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Eclipse: The Eclipse

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[[ Part 1: the Horde side. ]]

They gather outside the Darkmoon Faire.

11:59:15 You look around.

11:59:35 [Xaraphyne]: Good ta see everyone.

11:59:51 Ruuki moves her mount to stand beside her commander, though she looks like absolute hell at this point.

11:59:59 Kex'ti nods at you.

12:00:06 Awatu simply nods.

12:00:13 Fhenrir grunts.

12:00:17 Vionora looks at Malhavik.

12:01:10 You look at Vionora.

12:02:21 [Xaraphyne]: The druids said the eclipse is gonna happen in about an hour.

12:02:36 Xaraphyne looks upward, squinting at the cloudy sky.

12:02:47 Darrethy looks around tiredly.

12:02:49 Ruuki scowls, looking to Vionora, but keeps her peace for now.

12:02:52 [Xaraphyne]: Can't tell where the Blue Child is here...

12:02:55 [inzema]: An hour? Shit. That gives me a lot of time to be bored.

12:03:02 Vionora looks at Ruuki.

12:03:53 Brast wanders up to Ruuki, but keeps a distance from the crowd.

12:04:06 You look at Moonfang Snarler.

12:04:11 Darrethy seems to catch the scowl and scowls right back, or at least seems to with what little of his face can be seen.

12:04:27 Ruuki looks over, blinking in surprise at Brast. She looks like she's had a rough night after their little match, but she's alive at least.

12:04:59 [Xaraphyne]: So...

12:05:06 [Xaraphyne]: Everyone knows what's coming, right?

12:05:10 You look around.

12:05:22 Kex'ti nods at you.

12:05:25 Darrethy nods.

12:05:27 [Kex'ti]: Yes.

12:05:33 Awatu simply snorts.

12:05:39 [Fhenrir]: A resolution.

12:06:23 Ruuki nods her head in understanding, and motions for Brast to actually stand in the group.

12:06:30 [Darrethy]: "I'm going to do a quick circle around, and I'll be back."

12:06:41 Ruuki turns to Awatu. "Commander... meet Brast in his true form."

12:06:50 [Xaraphyne]: Accalia's gonna appear in this world when the Eclipse happens.

12:06:50 Malhavik looks at Brast.

12:07:15 Awatu looks at Brast.

12:07:32 Brast stands close to Ruuki. Emotion hidden beneath his new armor.

12:08:19 [Awatu]: Hm, noted.

12:09:41 [Xaraphyne]: Accalia will be pretty powerful...

12:09:43 You look around.

12:09:53 [Xaraphyne]: Last time, we had about this many, and we beat her... but barely.

12:10:01 [Kex'ti]: We are all prepared to do what we must.

12:10:13 [Ruuki]: We have a lot of powerful fighters gathered. I'm confident we will lay Accalia low.

12:10:28 [Xaraphyne]: Yeah, well, that's gonna be the easiest part.

12:10:56 Darrethy looks around "Seems clear, or as clear as a faire can be."

12:13:46 Vionora looks at Malhavik.

12:14:16 [Xaraphyne]: After Accalia falls, she's gonna drag as many of us as she can into the twilight realm with her. And she's a lot more powerful there.

12:14:55 Vionora looks at Brinnea.

12:15:00 Kex'ti looks at Brinnea.

12:15:00 [Darrethy]: "If we kill her there, we kill her for good?"

12:15:17 [Xaraphyne]: That's what I think.

12:15:56 [Xaraphyne]: But that's gonna be pretty damn hard. Just survivin' is gonna be hard.

12:16:07 Darrethy just nods.

12:16:08 Xaraphyne looks up at the sky again, trying to see where the second moon is in relation to the sun.

12:16:54 Cobrak arrives with a cadre of Deadshots in tow; Taozhu, Caldrien, and Brammorn all battle-ready in their assorted gear.

12:17:07 You smile at Cobrak.

12:17:14 Kex'ti nods to the Deadshots. "Hoi, Taozhu. Cobrak."

12:17:19 [Xaraphyne]: Bringin' the cavalry.

12:17:20 [inzema]: Watch it, one eye

12:17:26 [inzema]: Almost stepped on me.

12:17:28 Selash looks over his shoulder, idly loading bullets into a clip for his rifle.

12:17:39 You look at Naheal.

12:17:40 [Cobrak]: Shame I didn't, rotter.

12:17:42 [Darrethy]: "Wouldn't of been a big loss if he did."

12:17:56 Brast watches Cobrak approach. Brast nods his head to the hunter as he stands close to Ruuki, on the edge of the group.

12:18:00 Taozhu and Caldrien return the assorted greetings.

12:18:07 Naheal stares off into the distance.

12:18:07 Cobrak blinks at Brast.

12:18:09 [inzema]: A shame. I'd've had reason to fiksss the missstake your mother made by not sssmothering you in your crib.

12:18:43 Naheal looks at Fhenrir.

12:18:45 [Fhenrir]: Kill each other later.

12:18:48 Fhenrir glares angrily at Inzema.

12:18:52 Selash looks around, glaring behind his helmet at the Alliance and Grim present.

12:19:01 Naheal looks at you.

12:19:03 [Cobrak]: Uh...Brast?

12:19:06 Brast sniffs Cobrak and bows to him.

12:19:06 You nod at Naheal.

12:19:14 Inzema flips Fhenrir the bird. "Clearly I am. He ain't dead yet isss he?"

12:19:15 [Darrethy]: "After Accalia is dead, we can start murdering."

12:19:18 Naheal nods at you.

12:19:31 Cobrak chuckles and inclines his head back at the feral tauren.

12:19:34 Kex'ti follows Darrethy's gaze, then nods to him.

12:19:51 Darrethy nods to Kex'ti in turn.

12:19:54 Ruuki sighs, not in the mood to make those two Grim behave like adults.

12:20:53 Selash finishes loading the clip, slamming it into the rifle's slot before pulling back the slide. The gun making mechanized sounds as it primes.

12:21:30 Malhavik points at Moonfang Dreadhowl.

12:21:41 [Xaraphyne]: Accalia's minions are comin' out.

12:21:42 Kex'ti scratches his raptor's neck.

12:21:47 Naheal looks at Moonfang Dreadhowl.

12:22:18 Brast feels the curse pulling at him as the other minions begin to rise.

12:22:24 Cobrak and the various Deadshots prepare their gear, Cobrak checks his rifle while Taozhu mutters several protective incantantions. Caldrien infuses his pike with holy power while Brammorn merely stands as still as a statue, a hand on his massive runeblade.

12:22:40 Naheal speaks in a halting common to the Death Knight.

12:22:44 Julilee stands near Kex'ti, a frown on her face. She checks the draw of her sword and shield.

12:22:48 Kex'ti's raptor sniffs at Xaraphyne's bear.

12:22:52 Brast snarls at the beast within him and stands his ground with the pack.

12:23:02 Cobrak chuckles at Brast.

12:23:11 Ruuki looks around, seeing the wolves now patrolling the area. This was going to be interesting.

12:23:19 Selash slides his rifle back over his shoulder, drawing what looked like a grenade of sorts, idly tossing it up and down in his hand as he looks around, sizing up the threats around him.

12:23:44 [Kex'ti]: These wolves...

12:23:47 Cobrak slaps Brast's back assuredly, confident the druid will show his willpower.

12:23:53 Darrethy takes a drink of red liquid, energy briefly surging into his body as he chants under his breath. His muscles expand slightly, the aura of fel gains more strength, his body seeping with as much arcane power as he can under the curse.

12:24:02 [Xaraphyne]: Not a lot of time left. Where's the Harbinger...?

12:24:33 Inzema smears his blades with a black paste, taking a moment to lick his fingers clean. He spasms, gritting his teeth, and shudders. "Yeah, that's the good ssstuff."

12:24:37 Xaraphyne looks down at Crimlaena, the fel-touched wolf beside her.

12:24:44 Brast purrs at Cobrak, and then remembers himself and seems embarrassed.

12:24:55 Cobrak laughs at Brast.

12:25:24 Cobrak's pet Kolossus sniffs the air warily, it hungers for a fight.

12:25:33 Crimlaena runs off suddenly.

12:25:56 [Xaraphyne]: Hey! Cye!

12:26:03 Kex'ti smiles tersely at Julilee, and nods. He draws his sword.

12:26:04 Xaraphyne frowns.

12:26:26 [Xaraphyne]: Somethin's comin'....

12:26:29 [inzema]: Oi, Fuzzy. You okay?

12:26:31 [Kex'ti]: Looks like the hunt is on.

12:26:38 Fhenrir jumps off his mount and draws his weapon.

12:26:46 Selash catches the grenade one final time, reattaching it to his belt.

12:26:56 [Kex'ti]: Go, Diel.

12:27:02 Qarosimae dismounts and hums to herself.

12:27:07 Kex'ti sends his raptor running.

12:27:29 Cobrak keeps his lone eye on Brast.

12:28:09 Inzema pokes at Brast. "You with usss, Fuzzy?"

12:28:20 Vionora looks at Malhavik.

12:28:55 Taozhu looks somewhat pensive as he prepares his ritual for the oncoming surge of energy before being elbowed by his captain.

12:29:48 Naheal looks at Brinnea.

12:29:52 [inzema]: Keep your head, then. Ssseen tougher shitsss than thisss go down.

12:30:17 [Cobrak]: Oi, Brast. Ready foe sum wolf blood?

12:30:20 Inzema pokes Qarosimae in the back. "You chronicling thisss, little sssissster?"

12:30:42 Qarosimae waves a hand over her shoulder at Inzema. "If it proves worthy."

12:30:42 Cobrak growls menacingly at Jaifery.

12:30:47 Brinnea looks at Moonfang Dreadhowl.

12:31:37 Inzema kneels before Vionora.

12:31:41 Inzema pokes Vionora. Hey!

12:32:05 Vionora looks at Inzema.

12:32:20 [Xaraphyne]: The Eclipse is comin'.

12:32:26 Inzema grins viciously at Vionora.

12:32:35 Kex'ti nods at you.

12:33:13 Vionora stares Inzema down.

12:33:36 Inzema holds his dice in one hand, looking intently at Vionora. He drops them onto the ground.

12:33:39 Naheal looks at Fhenrir.

12:33:42 [Xaraphyne]: If the other Fhen's gonna make his move... it's gonna be now.

12:33:42 Inzema casually tosses his [Worn Troll Dice].

12:33:43 Fhenrir looks at Naheal.

12:33:47 Naheal looks at you.

12:33:52 [Naheal]: Other Fhen?

12:34:01 Cobrak blinks at you.

12:34:02 [inzema]: You might get out of thisss alive, chika.

12:34:08 [Xaraphyne]: He stole Vionora's curse.

12:34:12 Vionora tells Inzema NO. Not going to happen.

12:34:15 Inzema gathers his dice and puts them away.

12:34:24 [selash]: Can it, worm.

12:34:30 [selash]: Better things to think about.

12:34:39 [Naheal]: So, Accalia found someone that wouldn't oppose her.

