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I don't know if this has been posted before, but a guildmate of mine gave me this link. Very useful for a variety of people: druids, doctors/healers, alchemists, and of course plant pickers!. (

The website contains everything you need to know about plants.

-A detailed description of each herb.

-Warnings when handling them. (Ex: May cause irritation or slight burns if touched.)

-The environment the plant grows in. The temperature of the climate, and the properties of the soil.

-(For Alchemists!) Detailed instructions on how to prepare the plants (crush, boiled, distilled, etc ), and how to prepare the decoction!

-The medicinal uses for each plant, and the side effects.

-(For those who really like to get technical) The dosage for each plant is available. For example, Powdered root, ½ to 1 dram. Fluid extract, 1-4 drams. Juice, 2-8 drams. Syrup or decoction, 1-2 drams. (For those not familiar with the term 'dram', it is a unit of measurement.)

This is a very comprehensive guide and contains much more information that I probably overlooked in my summary. The format of this web page makes it difficult to browse since there are at least fifty herbs in there, so I recommend you use Control+F.

Additional information!

For you people out there who are not satisfied and want to know all there is to know about herbs, there is another guide available where you can find information on 'quest' herbs. (

This one has less information, however, it gives explanations and descriptions on the non-farmable plants of wow present in the lore. All the quest item herbs you probably encountered while leveling is here.


Vil'Ithius Koreth'annar; New Medical Corps member of the Twilight Empire, and expert on the native plants of Kalimdor!

Also, thanks to Lady Brianna Mackinzie, Senior Medical Corps member, for making me discover the WoWWiki page: A Medicinal Guide to Herbs.

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I wasn't really planning on posting the list on this thread, but if you guys think it would be more useful this way than sure. I personally just 'favorite' the two pages on my browser for quick access.

As I was browsing the site, I realized many plants from the new expansions and a few from the old ones were missing. I noticed a forum page linked at the top that directed me to a discussion about this fantastic little project. Seems like for the past few years people have been working together on this encyclopedia. Finally in 2014 the creator canceled her wow subscription and the project was left unfinished. This is an idea I'm throwing out's not really a necessity, but does add to the immersion! Given enough interest by people, I would be very interested in joining forces to continue what was left behind. The major part of the work is done, and because the encyclopedia is located on a WoWWiki it can be updated by anybody who has an interest in the matter. Hit me up if you're interested, and I will supply you with everything: sources, wow discussions, to-do list by the creator, her personal notes (hasn't answered back..).

Oh, and I almost forgot. I have also found a wow discussion something really exciting! I haven't tried it out yet since I'm not very good with GHI...but someone has made a GHI compendium (basically a google.doc of 23 pages with nothing but symbols/letters/numbers) that comprises all the information found on the WoWwiki! I hope it works and if it does I will fall off my chair. The fact that you can browse it in-game and 'copy' it and give it to other players is just amazing to me. I would plan on finding someone good with GHI and inserting our revisions. Effectively creating 'A Medicinal Guide to Azerothian and Outland Herbs 2nd Edition. Ok, I'm dreaming a bit here but hey...gotta be optimistic right? Also, a forum based discussion regarding the remaining herbs could be a good idea. Everybody would have access to the information and anybody would be free to write about a herb. We wouldn't necessarily have to post it on the Wiki, but we could have our own TN/RH fan agreed 'canonical' compendium of herbs. Whether or not people are interested I will very slowly (as I am doing other projects) start writing them up in Vil'Ithius' herb book.

If you have any ideas or constructive criticism regarding this idea feel free to say it.

Vil'Ithius Koreth'annar; New Medical Corps member of the Twilight Empire, and expert on the native plants of Kalimdor!

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I'm back with some good news!

I wasn't able to use the GHI herb book that got posted a while ago. The google document was still accessible, but I wasn't capable of getting a book out of it. Maybe I did something wouldn't be the first time something went wrong with GHI >.<. However, I made an entirely new GHI book (not quite finished)!

