Lilliana Bloodshine

Lilliana Bloodshine

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Full Name:

Lilliana Bloodshine

Titles or Nicknames:

"The Clandestine" (her title within the Grim)

“Lilly”, “Lills”, "Lilly PooPoo", "LilyPad".


Appears to be late teens, maybe 20.

Is 26 if you count the 6 years she was dead.


Sandfury Troll (Farakki).




Deep and rich red.


Striking blue


6'0'' (rather short for a troll, she's a runt).


160 – she is very petite for a troll frame. Small framed.

Notable Physical Features:

Lilliana appears quite young. This is unusual for a troll who is out daily in the battlefield, never mind as one of the soldiers within the Grim. Her frame is exceptionally small, bordering on petite (but not quite as she still has muscles and some strength behind her frame). Her features are soft, childish, warm, with the most notable being her striking blue eyes which are exceptionally gentle in expression. These blue eyes are not unusual, and are characteristic of her specific tribe, the Sandfury. Her hair is an exceptionally thick auburn. She is not beautiful as trolls go, but is cute in her own way - in a childish manner.

Overall her features closely resemble a previous powerful Grim, the self proclaimed Sandfury King, Warneshi Sandscalp.

Place of Residence:

Where she pleases.

Place of Birth:


Known Relatives: [/b]

Bloodshine (mother)

Warneshi Sandscalp (half brother - MIA)

Worneshi Sandscalp (half brother – deceased/murdered)

Den'Ryu Sandshadow (son – deceased/murdered)

Chief Ukorz Sandscalp (father – kind of dead)

Xaraphyne Nawe (neice)

Tranquility Firekin (adoptive father) - alliance gnome, partnered with Bloodshine. This little gnome raised Lilliana. This would help explain some of her ridiculously prim and proper mannerisms, her odd sense of humour and her lack of a thick, harsh sounding troll accent.


Lilliana does not cater to the dark soul magics of her Sandfury brethren (resurrecting their dead into zombies, actively eating and destroying souls, resulting in the inability of Sandfury to follow a real Loa. This results in the afterlife being a dull, empty void for all those Sandfury who practice such heartless magic). Nor does she even consider the dangerous voodoo that her mother can call upon as a witchdoctor disguised as a shaman. Forsaking these paths did not, surprisingly, result in Lilliana adopting the Darkspear's beliefs. She would never consider the Loa Bwonsamdi, or “The Watch of Souls”, as one that she could follow despite this ancient troll ancestor being there to help guild those who have passed into the spirit world. His tether to this world does not interest the priestess, and there is a reason for this..

Six years ago, Lilliana’s soul had been ripped to shreds after the soul eater, Warneshi, took her soul for “safe keeping”. Many pieces of her very being were lost to the nether as her soul languished in ongoing torment. She no longer believes in the kind images of some random or not so random Loa watching over her soul. So, even though she may be a troll, she is not a bit spiritual like her brethren. In fact, due to her recent experiences, she may be rebelling against her own spirituality due to her inability to no longer hear or reach the Loa’s available to her.

Lilliana is fairly open minded and will engage in conversation regarding philosophy and beliefs without any disdain. This results in the few that have engaged in conversation with her about this seeming to come up with an idea that there is some hope of changing Lilliana’s mind. There is no chance of that. Her mind is set.

Lilliana’s philosophy may not be clear to many. Many simply believe she’s an idiotic twit with an odd temperament. Some feel she is nothing of a threat and that she simply hangs out with the Grim because it’s the cool thing to do. Some, such as Julilee of Sanctuary or the recently fallen (but not dead) Grim, Kerala, are able to see past that and acknowledge the level of dark manipulation behind her ridiculous façade. And some, such as Leyu’jin of the Grim, Darrethy of the Blackguard, and even Kargron of Sanctuary, appear to understand Lilliana’s basis for why she fights for what she does. She believes in the Grim’s Mandate. Peace through Annihilation due to an unrecoverable relationship between the Alliance and the Horde. She understands that the relationship between the Horde and the Alliance is something that cannot be salvaged. What brief alliances have been forged between the two is something that now cannot ever be reconciled with any degree of safety. The only answer is extermination. Her involvement in helping to obtain this goal is not put into action with hatred. In fact, the little priestess has very little hate in her heart. Any manipulation that results in ‘dark intentions’ is put into play by Lilliana with the expectation that this is best for the well being of the Horde. More than anything she desires peace, but she acknowledges that severe sacrifices must be made. If that makes her a bad, evil person, then so be it. She doesn’t care. She’ll do what she believes is the right thing to do. Oh, and she’ll have fun doing it (note her beaming expression…her childishly rude laughter/giggling/taunting of Alliance as they are killed).