12:34:45 Inzema eyes Selash and drops his dice again.

12:34:50 [Xaraphyne]: Yep.

12:34:50 Inzema casually tosses his [Worn Troll Dice].

12:34:52 [Cobrak]: Fan-bloody-tastic.

12:34:55 You look around.

12:34:59 [inzema]: Feh. You live.

12:35:09 [Naheal]: Um. Told you so?

12:35:14 Naheal gives a nervous laugh.

12:35:14 You sigh at Naheal.

12:35:19 Selash watches Inzema walk off, unimpressed.

12:35:32 Xaraphyne frowns and looks up again. The woods are darkening.

12:36:27 Qarosimae adjusts her glasses and puts away the book chained to her belt.

12:38:24 [Qarosimae]: Ssso...

12:38:34 [inzema]: No mimicking me!

12:38:41 Qarosimae smirks at Inzema.

12:38:43 Xaraphyne turns as Alpha suddenly lunges out of the shadows for Fhenrir.

12:38:47 Cobrak takes out a flask and shoots it somewhat.

12:38:49 [Fhenrir]: Gah!

12:38:54 Fhenrir lies down.

12:39:00 [Xaraphyne]: Alpha!

12:39:32 Kex'ti readies his blade.

12:39:44 Naheal charges around on his mount and takes a swing at the Alpha on Fhenrir.

12:39:48 Xaraphyne shoots as Alpha rips and tears at Fhenrir, having caught him off-guard.

12:40:01 [Xaraphyne]: FHEN!

12:40:03 Cobrak sputters his drink and whips out his rifle, the other Deadshots readying their weapons.

12:40:25 Darrethy dismounts, conjuring a ball of felfire in his hand that he immediately launches at the wolf.

12:40:27 Fhenrir was ready for a visible opponent, but Alpha tears into him something fierce. He's down for the count.

12:40:28 Xaraphyne and the others miss as Alpha leaps back and disappears back into the shadows, leaving Fhenrir mortally injured.

12:40:44 Kex'ti begins to weave the mists into Fhenrir.

12:40:45 Selash draws his own rifle, opening fire at Alpha with blasts of arcane shots.

12:40:57 [Xaraphyne]: Fhen!

12:40:59 You kneel before Fhenrir.

12:41:07 Ruuki looks surprised as Fhenrir is attacked, and she slides off her talbuk, grunting as her injured leg bears a little weight. She ends up driving the tip of her massive sword into the ground and using it for support.

12:41:19 [Naheal]: Fuck.

12:41:22 [selash]: Damn.

12:41:23 Kex'ti attempts to seal the wounds.

12:41:30 [Kex'ti]: He's going to need a lot of healing...

12:41:31 Selash ejects the empty shells from his rifle.

12:41:46 Qarosimae watches with apparent disinterest, but smoke curls up from her nostrils.

12:41:47 [Naheal]: We need to get him out of here.

12:42:00 [Cobrak]: Tao! Port him ta Broden'ar!

12:42:05 [inzema]: Q, want to portal him out?

12:42:18 Xaraphyne keeps her bow drawn. She turns, scanning the woods.

12:42:23 [Qarosimae]: Mmh. I can, but I will not care for him.

12:42:26 Cobrak takes out his orb, "Rhuune, Zak! Ya got a patient comin' in!"

The alternate Fhenrir appears.

12:42:26 [Y] [Fhenrir]: Alo shne poalo ich chi

12:42:43 [Xaraphyne]: Take care of him...

12:42:46 [Kex'ti]: His wounds will hold, get him out of here!

12:42:53 You look at Fhenrir.

12:43:01 [Qarosimae]: Give me a destination.

12:43:10 Taozhu approaches, "Deadshot menders stand by in our base. Broden'ar will do."

12:43:10 Vionora looks at Fhenrir.

12:43:15 Fhenrir roars with bestial vigor. So fierce!

12:43:30 Vionora makes some strange gestures.

12:43:39 Kex'ti looks at Fhenrir.

12:44:04 Taozhu shares the teleportation specs with Q, and prepares to port Fhenrir to safety.

12:44:04 Qarosimae's eyes glow brightly as she rips open the world. "Broden'ar, then."

12:47:39 Fhenrir howls bestially and leaps into the middle of the group, then stomps the ground. His innate tauren ability is augmented by Accalia's shadow and sends a wave of darkness at the group around him!

12:49:28 Ruuki yelps as she's thrown off balance and falls to the ground.

12:49:53 Ruuki lies down.

12:50:02 Darrethy staggers slightly, but he roars in turn as the fel surges into his limbs and he holds his ground.

12:50:34 Kex'ti recoils in pain, knocked away from the impact.

12:50:40 Selash raises and holds his rifle defensively, trying to hold his ground against the surge of darkness, but faltering, tumbling backwards.

12:50:52 Awatu grimaces, stumbling backwards, and readies his weapon for combat.

12:51:08 Selash kneels before Gazreeth.

12:51:10 Vionora lies down.

12:51:16 Qarosimae tries to call up a shield and is too distracted by the failed attempt to defend herself properly.

12:51:17 Naheal simply takes the hit. He doesn't quite shrug it off, but he doesn't seem nearly as phased as he could be.

12:51:21 Gazreeth raises his scythe in defense but still takes minor damage.

12:51:23 Cobrak braces for impact for Taozhu to project an arcane shield around his comrades, though the dark ripple breaks through, it does far less damage then it would have undeterred.

12:51:34 Brast takes the impact, knocking him to all fours, a stance he prefers.

12:51:46 Inzema laughs as he is blown off his feet, landing in a roll and coming back up weapons drawn.

12:52:52 [Y] [shokkra]: FOR HELLSCREAM!!!

12:53:11 Malhavik glares at the Tauren's careless attack, and summons a Voidlord to stand in front of Vionora.

12:53:19 Xaraphyne flinches at the strike, knocked back. She readies her bow.

12:53:24 Awatu peers at Malhavik searchingly.

12:54:15 Ruuki climbs to her hooves, greatly favoring her left leg now.

12:56:16 Awatu rushes towards the Shu'halo, weapon raised for a deadly strike...

12:56:40 Kex'ti begins weaving his mists and loosening a vial at his waist.

12:56:46 Shokkra looks around at the assembled assholes and grunts her displeasure.

12:57:18 Selash shakes his head, looking around at their surroundings, pondering as he opens the chamber to his rifle, ejecting the current round.

12:57:20 Fhenrir turns and stands ready as Awatu charges, deflecting his blow away with the axe fastened to his gun.

12:57:56 Xaraphyne sights her bow on the tauren who looks so similar to the one she loves. Her expression is grim as she fires with lethal intent.

12:58:12 Awatu tumbles away from the deflection, righting himself and standing firm.

12:58:54 Fhenrir doesn't spin on Xaraphyne, but does backstep quickly enough to avoid the shot.

12:59:39 Brast fights the beast within and delves his hands into the earth in front of him. He closes his eyes, digging for a primal connection to heal his Ruuki who fell beside him.

13:01:36 Ruuki inhales deeply as she feels strength returning, standing more upright and hefting her sword over her shoulder.

13:02:05 Brinnea makes some strange gestures.

13:02:23 Shokkra twirls around her axe for amusement while the ladies play with each other.

13:03:19 Gazreeth slices at Fhenrir's backside with his scythe.

13:03:43 Gazreeth cackles maniacally at the situation.

13:03:55 Fhenrir is completely unprepared for the little goblin's scythe behind him and takes a slice in the back.

13:04:25 Darrethy smirks at Gazreeth "....Maybe I was wrong about you, fucking good shot."

13:04:46 Gazreeth nods at Darrethy.

13:04:57 Ruuki grins at her resilient little Supplicant.

13:04:58 Fhenrir bares his teeth and snarls at Gazreeth.

13:05:05 Gazreeth winks slyly at Fhenrir.

13:05:26 Alakroz watches from a distance, shaking a voodoo stick at the battle-people.

13:06:22 Vionora pushes herself to her feet. She summons the light to heal everyone around her.

13:06:38 Selash notices crows in the trees above the fight, looking down at a moment, noticing the Tauren was now bleeding, reaching for the odd looking round on his belt.

13:08:25 Kex'ti looks at Vionora's wounds.

13:08:44 Inzema rips through the shadows to Fhenrir. "I'm going to enjoy gutting you." He stabs at Fhenrir while Qarosimae calls forth fireballs to fling at the Tauren.

13:09:24 Fhenrir is ready for the rogue he recalls attempting to frame him before. He cracks a grin and grabs the rogue behind him and holds him in the way of the incoming fireballs.

13:13:30 Fhenrir is snatched by a grip of the human death knight, and attempts to defend himself as he flies toward her. He's further unprepared and takes a frosty swing into his head, sending him temporarily to the ground.

13:14:28 Inzema drops to the ground when released, Qarosimae's attacks having gone wild and missing him.

13:14:42 Kex'ti surveys the wounded.

13:15:17 Selash loads the odd looking bullet into the chamber taking aim, trying to steady his aim on the open wound on Fhenrir's back, and firing. The round opening midlight to reveal claws looking to latch to its target.

13:16:22 Fhenrir rolls onto his back and lets forth a sharp whistle, summoning a pack of crows bound to his will. The birds begin to fight in writhing masses above as he climbs to his hooves.

13:16:59 [selash]: ....Well, so much for that.

13:17:14 Kex'ti grins wickedly at Selash.

13:17:16 [Fhenrir]: I have animals of my own.

13:17:18 [Kex'ti]: Don't stop now!

13:17:18 Fhenrir stares Selash down.

13:17:23 Naheal charges from horseback and leaps toward Fhen. He summons a second runeblade to strike at Fhenrir as he does.

13:17:38 [selash]: Good. This'll make things interesting, "friend."

13:18:38 Fhenrir raises his gun, axe forward, and catches Naheal's blade in his own. His hoof comes up to kick away the spare blade and his eyes lock with Naheal's. "Take your best shot, 'boss'."

13:18:56 Kex'ti charges the chi within his body, and lays down several rejuvenating clouds.

13:22:08 Ruuki lifts her free hand, golden light glowing around it and matching her golden eyes. She calls first upon the spirit of the Holy Avenger to give her strength, then calls down the power of Judgment upon Fhenrir's head.

13:22:52 [Kex'ti]: Strike true, crusader!

13:24:07 Fhenrir's hubris gets the better of him. He turns to Ruuki as she moves and gives her a smirk. He's completely taken back by the hammer falling upon him and hits the ground hard as light shoots from him.

13:24:28 Fhenrir had only just managed to deflect Naheal prior, and takes a runeblade in the face as he falls.

13:24:34 Kex'ti's [Thunder Focus Tea]-empowered [Renewing Mist] rolls over the assembly, granting rejuvenation!

13:25:14 [Y] [Kexti]: Jade serpent protect you!

13:25:16 Ruuki is mightily embarrassed, maybe she's not as healed as she thought...

