Not New... But Probably "New" To A Lot Of Faces

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So, as the title suggests, I'm not really new. I frequented TNG back during the BC era mostly with a little WotLK thrown in. Mostly a horde player and member of The Grim, I did have an alliance character I used for rp purposes a few times. My main, dedicated character was a blood elf paladin/blood knight named Rosalynd DuCoudray. I played her a tiny bit during Wrath, but more or less just lurked around on an unknown death knight until I took a hiatus from the game. Since then I've leaped around on Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord with large gaps of play missing in between. The original TN Rosalynd currently resides on Wyrmrest Accord, but I haven't touched her in several months. My friend Brianna/Pamina tried to drag me back into the roleplaying scene, and had finally started to grow back into it, until I had to take another leave of absence from the game due to financial stuff. I did manage to rp on Moon Guard for a good while back during the end part of Wrath and a little of Cata, but I got horrible burnt out and ended up quitting the game for over 2 years.

I still see a few familiar names lurking around here and a lot of new ones. Good to see you old folk and I'm sure it will be a pleasure meeting all of you newer folk.

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ROSA! Hi!!!

*Running jump. Glomps.* ERMAGERD HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! Was playing SWTOR not long ago and was thinking about you! Glad to see you still lurking about. :)

Well hello there.

Well hello there pretty troll ladeh. *tips hat*

And belated thank you Kexti. :)

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