When considering her views on religion and how they have changed since her death, her outward philosophy (killing is a game/she’s a dumb twit) is a glorious facade that she plays rather well. I’m not aware of any character that currently knows the finality of Lilliana’s beliefs – that she does not feel that peace will ever be obtained. And so…..any notes that happen to be played off tune would only be caught by the most observant and those with a keen ear.



Dreadweaver: Inquisitor of the Grim

Guild Rank:

Retired: Irredeemable

Previous: Harbringer

Current: Dreadweaver

Known Associates:

The Grim – with close relationships with Kogrona, Khorvis, Baalthemar, Syreena, & Drinn.

Outside of the Grim: Tahzani, Xaraphyne, Fhenrir, Kagron & Tranquillity (gnome).

Known Nemesis:

Nameera – alliance draenei

Veltor - Horde 'warlock'

Special Skills:

Lilliana is especially skilled in manipulation.

Mind control.

Mind reading, catching thoughts.

Strong mental fortitude to replace her weakened battle prowess.

Positive Personality Trails:

She is likeable, with a personality that often draws individuals to her. She can make you feel welcome, accepted. Her loyalty to those within the Grim runs deep and often results in a motherly type of protectiveness.

Her sense of humour can be endearing in a child like type of way to some.

She follows orders even if through some hesitation. Overall she is easily molded back and forth to what is needed as a soldier should be. Along with this trait, she will openly speak up to how she feels if she considers it needed.

Despite her odd presentation, she has a strong and realistic head on her shoulders. She is very much aware of what is going on, but of course presents with the impression that she has very little clue.

Negative Personality Traits:

Persistent and stubborn, she's like a dog with a bone and once she has hold of something she won't let it go. That includes bothering YOU.

Her temperament is often considered off, and that’s true. She can be confusing. For those that do not know her, it is very difficult for them to take her seriously. This can cause commotion between her and new Grim and Supplicants who find it hard to fall under her rank.

Her view on the world is quite dark and is hidden by her outward facade of everything is sunny and rainbows and flowers – kind of like how Sanctuary seems to think things can be with the Alliance. Although she's a Grim and this should really be considered a “positive personality trait”, it's not. Lilliana doesn't believe that much will be achieved in this world of Azeroth, or any other worlds that the horde travel to – even though she may say otherwise. Presentation is everything, and she presents as exceptionally positive and forward focused in her beliefs – for this is what she wants you to see.

History Before the Grim:

Lillian joined the Grim when she was just barely 17 years old.

She was born to ex Sandfury Matron “Bloodshine” and Chief Ukorz Sandscalp, the decrepit and lost leader of the Sandfury (Farakki) tribe that still lingers in Zul'Farak.

She was mainly raised by the exiled Alliance gnome named Tranquility Firekin. He is currently her mother, Bloodshine’s ‘life partner’. This is not public knowledge, and not one single Grim is aware of this. Nor will they ever be. Lilliana is very closed mouthed about many things, both previous and current. You would have little idea of what is behind her unless you really gave a pooh about it.

History in the Grim:

Lilliana joined the Grim at age 17. She was granted a rank in the Grim by Maledictus, and watched as his leadership crumbled and Grainger stepped up to take the reins as the Steward of the Grim.

Lilliana's days in the Grim prior to her death were full of joking, adventures, hitting serious Grim in the face with snowballs (such as Regnetah, Pincus or even foul faced Abric) with Syreena at her side. Although always ready for battle she was in all truth a child. She came into adulthood lead by the Grim.

Grainger offered Lilliana a place as an Irredeemable within the Grim, and she accepted, working as liaison for many of the new recruits (now known as Supplicants). She worked at interviewing and reviewing applications from those aspiring to the Grim. She enjoyed that job, as she interviewed quite a few interesting characters, including a few that tried to bring down the Grim and even those rather fun triplets, Tehau, Dehau and Nehau.

Much of Lilliana's time in the Grim revolved around the Sandfury saga that was brought upon by Warneshi. Warneshi’s desire to bring back the glory of the Sandfury and lift the curse he put on his people from when he destroyed his father, Chief Ukorz Sandscalp’s soul years ago

(please see Warneshi's Reclamation for the backstory on this, including Warneshi, Bloodshine, and a very brief appearance by Lilliana ----

Warneshi is Lilliana's “half brother”. They were not aware of this the 9 and 8 years ago that they were part of the Grim together, and their friends of the Grim assumed that the two were in a romantic relationship. This very well could have occurred, as Warneshi was quite persistent in pursuing Lilliana. However, the little priestess turned down all advances from her Sandfury King., Since Lilliana showed no interest in Warneshi, he pushed her “betrothal” to a Sandfury rogue named Zurzuru, and the two of them even had a child together named “Den'ryu”.

