Amietia Greydawn (Tauren Priest)

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Full Name: Amietia Greydawn

Nicknames: AMIE. Lil' green lamb (Xekanjo), Green-lady (Brammorn)
(went by chosen amnesia name Lomani until recently, when she returned to using her birth name)

Date of Birth: year 10
Age: 24 (younger than Baine Bloodhoof who should be 26-29 in late Legion)

Race: Tauren
Gender: Female

Hair: LONG! Platinum silver. Double looped braids.
Skin: Fur: Darkish gray, smooth, short.
Eyes: Pale green
Height: 7'8", shorter than average, stunted
Weight: 490lbs, slimmer than average

Place of residence: Elder Rise, Thunder Bluff

Place of Birth: Some grass somewhere
Known Relatives: None living. Deceased: fraternal twin sister Kerala Windchaser, mother Wadulisi, father Oyohus.

Religion/Philosophy: Earth Mother reverence
Occupation: Formerly a tauren Seer (priestess) and seamstress. Currently?
Group/Guild affiliation: No guild. A Skytotem tribe healer

Enemies: None known
Weapons of Choice: No
+Weaknesses:Any blow to the head would be especially problematic for her

Likes: Frogs! because they eat bugs. Rainbows. The natural beauty of things like waterfalls, stars, clouds. Being tidy and clean. Organized ritual. Hope.
Favorite Foods: ...
Favorite Drinks: ...
Favorite Colors: Green
Dislikes: Bugs. Spiders! Mess, or being dirty. Chaos. Mystery.
Hobbies: Sewing, beadwork

Physical Features:
Amietia is a petite tauren woman. She is both a bit slimmer and shorter than average at 7'8" and 490lbs, so she might seem somewhat delicate, for a tauren.
Her fur is a smooth and short dark silvery gray, fading to a lighter shade towards her front- no mottling of colors, no whirls in the texture. She looks shiny and sleek. Her mane is a lighter silver and VERY long. The ends, if let loose, would reach down to her hocks. She usually keeps it in two neat braids, looped double to either side of her neck. Amie's nails and hooves both are generally kept clean and smooth, and perhaps a bit longer than usual.
Hidden in her long mane  is a long and ugly scar, traveling from center at the base of her skull all the way forward on the right side to base of her horn. The horn on that side has been brutally broken and is almost completely gone. The jagged bits remaining are silent testament to what must have been a truly horrific injury. Amie's head is usually tilted to the left due to the uneven weight. She wears her mane parted off-center. The remaining horn sweeps low and wide, and is pale colored.
Amie has creepy Seer's eyes. The color is a very pale green and when looking with the Sight at the colors of a person's soul, they might even seem to glow.

Special Abilities: EarthMother's Sight. Amie previously could view the seven anchors or chakras of a person's soul to determine their personality, or assist in correcting various conditions. This ability has failed following her depression. She's colorblind. Knows sign language.
Positive Personality Traits: Very nice. Generally calm. Helpful. Empathetic. She's a nice girl.
Negative Personality Traits: Sometimes timid. Can be moody, and if so it plainly shows. Boring?
Misc. Quirks: Head generally tilts to the left due to missing horn.

Theme Songs: ...

During the Northrend campaign Amie was delivered to Horde holdings by members of the nomadic and far-spread Snowfury taunka tribe. She'd suffered a near-fatal head wound, but the aloof Snowfury tribesmen did not offer explanations. 
Amietia spent almost 2 years in recovery, first at Dalaran. Once she could be transported, she was sent to continue healing in Bloodhoof Village. While there the seers took her under their tutelage, and all the healers there helped her in finding a new path of life to walk going forward. She chose the name Lomani Greydawn to go by. 
The seer has assisted in the background of many adventures, but never sought recognition for such. She kept busy with her sewing and with the never-ending task of supporting her people in their day-to-day life.
Following the disappearance of Kerala under suspicious circumstances nearly a year ago, Lomani became convinced that her twin sister was dead. She withdrew from public participation and her Seer duties and has struggled with a severe depression. She was a reclusive shut-in and only recently has started trying to get outside more. 
Amietia has retaken her birth name. She's re-emerged with a slightly darker outlook on life and religion both.