13:25:25 [Kex'ti]: Commander, cover me, I have an idea but I'm going to need time.

13:25:28 Kex'ti kneels down.

13:25:50 Julilee nods and prepares to engage, raising her shield in front of the collection of healers.

13:26:08 [selash]: And it seems despite having animals of your own, even you can't help yourself.

13:26:32 Selash taunts, ejecting a casing from his rifle as a new round loads itself into the chamber.

13:27:43 Kex'ti's mists seep into wounds, sealing them tight and reducing pain.

13:28:46 Vionora kneels down.

13:28:48 Darrethy growls, energy surging into his being as his power gathers into a mass of darkness. Tattered threads of shadow pulled from the group and into his hands before hurling it at Fhen.

13:29:52 Fhenrir leaps back to his feet and snarls at the group before him, and he smacks Darrethy's shadow energy aside with the butt of his rifle.

13:30:10 Naheal spins around and locks his blade in the Alpha's jaws as she leaps for him. "I'm busy. Go away."

13:30:16 [Cobrak]: Boys! Arc-lance this idiot!

13:30:16 Cobrak fires a series of shots to cover his mercs as they prepare. Taozhu weaves a massive arcane spell as Brammorn and Caldrien move towards one another.

13:30:32 Cobrak's rifle spray peppering fire all the more as Brammorn launches Caldrien into the air, Taozhu's spell fires into Cal's pike as he lights it with holy fire. The Spellbreaker's fused strike of Light and arcane poised to slam into Fhenrir.

13:30:33 Fhenrir turns to the group of Deadshots. "Eh?"

13:31:21 Kex'ti kneels down.

13:31:34 Fhenrir yelps in spite of himself and dodges out of the way of the incoming assaults, throwing up a series of deflections to keep the assaults at bay.

13:33:29 [Y] [shokkra]: FOR HELLSCREAM!

13:34:06 Shokkra launches herself at Fhenrir like Grom in the WoD cinematic and chops at his neck.

13:35:23 Fhenrir turns just late enough to get a face full of orc, and a neck full of axe. He snarls and grabs Shokkra to throw her off of himself, but not before the axe has left a deep wound.

13:36:06 [Y] [Fhenrir]: Nyyaarrrrgh!

13:36:33 Shokkra laughs.

13:36:45 [Y] [shokkra]: LOK'TAR!

13:37:37 Kex'ti raises his eyebrows in surprise as Shokkra delivers her mortal blow.

13:37:41 Fhenrir howls with such bestial vigor that it pierces any ears in range. He's enveloped by shadow energy and the howl turns wolflike, and his head morphs partially to that of a wolf. "COME TO ME, INSECTS." Shokkra and Malhavik are suddenly stricken by their curse, forced to serve against their wills.

13:38:15 Kex'ti cheers at Hegran!

13:38:35 [Qarosimae]: Well this certainly looks promising.

13:38:43 [inzema]: Ya think?

13:39:03 Shokkra grits her teeth and tries to resist the power of getting mind controlled, but fails, and turns to look at the healers. Hungrily.

13:39:05 Brast feels the pull as well. He quakes fighting it, refusing to become the cat.

13:39:12 [Cobrak]: A bull-wolf...wonderful.

13:39:17 Malhavik falls to a knee, and holds his face with both hands.

13:39:22 [Xaraphyne]: No!

13:39:27 Roger grows to twice the size and hesitates, then with an air of apology, lashes out to bite Ruuki.

13:39:28 [Xaraphyne]: Fight it!

13:39:50 Ruuki swears under her breath and looks to Awatu- surely they can fend off their Grim companions without hurting them, right?

13:39:52 Malhavik kneels down.

13:40:41 Darrethy crackles with fel energy, even if his last attack didn't hit, it's doing something to his body.

13:40:48 Ruuki gasped, and quickly reacted, bracing her sword so that her shoulder was against the flat of the blade, catching Roger's attack and holding him at bay.

13:41:07 Awatu watches as Malhavik spasms, his brows knitting in irritation. "Of course..."

13:41:16 Selash watches as those under the curse lose their minds before shifting his attention back to Fhenrir.

13:42:18 Malhavik stands slowly, breaking a soul shard to empower his next spell. The black-red seed sails from his hands towards Inzema.

13:42:42 [inzema]: Son of a bitch.

13:43:23 Kex'ti kneels down.

13:43:36 [Cobrak]: Tao! Lock him down!

13:43:47 Kex'ti curses Malhavik's sudden but inevitable betrayal.

13:44:57 [Kex'ti]: Just a little more time...

13:45:04 Kex'ti fiddles with bottle and herbs.

13:45:21 Inzema is struck with the spell, looks around, and shrugs. "I thought that would be worse."

13:45:28 Awatu swings his axe in a high arc, empowered by An'she's Light to bring judgment upon the foe...

13:46:10 Shokkra bares her teeth and snarls at Kex'ti.

13:46:23 Fhenrir whirls and catches Awatu's blow again, this time delivering a kick with his hoof to break the weapon lock. "Isn't it your style to sit back and drink tea during stuff like this?"

13:48:16 Hegran laughs at Alpha.

13:48:19 Awatu stumbles backwards, dragging his weapon with him. "Clever." he grunts, snorting in agitation at the smarmy beast.

13:48:20 Xaraphyne looks over as Naheal shoots a rocket into Alpha's mouth, and the great fel worg goes flying.

13:49:29 Xaraphyne grits her teeth and fires another shot at Fhenrir, sparkling with arcane energy.

13:51:07 Fhenrir takes the shot from Xaraphyne and clenches his teeth, distracted by the human after Vionora. He fires a volley into the human to knock him off.

13:52:13 Xaraphyne looks at Smithe who had started casting some sort of spell on Vionora that made Brinnea, Emmeran, and Fhenrir all take note. Her eyes widen.

13:52:24 [Xaraphyne]: He needs her alive!

13:52:52 [Kex'ti]: Why!?

13:52:58 You look at Fhenrir.

13:52:59 Awatu peers at Vionora searchingly.

13:53:06 [Xaraphyne]: ...The mark. He only has her mark while she's alive!

13:53:18 [Qarosimae]: That is easy to solve.

13:53:21 Kex'ti grimaces.

13:53:26 [selash]: Indeed.

13:53:30 Kex'ti kneels down.

13:53:58 Brast arches his back, still on all fours. The tauren throws his head back and Stampeding Roars at the sky to rally the pack. "REEEEOOOOUUUUW!" He is fighting the beast inside of himself.

13:54:17 Kex'ti looks at Brast.

13:54:31 Naheal looks at you.

13:55:33 Jaifery kneels before Vionora.

13:55:44 Gazreeth runs at Fhenrir and slices the bull in the calf.

13:56:05 Brinnea lies down.

13:56:09 Naheal looks at Vionora.

13:56:26 [Kex'ti]: I've got Vionora, press the attack!

13:56:33 Fhenrir takes another slice in the backside and turns on the goblin with hatred in his eyes. "You little bastard, get out of here!" He tries to punt the goblin away from him.

13:56:39 Kex'ti considers his words.

13:56:42 [Kex'ti]: Against the Herald!

13:57:10 Malhavik looks at Naheal.

13:57:17 Naheal looks at Malhavik.

13:57:25 Xaraphyne looks back at Vionora. The elf is just standing there, silently, as so many hostile gazes turn towards her.

13:57:29 Darrethy seems to be gradually gathering energy as the fight goes on longer, more and more energy crackling off his body as he seems to be gathering power for something big.

13:57:29 Gazreeth dodges cackling at the big oaf.

13:57:47 [Malhavik]: You will not touch her vermin.

13:57:57 [Vionora]: "Accalia will come, regardless," she speaks softly.

13:58:58 Kex'ti kneels down.

14:01:00 Inzema laughs as he sheds Malhavik's spell like a duck does water. He kicks his rockets on, daggers ready, and leaps at Malhavik's face. Q, in the mean time, calls down a meteor in the direction of Vionora, heedless of any near her.

14:01:11 Kex'ti kneels down.

14:02:06 Kex'ti glares angrily at Qarosimae.

14:02:13 [Kex'ti]: You fool! We're on the same side!

14:02:55 Naheal turns toward the incoming attack and steps to block it from hitting Vionora.

14:03:29 [Darrethy]: "Don't bother with Vionora! We're actually hurting Fhen pretty badly, FOCUS FIRE ON HIM!"

14:03:30 Kex'ti shields his ingredients from the explosion, which singes his cloak and armor.

14:04:09 Inzema shrugs off Q's attack due to the cloak and stabs at Malhavik's face, ripping his veil. "Smile, princess!"

14:04:12 Smithe, who had fled towards the water, turns to cast another spell at Vionora. It appears to be hurting her.

14:05:06 Selash keeps his focus on Fhenrir, sliding an explosive round into his rifle and aiming for the tauren's legs, hoping to knock him off his feet again.

14:05:34 Fhenrir turns and fires a quick shot at Selash, explosive shells connecting and exploding midair.

14:06:29 [selash]: Damn! What are the odds?!

14:06:47 Selash ejects the shell, another one taking its place.

14:07:17 [Fhenrir]: Higher with the right skill.

14:07:19 Fhenrir grins wickedly at Selash.

14:07:20 Malhavik hisses as the rogues daggers graze his face and tear out his veil.

14:07:26 [selash]: Can it, cow!

14:07:45 Ruuki shoves the wolf away roughly, then charges at Fhenrir, her blade glowing with Light as she takes a Crusader's Strike at him.

14:08:40 Malhavik wipes the black liquid streaming from his eyes and blinks several times, as if waking from a dream.

14:08:52 Fhenrir is ready for Ruuki now. "Not this time!" He smacks her weapon away with his forearm and fires a shot to try and disarm her.

14:09:02 Kex'ti bites back a comment.

14:09:28 Kex'ti casts [Life Cocoon] on Vionora to protect her from the shadow magic!

14:09:44 Kex'ti's life cocoon is quickly worn away.

14:09:51 [Kex'ti]: Juli, go!

14:10:01 Julilee sets her shield and begins to charge.

14:10:25 Ruuki just barely misses getting a bullet in return, and she steps back alongside Awatu.

14:10:39 Malhavik glares at the rogue in front of him for a moment before quickly turning to Vionora.

14:11:17 Kex'ti flexes at Brinnea. Oooooh so strong!

14:12:42 Kex'ti's shield is dispersed by Naheal's own aura.

14:13:19 Darrethy issues a command and points to Fhenrir. Out of nowhere his succubus appears, Domixa swings her whip at Fhen, crackling with shadow energy as it does.

14:14:06 Fhenrir is, like his older self, caught offguard by the appearance of invisible foes. He doesn't turn in time and takes the whip in the shoulder, staggering back.

14:14:59 Kex'ti kneels down.

14:15:07 Darrethy decides it's enough and orders his succubus to jump back.

14:15:11 Cobrak and his mercs weave like a well-oiled machine, Brammorn rushes in first to strike, Caldrien right behind with his arcane pike. Cobrak provides covering fire as Taozhu fires a series of magic missiles.