(please see Lilliana & Warneshi’s story for the history of the infant death, and how Lilly’s soul came to be destroyed from her own mother’s stupid manipulation: )

Den'ryu only lived for four days. Gabrizzi, a goblin rogue who dabbled in enough warlock magic to make himself quite dangerous, killed him by squishing his skull flat. After the infant’s murder he killed Lilliana. Zurzuru left after his son and his partner, Lilliana’s death. Never attempting to reclaim Lilliana’s soul. She hasn’t seen him since.

Gabbrizzi had hired Zuruzuru on numerous occasions had it out for the rogue, and he came to their home and placed a curse on Lilliana that would send her soul to the twisting nether before it could connect with the spirit halls or be found by a Loa to protect and set to rest.

In desperation, Bloodshine tricked Warneshi into drinking Lilliana's soul before she took her last breath for “safe keeping”. This was a grand mistake on Bloodshine's part, and on Warneshi's part for falling for it. Lilliana died, and her soul entered damnation by the Sandfury Souleater. Over the years, piece by piece, a part of Lilliana's soul left her eternal hell, lost into the void known as the Twisting Nether.

Shortly after Lilliana's death, Lascivious was given leadership of the Grim from Grainger. He stripped Lilliana of her rank as Irredeemable before further rescue attempts could be made. Lilliana was then forgotten by all but her mother. Even Warneshi, who had once loved her placed her in a forgotten crevice of his mind and allowed her to rot while he rallied with the rest of the Grim fanatics.

Years later, the one remaining remnant of Lilliana's soul that resided within Warneshi Sandscalp’s SoulEater hell took advantage of a moment of weakness observed in the troll souleater. Bloodshine had mained Lilliana’s body in the Sandfury fashion, for years her little form was preserved like new.

Lilliana lives again, but her soul is a tattered shred of the strong fabric it had once been from. It is barely tethered to her. Most would not be able to function with such a miniscule remnant of what once was a vibrant being. Due to this she fears a “true death”. If her spirit loses attachment with her body, she would likely enter yet another hell like that experienced through the twisting nether of the world. She is uncertain as to what the next world would hold, or not hold, for what is left of her soul considering she does not have access to any Loa.

Since her return to the Grim she has progressed through the ranks once more. Once an officer and an Irredeemable, she is now a Dreadweaver under the High Inquisitor, Khorvis. She has been offered the title, “Clandestine”, for obvious reasons.

She has lived through a rather lengthily hostage situation involved Cobrak’s ex lover, Morinith. This venture should have left her dead, or at the very least completely broken. Rescued through the love of her ‘sister’, Xaraphyne and the dedication of the Grim and fellow guilds, Lilliana was able to return to follow the Mandate once more.

(Um, unfortunately we kind of never finished typing our posts….

Although not as discrete as Lilliana would choose to have it, there is a relationship between Lilliana and Tahzani Tallfisher, the Horde's bartender. Lilliana’s relationship with the other Horde guilds has always been in question. Both supportive and manipulative, her motives with Sanctuary, Borrowed Time, Rutilus Luna and the others continue to be in question. Lilliana’s involvement in other ventures, such as Veltor and her continued involvement with a gnome who acts as a father figure to her – have remained unannounced to her Grim brethren.

Her life is kept exceptionally secret as any good clandestine individual would have it.

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Kerala considers what she knows of the troll priestess Lilliana Boodshine.

"She is a Grim, through and through. They excel at twisting words and truths to their own purposes, but Lilliana lives it. She deals in shadows and plays with minds like a child does toys. She thinks she knows people, but is often wrong in her assumptions, at least in my experience."

"She cannot ever be taken at face-value. She's an exceptionally good liar. Eynes wirsh-uden thera. She puts on masks to fool the world, wears her immaturity like a cloak of protection. She is so busy making people see what she wants them to see, that the woman has deceived herself, I think. Does she know what is truth, and what is not, anymore? I suppose among the Grim, it matters not."

"Lomani, ever gracious and open-hearted, has told me not to judge so harshly. She says we are very similar, Lilliana and I, and hopes that one day we can be friends. She is naive."

"If you never really meet someone, how can you be friends with them?"

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“Lilli.. Lillipad… Adorable would be one word for her. Sweet would be another. While I normally find such traits discouraging, and more so those with tusks irritating, I like her. Don’t let the warm smile fool you, she’s a good one to have at your back.”

