Ardyan Spellgrace

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Full name: Ardyan Spellgrace
Nicknames: Ardy
Age: Young adult
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Light
Eyes: Green
Height: Average
Weight: Slender

Place of residence: Silvermoon
Known relatives: Mother; father; younger sister
Religion/philosophy: For Quel'thalas.
Occupation: Magister

Positive personality traits: Intelligent; hard-working.
Negative personality traits: Manipulative; arrogant. (He's a blood elf.)
Misc. quirks: Does not like being touched.


Ardyan is of the noble house Spellgrace. With a long line of magisters before him, his success in the field of the arcane was more expected than impressive, though he is one of the youngest to achieve full magister rank in recent history. He applies himself fully to his work and less so to the political or social scenes, but his talents and name have earned him allies and respect nonetheless.


Ardyan's clique:

Nicoalas Dusksinger
– Ardyan's best friend and accomplished rogue. His family is long indebted to the Spellgraces and are their most loyal and unquestioning ally. He unfailingly agrees with whatever Ardyan proposes.

Sildei Verdantin
– A peer and friend of Ardyan's. As a priest, he is gifted in both Shadow and Light, and with this duality to give him a greater perspective he is often the voice of reason for the group. Ardyan is smart enough to listen to him.

Zirche Phoebus Callan
– A warlock of questionable morality and loyalty. He is, however, useful and easily controlled, proving bad at covering up his transgressions on his own and a coward when outmatched, so Ardy has no problems keeping him around.

Brenn Kirst
– An old Forsaken warrior who has served the Spellgrace family since before the blood elves came to the Horde. Taciturn to almost the point of muteness, his motivations are a secret known only to Ardyan's parents, but he guards Ardyan's life with his own when asked.

Hernius Thel'deron
– Ardyan's overseer and accomplished magister, who is getting on in age. He has a vested interest not only in Ardyan's success, which bolsters his own, but his protégé's field of research.

Seranah Furozhe
– Ardyan's on again, off again girlfriend. Her plain face and droll speech often get her underestimated, with her acerbic wit and keen mind usually concealed until it is time to strike. As a successful Ranger, she commands a small squad of other archers. She often disagrees with Ardy and does not hesitate to follow her own path.

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Aaren smiles pleasantly when Ardyan is mentioned and lets her eyes wander around as she speaks, but she trails off again lost in her own thoughts.

"He's a sweetheart..."

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Cobrak ponders, "...Dun trust 'im a whole lot...Dunno why, 'e seems nice..." The orc suddenly looks on, a fierce look in his eyes. "But so does a snake fore it bites ya."

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