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A journal with the mark of the Hakkari on it lies on a bed roll

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*Some tear stains are on the page. It appears Atal'shi has been crying*

Dey tell ya many tings when dey train ya as a Shadow Hunta. But dey dun teach ya how to stop da pain o' losin' sometin' dat be so close t' ya heart. Ah joined da Sanctuary, a people dat have da same outlook as ah do. Ah dun even care if we be helpin' da Alliance. Ah be tired o' war. Ah gave da Commanda, Julilee, mah blood oat'. Ah would protect her people an' die t' keep dem safe. An' only wit'in two days o' makin' dat oat', I almost joined Hakkar in da spirit world. Ah should have. Ah was readeh t' die t' protect a young blonde Elfie girl. Ah followed her t' make sure she be safe. An' ah failed. Dat dun hurt da worse doh.

Da bitch be called Syreena. Ah be knowin' her name because o' someone dat spoke wit' her. Ah knew sometin' dun be right wit' da Forsaken woman. She be bloodtirsty. She be evil in a way dat made Hakkar's insanity look tame. But she done worse. She killed him. Killed mah Soulflaya. Da companion ah be havin' since ah be a little Hakkari! Da bitch killed him an' notin' ah could do could be savin' him! Soulflaya be a gift from mah loa. From Hakkar when ah didna know betta about wha' happened t' us. Many say Hakkar was evil...always evil. But da line between what be good an' evil be blurrin' mo' and mo'. Dey said all Deat' Knights were evil. But dey proved dat differently. Maybe it be time t' turn t' mah loa...Hakkar...once again.

So here ah be, performin' da blood rituals o' old. Zul'Gurrub be empty now. Da Hakkari all be but destroyed. Maybe ah be da last one left alive. But ah be damned iffin' ah let dat bitch hurt anoter person. Da Commanda warned me t' remember mah oat's. All o' dem. Ah do remember da oat's. And Justice gonna be fulfilled.

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