14:16:27 Fhenrir isn't ready for the Deadshots this time and takes the full brunt of the attack, staggering, flailing, and getting pummeled into the dirt before clawing his way up and stomping again to knock the group off him.

14:16:42 Selash pulls his rifle back, the bottom barrel opening as if waning to accept something as Selash reaches into his pack, grabbing a warhead and slamming it into place.

14:17:30 Cobrak shouts an order to rally round as Brammorn and Caldrien disengage after the shock wave.

14:17:58 Darrethy is crackling with even more fel energy now, the fight empowering him more.

14:18:38 Shokkra charges at Kex'ti in her mind controlledness (probably) at hacks at the stupid elf.

14:19:06 Julilee intercepts the charging orc and knocks her back!

14:19:18 Shokkra bares her teeth and snarls.

14:19:23 Shokkra roars with bestial vigor at Kex'ti. So fierce!

14:19:44 Julilee smirks, hiding Kex'ti behind her shield.

14:20:23 Fhenrir takes a moment to lock eyes on Brast and feels the bestial side to him. He snaps his fingers to try and force the tauren into a beast to help him kill the enemies before him.

14:20:37 Brast is shaking, gripping his stick, fighting the monster within.

14:21:00 Brast feels the beast rising in him, consuming... His eyes flit from Ruuki to Cobrak and then to the rest of his grim pride... the hunger is taking him!

14:21:18 Brast quakes, snarling inside and out. He will not hurt his pack again! He takes the splintered end of his new staff and shoves it into his own throat, falling unconsciously into a pool of spreading blood.

14:21:18 Kex'ti kneels down.

14:21:29 Ruuki glances from Fhenrir to Brast, seeing who he is trying to control, and speaks loud enough that he could hear her.

14:21:30 Brast lies down.

14:21:48 Ruuki pauses, as she realizes Brast would sooner take his own life than turn on the Grim.

14:21:51 Fhenrir is content with that and turns to the group around him. "You will not stop her summoning!" He levels a multishot at the group and fires upon Ruuki, Gazreeth, and the Deadshots.

14:22:06 [Cobrak]: Shit! Brast! Tao git 'im outta 'ere!

14:24:24 Fhenrir takes yet another scythe in the ass, growing tired of the goblin taking little bits and chunks out of him.

14:24:37 Ruuki staggers with a grunt as the bullets pierce parts of her armor and lodge in her arm and shoulder. She does her best to ignore the burning pain and the warm blood trickling down.

14:25:07 Fhenrir snarls and commands Roger to attack the goblin nuisance, and Roger whimpers before charging and attacking the goblin with maw and paw.

14:25:10 Cobrak weaves between the bullets, Taozhu weaving an arcane shield, Brammorn and Caldrien ignore the bullets twanging harmlessly off their armor.

14:26:17 Qarosimae watches as Gazreeth scythes Fhenrir in the rump and then defends himself from the wolf. This goblin may very well be worth his salt.

14:27:04 Darrethy is seething with barely contained power now, but he manages to break the trance like state to give Gaz a nod of acknowledgement.

14:27:33 Awatu crouches, holding out his hand towards the foe. He mutters a quick prayer in Taurahe, and unleashes a blast of pure Light...

14:28:25 Fhenrir leaps away from the blast and fires a shot directly for Awatu's chest.

14:29:54 Awatu drops low to the ground, placing the flat of the axe against whatever onslaught is coming. The shot ricochets off of the axe.

14:30:54 Xaraphyne casts another glance upward. Through a break in the clouds, it is briefly revealed that the edge of the Blue Child has just begun to touch the disc of the sun. She curses under her breath. "Need ta finish this!" she yells, and fires a heartseeking shot at Fhenrir.

14:31:41 Fhenrir turns around and brusquely smacks the bullet out of the air with the flat of his makeshift axe. "I'll finish you!"

14:32:04 Qarosimae steps back as Gazreeth summons his army of the undead and attacks Fhenrir again.

14:32:34 Selash is steadying his aim at Fhenrir, keeping the rifle level, aiming for the upper part of Fhenrir's torso. No more bullshit.

14:32:45 Fhenrir throws a trap to the ground below the undead which slows their assault, and he steps away from their labored movements.

14:33:56 Naheal looks at Malhavik.

14:35:30 Inzema vanishes into shadows, looking for a perfect time to strike. Qarosimae calls forth a mass of arcane power. "END THIS!" She rips time into bits for a few precious seconds.

14:37:31 Malhavik looks at Vionora.

14:37:34 Naheal blinks at Vionora.

14:37:53 Kex'ti looks at Fhenrir.

14:37:54 Selash activates his optical camouflage, hiding himself out of view as he steadies his aim for just a few more moments, the rocket warhead aimed directly for Fhenrir's head, waiting until Fhenrir was distracted enough before disengaging the cloak and yelling.

14:38:06 [selash]: Hey! Fhen! Catch!

14:38:23 Fhenrir turns his attention to Selash.

14:38:29 Selash squeezes the trigger, as a Mecha-Blast Rocket flies straight towards Fhenrir's face.

14:39:55 Fhenrir catches the rocket as it flies toward him. His wolf-eyes spark with lightning and he fires the thing off into the air, where it explodes and kills the big pack of fighting crows. They fall around him in a rain of dead birds.

14:40:17 [selash]: ....Well, at least the warhead works.

14:40:52 Awatu covers his head, as the birds fall from the sky.

14:41:10 Kex'ti kneels down.

14:42:58 Ruuki calls forth her Avenging Wrath, glowing with Light as she takes another devastating swipe at Fhenrir, casting Final Verdict against him.

14:44:09 Selash plants the rifle upward again at his feet, reloading another warhead into the rifle's second barrel.

14:44:25 Fhenrir turns to Ruuki and levels his rifle to fill her with lead. Unfortunately a dead crow bounces off his gun as he fires, and it leaves him wide open for the brunt of her attack.

14:44:32 Malhavik looks at Vionora.

14:46:08 Kex'ti mixes several herbs into his jug. He pops the cork off an iridescent bottle and drops the full bottle in, then chugs it all back.

14:46:09 Brinnea kneels down.

14:46:16 Kex'ti exhales deeply, and channels some energy from within. He diffuses his own aura, the mists slicing about his flesh and mixing with his dispersed blood.

14:46:35 [Kex'ti]: Okay then. Just a little more time...

14:46:43 Kex'ti draws his blade and assumes a combat stance.

14:48:58 Cobrak roars as he gives into bestial rage, and hops on his devilsaur to surge forward. Kolossus rams into the tauren as Cobrak hops off, rolling behind Fhenrir to unleash a barrage of bullets. The two plate-bearing Deadshots rush in to strike.

14:49:18 Cobrak's fight continues as Taozhu quickly blinks to Brast's side, the pandaren whispering orders to the Deadshot menders as he teleports the druid away to safety.

14:51:04 Fhenrir brings his axe up to hold the beast steady. He catches it at first, but as bullets start piercing into him he's pushed back and trampled.

14:54:10 Kex'ti eyes Fhenrir.

14:54:11 Darrethy bursts with raw Chaos energy, taking a deep drink of a blood red potion in his hands. He roars as his body contorts and twists, horns erupting from his head and his weapons merging with his hands into wicked claws. He stamps his hooves for a moment as he gathers the primordial energies of the universe into his hands "From order, CHAOS!" and launches a blast of screaming souls, crackling thunder, freezing ice, burning flame, and finally transforms into a blast of pure light.

14:56:32 Fhenrir lets out a quick grunt as the bolt of light hurls at him. His hubris doesn't catch him this time and he hits the ground on his stomach to avoid the blast leveled at him.

14:57:42 Shokkra spits on Kex'ti, then turns to Fhenrir and hacks viciously at the tauren's arm.

14:58:37 Kex'ti's aura sizzles Shokkra's spit before it gets anywhere near him.

14:58:46 Fhenrir climbs up quickly and turns to lock blades with Shokkra now. You'd think he was beast mastery with all the melee combat he's been in, but he's holding his own. He stares the orc down with his amber-glowing eyes.

14:59:05 Shokkra bares her teeth and snarls at Fhenrir.

14:59:08 Fhenrir bares his teeth and snarls at Shokkra.

15:00:24 Darrethy taunts, smacking his chest as he looks to Fhenrir "Come and fight me mortal, I will show you true power."

15:00:43 [Y] [Fhenrir]: No! I will keep this power! YOU WILL LOSE!

15:01:35 Fhenrir jumps back from Shokkra's blade and stomps the ground again, this time to charge himself up. He smacks an explosive shell into his gun and channels his newfound power into the gun, unleashing a hell of shadow into everyone around, friend or foe be damned.

15:03:13 Kex'ti waves a blade into the blast, dispersing it around himself and Julilee.

15:03:15 Shokkra is buffeted by the shadow magics but that's about it.

15:03:34 Xaraphyne drops to a crouch, narrowing her eyes against the blast. Through the billowing shadows, she fires an arrow of light.

15:03:42 Selash is knocked off balance again as he aims, caught off guard as he rolls backwards, quickly picking himself up, making sure the warhead was okay before gtting himself back in range again.

15:03:50 Ruuki cries out, staggering back as she's hit by the wave of shadow.

15:03:54 Fhenrir is shot in the back by Xaraphyne.

15:03:54 Ruuki kneels down.

15:04:02 Cobrak and his men are blasted away from Fhenrir.

15:04:35 Awatu barely staggers, the wave simply washing over him as he stands firm against his foe.

15:04:40 Gazreeth places his ghouls in front of him to absorb the blow, but it gets past them and hits Gaz.

15:04:48 Darrethy puts his demonic arms out in front of him, blocking the wave of shadow.

15:04:50 Brinnea kneels before Inzema.

15:05:41 Awatu sees an opening, and rushes forward with a closed fist. Justice upon those who stand against Peace.

15:05:48 Fhenrir in the midst of his rapid firing into the group, he commands Roger to chomp Xaraphyne. The wolf hesitates, and attacks Fhenrir instead.

15:06:06 You kneel before Fhenrir.

15:06:16 Naheal kneels down.

15:06:42 Fhenrir kicks Awatu away with a snarl, but is completely taken by surprise as Roger jumps on him and starts chomping. The wolf tears a hole in his arm and barks and whines and whimpers.

15:06:51 [Xaraphyne]: Roger!

15:06:53 Malhavik kneels before Vionora.

15:07:32 Awatu rolls away, having been easily deflected. He curses as he rolls down the hill a short ways before righting himself up.

15:08:46 Malhavik extends his arm over Vionora's shoulder and releases a putrid green light towards Fhenrir.

15:10:10 Fhenrir takes the shot in the back, the putrid green sticking to his fur and burning him fiercely. He feels the burn extend to his very soul before he shakes it off.

15:11:14 Awatu swings his axe behind him, gaining momentum as brilliant wings of golden light erupt from his back. He brings the axe down, a final veridct upon the foe...