I've had some problems with GHI...I made the original book for myself....which included a lot of RP material specific to my character. A description of what type of book it was, journal entries made by my character over the centuries ranging from herb knowledge in the margins to poems and what not. When I tried to make a copy the book I started making changes to the second one....changing the title to A medicinal guide to azerothian herbs for instance. There is a design flaw however where I cannot seem to be capable of changing the copied item without making changes to the original! So, I need someone that has TRP3....because apparently at the moment I cannot trade GHI items with MRP'ers so that he could remove all the extra stuff I added, and have a generalized version that could be later customized by individuals.

As I said the book is not finished yet. I want to send out the book to the public to get some feedback, and possibly help.

What I've done so far is a compilation of the two guides I have posted into a GHI book in alphabetical order. In addition, I included the icons of each herb to simulate a hand drawn image of the plant. I have also made two table of contents. One for the locations of each plant and the other is a list of herbs categorized by herb properties. A key is included to make it a fast read. (Ex: Adder's Tongue- M H. Azshara's veil- and so forth with the key up top being (H) Healing (M) Magical etc.)

There are about 53+ pages in this book and it only includes the Kalimdor herbs, but I assure you it is lovely to look at, incredibly easy to find information, and most important is that it is lag free, and accessible by a click of the mouse while you're on WoW! The great thing is that it's super easy to cycle through the pages, and the icons of each herb respectively are there to add a nice visual effect.

So what's left to be done?

I will be taking care of the following things: Finish the table of contents with herb locations (easy). Finish the table of contents that categorize herbs by property (easy but I'de like to know what you think. The following key is this... M= magic. H=healing. D=dark magic/plague. P=poisonous etc! You'll see when you take a look at the book that I've added HA for Healing...sub category: Anabolic. HL for Healing...sub category Laxative. Feel free to send ideas!

What I need help with: There are a few herbs that need to be researched. It is not absolutely necessary, but these herbs come from a second site that has little to really basic information. I know I have one guildie who would like to help, but more is always welcomed! Essentially all you have to do is...research. Research on real life applications of plants similar to the in-game one and write it up. Post it here for a peer review and I'll insert it into the final product. There are about ten plants I think that need some additional information.

End game goal: ICly meeting where the Twilight Empire's Medical Corps hand out the Azerothian Guide to Herbs Volumes 1-2 to other Medics and people from the community. Horde people would OOCly download it from here.

Oh and that's just Kalimdor's herbs.... -.- but I am doing this slowly so I am in no rush. There's no deadline for this...I'm enjoying it immensely and hope everybody can benefit from this neat little compact book or books in da future! :D

Vil'Ithius Koreth'annar; New Medical Corps member of the Twilight Empire, and expert on the native plants of Kalimdor!

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I'm finally able to make modifications! I now have my own herb book and the Azeroth Herb Guide for people to use. The only problem is that whenever I try to export the item I get disconnected from the server. If anybody could help me out with this I would really appreciate it. All we need to do is meet up somewhere in-game, trade the item, and you export the code here.

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Thank you Mackinzie for trying to get this 'long ass code' to the public for an initial test run :P. Didn't work but next time it will Haha. Regardless, your helpful advice and support is appreciated. Also, thanks to my horde contact Sinlanna for joining the research team :D. For you guys who have no idea wth this is about...I think Mack and Sinlanna can vouch that it's legitimate. Hopefully, Sinlanna can hype this up Horde side to get some people involved :3. Looking to make this a collaborative project.

I changed my plan a little. Instead of waiting on the research to be completed (which could take little to a really long time depending on factors) and publishing it, I will release what I have now and as the research team finishes entries (peer-reviewed on the forum here by everyone participating) people would manually add the entries that get completed. A simple copy paste ( kind of like small 'patches') directly into the GHI book in WoW. Super easy to do.

The bulk of 'Volume One' is almost complete! I only need to wrap up some minor things in volume 2 and I will release it. On the Alliance side, once the Skyla arc is finished I will be doing a small event where we would distribute the copies to Med Corps members and other interested parties. Horde side...if the damn code can work without any bugs x.x then Mack would send it to me by mail and I would distribute it with Sinlanna on my horde alt.

Here are the herbs that need to be researched:



Cactus Apple

Fuming toadstool-Sinlanna



Moonpetal Lily-Sinlanna

Root trapper Vine-Sinlanna


Scaber Stalk

Some herbs already have basic information typed in so just say your name , the herb you want to research, and I'll pm you all the info I have on it with links to IRL comparisons if I have any. It would be much easier if people already had the GHI book so they could know what needs to be done, but since I can't put the darn code , yet, this method will have to do.

