Brinnea Velmon

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Full Name: Brinnea Velmon

Nicknames: Brin, The Butcher of Kaur'he

Date of Birth: December 21

Age: 28

Race: Human (Undead)

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark Red

Skin: Freckled

Eyes: Icy Blue (Light Grey while alive)

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 131 lbs

Place of residence: None

Place of Birth: Andorhal, Western Plaguelands (Formerly Lordaeron)

Known Relatives: Torven (father, deceased), Maria (mother, deceased), Parigan Blackmane (husband, deceased), Charlotte Velmon (Daughter), Esmerra (Sister-in-law, deceased), Christa (sister), August Corman (adopted son)

Religion/Philosophy: Church of the Holy Light

Enemies: Thunder Bluff, The Horde, Gilneas, The Burning Legion

Likes: Reading, quiet study, sword-fighting, and riding horses

Favorite Foods: Bacon, eggplant, pork

Favorite Drinks: Pandaren Tea, eggnog

Favorite Colors: Blue

Sexual Preference: Asexual

Weapons of Choice: Swords, knives, and lances

Dislikes: Large crowds, tight places, and awkward situations

Hobbies: Reading, writing, geology, metalwork, playing the harp, and some poetry

Physical Features: Short-cut dark red hair, death knight's blue eyes. Light skinned, freckled skin, hard and stiff features. Lacks emotion most of the time. Despite her average form, she moves swiftly wearing heavy armor in battle. Has a curved scar under each eye and her left forearm is discolored in the veins, appearing completely black.

Special Abilities: Mastery over frost magic, runic spells that absorb magical attacks and auras, immense strength and resilience to pain, mastery of the sword, mastery of mounted combat, especially with a lance, and well-versed in blood magic and necromancy.

Weaknesses: Light spells, mental magic, fast opponents, and fire

Positive Personality Traits: Has a creative and original mind, greatly insightful on a multitude of topics. Inspiring in her selfless acts, and convincing in her honesty. Acts decisively and suppresses her many doubts and regrets behind a mask of icy indifference. When she has a cause to fight for, she fights tooth and nail for it. Her passion, though concealed by her coldness, burns hotly, and her steely determination makes her unbendable.

Negative Personality Traits: Sensitive to criticism and can make poor decisions when pushed to extremes. Extremely private, withdrawn, and hard to get to know. This makes her a good liar and a painstakingly hard person to befriend. Overly perfectionistic and self-critical to the point of absurdity. Puts in far too much extra work to make any given project turn out just right. Tends to look neat, almost unnervingly so. Finds herself lost without a cause to fight for. If she feels she cannot do anything, she may make drastic decisions that are self-hindering or even outwardly destructive. Despite being undead, she can mentally exhaust herself until she can no longer tolerate interacting with others.


 "I May Fall" by Jeff Williams, feat. Casey Lee Williams & Lamar Hall

"Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky

“Life in Ruins” from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

"Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult

“Perp Walk” from Daredevil Season 3

“In Hushed Whispers” from Dragon Age: Inquisition

“Home” by Gabrielle Aplin

"Home" (feat. Casey Lee Williams) by Jeff Williams

"Calling to the Night" sung by Natasha Farrow

History: Born in Andorhal to Torven and Maria Velmon, the second of their children, and third to her father. Grew up happily, hoping to be a mage someday like Torven. When her half-brother Owen was reported dead on the battlefield against the orcish cultists, Brinnea witnessed her father turn from a caring teacher to a cruel drunkard. He became progressively more abusive until the family was forced to flee their home, leaving Torven to face the coming Scourge War alon

From Andorhal, they fled to the capital. On the road, the three women encountered a necromancer preparing for the Cult of the Damned's uprising. The mage cursed Maria's heart before he died, which would cut the woman's life short by many years. They reached the capital in time to watch Arthas return, and in the chaos that followed, they managed to flee south to Gilneas. Though the kingdom was not allowing refugees, they managed to catch an illegal ferry into the country thanks to the actions of rebels.

Brinnea met Parigan Blackmane, the second son of a well-known noble, and the two fell in love. Though she never felt particularly interested in sex, she held the idea of having a family of her own close to her heart, and so in time the two married. Parigan was kind and dedicated to her, but his desire to help those who were oppressed by the aristocracy brought him to a conflict with his father during the rebellion. When Parigan was caught, he would have been imprisoned for terrorism, if not for his father's intervention. Not wanting that stain on the family name, Lord Mayes instead cut Parigan off from any inheritance or entitlement from his family name and left him to fend for himself and Brinnea's family. They found a house, and were all forced to enter the workforce. The new strain on Maria's heart caused it to give out, and she died shortly after. Brinnea's sister left Gilneas to fight for the fallen Lordaeron, leaving Brinnea alone with a bitter and broken husband in a disheveled home.

