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[A] Midsummer Beach Party

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<The text on the parchment is set over an oceanic scene; a sun setting in the upper left corner, illuminating the waves crashing upon the sandy shore along the bottom of the page. A second document is hung behind the first, a lone picture printed upon it, courtesy of Arcane Images.>

Clear blue skies, a gentle cool breeze, and that warm beach sand between your toes. Yes, the time for Summer fun is now. Soon will the Midsummer Fire Festival be in full swing and we hope everyone will take part in its revelry. Friend, family, and stranger alike, may you all take joy in the lighting of the Festivals fires and watch in wonder as the torch jugglers, and the flame breathers dazzle us with their performances. May our fire soften even the hardest of hearts, as we will forever wish for our community to bond and grow more united during the holidays.

With the temperature soaring and the heat from all the fires becoming unbearable, what better way to cool off after visiting the Fire Festival than a nice dip in the ocean? Those of us in the Twilight Empire are overjoyed to host and do so happily invite you to a Midsummer Beach Party! We have a perfect location near Vash'jir reserved for those that wish to attend, all you need to do is remember the date of June 27th at 6:30 in the evening. All are encouraged to utilize the beach as they wish in the spirit of fun. Perhaps you love to grill at the beach, or play sports, or wish to indulge your inner pyro with some seaside fireworks!. Maybe fun lies simply with you in a bathing suit enjoying the waters. At the beach there is room for a little of everything!

((OOC info:

When: June 27th at 6:30pm (server)

Where: Sandy Beach in Vash'jir. Directions may be difficult for some character levels. If you have the “Sandy Beach” flight path in Vash'jir, you will fly there and then across the middle of the crescent shaped island to arrive at the clean, non ballista filled beach. For those without this FP, I will be online and on the island, and you are very much welcome to ask me for a group invite so I can aid in your arrival. If you are like my toon, I had the portal to Vash'jir, but no connecting FP's. You can still make it to the beach this way, simply exit the boat and fly to your southwest. Exiting the boat and going straight to the top of the water, you should be able to see what looks like a mountain jutting out of the ocean. That is our island.

Event info: It's a Beach Party! Bring yourselves and whatever toys/items make your toon tick. Our goal is simply a festive evening with the community enjoying its own company. There are grills that can be brought, we have the pigskin toy, fireworks, of course swimming...numerous activities. If you have an idea but are afraid or to shy to try and gather others, whisper me and I will do my best to facilitate it!))



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(( Only 3 days away! Best get your swimsuits ready! Also, I must advise everyone that should Horde show up, please do not attack on sight. If they play nice then we can all enjoy this event together! I pray for an evening filled with peace and fun. Hope to see you there! ))

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