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This variety of lily flourishes in hot, arid terrain. It is bright red and orange in color, both leaves and flowers, with spindly, delicate stamens. Firebloom is extremely spicy; in small amounts it can be used as a seasoning, but beware! The pollen and nectar of Firebloom will burn the skin when touched! It is advisable to wear gloves while gathering this herb. It may prove difficult to harvest, as the root runs very deep into the ground to find whatever water it can.

This plant may be difficult to cultivate at home, as it does not tolerate direct moisture well. DO NOT WATER! It will oversaturate and suffocate the roots. The plant should be sheltered from precipitation. The plant grows in blistering heat, and will not survive the winter in most climates when cultivated at home.

Potions made with Firebloom tend to be rather spicy. The oil may be extracted from the plant for alchemical purposes, and the leftover plant processed and added to red dye, which adds a lustrous shimmer to textiles. Firebloom oil is a key ingredient in rocket fuel. An infusion of Oil of Blackmouth and Firebloom stamens can provide a sense of clarity and focus.

By combining Firebloom oil with a magical catalyst, one can produce an oil searing hot to the touch, which is commonly applied to weaponry. Firebloom oil interacts with Goldthorn oil by producing potentially explosive effects. It has been CAREFULLY applied to weaponry with interesting results.

Dosages are as follows: Infusion in water or milk, up to 3 tablespoonsful. Powdered root, ½ dram. Infusion up to 2 fluid ounces.

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Adder's Tongue

A small thistle type plant. It is bright green in color and covered in small, stinging 'hairs.' They are extremely irritating and can cause swelling, blistering, and itching. The plant is named by the local Wolvar Tribe, who seem to run afoul of its effects with a rather... alarming frequency. However the risks are worth it. Wear protective gloves, for you will be stung while harvesting. As this plant grows mainly in temperate or tropical environments with softer, even soggy soil, it is relatively easy to pull.

The roots are crushed, boiled, then distilled. The decoction is then boiled down until a suitable consistency and concentration is obtained. A strong decoction is good for asthma, dry cough and all pectoral diseases.

The seeds possess anabolic and stimulant properties. One of the benefits of this particular herb over Gromsblood or Steelbloom is the significantly lower risk of serious side effects. The herb stimulates the adrenal glands resulting in a safer, albeit unsustainable boost in energy, strength, focus, and reflex. Unfortunately the effect is relatively short-lived and typically results in notable fatigue. Abuse of such potions can pose a serious health risk, but correct usage is not associated with any serious problems.

Adder's Tongue is frequently used in conjunction with other herbs, namely clover. Goldclover in particular has strong alterative and antispasmodic properties, which in proper measurement complement Adder's Tongue nicely and help reduce side effects.

Dosages are as follows: Powdered root, ½ to 1 dram. Fluid extract, 1-4 drams. Juice, 2-8 drams. Syrup or decoction, 1-2 drams.

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I had originally planned to organize the already researched entries and my own into something easier to look at. For example, Description, Use, Alchemical uses, How to cultivate, you know etc. A kind of template for all the entries....but xD I realized it's going to take an incredible amount of work. I should have done it at the beginning when I was writing entries and posting the ones from the guide. Having done this for a two weeks now I'm a little tired >.<. So, I posted two entries that follow a 'general' order. When you write entries there's no definite list order. Just a logical procession of information delineated by spaces that resembles these ones.

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Moonpetal Lily: (Quest Herb)

Description - White lilies with tall golden pistils, and bright magenta/flame-colored interiors

Location - Water's edge in Shadowglen (Teldrassil)

Uses - These can be combined with other (unnamed) ingredients to create an antidote to spider venom.

Fuming Toadstool: (Quest Herb)

Description - Sickly yellow cap, cream stalk

Location - Damp areas among the crumbled stones of the Ruins of Lornesta, Darkshore

Uses - Can be mixed (with unspecified ingredients) into a salve which will close wounds and lessen pain.

Source - Quest: Unsavory Remedies

Root Trapper Vine: (Quest Herb)

Description - Vines taken from slain lashers

Location - Azure Watch, on Azuremyst Isle

Uses - When properly treated, these vines can be broken down into a healing ointment.