15:12:05 Fhenrir throws Roger off and turns just in time to see Awatu's verdict come smashing down. The light burns into his very soul. The verdict: no mercy.

15:12:44 [Xaraphyne]: Fhenrir!

15:12:53 Fhenrir looks at you.

15:12:56 [Xaraphyne]: Give up now! We can defeat her and everything can go back to the way it was!

15:13:27 Xaraphyne rises from her crouch, sighting down her arrow.

15:13:28 [shokkra]: You fuckin people...

15:13:29 [Gazreeth]: Tell that to the hole in his ass, compliments of The Grim.

15:13:36 Fhenrir is bleeding, burnt, dying. Xara begs him for a moment of reconsideration, but that part of him is either dead or suppressed. He stares her down and refuses. "No."

15:14:30 Xaraphyne fires her shot.

15:15:13 Fhenrir levels his gun at her and takes a return shot. Her arrow pierces his chest and he falls to a knee. The life begins to seep out of him.

15:15:15 Fhenrir kneels down.

15:15:27 Xaraphyne pushes the gun out of his hands.

15:15:42 [Xaraphyne]: You didn't have to be like this, Fhenrir. Trust me... I know.

15:15:52 Awatu snorts.

15:16:00 Shokkra bares her teeth and snarls at Fhenrir.

15:16:12 Selash keeps his aim level, warhead ready to fire.

15:16:26 [Fhenrir]: No... your world rejected me. I am what you all made me.

15:16:36 Shokkra laughs at Fhenrir.

15:16:41 [Xaraphyne]: We are what we make ourselves.

15:16:43 [Awatu]: Excuses.

15:16:43 Cobrak snorts.

15:16:49 Xaraphyne seizes the arrow and pushes it the rest of the way into his heart.

15:17:15 [Fhenrir]: Tatanka ich ALo pawni

15:17:21 Fhenrir dies.

15:17:31 Xaraphyne stares at the fallen tauren.

15:17:41 Awatu prods the corpse with his axe.

15:17:43 [Aaren]: The hell?

15:17:49 Selash lowers his rifle, waiting.

15:17:51 Kex'ti continues to pulse with energy.

15:18:05 Malhavik stares longingly at the escaping soul of Fhenrir. *I know right where I would have put it...* he mumbles softly.

15:18:08 [selash]: You're late, sweetheart.

15:18:08 Ruuki snorts and uses her sword to push herself to her hooves... turning to glare at Vionora, where she's shielded.

15:18:10 Cobrak looks to to his men and waves them off.

15:18:15 Aaren glares angrily at Selash.

15:18:16 Selash doesn't look back at Aaren as she arrives.

15:18:21 [Aaren]: Shut it.

15:18:29 [Aaren]: The hell is going on

15:18:33 Awatu peers at Vionora searchingly.

15:18:42 Naheal points to the coming eclipse.

15:18:48 [Gazreeth]: Can we cook him? Shame to let this go to waste.

15:18:55 Aaren looks at Naheal.

15:18:57 Vionora suddenly gasps as a surge of energy strikes her. The curse is returned to her in full force.

15:19:13 [Awatu]: She dies.

15:19:14 [shokkra]: Someone get a torch.

15:19:32 Ruuki takes a few steps towards Vionora at her Commander's order.

15:19:32 Kex'ti assess the situation.

15:19:35 Malhavik looks around seeing everyone preoccupied he scoota Vionora and himself closer to the fallen Fhenrir.

15:19:41 Selash slings his rifle behind his back, drawing his revolvers.

15:19:58 Aaren peers at Kex'ti searchingly.

15:20:02 Awatu eyes Malhavik up and down.

15:20:08 [Xaraphyne]: Accalia's comin'. Her Herald doesn't matter anymore.

15:20:14 Xaraphyne looks upward too.

15:20:15 [Naheal]: Ready, Malhavik?

15:20:18 Malhavik extends a hand and rips the escaping soul from the corpse, locking into a black stone.

15:20:18 Roger howls sadly.

15:20:21 Cobrak growls menacingly at Hegran.

15:20:26 [Awatu]: What is this?

15:20:29 Malhavik kneels before Fhenrir.

15:20:48 Malhavik looks at Awatu.

15:20:59 Above, the second moon has come to cover more than half of the sun. Below, the mist-wreathed trees darken ominously.

15:21:05 [Aaren]: Can someone fuckin tell me somethin!

15:21:11 [shokkra]: SHUT. UP.

15:21:17 [Aaren]: YOU SHUT UP

15:21:20 [shokkra]: YOU. STUPID. ELF.

15:21:22 Gazreeth senses trouble and fills with blood.

15:21:30 [Malhavik]: It's nearly time.

15:21:31 Xaraphyne rises to her feet, gripping her bow.

15:21:35 Malhavik looks at Awatu.

15:21:38 Aaren glares angrily at Shokkra.

15:21:40 Naheal nods at Malhavik.

15:21:43 Shokkra spits on Aaren.

15:21:44 [Malhavik]: I'm going to remove the talisman from Vionora.

15:21:46 The woods flood with Accalia's minions!

15:21:53 [Xaraphyne]: Kill 'em!

The majority of the party begins to fight the wolves that are flooding the woods.

15:21:56 [Awatu]: Will this result in her death?

15:21:56 Roger runs off, away from the faire and everyone around.

15:22:04 [Malhavik]: Very likely.

15:22:09 [Awatu]: Mm.

15:22:42 [Y] [shokkra]: FOR HELLSCREAM!!!

15:22:29 [Awatu]: Proceed. It is your head, should it fail.

15:22:33 Malhavik nods at Awatu.

15:22:39 Malhavik looks at Vionora.

15:23:05 [Y] [Cobrak]: Ahaha! Now tha fun starts! Come an' git some ya simperin' pups!

15:25:17 [shokkra]: COME AND FACE ME FEL-BITCH!!!

15:25:27 Aaren looks at Emmeran.

15:25:29 Aaren looks at Hegran.

15:25:30 Zuffid nods at you.

15:25:48 [Zuffid]: The shaman has rescued Fhenrir and pulled him off the field.

15:25:55 [Xaraphyne]: Good.

15:26:13 [shokkra]: Stranger! To me!

15:28:04 [Y] [Xaraphyne]: Here she comes!

Accalia appears.

15:28:18 [Y] [Cobrak]: If I had a gold fer every time I've heard that!

15:28:25 [Y] [shokkra]: FOR KONRO!!!

15:28:25 [Y] [Naheal]: Not now, Cobrak!

15:28:38 [Y] [Cobrak]: Ba har har!

15:28:54 [Y] [Kexti]: I am Stone Guard Kexerian Tideriel Dalendala of Sanctuary, last of my name, first and only of my legacy. Your meager shadows will break with the dawn. For the Sunwell! For Sanctuary! For Azeroth! FOR THE HORDE!

15:28:58 [Y] [brinnea]: Vohl rothas

15:28:59 [Y] [Ruuki]: You'd be always broke!

15:29:14 Malhavik kneels before Vionora.

15:29:15 [Y] [Zuffid]: For the Horde!


15:29:46 Vionora looks at Malhavik.

15:29:52 Shokkra roars with bestial vigor at Moonfang. So fierce!

15:30:02 [Cobrak]: Leap for the Kill on Cobrak!

15:34:09 Shokkra roars with bestial vigor. So fierce!

15:34:19 Zuffid wipes the sweat from his brow.

15:34:22 Kex'ti drops his blade and clenches his sides.

15:34:34 Aaren blinks at Kex'ti.

15:34:36 Malhavik kneels before Vionora.

15:34:42 Kex'ti falls to his knees and begins coughing up blood, violently.

15:34:45 [Aaren]: Do'Rah

15:34:49 [Kex'ti]: Well...twice as bright, I guess.

15:34:53 Vionora stiffens and suddenly collapses as Accalia falls.

15:34:55 Kex'ti lies down.

15:35:03 Aaren kneels before Kex'ti.

15:35:04 Zuffid channels holy light into Kex'ti.

15:35:05 Shokkra slumps down.

15:35:06 [Aaren]: You relax.

15:35:07 Cobrak snorts as Brammorn, Taozhu, and Caldrien circle around.

15:35:08 Shokkra falls asleep. Zzzzzzz.

15:35:13 Awatu peers at Vionora searchingly.

15:35:24 Ruuki pants a little, looking for her fellow Grim.

15:35:38 Selash quickly reloads his rifle, ejecting empty shells onto the ground around him.

15:35:43 Naheal takes a knee and stabs his blade into the ground.

15:36:13 Aaren places her hands firmly on Kex'ti for healing.

15:36:47 Cobrak roars in pain and grasps head, shouting!

15:36:55 [Naheal]: RiNi aman ni balah al'shar



The ground opens up beneath everyone's feet: a giant, slavering maw. Into a nightmare they all fall.

15:37:07 Shokkra drops into the maw of the beast, roaring a battle cry

15:37:30 Aaren blinks at Kex'ti.

15:37:53 Aaren gives the monk a violent shake. "Hey! No! Stop it you jerk!"

15:37:56 Selash looks blow his feet, realizing the ground beneath him was opening before falling with a grunt, reaching upward without any avail.

15:38:00 Cobrak and his Deadshots are consumed whole, each desperately trying to stay with other....but failing to do so as each are flung to the nether.

15:38:29 Zuffid is unaffected, having been completely oblivious to the curse before now. He watches as those around him disappear and scratches his head.

15:39:02 [Zuffid]: I... suppose that is one outcome.

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[[ Part 2: the Alliance side. ]]

They gather outside the Darkmoon Faire.

12:05:33 [Vionora]: Vionora stands silently, looking at the others as they speak.

12:15:06 [Vionora]: Vi turns when she senses Brinnea draw near. "You made it."

12:16:03 [brinnea]: Brinnea looks at Vi. "This is quite the gathering. I don't see many Alliance among them. Or any."

12:16:46 [Vionora]: "Yes... They are more aware of Accalia amongst the Horde. But I don't believe they'll attack you, even the Grim." She glances at Malhavik.

12:17:43 [Malhavik]: "At least, not until Accalia is dealt with."

12:18:06 [brinnea]: "It should be known that those of the Empire to not incite violence. However, I will defend myself if attacked."

12:20:14 [brinnea]: Brinnea looks around at the Horde gathered, clearly not understanding a word of what any of them say.

12:20:38 [Vionora]: Vionora glances back at the others, then at Brinnea. "You're brave," she says.

12:21:11 [brinnea]: Looks at Vi. "Or especially stupid. I've been called both in the past."

12:21:58 [Vionora]: Vionora looks around as the woods grow deeper. "Accalia's minions are emerging," she says quietly.

12:22:57 [Naheal]: "Hail sister." Naheal nods to Brinnea.

12:23:41 [brinnea] She looks at the blood elf. "Greetings. I don't think we've met before."

12:24:33 [Naheal] "You are right. I am Naheal Malastar. We may have met before in Archerus, but not remember it."

section missing

12:27:44 [brinnea]: "I do not know the name Tassha, but Vionora has told me what my mark means for me. I have come to put an end to the beast responsible." She points to her forehead under her hat when she says 'mark.'