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Cerryan sours at the mention of the troll's name. "Before I knew that she was Grim, she seemed rather pleasant and nice. Her true nature was easily revealed however, as she reveled in slaughter and doggedly defends the tenets of her guild's foolish mandate. She seems to enjoy harassing me in particular, making every effort to demean my pursuit of peace and belittle me for opposing the vile nature of her fold. Even so, and perhaps foolishly, there was something about her that made me hold out hope. The way she acts sometimes, when she's not surrounded by those who goad her on. But that was before..." The paladin trails off, absently rubbing at what remains of his left ear. "She has proven herself to be irredeemable, and if there is no hope for her, there is no hope for any of them."

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Juli looks expressionlessly at the person asking her about Lilliana.

"She cannot be trusted. She is a danger to everyone around her – especially those she claims to care for."

This stated, Juli walks away.

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"I'm not sure what to make of Lilliana, but I don't think many people can. She's friendly enough. And at least she listened to me when I mentioned Lupinum was missing." -Shaelie

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"I like her hair. It's pretty. She is also kind enough.

Some would look down at her for being a member of the 'The Grim' but truth be told most of them are actually pretty approachable.

Do I agree with their methods? Not necessarily. Do I distrust them or her? Not at all.

If anything you know where they stand. It's those other people who clamor about 'morals' that make me uneasy.

Oh? Lilli?

I like her."

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"She's my sister, and if ya harm a hair on her head, you'll regret it. – That's been little more literal than I intended, but hey!" Xara laughs, then leans back, relaxed. "That said, how ta describe Lilly..."

"Ya wouldn't think she was Grim when ya first met her. Even some other Grim wonder about her. She's friendly, outgoing, doesn't seem too bloodthirsty. But she is Grim, through and through. She helped slaughter a whole town of people Fhen and I refused ta kill so that their bodies could be dumped on our lawn ta prove a point, and we're blood kin."

Xara cocks her head, giving the listener an amused smile.

"I think she still doesn't know I know that. Anyway..."

"She's got a strong will. Anyone who's talked to her knows that much. But there are different kinds of strong. Hers is the kind that comes from a life that ain't been kind. But she's still able ta see the good in people. That kinda strong is rare in this world."

Xara raises an eyebrow at the listener.

"Did I mention I'll kill you if you hurt her?"

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Baalthemar cocks an eyebrow “You want to know about Lilliana?” he smiled and quickly answered “She’s a sweetheart.” Then added “Just don’t push her too far.”

A slow grin crept over his face. “She’ll pull you apart, and the last thing you’ll ever hear is her giggling at your suffering.” His face returned to the warm smile. “But yeah, she’s a sweetheart.”

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Pai, for once seems caught offguard and oddly serious, she makes to speak before stopping herself. Her face turns hard, "She be a Grim, dat should be enuff..." Her eyes seem genuinely sad as she hops off her perch and walks away.

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" Some days it be like pullin' teeth ta get an answah ta a simple question like 'How are you?' but in her line a work das ta be expected. Even so, she shows me a lot moah trust den most ah tink." He smiles softly, " She be a Grim ta de end… Whether dat be a good ting or a bad ting not a simple answah but hey, she lights up mah day every time."

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"Ms. Lilly?" Nok is brought up from his work upon a cannon that looks as though it could only be hefted by a gronn. "Oh, she's pretty chill." The young orc mumbles as he resumes his tinkering. "She's got this...real child-like innocent deal goin' on, but I get the feelin' that's a shell she uses." Nok purses his lips, suddenly pondering again. "I bet she can be real scary if she tries."

Edited by Nok

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"Inquisitor Bloodshine is far more intuitive and intelligent than many give her credit for.

While it is true she often displays childlike qualities her presence of mind is a valuable tool.  Unlike many other Grim she is more likely to think through a situation than simply take a hammer to it.

That isn't to say she is weak.  Simply more wise."

The forsaken man becomes distracted when a timer goes off from within his robes.

"Oh my.  My pie!"

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"Lilliana! I be likin her so much. She be much fun. She be gettin bored real easy, and so if ya stay close, sometin fun be bound to happen. De girl always got food to be sharin, and she like to be. I be not hungry when I be findin her near by."

"She got a mean streak, dough. Be not lettin her bored when ya be de only one roundabouts to be de focus on. She done gave me dis drink once... set me on fire!"

"She be not knowin me any mo den de rest, but she took a likin. She stand up fo me when odder people want to be puttin me down. She got in de way when dat Blood Knight elfie T'suro been tryin to put de chrome bracelets on an cart me off to a cage. I be not knowin why. I be knowin I weren't deservin dat time, but dere be plenty odder reasons to be lockin me up. It be a special person, I be tinkin, dat would be interferin on behalf o me. I be a nobody."

"I be likin her."

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