Some basic information to get you started! :D

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The GHI Book is almost done. I need to brush up some lines of 'code' and have someone edit it (Eyes said you would , no take backs! ;) ). Besides those minor points 95% of it is done.

For now since we (TE) are occupied and putting all our resources towards saving Skylah, the event will be delayed as long as she is not home. If Skylah survives....*please die so I can become Chancellor!*...I would immediately do a follow up RP session. If enough people are interested I would do a little RP event. It would be fun to get all the Healers (druids, doctors, priests, paladins, etc) together. It would be a celebratory event of what I consider is an under appreciated role! Complete with a buffet and entertainment. Perhaps a caterer..I saw some C&B people distributing food in the Ratchet inn! Could pay you guys to attend and make food for those attending. Instead of just putting the code online for people I thought doing a social event for people to relax. Especially after all this killing and torturing :P. With the additional handing out ICly of the book to the community.

Some additional ideas would include getting representatives from other guilds, the healers, to come and showcase a particular skill and lecture people on whatever they like. Say you're a botanist and your working on this new plant extract that can be created into a love potion, well you could have a stand and RP how you do it. A doctor who wants to teach triage techniques or how to do a garot if a friend is bleeding to death :P. It's really up to people if their character has any particular interests that touches the field of healing , alchemy, or plants in general. Doesn't have to be a lecture of epic boring proportions. People would be free to roam and look at things they are interested, grab a bite, and of course an opportunity for people to chat with people they don't meet often from other guilds. The event would be open but it celebrates our healers :D. Also, I have a set of bodyguards ready to watch over the evening so that 1) our usual body guards can rest easy and chill out for once xD *Looks at Rorrek and Myaka* 2) to prevent any stabbings, poisonings, shootings, kidnappings, biting, hiting, smashing, drunking, etc etc.

I am aware that GHI despite being fu**ing amazing, is an underused addon so the turnout rate might be low. Which is why I could also do just a little more private event. I know all Med Corps members would attend so anyone outside that is a healer and has GHI is more than welcome (it's for you I did this so :P), or if you just want to take a look at the book, or fel if you want a copy for the kicks you can come.

Now, for the Horde side distribution...the idea was to log on Baddaboom and coordinate an event with Sinlanna to distribute it to the GHI users. The event would be very similar to the Alliance side. Someone told me my Horde contact Sinlanna was taking a wow break. I contacted her and am awaiting a response. I want to prepare in advance however in case she's busy for some time. If anybody is interested in coordinating an event Horde side send me a private message in the off chance Sin doesn't come back. Even if you don't use GHi, it takes a minute to download and during the event all you would do is 'Trade once with me. You receive the book, and you trade them to those who come up to you for a copy.' The reason I need a second person is that WoW does not allow GHI to trade across servers. So I would take care of one server for those GHI users and you would take care of the other.

My final idea and more complicated one to coordinate would be a cross-faction event. Essentially the same event I had planned to do separately for the two factions. A neutral location would be chosen. A neutral party of bodyguards would be hired in case fights break out or anybody tries to kidnap or what not (done*). In the aftermath of what happened to Skylah I think it could be a good idea for the Horde guilds that condemned the Grim's actions and the Alliance guilds to come together in a friendly event. The theme is also appropriate since it is all about healers , i.e the figurative 'mending' of relations/tensions despite the terrible actions of some. I realise not everyone ICly would be overjoyed at the thought of being with Horde despite their friendliness. It leaves a bitter taste in peoples mouth. Horde or Alliance despite their affiliation are regarded suspiciously at times. I do think that Vil'Ithius, and the Twilight Empire would be interested in doing such an event. I don't speak for them but since it represents their core values I feel pretty good about saying they would join in. There are logistical problems about Horde & Alliance interactions and I'm quite new to arranging such events but some ideas include: for more intimate one on one interactions or a group chat Voice chats for the entire group or*!* voice chat with the respective lecturers/entertainers/showcasers in a vent channel for example and the people ICly watching/listening would join that vent group. I realize vent can be super hectic so that's a way to talk across factions and avoid a group of people talking over each other on a single vent channel. ICly we would need mages (I think it's not farfetched to RP the language glyph to understand Horde/Alliance languages) or translators to talk to people so that the story is lore consistent and logical. The Grim would be especially forbidden to come...sry guys...nothing personal....just some ICly stuff :P. Also, I highly suggest you get GHI. As I said, takes 1 min, and it's super easy to use. Especially if you are only trading. Could be a great opportunity for people to sell their wares.....steamy romance novels....herb books...magical trinkets....noodles! Also, GHI virtually takes no 'mb' and space, and the items are in a separate bag. I particularly love this idea and would be a great opportunity to meet either in an OOC chat or through whispers other RP'ers of the server that you never had a chance to meet! :D

