei, “I am excited to learn of this, ‘Pilgrim’s Bounty’.”

“Yes, that is strange,” says the human. “We’ve taken great pains to harvest massive, wild turkeys from…” The door to the hall opened. A bulky night elf came in.

“They stole the feast.”


An orc and a forsaken passed a massive haunch of fowl meat between them.

“Heh, that’ll teach them to steal our Pilgrim’s Bounty.”

That was about when the arrow hit.

What: Thanksgiving World PvP!

When: 7ST, Saturday 28 November

Where: Heartland, Valley of Four Winds, Pandaria (By Halfhill)

Turkey keepaway in the Heartland! Each team has at least one turkey to capture. Return all your turkeys home, and win!

Game Objective:

-Recover the turkey from the enemy, and return it to your base.

-Best of three matches.

-Honor system!

Area Rules:

-Heartland. If you enter the Verdant Belt or otherwise leave the area, you are considered dead and must respawn at base.

-Flying mounts are allowed for moving between points, but not making plays.

-No flasks or runes.

-Everyone (besides the turkey) must have a well-fed buff from one of the Pilgrim’s Bounty foods.

-If you die, you can respawn. While respawning, you must eat Pilgrim’s Bounty food. While eating, players are not to be targeted!

Turkey Rules:

-Allied turkeys start the game with the other team. Enemy turkeys start the game with your team.

-Must be equipped at all times with Santo’s Sun toy. This reduces inbound healing by 100%, and more importantly…

-The only person allowed to fight a turkey…is a turkey!

-If you kill the enemy turkey (through AoE or misclicks!) that scores the Turkey for the other team.

-Turkeys must use /follow unless they have clear line of sight.

When following an enemy team member, the turkey may choose to use walking or running speed.

When following an allied team member, the turkey must walk.

-If the turkey has nobody else to follow, it begins to walk towards its scoring zone.

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I just made a post about this on the TE site and I'll plug it tonight at my path meeting. I meant to do so much much sooner, but IRL MAN.

Either way, I won't be able to make it...but I look forward to hearing all about it after the fact. ;D

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[[Thank you everyone for coming, and special thanks to Cobrak for helping organize it and be my liaison! Over two games, our 4v4 team fought two close 3-2 matches. Thank you to Jalsihr, Syreena, Cobrak, Xaraphyne, Myaka, Lupinum, and Viridus for coming out!]]

At last, the orc plucked the arrow out, and began to use the feathers from the turkey to quarrel it once more. She grinned at the Forsaken, who had begun to roast the massive turkey over the flames. The Highborne mage had left quite the blaze in his wake, and the duo shared the turkey with a troll and an elf. A slightly warped shield was the serving plate. Each of the four prayed: to her ancestors, to the Loa, to the Light, and to the Shadow.

The pumpkin pie had long been eaten while the turkey cooked, a reward for continued fighting, as well as a snack during the battle.

They passed the shield and turkey between them, and watched the sun set over Halfhill. Bruised, but victorious, they enjoyed their meal. After all, they were most thankful for each other. The Alliance had too escaped with a turkey of their own. But the plumpest remained in the grips of the Horde party.


The draenei paladin and night elf druid dragged the cart. The bear whined with exertion, and ragged patches of hair fell in loose tufts from his hide.

"If you didn't want to get plucked, why did you attack them as a falcon?," said the human warrior, who winced as she pounded a piece of armor back into shape in the back.

The bear roared in response, startling the mage, who jumped, nearly spilling the pot of smoking kindling. A turkey had been skewered down the Draenei's weapon, and the woman slowly rotated the two handed implement over the blaze.

"We vill get zhem next time. Zhey had a core hound," said the draenei, rubbing his haunches.

Together, the four laughed. It was not the biggest turkey they could have found, but it would be more than enough. After all, there was still the matter of the Horde's Winter Veil ham.





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