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<Mists of Dawn>

Established 3-5-2008

Before the Age of Memory, the gentle Earthmother breathed upon the golden mists of dawn.
Wherever the shadow of her arms passed, a noble people arose from the rich soil. 


When the light of day has slipped beyond the horizon and darkness creeps... when the evil things that like to hide within the shadows and wild places of the land begin to stir... that is when they coalesce. They come from every place, from every background. They set their differences aside to face the common threat. They form when needed. They strike hard and fast and, like their namesake, are gone again with An'she's first rays. Until the final darkening of the world, they will fight to keep it safe. 

*  *  *

Mists of Dawn is a raiding guild on Ravenholdt. Our membership consists of a small family core and our friends collected along the way. Some have followed us across servers and factions in the twelve years we've played WoW. Some found us recently through the Group Finder tool and thought we were a cool enough bunch to warrant transferring a toon or rolling a new one here. We like playing the game together. You are welcome to join us and see if we're the kind of people you like, too.

While our raid leader runs a tight ship, we tend to have a lot of fun. We are not the type of group that requires certain specs or talents or even certain classes- so if you are interested in joining, play what you love and just contact us. If you aren't playing the current overpowered flavor of the month- we don't care. We care about what you are happy with and what you are good at. We'll help if you need it. We'll teach you the fights, we'll help you get gear if you need to catch up to the group ilvl, but we don't tell you how to play. That's just not how we roll. (If you equally enjoy several classes or roles and just want to know what would benefit our group the most, feel free to ask our raid leader!)

Our schedule has been tentatively set as Tuesday + Wednesday, 18:00-21:00 CST/server time. 

We do NOT require add-ons. We do use voice communication, so please feel free to join us in Ventrilo. Information shall be given during raid formation. Voice is generally not required, however as we begin the new Legion content, please know that it will greatly assist our coordination efforts and make every attempt to join in. Plus, you don't want to miss all the fun!

*  *  *

Mists of Dawn has members active in the RP community. If you are a role-player, don't let the raiding focus put you off. We have room for any type of character in our ranks and our RPers would be happy to welcome you and work you into their own stories. You can choose to RP as a member of the guild ICly, or just hang out and let us keep you from getting spammed with guild invites if you don't fit or would rather not join the main RP guilds. 

Not every friend we find has the time or motivation to attend raids. By the same token, not all our members role-play, so please be aware and don't be offended if you emote to one of us out in the world and receive no IC response. However, we are all human beings and we're not jerks, so you won't find our non-RPers griefing those of us wearing our robes and wizard hats.

*  *  *

Mists of Dawn is PvPing on a whim basis. We have members that enjoy combat, but we don't currently run anything by schedule. 

*  *  *

(Our guild structure is loosely based on the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, because it's awesome.)

The Lord Ruler is our guild leader. He is the tactical mind behind our raid assaults. He decides when we strike and where, and when we retreat. Like any chieftain, his word is absolute law. 

Keepers are the Lord Ruler's most-trusted Mistborn. These are raiders who have the day-to-day duties of handling affairs in the Lord Ruler's absence. Keepers manage the logistics of alchemical assistance and food preparation and storage to support the strike forces. They ensure each member has equipment in a proper state of repair. Keepers are the ones that send out the calls to coalesce for a strike.  

Active raiders are called Mistborn. These are those to whom the calls go out. These are the ones who fight, regardless of origin and regardless of personal motivation. Until the final darkening, the Mistborn will gather to the ray banner with their tabards of white glowing in the light of Mu'sha to defend the world of which they are a small part. Enemies beware.

Any veteran guild member who is not an active raider is a Misting. Members of the community who primarily role-play shall be known as Kandra. Members of the guild with a distinct PvP game interest will receive the rank of Koloss

New members are Mistwraiths. Because every member has the ability to invite to the guild, new recruits shall remain Skaa until vouched for by a Mistborn.

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Our guild post on the new merged forums can be found here:

Our current raid group includes:

Besneaky-Hyjal *out for holiday season
#SILVULL (originally DOLTHAR)
Bloodborne-SteamwheedleCartel (originally Plagueborne)

The Emerald Nightmare Normal

The Emerald Nightmare Heroic
1. Nythendra
2. Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
3. Elerethe Renferal
4. Ursoc
5. Dragons of Nightmare
6. Cenarius
7. Xavius

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(guild members capitalized, tanks marked by #, healers marked by +)

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Our first week suffered from DDoS disconnects wiping out our entire household of four (two healers). We tried 4GLTE cellular internet in a desperate attempt to workaround, but it wasn't our internet's fault of course. We managed to down Nythendra on the first pull. After the fourth DC on the Elerethe pull, our puggers flaked out- we lost our offtank and then a healer. Rather than try to reform, we took ourselves to a couple mythic dungeons (for which we remained online the entire time- go figure). Wednesday went much better. Our first attempt at Elerethe Renferal this night saw that spider squished! We also one-shot poor Ursoc. We threw ourselves at Il'gynoth, but he just stared us to death (four times).

Week Two was great! We welcomed back our pugger Shizzune, and off we went! Tuesday we stomped through Nythendra to Ursoc, who gave our new puggers a bashing. Third time's the charm. Elerenthe went down the fifth try, then it was on to new territory for all of us. A three attempts to sort things out, and then we got our first Dragons of Nightmare kill. Once, twice, replace some puggers, three tries and then: die Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption! We poked that eyeball right out of there. Then we looked around, rather surprised, because it was time to go knock some sense into my druid patron grandma-style, and by that I mean smack him! After trial and, ahem, ten errors, we saved Cenarius! YAY! We were at the end of the night, but we peeked into the Rift of Aln. It's spooky in there! But, that adventure will have to wait for next week.

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