[H] Lohd Runetotem

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Full Name: Lohd Runetotem

Age: 30

Race/Gender: Tauren; Male


Mane/Fur: Dark Brown / Mottled Light Brown

Eyes: Blue-Green

Size Large; above average


Place of residence: Hyjal

Occupation: Druid

Group/Guild affiliation: Cenarion Circle (loose); Horde; Sanctuary


Likes: Small gatherings, learning about wild life, Humans, the outdoors

Dislikes: Bees, matted fur, groups of children, Dwarves

Hobbies: Acquiring new animal forms, trying new foods, weaving, carving

Favorite Foods: Anything roasted, berries, pie

Favorite Drinks: Berry or apple juice, water, black tea (when he can get it), alcohol (on occasion)

Favorite Colors: Earth tones, blue, green


Physical Features:

Exceedingly large with slabs of muscle and fatty bulk, Lohd is a prime example of a Druid who has truly taken on the characteristics of his Avatar: The Bear. His fur is short and thick enough to hide most of his scarring and is a mottled light brown and white with a smooth transition and kept clean almost obsessively while his mane is kept a medium length. Two sturdy horns point forward from his skull and are kept immaculate with nothing to adorn them save superficial carvings in Taurahe venerating the Earth Mother. It's something he's proud of.

For his size he is equally blunt, not rigid, but his movement is purposeful and obvious. He is keenly aware of his size and uses it to his advantage. Often he defends those he's fond of or keeps quiet and out of the way as best his frame allows during peace. When shifted, big game hunters repeatedly mistake him for a prize kill if seen in the wild.

Special Abilities

Lohd is an accomplished Druid of the Claw and has chosen the Bear Spirit as his avatar. Fortitude and strength are his greatest assets and his experience with shape-shifting bolsters his resilience further. With this connection to the physical world of Azeroth, Lohd lacks in ability when calling upon Spirits or communing directly with Nature when outside of their strongest domains (Hyjal, for example). His skill in mending is minimal, only enough to cure poisons and stave off natural ailments and close minor wounds with obvious scarring. From his ritual Hunts he has obtained an inordinate amount of animal forms outside of the normal totems.  This puts him on a sort of Cenarion "Watch" list.

Weapons of Choice: Natural weaponry, spears, poleaxes, hammers


History: Soon

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"I saw him once in a tavern."

"He seemed nice enough. He did, however, sneeze and then lick the mucous away from his nose. It was, to be blunt, utterly disgusting. The length of his tongue was impressive though."

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