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The Eternal Aegis is an age old organization who's origin is shrouded in mystery and obfuscated by the passage of time. What is well known and revered by its current members is its purpose: A sacrosanct intent to defend the innocent, to champion the weak,and ensure the safety of the masses of people who have chosen to grow our crops that fill our bellies, raise the children who will defend Azeroth in our stead, and who can no longer defend themselves from the tides of war whose waves consist of villainy, apathy, corruption, and evil. If these principles resonate with your own, then Eternal Aegis may be the right fit for you.

((Eternal Aegis is primarily a Role Playing guild. This is not to say you must RP. Just keep in mind that RP will occur and trolling will not be tolerated. Besides RP, EA has a strong PvP core that will only grow as new recruits are initiated. World PvP is a secondary priority for our guild as it is a key constituent of our theme. PvE is also a secondary concern. We have acquired a steadfast and dedicated core of experienced raiders and dungeoneers and are seeking to fill out the remainder of our slots with enthusiastic initiates ready to tackle the challenges brought on by the forces of evil.))

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