12:28:02 [Vionora]: She glances at Naheal, then back to Brinnea.

12:29:39 [Naheal]: "An understandable stance to take. I would explain in greater detail, but it seems that time is running short."

12:30:17 [Vionora]: "The Harbinger will make his presence known soon."

12:30:38 [brinnea]: "If Accalia comes, then I am ready for her. I would like to be done with this today."

12:30:46 [Vionora]: Vionora looks up at Smithe's approach.

12:31:21 [smithe]: *Lets out a hacking cough. A few drops of blood drip from his mouth to his robe.*

12:32:46 [Vionora]: Vionora gazes at him for a moment, then looks upward the the clouded sky. Through a brief break in the clouds, it is seen that the second moon, the Blue Child, nears the sun.

12:33:09 [brinnea]: Brinnea steals a glance at Reverend Smithe. Her expression is hidden beneath her hat and scarf.

12:35:43 [smithe]: The Reverend looks to Malhavik. "I am prepared for whatever comes our way. Are you prepared to live up to our bargain?"

12:36:29 [Vionora]: Vionora watches Malhavik and Smithe.

12:36:55 [Malhavik]: Turns and nods.

section missing

12:38:45 [smithe]: Smithe eyes the crowd. It is clear he may not make it out of this endeavor in one piece. He reaches for his communication device and orders his ship to prepare for the worst.

12:39:52 [Naheal]: Naheal charges around on his mount and takes a swing at the Alpha on Fhenrir.

12:40:52 [Vionora]: <Alpha leaps back before anyone hits her and disappears back into the shadows, leaving the tauren warrior mortally wounded.>

12:41:25 [brinnea]: "Blasted worg..."

12:41:29 [smithe]: Smithe looks to Malhavik and backs takes a few steps back. "Remember our agreement" He lets out another bloody hacking cough.

12:42:44 [Fhenrir]: "The wolf comes for you!" echoes in Taurahe.

12:43:17 [Vionora]: "The Harbinger has arrived."

12:43:51 [brinnea]: Brinnea shifts her horse around, trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

12:44:55 [Vionora]: <The others are all readying themselves for battle!>

12:45:25 [brinnea]: Brinnea will do the same, hoisting her weapon, not sure where or at who to charge.

12:46:17 [Fhenrir]: The tauren that just arrived, strikingly similar in appearance to the mortally wounded warrior, has shown up and presented himself as obvious opposition to the group gathered. He intends to lay waste to the lot of them.

12:46:34 [brinnea]: Brinnea has found her target.

12:48:56 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir howls bestially and leaps into the middle of the group, then stomps the ground. His innate tauren ability is augmented by Accalia's shadow and sends a wave of darkness at the group around him!

12:50:19 [brinnea]: Brinnea didn't shift around quick enough to defend herself from the tauren's action. He moved much quicker than she anticipated, and she is unseated from her horse by the blast.

12:51:27 [Vionora]: Vionora is struck down by the shadowstomp.

12:51:51 [smithe]: Smithe stumbles backwards at the shockwave. He catches himself before hitting the ground. He is clearly in pain, though it is hard to tell if the pain is from the stomp.

section missing

13:06:17 [Vionora]: Vi pushes herself to her feet. She summons the light to heal everyone around her.

13:08:44 [brinnea]: Brinnea feels both rejuvenated and scalded by the Light.

13:08:58 [Vionora]: She looks over at Brinnea, her own pained expression one that understands.

13:10:07 [Vionora]: "This fight... doesn't matter..."

13:10:14 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir is assaulted by Inzema and Qarosimae, by daggers and fireballs. He stands ready for both and grabs the rogue roughly, cracking a grin and holding him in front of the fireballs.

13:10:27 [smithe]: Despite the healing, Smithe looks no better. He readies himself for the coming fight and wipes the blood from his mouth.

13:11:50 [brinnea]: Brinnea sees that the tauren is causing problems in the center of the circle, and chooses to death grip the hunter to her, then attempt a frosty overhead swing.

13:13:39 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir is snatched by a grip of the human death knight, and attempts to defend himself as he flies toward her. He's further unprepared and takes a frosty swing into his head, sending him temporarily to the ground.

13:14:35 [brinnea]: As the tauren flies towards her, Brinnea shouts, "Get over here!"

13:16:50 [Fhenrir]: Selash shot at Fhenrir with a hooked bullet intended to draw crows, but...

13:16:54 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir rolls onto his back and lets forth a sharp whistle, summoning a pack of crows bound to his will. The birds begin to fight in writhing masses above as he climbs to his hooves.

13:19:28 [Fhenrir]: Naheal charges and attempts to take on Fhenrir with two runeblades, one summoned from nothing. But...

13:19:33 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir raises his gun, axe forward, and catches Naheal's blade in his own. His hoof comes up to kick away the spare blade and his eyes lock with Naheal's. "Take your best shot, 'boss'."

13:24:39 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir's hubris gets the better of him. He turns to Ruuki as she moves and gives her a smirk. He's completely taken back by the hammer falling upon him and hits the ground hard as light shoots from him.

13:26:06 [Vionora]: Alpha, the fel-touched worg, reappears from the ever-deepening shadows between the trees. She lunges straight for Naheal, her jaws slavering.

13:26:50 [brinnea]: Brinnea turns to face the worg. "Not this time!" she shouts.

13:34:57 [Naheal]: Naheal fires a Death Coil at Brinnea, which wraps itself around her and forms a shield. He focuses intently on the Alpha as she pushes him back.

13:35:05 [Vionora]: Alpha snarls, backing away from Naheal, then lunges for Brinnea, trying to close her massive jaw on the death knight's legs.

13:35:45 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir is assaulted by Shokkra, but turns just late enough to get a face full of orc, and a neck full of axe. He snarls and grabs Shokkra to throw her off of himself, but not before the axe has left a deep wound.

13:36:08 [brinnea]: Brinnea hardens her body with icebound fortitude. She brings her large runeblade down on the alpha's neck as it lunges for her leg, intending to trap it in place or take its head off.

13:36:43 [Vionora]: Alpha twists, the blow glancing but cutting her sickened crimson hide. Her jaws are turned aside by the spells.

13:38:14 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir howls with such bestial vigor that it pierces any ears in range. He's enveloped by shadow energy and the howl turns wolflike, and his head morphs partially to that of a wolf. "COME TO ME, INSECTS." Shokkra and Malhavik are suddenly stricken by the curse and forced to serve against their wills.

13:38:20 [Naheal]: Naheal plants the hilt of his blade into the side of the Alpha's head. He then spreads a volatile infection through her.

13:38:34 [Hegran]: Hegran walks up to the scene casually, stopping behind Smithe. "Hello Reverend. Seems you've made some new friends."

13:39:06 [Vionora]: Alpha's maw opens wide, and she.. swallows the infection. Her hide bubbles. With a boiling maw, she lunges for Naheal, intending to take him to the ground with her too-long claws.

13:39:30 [smithe]: Smithe wipes the blood from his face. "No. No. How is this possible."

13:39:55 [brinnea]: Brinnea takes an attack of opportunity as the alpha turns from her. She attempts to obliterate the beast's backside.

13:41:02 [smithe]: Smithe points to the Fhenrir. "That is your enemy paladins. That is the evil that plagues this land. Destroy him and you will complete what you set out to do."

13:41:03 [Vionora]: Vionora turns as Malhavik covers his face with his hands and drops to his knees. "Malhavik!" she whispers.

13:41:54 [Naheal]: Naheal's skin hardens as it turns into a sort of bone armor. He shoves his arm into the Alpha's jaws and widens his stance as he takes the hit.

13:42:49 [Hegran]: "Don't worry. You've not earned my hammer yet Smithe. Though your cowardice in the face of battle sickens me."

13:43:49 [Vionora]: Alpha bears Naheal to the ground on his back. Her claws rake as for the moment she ignores the slice at her flank.

13:43:56 [Emmeran]: Emmeran looks at Smithe and to the battle, almost as if deciding what to do.

13:44:07 [smithe]: Smithe steps aside to give Hegran and his companion a clear view of the battle.

13:44:40 [Vionora]: Vionora gasps and reaches out toward Malhavik as he turns and flings a spell of corruption at the Forsaken rogue who wears the same tabard as he. The rogue says something which you don't need to speak Orcish to know is "Son of a bitch."

13:44:50 [Hegran]: Hegran turns to Anton. "If you would like to deal with him, I see a fight that's calling my name."

13:45:54 [Emmeran] Anton nods his approval, then casts a quick protective spell on the guardian.

13:46:20 [Naheal]: Naheal shoves is free arm further into the Alpha's mouth and fires a rocket attached to the machinery on his gauntlet.

13:47:36 [smithe]: *Smithe uses the battle as a distraction. With Vionora's so called protector under Fhenrir's control, it was the perfect time to strike. He creeps up behind her and begins to quietly chant his soul steal incantation.

13:47:45 [Vionora]: Alpha jerks back, but the rocket explodes in her mouth. She is flung a distance and tumbles to a stop, not rising.

13:48:08 [brinnea]: Brinnea ducks under the flying worg's body.

13:48:09 [Malhavik]: *Malhavik completely ignores Vionora, intent on spreading corruption to as many as possible*

13:48:51 [Vionora]: Vionora whirls, throwing up her hands. "No!" She lacks her power, now, and cannot resist as the soul-stealing spell starts to take effect.

13:49:46 [brinnea]: With the worg apparently down for the count, Brinnea returns her attention to the battle with Fhenrir. She notices the Reverend channeling his spell and shouts, "Vionora!" She moves to death grip Smithe now.

13:49:50 [smithe]: Smithe grabs onto her hands with ease. His mark glows brightly. "You have no one to look out for you this time little one. I will not fail now."

13:50:44 [Emmeran]: Anton reaches out to Vionora with strands of the light, attempting to pull her towards him.

13:51:07 [Vionora]: Vionora is pulled away by Emmeran as Smithe is pulled by Brinnea.

13:51:13 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir takes the shot from Xaraphyne and clenches his teeth, distracted by the human after Vionora. He fires a volley into the human to knock him off.

13:51:16 [Vionora]: Vionora stumbles into Emmeran. She looks at him with wide eyes.

13:52:02 [smithe]: Smithe roots himself to the ground with shadows as he roars with rage. He glares at Brinnea. "I should have killed you and your husband when I had the chance. Good thing Declan saw to your husband."

13:52:36 [Emmeran]: Anton looks at the elf, "I didn't much like the look of what the good reverend was doing" he explains matter of factly

13:52:59 [Malhavik]: Malhavik finally realizes the danger Vionora is in.

13:53:38 [Vionora]: Alpha twitches.

13:54:30 [brinnea]: Brinnea glares at the Reverend. She raises her weapon. "To the Nether with you, felspawn!" She attempts to bull rush the Reverend.