The two would have separated or Brinnea would have hurt herself if not for a miracle -- she was pregnant. The spouses drifted back together and found their love again in the face of this new, difficult, but exciting challenge. As Parigan's work ethic and mood improved, his father even allowed him to visit the family manor periodically. Things were looking up, until the Scourge attacked the Wall in earnest.

Gilneas had always been on the brink of losing the Wall to the undead, but they always managed to hold it despite deadly odds. Sometimes undead would slip past the defenses by way of flight, and reap bloody harvests in the lands beyond the Wall. One such event occurred the night Brinnea gave birth to her daughter Charlotte. Separated from other fleeing citizens, forced to give birth in the woods, and helpless to stop the gargoyles from tearing Parigan apart in front of her, Brinnea's life came to a horrible end as a gargoyle carried her and her newborn baby high into the sky and dropped them both. Brinnea's last words were a desperate prayer to save her child. It was one of the only prayers she prayed the Light ever saw fit to answer. Charlotte miraculously survived. Her parents, however, both died that night. Brinnea's corpse was flown off to the Scourge's necropolis, while Parigan's was left to be buried by his family, only to be raised years later by the Forsaken.

Brinnea's corpse was bound for the ghoul pile, but by some mistake, she was instead placed with those meant to be raised as death knights. Thus, her new life of undead supremacy began. She was easily the weakest of the new recruits that were not immediately used for ghoul fodder, and so her instructor Grol took particular interest in her. In time, she became the best of Grol's students, and was sent to the Shadow Vault in Northrend to await the time of the Scourge.

The Ebon Blade took her prisoner and tortured her for information. They were about ready to give up on her and put her out of her misery when Arthas' very heart was destroyed by Tirion Fordring. The sudden shift in the Lich King's power freed her mind suddenly, resulting in a series of violent panic attacks then eventually subsided. When the Ebon Blade deemed her fit to fight for them, she helped the end of the siege of Icecrown Citadel and received icy powers from the souls of Sindragosa's brood.

After the Cataclysm, Brinnea found herself in a wide world with nowhere she belonged to except the Ebon Blade. She decided to put her new powers to use and search for a suitable organization to invest herself in. Her curse made her a killer, but at least she could kill for a good purpose. Her final decision was to join the Twilight Empire, and from then on, her new life as a soldier for peace began.

Stories of Brinnea on the TNG:

Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands - Following the kidnapping of Skylah Mackinzie, Brinnea goes on a rampage to force answers into the light.

'Til Death Part Us - After a miraculous escape from her execution in Thunder Bluff, Brinnea and Parigan are reunited. Both have cheated death before; can they do it again?

War's End - Brinnea and Parigan have found their missing daughter and have formed some semblance of a life for their family, but putting down their swords is easier said than done.

Dying In the Moonlight - To find their kidnapped daughter, Brinnea and Parigan comb the Broken Isles. The search leads to one final confrontation with their family's tormentor, Cynthia.

A Small Flame - After volunteering for an expedition into the Dread Wastes, Brinnea finds that even in hiding, trouble will still find her.

Lie-Die-Sanctify - A secret war between Ebon Blade and Silver Hand crashes down on Brinnea's life. This time, nothing will stop her from protecting her family.

The Prison of the Mind - Brinnea lands in prison once more, but rather than guilt, she feels anger at her imprisonment. No cell will hold her as long as she still stands.

Rest - A moment of quiet gives Brin the chance to say goodbye to someone long ago passed.

A Wolf, a Horse, and a Rider - Exiled by law and spurned by those she called friend, Brinnea wanders northward with no clear goal; a world of troubles close at her heels.

The End of the Road - Hunted and haunted, Brinnea's journey grows darker and more desperate.


“The Dark is what you are. Do not shun it, and you shall never fear again.” - Accalia

"A woman proud, moody, cynical, with defiance on her brow, and misery in her heart, a scorner of her kind, implacable in revenge, yet capable of deep and strong affection."


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"Were it not for the fact that she turned her runeblades upon innocents, I could see the logic in her actions. However, damning innocent souls like that is a crime that cannot be forgiven." Naheal pauses. "Justice will come to all of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, I suppose."

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