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Hey folks. I come bearing some grim news, with a hopefully happy ending. One of the older members (I'm really sorry Teri, I cannot for the life of me remember your TNG username if you read this <3) has had a horrible thing happen to her, and is left trying to fight for what she loves. Can y'all take a minute to check this out? She's is about to lose her daughter, because her husband filed for sole custody while she was visiting him, and now refuses to let her go back to her mother. Teri is an awesome parent; her love for Nira is totally shown in all of their photos and stories I've heard of them together. She just wants to be able to see her baby again. So if you can, please help her out just a bit?

Yatokth, another TNG RC member, is offering "careicatures" for anyone who can donate $15 or more to help Teri and Nira stay together. --- Here's the GoFundMe for Teri and Nira --- Examples of Yat's work, plus a place to buy your own.

Seriously, please help out. Teri is a fucking phenomenal mother-- even though her child is miles away, she's still in her daily life managing talks with teachers, and trying to keep her daughters spirits up. Anyone who's an older member of TNG will know how awesome Nira is. Remember the year she dressed up as a Death Knight for Halloween? Seriously. How fucking awesome is that?

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Crawled back out of the woodwork for this post (I remembered my password!)

Thanks for the share, Cytiana - anyone who's interested please let me know! Dunno how many folks remember Carmensita (or The_Golden_Wolf, I believe she was here on TNG!) -- heck, dunno how many folks remember me either -- but she's fallen on some hard times and could use some help, as Cytiana explained.

Also, I like to think I'm pretty good at drawing and stuff. Used to post here a lot back when I played! Here's my old thread, dredged from the bowels of TNG: That was almost 3 years ago, pre-art school and all that, so I'm much better now. xD

So thanks for your time, and if you can, please help an old TNGer out! (and get a sick drawing, woot)

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