13:54:45 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir deflected a blow from Awatu and quipped something in Orcish, then turned to shoot at Smithe when he saw her going for Vionora. He took a shot in the flank from Xaraphyne in the process, which looked to hurt badly.

13:55:21 [smithe]: Smithe feels pain rip through his body as the bullet hits him. His body trembles and he falls to his knees. A look of despair in his eyes. He quickly raises his hand to send a blast of shadow in an attempt to ward of Brinnea.

13:55:41 [Vionora]: Vionora looks at Xaraphyne as the trolless yells something. For some reason, all the Horde seem to turn and look at Vionora. She just stands there, her gaze calm.

13:56:01 [brinnea]: Not heeding any danger coming her way, the blast knocks Brinnea off her feet, and her hat off her head.

13:56:04 [Naheal]: "Fhenrir needs her alive. If she dies, the chain's severed."

13:57:44 [Vionora]: "Accalia will come, regardless."

13:57:45 [smithe]: Blood stains Smithe's robe. A single tear rolling down his cheek. "I can't let it end like this. I cannot die in this hellish place." Smithe reaches for his communication device and signals for an evac. He pulls himself up and begins to limp to the shore.

13:57:55 [Naheal]: "Yes..."

13:57:56 [brinnea]: Brinnea slowly stand up, grabbing her weapon as she does so. Her face is painted with rage, and her forehead bears the mark of Accalia.

13:58:12 [Hegran]: "Vionora, what do they want from you?" *Hegran then crouches into a battle stance and readies his weapon*

13:58:38 [brinnea]: She watches the Reverend limp away. "Not so fast...Smithe." Her power seems to be dwindling.

13:59:03 [Naheal]: Naheal looks to Hegran. "Most will try to kill her. She is the top of the curse's chain. We can put an end to this, without it coming to that, though.

13:59:47 [smithe]: A small boat approaches the beach at a fast pace. The Reverend limps as fast as he can in an attempt to reach safety. He pauses as he hears Brinnea's voice behind him.

14:00:09 [Hegran]: "That would be preferred. Though i did enjoy fighting with her, I would not see her die just yet."

14:00:15 [Vionora]: Vi doesn't respond to anyone, standing there watching the Horde fight. Fhenrir is being worn down by the greater party.

14:00:50 [Naheal]: "The problem is that the process to end the chain with her could easily shatter her soul." He looks to Vionora.

14:02:44 [Vionora]: Vi suddenly pushes Emmeran back as one of the Horde mages summons a meteor down on top of her location.

14:02:10 [smithe]: Smithe takes a deep breath and looks to Vionora in the distance. He then looks to Vionora. "If I can't have her soul. No one can." He attempts to pull her soul away from her. At this distance the spell is weakened significantly.

14:02:27 [Hegran]: "This one? She's much too strong to go out that easily. How can I help her live?"

14:02:47 [Naheal]: Naheal turns toward the incoming attack and steps to block it from hitting Vionora.

14:03:09 [brinnea]: "I don't know what you want from her, but I'm not letting you have it!' She moves between Smithe and Vi, activating an anti-magic field as she does so.

14:03:12 [smithe] "You know nothing Brinnea. Taking her soul might just save us all. Move aside girl."

14:04:24 [Emmeran]: Anton stumbles as he is pushed, and sees the Reverend. He starts to make his way towards him.

14:04:42 [brinnea]: "Save us? Your dark magic would damn us all! You tried to take my soul from me!"

14:05:02 [Naheal]: Naheal turns to grab Vionora. He wraps his arms around her as he envelops the both of them in an anti-magic shell.

14:05:37 [smithe]: "Because I must live. If I do not take a soul soon, I will cease to exist. I am being torn apart." Another hacking cough makes his body cringe.

14:06:19 [brinnea]: "Everyone dies. You will die sooner if you do not tell me what your intentions are."

14:06:30 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir and Selash exchange fire, but neither does the other damage.

14:07:34 [Vionora]: Vionora is pressed close to Naheal. She looks at him, and gently lays her hand on his face. "Save the others," she says quietly.

14:07:48 [smithe]: "SURVIVAL!" He roars. "That has been my only goal in this world. And even that seems more impossible than it ever has been." The boat gets ever closer to the shore. Gunmen can be clearly seen aboard.

14:07:58 [Emmeran]: "Still seeking immortality?" Anton says, sounding a bit smug

14:08:00 [Vionora]: Alpha twitches again, then rises. her maw is a gaping wound of shattered teeth. She goes for the nearest target, which is Hegran.

14:08:40 [Hegran]: Hegran hears the beast stirring behind him and turns just in time to catch it on his shield

14:08:50 [brinnea]: "Life isn't about survival, reverend." She watches the boat approach. "Call off your supporters and I'll spare your life."

14:09:08 [Vionora]: Alpha rises up on her twisted back legs, splattering fel-touched blood on the warrior from her ruined maw.

14:09:54 [smithe]: "Why do you care girl. I will die within the next moon. I would rather it be in my own bed than here. Amongst my enemies."

14:10:18 [Hegran]: "Wonderful. I just cleaned my armor you little runt!" Hegran roars and swings his hammer viciously at Alpha

14:11:05 [Naheal]: Naheal looks back to Hegran, then to Vionora. "We could use your help."

14:11:08 [brinnea]: "Even in death, we all must pay for our sins. You ought to know that, preacher."

14:11:34 [brinnea]: "And I cannot allow you to spread that curse any further."

14:11:53 [Vionora]: Alpha roars as the thud of his strike landing echoes through the woods. She puts her head down and tries to shove him over with her weight, which is still greater than even his great stature.

14:12:33 [smithe]: "My sins will be paid for in pains you will never know. Kregal taught me that." Smithe gaze jumps around the battlefield. Clearly he is trying to devise something to aid himself.

14:13:36 [brinnea]: Brinnea takes a step forward. "Call off your troops," she says threateningly.

14:14:32 [Emmeran]: Anton watches the exchange between the two, staff ready in his hand.

14:14:39 [Naheal]: Naheal releases Vionora, then turns to face the Alpha. He takes a swing down onto the creature's back as the runes on his blade consume and fade.

14:14:53 [smithe]: Smithe screams as loud as he can, amplified into that of a banshee scream. he attempts to latch onto whatever souls he can get his hands on.

14:15:34 [Vionora]: Vi's eyes widen as she turns toward Smithe, with Brinnea and Emmeran. She throws a new shield of Light around Brinnea.

14:15:46 [Hegran]: Hegran struggles against the beast, howling with effort as he holds her in place.

14:16:18 [brinnea]: Brinnea cringes as her eardrums are shocked by the force of the scream. She freezes her blood and forces her feet forward, step by step.

14:16:26 [smithe]: Smithe feels a soul in the distance and tugs. He knows not whose it is, but he needs as many as he can get.

14:17:02 [Vionora]: Alpha rears back again, turning and dodging Naheal's strike and breaking off from the grapple with Hegran.

14:17:20 [Naheal]: Naheal jerks as he feels a tug on his soul. His movements slow.

14:17:22 [Emmeran]: Anton gasps at the scream, shielding himself with a quick incantation

14:17:47 [Vionora]: Alpha lunges at Naheal, trying to smash him to the ground again.

14:17:52 [smithe]: Smithe attempts to flood Brinnea's mind with happy memories to turn back her attack. "Remember your wedding my dear. I was there. Do you remember your happiness?"

14:17:53 [Malhavik]: Malhavik's eyebrows furrows as he feels light tuggings on the souls in his shards.

14:18:17 [brinnea]: Brinnea comes within striking distance of the Reverend. Slowly, very slowly, she twists her body in preparation for a side-slash. Her blade is coated in dark energy.

14:18:51 [Naheal]: Naheal collapses under the wolf's weight. His runeblade clatters several feet away from him.

14:18:56 [smithe]: Smithe disperses himself and shadows and makes a hasty backwards retreat.

14:19:12 [brinnea]: "I remember the chill of death. May you never know warmth again." She brings her blade around, missing the Reverend as he retreats.

14:19:14 [Hegran]: Hegran takes advantage of Alpha's retreat and rolls over to a better position, then quickly charges at her side with shield raised and ready for impact.

14:20:12 [Vionora]: Alpha staggers a little with Hegran's blow, but maintains her grip on Naheal. Her gory maw descends to try to tear out Naheal's throat.

14:21:19 [Vionora]: "Naheal!" Vionora throws herself forward, atop the death knight elf. Alpha's maw closes on her shoulder instead.

14:21:26 [brinnea]: "I cannot - will not allow you to survive!"

14:21:55 [Hegran]: Hegran swings his hammer for the side of Alpha's head

14:22:29 [Vionora]: Alpha is touched by Mal as Hegran's hammer collides with her head, tearing her broken teeth out of Vionora, who cries out.

14:23:14 [Naheal]: Takes in a sharp breath as he feels his soul getting tugged on again. He reaches for his Runeblade, but his movements just keep getting weaker.

14:23:29 [smithe]: Smithe looks at the two in front of him. "Let me go. And you will never see me again. I have a feeling your friends will be needing you against Accalia."

14:23:40 [brinnea]: Brinnea freezes the ground beneath the reverend's feet. Sharp icicles sprout and would implale his feet unless he avoids them. Chains of ice form between the icicles, latching on to Smithe's legs.

14:24:01 [Hegran]: Hegran unleashes a series of wild blows, switching between the blunt end of his hammer and the spike, intending to do as much harm as possible in a short amount of time

14:24:23 [smithe]: Smithe attempts to move. One of his feet is spared the pain, the other however is caught by the ice.

14:24:38 [Malhavik]: Malhavik grabs Vionora and hauls her away from the Alpha.

14:25:11 [Vionora]: Vi is hauled back, bleeding copiously from her torn shoulder. Alpha turns to face Hegran as his blows rain down, and tries to barrel through and tackle him.

14:25:19 [brinnea]: Brinnea tries to stand, but clearly lacks the strength. The chains of ice start to crack as she is unable to channel the spell further.

14:25:31 [Emmeran]: Anton's face takes on a look of sadness as he summons a blast of light, sending it towards the Reverend. "You must not be allowed to take another's soul"

14:26:38 [Hegran]: Hegran only glances Alpha with his strikes and is rammed full force, getting knocked off balance and stumbling a few feet back

14:27:28 [Vionora]: Vi puts her hand on Malhavik's arm. "Mal... she's coming..."

14:29:02 [Malhavik]: *whispers* "Are you prepared?"

14:29:17 [Vionora]: Vionora meets his eyes. She nods faintly.

14:29:17 [smithe]: Smithe feels Vionora's soul is vulnerable again and lets go of Naheal's. He grips on to her soul and begins to tug with all of his strength.

14:29:33 [Vionora]: Vionora then gasps, grabbing onto Malhavik as her soul is assaulted.

14:29:53 [Naheal]: Naheal limps to his blade and picks it up. He still moves slowly, but he forces himself to step between the Alpha and Malhavik.

14:30:28 [Malhavik]: Malhavik roars in anger and whips his head toward the priest directing his demon that way.