For you people interested in the book!


A first page for RP purposes describing what you are holding.

Picture of the Author and a list of his works.

Preface by the Editor

Foreword by a collaborator

Introduction by the Author

A 'How to Use' OOC section on how to efficiently browse using the 'Links' and '*'.

Herbs found on Kalimdor only, EK only, and both continents. Complete with maps of each region

and a 'Quick browse function' that allows you to mouse over any entry and click to go to the appropriate page.

A key that categorizes the herbs by their properties with an added 'Quick browse.'

The 80+ pages of entries with images of each herb.

Each entry comes with a description/how to gather/medical properties; alchemical or herbal i.e salve,poultice, etc/ posologies & dosages/ warnings/

And much more!

The '*' function is added every ten pages. (Allows you to hover in page 12 on a specific plant, jump to page 75, view the herb, cycle forward or backward 5 pages to go to page 70 or 80 and press the '*' to go back to page 12 to look at other plants, and repeat. Prevents you from going to page 75 and going back to page 12 manually by clicking the pages backwards.)

A special thanks section (Anybody who was particularly helpful i.e Giggitygoo who started the research back in 2010 although she isn't playing and probably will never see this book , it couldn't have been done without her.)

ICly Sources (I.e Anyone who has contributed thus far would get a mention in this section. Example: Joe helps out for X and Y. I write in Lil Joe's Research notes. So that people know ICly Lil Joe was part of the project.)

OOC sources (websites/past contributors/encyclopedias/scholarly sources)

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Distribution phase!

I would be interested in coordinating a cross-faction event. Let me know who amongst you are interested!

The reason for the book's existence is the sharing of knowledge for the benefit of everyone.

ICly the book is a collaborative effort. Here are some groups that worked together:

Knowledge of Kalimdor:

The Cenarion Circle (Archives: Tauren/Night Elf)

Vil'Ithius' (10,000 years of data/research)

Knowledge of the Eastern Kingdoms:

Medical Corps of the Twilight Empire

The Cenarion Circle (Archives: Trolls/Gilnean Humans)

***More to come!

There have been OOC parties that have contacted me for things like researching herbs, so I extend an invitation to contact each other in-character.

Anyone who wishes to participate, independent characters or organizations, whether for political reasons or personal motives send me a private message.

I will then add your characters name or group to the 'Sources' section. (There are two 'sources'. The ICly one: Ex. Vil'Ithius' Personal Herb Book. The OOC one: (website/person).

I was thinking of making this a gift (meaning we won't sell) from the Empire. We took care of compiling the data, the fabrication of the books, and it's distribution. I think it represents nicely the core values of TE. The book is proof of TE's success in promoting peace and diplomacy, since ICly we would have reached out to different guilds regardless of their affiliation to combine our knowledge of herbalism/alchemy to make one massive compendium that can benefit everyone. It does not matter if you have not participated OOC (book creation/editing/plant entries: research/feedback/etc), this is purely for roleplay reasons. It has a diplomatic element to it, and at the same time it gives us an opportunity to do an event and have fun with the other faction!

This is an idea that sprouted later on after I was done, so even though you are late in joining, if you think your guild would have banded together with TE I will be happy to add you. If your character has knowledge of any kind regarding herbs and their medical applications, big or small contribution, speak up :D.

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GHI Pre-Release (Beta):

After a lot of work, failures, and countless changes/updates, here is the current version of the GHI book.

