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Total Roleplay 3!: Look at this cool stuff you can do.

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So I have no idea how to make a guide to something, but with at least a couple people switching to TRP from MRP for the extra options, It might be a little easier to just (kind of) organize it somewhere. I used FlagRSP and then MRP for the longest time, and I love the extra stuff TRP adds. It also lets you see people's MRPs and lets them see the basic information in yours, so no one is really left out! TRP just has some extra information that might not be fully visible. I decided to use lots of screenshots as examples of what you'll see, since previews on Curse or WoWInterface don't always show you what you get. It might be annoying to hunt through, so PM or whisper me (Aaren-Ravenholdt) if you have a question and I'll find what you're looking for.

Get TRP3 here:

Minimap Button


This is the toolbar it's referring to. This bar can be moved anywhere on the screen but also get in the way, and get annoying sometimes. Being able to hide it is rather handy. This image shows the helm and cloak you are wearing while they are showing, the following image shows what the icons look like when they are hidden.


Options are:

1. show/hide cloak

2. show/hide helm

3. set status to afk/dnd

4. set status to IC/OOC

5. easy language swap


Main frame (edited to reflect version 1.0.3):


The Total RP 3: Extended link refers to the upcoming enhanced addon they're working on currently that is expected to be released in September, soon after Legion launches. I think it's still worth sharing all the awesome things the addon can do already for those who may be undecided in using a roleplay addon, or even for people that haven't found neat things that you can do with the current version.

Options here are of course character status (IC/OOC) and roleplayer status. The status option has the choice between beginner/experienced roleplayer, but there's also a really cool option to flag yourself as a Volunteer Roleplayer to let beginners know you're available for help! (which I may or may not have just now noticed existed >.>)


The two resizing buttons will be your friend if you'd rather just have some detailed profiles laid out and dislike scrolling through so much.


Clicking button 1 first lets you make the Main Frame full screen. Once it's full screen, clicking it again brings it back to its default size (not the size you drag it to).

Clicking button 2 lets you drag the window to whatever size you wish, as long as that size is greater than 768 x 501. If you'd like to reset it, drag the window smaller until the numbers are red, or just use button 1.

There is a ton of cool stuff in this addon, and I can't promise I'll make sense or explain it well, but I'll try! More to come!

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Character Pane

Names, Titles, and Characteristics. Or ohgodwhatdidIgetmyselfinto. Be ready for lots of post edits!

Clicking on Character defaults you to your current character's information.


Clicking the edit button lets you change like, everything. Your class name, class color, the icon that shows up in your tooltip, you can even add a color to represent your character's eyes.


Title would be something like "Lady" or "Lord" and precedes your name. If you put something in the Full Title slot, it replaces you in-game title in your tooltip. This also tells you if the person you're hovering over is using MRP, FlagRSP, XRP, TRP2 or most other RP addons.


You can change the icon that shows up as well.


You can search by spell, ability, race, class, creature. As a warning the icon names aren't totally intuitive so it may take some hunting to find the perfect one. Have fun searching through 14000!


Right clicking the gear to the right of class lets you change your class color. This color change would also apply to the title you give yourself, and I'll pick a really obnoxious color for this illustration.



You'll always have to click save at the top right of the pane before you can see the change take effect of course, but if you don't like the change just right click the gear to reset the color to default.

The same process goes for eye color:


You can type in what your character's residence/birthplace are, or you can choose your current location for either if you want to be more specific.


When you click the little house, the name changes to whatever it says above your minimap:


How it shows after you click save:


Clicking the little house besides the location opens the map to show the area. And if you'd like, you can change the name to what your specific garrison or base or home may be called, or even just the general area.


If you'd like to redo these, just right click the little house to the right of the location while in edit mode and the space becomes blank again. Remember to save all the time. And remember to click edit to change them!

The Additional Information field lets you add extra little things that people might generally know/see about your character. Stuff that might be well known about your character, or maybe the only thing people know about your character. Obvious stuff! But stuff that doesn't change very often or at all.


All entries can be completely edited to say what you want, and the icon as well. These will show up in the profile itself and not the tooltip. If you change your mind about this later, just click edit and then the X at the end of the line.


Personality traits! These will give other characters a good idea of what to expect from your character, especially useful in a first meeting or with someone you're just getting to know. Using Chaotic and Lawful as an example, more yellow emphasizes the trait on the left, while blue emphasizes the trait on the right. You cannot put six points into any trait.


