Sinlanna Arath'dorei

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Full Name: Sinlanna Arath'dorei

Nicknames: Sin, Elfy.

Date of Birth:


Race: Sin'dorei

Gender: All lady.

Hair: Raven and cropped at the chin.

Skin: Pale and freckled about the bridge of the nose.

Eyes: Lightly fel-green.

Height: 5'

Weight: 120

Place of residence: Borrowed Time Garrison

Place of Birth:

Known Relatives: Cousins Kreyen and Janith | Isadore, her daughter | Phyrrus, her son |

Religion/Philosophy: Family first. The rest is negotiable.

Occupation: Chemist for Borrowed Time

Group/Guild affiliation: Borrowed Time

Guild Rank:

Enemies: Whoever threatens her family.

Likes: Romance novels, rum, cigarettes, long walks through the past.

Favorite Foods: Sushi.

Favorite Drinks: Rum, and occasionally green tea.

Favorite Colors: Purples and scarlet.

Weapons of Choice: Home-brewed poisons.

Dislikes: Explosions near her Greenhouse!

Hobbies: Gardening, experimenting with chemical reactions, testing her concoctions.

Physical Features: She's really short and rail thin, barely able to fill a b cup. She has a full mouth, wide eyes framed by thick dark lashes, and a dusting of freckles on the bridge of her nose.

Special Abilities: Rolling with the punches.

Positive Personality Traits: She's a chameleon, able to follow the flow of a room and adjust to circumstances. Her friendliness is usually hidden under a stream of snark, but she's more relaxed than most of her race and enjoys the camaraderie of others regardless of their race (with the exception of trolls).

Negative Personality Traits: Everyone she comes into contact with is a potential test subject for her latest chemical concoctions.

Misc. Quirks: Her plants that she carries in her satchel tend to have a mind of their own. They like to slither out and greet the world, whether the world is ready for it or not.

Voiced by: Michelle Pfeiffer

Theme Songs:



“It’s quite simple,” she begins with a certain dark fierceness in her tone. “I received a letter precisely one month ago from the parent company of the merchant vessel "Sunswift Glide", upon which my cousin Kreyen had been a crewmember, informing me that the ship was lost to an Alliance skirmish, no survivors reported, sincerest condolences, you know the rest.” She toys with her cup of water, twirling it as if it were a glass of wine. “So, now I am suddenly without a guardian for Isadore should I meet an untimely end. Thus the reason I've returned."

“Since everything is going to the Nether in a knapsack, I am choosing to take an active role.”

The Arath’dorei Estate

The Arath’dorei estate existed on the outer reaches of the Kingdom of Quel’Thalas and had been benefitting from lucrative trade with the Wildhammer dwarves during the time of their alliance, though it caused considerable tension within their social circles. The trade decision marked the beginning of the Arath’dorei name’s decline. When the trading ceased, they enjoyed a quiet, moldering solitude until the second war. The land, with its vineyards and tenants, burned to ash. Only a few acres that surrounded the estate home, along with the house itself, survived the fire.

Years passed. Sinlanna, unable to content herself with life as landed gentry, had left the estate for her priestess training, only occasionally coming back to assist in the recovery of their lands. When recover seemed to be progressing, the Scourge laid waste to their progress. From the windows of the estate home, one could peer out and see nothing but blackened, inhospitable earth with undead bodies shambling towards the manor. A protective arcane barrier was thrown over the last bastion of the estate, but efforts at recovery were ultimately abandoned.

Sin didn’t return to the estate until her campaign at Northrend ended. Through various contacts she’d collected during her time as a fence, she managed to tackle the problems surrounding the estate head on and within a year, the house and numerous acres were once again livable. She needed the estate in decent form if she was going to have a child, and she wanted the chance to give her baby the childhood she never enjoyed- one with the potential for friends. She sectioned off an area of what had once been a distillery into her own private lab, where she continued to hone her craft.

Isadore grew into a healthy, young girl. She took an avid interest in Sin’s alchemical work and, much like her parents, tended to have a dangerous streak of curiosity to her. She’s almost eight, very outspoken, but sweet tempered and handy with a bow.

Her friend and family, Janith, vanished with Vaande. She’s not heard from them since Northrend.

Now she lives with the rest of Borrowed Time at their garrison, raising her child and preparing to have another.

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Naheal smiles, but then looks to the interviewer with suspicion. "Why do you ask?" After an answer that seems to satisfy him, Naheal nods. "Someone special to me. Family. That's all you need to know."

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Cobrak takes a drag from his pipe before he speaks, "Oi, Sin? Seems like a right handful, gotta be whiplash fer Nah goin' from Brey ta sumone like 'er." He chuckles, blowing a small steam of smoke. "She seems alright though, gotta bug up 'er ass bout datin' outside o' race, but least it seems 'er daughter don't inherit that." Cobrak laughs again at his own inside joke.

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Tesonii's eyes go wide and she blushes suddenly at the mention of Sinlanna. She then gesticulates wildly to the listener, indicating its not like that. She writes on her arm:

"I fear she is poised to embarrass me greatly."

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Nok shivers, "She's...well, I'm not scared or anythin', no no, never...just...I...can accurately say I will never say anythin' bad about her...even though there's plen-...Wait she's not here is she?"

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"Before, I could only tell you that she was a commodity for the Order of Eversong. A skilled blade and a willing to advance the cause shared by the banner...But there is more to her than I have really given myself the permission to know. Simplicity doesn't do her justice but I have neither the time nor the need to part with what I know of her. Sinlanna Arath' something else entirely." Faelenor smiles as he wanders off.

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