Ravenholdt: [ATTACH]3296[/ATTACH]

Twisting Nether: [ATTACH]3297[/ATTACH]

How to get the files:

Open .zip file/ Control A to select all the script in a document/ Control-C to copy it/ Open WoW & GHI (blue backpack icon)/ Click the symbol 'Im' in GHI to open the import function pop-up/ Control-V to Paste/ Press 'Import.'

The purpose for the pre-release is to ensure that the documents can be downloaded properly and inserted into the 'import' function of GHI without any bugs (i.e, Corrupt Item Data, Error 03). If there are any bugs, please, report them to me :). I can also personally deliver the book to you via an in-game trade should all else fail. I have already begun preparations both OOCly and ICly for an event surrounding Vil'ithius' and his allies botanical research, and I want everyone to enjoy it simultaneously without any massive technical problems.

«Download the files first! Browse them through GHI, and then read the post. It will save you a lot of unnecessary reading ;)»

--------------------------------------------------For those interested in 'developing' the book!------------------------------------------------------------

Through trial and error, and speaking to a moderator (Aurora) on the GHI website ( I have figured out a way to deliver the book to you guys (yay! :D), but there is an 'information limit' that needs to be respected when using both the in-game trade system and 'import' function of GHI.

To solve this issue I have separated the GHI book in two, but I also propose an alternative method which I will discuss later. The choice is entirely up to us since after all we will be the ones using it. Each one has up's and down's and as always to further change the book means another delay.

In the .zip file, you will find three documents. Document (1) is the GHI book itself ('A Medicinal Guide to Azerothian Herbs-Volume 1' 80% of the book). Document (2) has the remaining 9 pages ('Patches'), and Document (3) which is the 'Example' book which I will explain later. During the event, I would be hosting a seminar (estimated time 5-10mins) to show the book users how to copy-paste the remaining pages into the actual book. This is fairly easy and very straightforward but does require an additional step to obtain the 'complete' book. The disadvantage is that the book will no longer be tradeable after you insert the missing pages. Your personal copy can withstand any number of changes or addition of information but any new GHI user who wishes a copy will be unable to get it from you (information limit reached via trade/import) and have to do the same process to obtain one. Something to consider!

The second alternative is to cut the book into three parts! Consider that the book is already so massive that it is already cut into two volumes (currently each with a 'patch' document containing the remaining few pages).

The disadvantages: Requires additional time to construct and update**, not very practical to find herbs as it is divided into three volumes.

The advantages: This method would allow you to trade them to anyone, and would fit snugly into the allocated information limit.

While the BETA is mainly for bug related issues, if you are interested in the development of this project and/or plan on using the book, feel free to comment regarding what the best option is.

Due to the information limit, I was obligated to strip down the original book. This is what Document (3) is about. It is an example of what it 'could' look like.

I included in the 'Example' book the cover page I had in mind for the Horde GHI book (the brown and red leather cover). There is also additional fonts you can work with (notice the difference in fonts in Document 1 and Document 3). I also included an example of what the 'quick access' function I had originally designed. The 'original' design had lists of herbs by location and properties, but they also had a 'link' embedded in EACH herb entry so that you could quickly peruse entries. (i.e, Click a herb in a list, 'Jump to the' Herb Entry, Browse information at will, 'once done' Click Herb Entry Name, Jump back to the herb list.) Unfortunately, the information limit would not allow me to include this function.

If we decide to go with Option 1 (Book+patch+seminar) I can show those who are interested in having extra features how to add them (really easy!). The 'quick access function' demonstrated in Document (3) would be replaced with star symbols (*) every ten pages. Therefore, allowing for quick browsing without manually cycling backwards to the menu every time, and respecting the information limit (i.e, Only disadvantage is that if you browse Page 45 for example, you need to cycle forward or backwards 5 pages to find a * symbol to click to go back to page 9-menu).

Option 2 (three smaller books) would allow me to include all the features found in Document (3) in every single book. Everyone could use them. (Warning: Converting standard items to advanced items (cover page/fonts/links in each entry) dramatically increase the size of a GHI file so it might blow the information limit! I haven't tried it so I don't know it the file would be small enough). The workload is increased, however, and another delay is created. To consider!

Everything will make sense when you open up the documents and get the books themselves in-game.

If this all sounds like jibberish to you, don't worry, I can guide you to through it.

Vil'ithius Koreth'annar

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