There's quite a bit you can show off, or if you wish you don't have to show any at all.


And you can of course make your own! Text and icons are customizable.


Remember to always save! There is luckily a dialogue that pops up to tell you when you're about to switch tabs in your character pane without saving your work, but it saves nothing and gives you no dialogue if you change tabs along the side of the window (companions, directory, etc.). It's always easier to save your work and change it later than it is to try to remember all this awesome stuff you've typed up and lost!

So this is the plain and bare About panel that I don't use, but most other people do it seems!


When you click edit, you get 19 background color and styles to choose from and a preview for each one so you don't have to click through them all.


Three templates are also provided so you can enter your in-depth information. Template 1 is just a text editor so you can make it look however you'd like:


Template 2 allows you to add frames, as many or as few as you'd like, where you decide what each ones contains and what icon represents them. You can also choose the background with the same drop down menu with previews. I was able to add ten frames when I tested it out, so there should be plenty of room for whatever you'd like to do!


Template 3 sets you up with the basics: physical description, personality, and history. These icons are changeable if you'd like to find a closer fit.


And your character theme! Choose any in-game music file to follow your character's profile around, wherever it goes!


It will definitely help to know the filename if you want something specific.


When you hover over a file, a box tells you how to select the song, or preview the song so you're sure it's the right one for you. If you don't want to set a song as your profile's theme, but want to hear it while out in the world, you can find the song here and play it by right clicking it. It continues to play so you can go about your business and loops so you don't have to replay it every time.


Under the Miscellaneous tab, you have At A Glance notes that appear in your toolbar for others with TRP3, IC and OOC information that appears in your tooltip, and roleplay style settings that others can see.

Your At A Glance lets people know things they can see about your character, especially things that could change often. Currently jewelry, clothing, an injury, something the character may carry often in plain view, their scent. The editor slot has to be selected for it to show up for others, so if it's something you'd like to hide at some times and show in others without having to retype it all of the time, this is the place to do it. The chosen icon is faded so you know it's inactive.


The section were you enter what you're currently doing/current apparent mood is hidden all the way back here. This is what it looks like in the edit box, and what it looks like in your tooltip!



Your roleplay style includes how often one can reasonably expect you to be IC, what kinds of events you'll tolerate for this character, how you'd like to RP fights, and whether your guild membership itself is IC or OOC. The only bit of this information that shows in the tooltip is your guild membership, otherwise one would have to go into your profile to see what you accept. You can also choose not to show any of this information to others if you wish.


IC Frequence ranges from full time OOC with no IC (as in not a roleplay character), to full time IC with no OOC (characters that are always IC unless specially noted, as in /s and often in groups, such as /p and /ra).

Accepting your character's injury from, death by, or romance with another can be shown with yes, no, and with permission settings.

Battle resolution preferences are in-game PvP (show your skill!), /roll battle (leave it to chance!), or emote battle (get all fancy and dramatic with it!). TRP /roll battle is an option, but that feature hasn't been made available within TRP3 just yet.

And there. That's your character information for you!

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Oh man this is linked to bnet people. WELP GUESS I GOT SOME WORK TO DO

Edits and stuff done and also inc and all that. Some sections will be done before others but they'll be inserted into the correct places, because I'm pretending to be organized!

Also this space reserved for later sections.


Now, if you click on Profiles right above your character's name, this is the type of thing you get, with your currently selected profile outlined in green:


All of your characters from every realm is included in this list, in alphabetical order. So, if you'd like to use a character's profile for someone else, even on another server, you can switch here. Either borrow it for a little while or duplicate it completely, and name it so you can find that copied profile easily.



Your chatbox will tell you when you've switched between profiles, but otherwise it's instant and easy.


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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Aaren! SOmething I discovered about the "At a Glance" function:

At a Glance:

Once you have made an Icon for this section, and are happy with it, Apply it to the At a Glance bar then Right Click it. Select "Create Preset" and name it something generic and broad. Repeat with another Icon that is similar and for "Create Preset" type the same name in and it will save it to a drop down list!


Tirien has many feels. Too many feels. He creates 5 At a Glance icons and is happy with them. They are Happy, Friendly, Angry, Sad, Broody. For Happy, Angry, and Sad Tirien right clicks their icons and creates a preset called "Emotions" for each of those three. After doing that, Tirien can right click an At a Glance slot, mouse over "Emotions", and select either Happy, Angry, or Sad to fill in that slot.

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