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YR        TITLE        SUMMARY
5        [Baine born?] (if 29 Legion)        
7        If Everyone Cared         - Uyohus loves Wadulisi
8        [Baine born?] (if 26 Legion)        
10        [AMIETIA +Kerala BORN]        
21        Counting Stars         - Kerala comforts Amietia after a Vision
21        [Kerala captured]        
21        Stand Up         - Wadilusi chooses to move on
21        In The End         - Amietia blames herself for Kerala's fate

25        WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004-11-23        

26        BURNING CRUSADE 2007-01-16        

27        WRATH OF THE LICH KING 2008-11-13        
27        The Curse         - Aziris speaks with Amietia
27        Don't You Worry Child         - Amietia and Aziris pack for Northrend
27        Angels         - Aziris and Amietia make snow angels in Venomspite
27        [Amietia nearly dies]        
27        How Can I Hold On         - Aziris cuts ties with amnesiac Amietia
27        So Cold         - Aziris is sad about Amietia, working for apothecary

28        CATACLYSM 2010-12-07        
28        Amnesia         - Lomani is recovered, and becomes a seer

30        MISTS OF PANDARIA 2012-09-12        
30        How You Remind Me         - Lomani stitches a Forsaken
30        ((Ravenholdt merges with Twisting Nether 2014-07-31))        
30        Banner         - HotS got a flag!!! 
30        An Orc With Horns         - Lomani warns Kerala of Konro's loyalties

31        WARLORDS OF DRAENOR 2014-11-13        
31        Eclipse: Chasing Wind        
31         - Dark of An'she         - Lomani has her first deadly Vision. Kerala saves her
31        Eclipse: Does Not Play Well With Others         - Kerala summons the Skytotem
31        (Maiden of the Mist)         - (Jinchan becomes an official Skytotem healer)
31        Log: Eclipse: To Wax Or Wane*         - Lomani and Bombina help fight Vionora, heal Breygrah
31        Eclipse: Flying Against The Hurricane         - Breygrah leaves the Horns, Kerala too
31        Eclipse: The Truth of Sacrifice (+Log)         - ghost Konro tells Kerala Lomani is her twin
31        Eclipse: Spirit Walk (Log)         - the skytotem locate Konro's trapped soul 
31        Eclipse: Lost (+Log)         - Lomani works to free Kerala from her phobic dreams
31        Eclipse: The Eye of the Earth Mother (+Log)         - Lomani Sees Breygrah's surroundings in a vision
31        Eclipse: Operation Clusterfuck*         - the Skytotem rescue Breygrah
31        Eclipse: Dying Light*         - Lomani blesses a rescue attempt for Kex'ti
31        Eclipse: Antagonize         - Kerala and Lomani try to help Brast
31        *Brast: the Beast 16th*         - Brast curses Lomani
31        Eclipse: Siblings*         - Inzema's nightmare
31        Eclipse: Arachnophobia         - Lomani's nightmare
31        One Fine Wire (+Log)         - Kerala talks to Lomani and joins the Grim
31        [Kerala's Inquisition begins]        
31        Lonely Ones         - Lomani sees changes in Kerala
31        Anejodi, the Little Brother of War         - Lomani and the stickball game
31        Message of Intent         - Lupinum is found, Lomani heals him
31        (Fel Expansion*)         - (Khorvis attacks Brill!)
31        [Kerala's Inquisition ends]        
31        Backlash         - Kerala and Lomani reconstruct Brill victims 
31        Slide         - Kerala meets the new Aziris
31        I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues         - Lomani starts a wedding cloak
31        Dirty Laundry         - Lomani wants answers from Kerala
31        Time After Time         -song for Lomani
31        Long Road to Ruin         - Azi convinces Lomani they need to go away for a while with Kerala
31        The Bodyguard         - Azi observes that Kerala may love Lupinum
31        This Is Not         - Kerala dreams of fire and leaves Aziris and Lomani
31        TearJerker         - Lomani feels abandoned
31        The Friend Song         - Kerala and Lomani will live together
32        Quorum: Dawn and Eve         - Kerala and Lomani both See
32        Quorum: Seed of Dreams         - The twins talk of their emerald dreams

33        LEGION 2016-08-30        
33        Derecho: Twist         - Derecho IS Kerala
34        The Beauty Of Gray         - Amietia emerges from depression with Jinchan

Edited by Kerala

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The Shu'halo lullaby:

When the red eye of An'she bids His goodbye;
Mother sees Child's sleeptime is nigh,
When the fast fading day leaves a gray sky,
Twilight comes, then she hums, this lullaby;
Dream on, Mother is holding you, Ah yah, ah yah;
Dream on, night is enfolding you, Ah yah, ah yah;
Some fair silver canoe
Carries you through, into dreamland,
Over a blue lagoon
Where the crickets croon, Ah yah, ah yah.
Dream on, Mother is holding you, Ah yah, ah yah;
Dream on, night is enfolding you, Ah yah, ah yah;
Mu'she, slender and frail
Quickly will pale, and be gone,
And you'll come back to me then in the rose of dawn.

Edited by Kerala

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