14:30:32 [smithe]: Smithe projects his voice into Vionora's mind. "He cannot save you. Your soul will be mine."

14:31:28 [Emmeran]: Anton strains against the silencing spell, trying to break it.

14:31:34 [brinnea]: Brinnea glares at Smithe. "'t!" Using the last of her strength, she channels necromantic energy into her surroundings. An army of skeletal pirates crawls from the water behind Smithe (army of about half a dozen). They begin to charge at him.

14:31:41 [smithe]: Smithe's men finally land on the shore and hop out of the boat. They rush forward sending a hail of bullets in the demon's direction.

14:32:26 [Vionora]: Vionora closes her eyes as she struggles to hold onto her soul. The binding Malhavik has put onto it helps keep it in place, but it is weakening. "If anyone can save me.." she says softly.

14:32:33 [brinnea]: The pirate skeletons turn their attention to the boatmen at the beach. They begin to attack with rusted scimitars and boarding axes. Brinnea collapses from the strain, conscious only enough to keep the army moving.

14:32:35 [smithe]: Smithe summons a halo of shadows and sends it ripping through the army of Skeletons.

14:32:49 [Vionora]: Alpha continues fighting versus Hegran. Her movements are getting slower and slower as she takes more and more injuries.

14:33:00 [Malhavik]: Malhavik reaches a clawed hand under his ribcage and appears to grasp something.

14:33:15 [Hegran]: Hegran lets out a low growl as his battle rage takes over, then charges at Alpha again, jumping at the last second twisting in mid air and swinging the spike of his hammer straight towards her head

14:33:35 [brinnea]: The undead are shattered by the halo. They are too brittle to carry on fighting.

14:33:42 [Malhavik]: *His eyes close as he floods his own magic into the object he's holding.*

14:34:11 [Naheal]: "You can use a soul to strengthen hers, right?"

14:34:12 [Emmeran]: Anton breaks free of the spell and slams his staff into the ground, sending out a holy nova

14:34:37 [Vionora]: Alpha's head whips around. The spike imbeds itself directly into one eye.

14:34:51 [smithe]: Raises a shield of shadows to block the nova but is still knocked back by the blast.

14:35:33 [Vionora]: Vionora clutches onto Malhavik, making a sound as more energy flows through her. The power threatens to tear her soul apart.

14:35:42 [Malhavik]: *looks to Naheal* "Yes."

14:35:57 [Hegran]: Hegran lands behind her and tugs at his hammer, burying it deeper into her skull, and attempting to pull her off balance

14:36:05 [Naheal]: "I don't have much left, but take what you need."

14:36:16 [Vionora]: Alpha roars and bucks to try to throw him off, but the spike sinks deeper.

14:36:28 [smithe]: Smithe realizes that it is useless to attempt to take Vionora's soul after another unsuccessful tug. "Seems I will have to find another. Goodbye Anton. Send your commander my regards." Smithe turns around and quickly attempts to limp to the landed boat.

14:36:52 [Malhavik]: Certainly good fellow! "reaches a hand out to grasp Naheal"

14:36:58 [Emmeran]: taking a few steps forward, Anton calls upon the light to strike the Reverend, leaning heavily on his staff

14:37:09 [Vionora]: Vionora slumps as Smithe releases her. But then she reaches up to grab Malhavik's hand, pulling it away from Naheal.

14:37:49 [Hegran]: Hegran plants his foot onto her back and yanks his hammer as he's able in an attempt to rip the beast's head from its body.

14:38:02 [smithe]: Smithe feels the blast and is knocked forward, closer to the boat. Two gunmen run forward and attempt to carry Smithe away from the battlefield.

14:38:56 [brinnea]: Brinnea stirs as she watches Smithe carried off. She is unable to do anything to stop him.

14:39:27 [Vionora]: Alpha gives a pained howl as her neck is twisted. She succumbs to the warrior, collapsing and going still.

14:40:29 [Emmeran]: Anton leans heavily on his staff, turning to see the status of the other member of his order.

14:40:48 [Naheal]: Naheal looks back at the Alpha as she howls. "Finally. Seven years and she's finally dead."

14:41:11 [Hegran] Hegran stands atop Alpha, freeing his hammer from her skull then looks at the surrounding group with crazed eyes and begins panting slowly "Who's next?"

14:42:00 [Vionora]: "Accalia comes..." Vionora looks upward. The shadows have started deepening rapidly as the Blue Child encroaches on the sun.

14:42:06 [brinnea]: Brinnea lifts herself sluggishly off the ground. She wanders hazily back to the bulk of the group.

14:42:54 [Malhavik]: *looks to Naheal* "I'm going to begin. Don't let anyone interfere, if you please"

14:43:03 [Emmeran]: Anton slowly makes his way towards the others

14:43:10 [smithe]: Smithe's men throw him on the boat and shove off. The boat slides through the water with its cargo safely tucked away. The Reverend lays aboard the boat cursing loudly all those that stood in his way.

14:43:37 [brinnea]: Brinnea looks around the small group near the alpha's body. "What's going on?" she asks wearily.

14:43:43 [Naheal]: Naheal nods to Malhavik. "Alright. We're getting rid of the talisman. We need to set up defenses around Vionora."

14:44:09 [Hegran]: Hegran smiles slightly "Hopefully she will prove more amusing to battle than this" Hegran looks down at the slumped body of Alpha and spits to the side

14:44:10 [Naheal]: He looks to the group of humans. "With any luck, this'll put an end to this fight... until Accalia comes, that is."

14:44:37 [Vionora]: Vionora closes her eyes and presses her face to Malhavik's shoulder.

14:44:53 [brinnea]: "Is that tauren still causing trouble? Vionora alright?"

14:45:28 [Hegran]: Hegran points to Naheal "You! What is your name?"

14:45:52 [Naheal]: "Naheal Malastar." He takes a labored breath as pain shoots through his body. "You?"

14:45:59 [Malhavik]: Clutches the stone under his ribs with one hands, and Vionora with the other. He closes his eyes and begins tracing Vionora's soul's connection to the seal and the stone.

14:45:59 [brinnea]: While awaiting an answer, Brinnea moves to her fallen hat and replaces it on her head. All her movements are sluggish.

14:46:06 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir has been battling with many of the warriors over here this whole time, exchanging shots and blows.

14:46:57 [Hegran]: "Hegran Grey. Would you mind filling us in on what's about to happen so that we might be helpful?"

14:48:34 [Naheal]: "There's a talisman on Vionora's soul that acts as a focal point for the Curse. Once the talisman is removed, the remaining victims will have the curse go dormant. However, Accalia has gathered enough power to enter the world anyway." He points to the sun.

14:49:04 [brinnea]: Brinnea shuffles around in her belt satchel and removes a mana crystal from within. She crushes the crystal in her hand. The mana washes into her body, feeding the curse. She seems slightly livelier than before.

14:49:43 [Naheal]: "Basically, we're going to be fighting a giant ancient. Once we're done with the physical fight, we'll need to work on dealing with the other side. You'll be facing your own personal nightmares."

14:50:17 [Hegran]: "Sounds like the shadow's work. I'll be happy to end it."

14:50:19 [brinnea]: Brinnea's eyes narrow at the word 'nightmares.' "Nothing I don't handle on a daily basis."

14:50:43 [Naheal]: "It's important that you don't attempt to flee from your nightmares. They *must* be obliterated. Anything less and we just leave Accalia alive for some future generation to take care of."

14:51:13 [Malhavik]: Malhavik having completed preparation, stands motionless awaiting the flood of power from Accalia's arrival.

14:52:10 [inzema]: Inzema slithers forward, a knife in either hand, his goggled eyes focused on a path to Vionora.

14:52:28 [Hegran]: "Our light will not fail. These nightmares will be demolished, as will Accalia."

14:52:32 [brinnea]: "Halt there, rogue."

14:52:33 [Vionora]: Vionora stands quietly beside Malhavik, her eyes closed.

14:53:22 [Emmeran]: "Well spoken Guardian Grey. The Light shall see this done"

14:53:27 [brinnea]: Brinnea looks at Inzema once he gets within a few feet of her. "Friend or foe?" she asks him.

section missing

14:58:19 [Malhavik]: *Malhavik adjusts his arm slightly to cover her neck*

14:59:16 [Vionora]: Vionora flinches the moment Inzema reappears. She is sliced as the others react belatedly.

15:00:02 [inzema]: Inzema noticed the defenses coming in at the last second and is knocked back. He wipes grey blood from his nose and smiles at the group. "You're all trying to get us killed to save someone who's not worth saving."

15:00:58 [brinnea]: "I find Vionora more trustworthy than a backstabbing undead rogue."

15:01:45 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir jumps back from Shokkra's blade and stomps the ground again, this time to charge himself up. He smacks an explosive shell into his gun and channels his newfound power into the gun, unleashing a hell of shadow into everyone around, friend or foe be damned.

15:03:37 [Naheal]: Naheal steps between Vionora and Fhenrir as the attack comes in. He tries to put up an antimagic zone, but it's quickly disolved as he takes the brunt of the attack.

15:04:41 [Malhavik]: Malhavik releases Vionora as the shadows swat at him, he falls back a step.

15:04:47 [brinnea]: Brinnea does not see the attack coming, and takes the blast in the side while focusing on the rogue. She is knocked onto her knees, but quickly recovers.

15:05:26 [Vionora]: Vi flinches as the wave of shadow hits her, knocked back into Malhavik as he released her. She slumps to the ground.

15:05:42 [Emmeran]: Anton stumbles back as the shadows hit him, wincing slightly

15:05:52 [Hegran]: Hegran is buffeted with the attack, getting knocked to the side but catching himself before he would fall

15:06:11 [Naheal]: Naheal lets out a labored breath and falls to his knees.

15:06:30 [inzema]: Inzema was knocked back even further, tumbling back as more wounds open on his pale flesh, oozing grey blood. He staggers to his feet and spits.

15:06:41 [brinnea]: "Somebody put this guy in the ground already!" Brin shouts in Common.

15:06:46 [Malhavik]: Malhavik recovers slowly but kneels down and wraps his arms around Vionora.

15:08:50 [Hegran]: Hegran turns his back to the battle and kneels down, whispering a prayer to the light under his breath "Light guide my hands to protect those you deem worthy" In closing his prayer he pulls out a fold out banner and slams it into the ground.

15:09:05 [Emmeran]: Anton grips his staff tightly, preparing to fend off attacks

15:09:37 [brinnea]: Brinnea is prepared to charge at Fhenrir, wanting very much to take him out.

15:10:15 [Hegran]: "Now, to retrieve my shield" Hegran jumps up quickly and darts to his shield and quickly straps it back onto his arm and faces his new enemy

15:10:50 [Malhavik]: *Malhavik extends his arm over Vionora's shoulder and drains putrid green light from Fhenrir*

15:13:41 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir is bleeding, burnt, dying. Xara begs him for a moment of reconsideration, but that part of him is either dead or suppressed. He stares her down and refuses. "No."

15:14:20 [brinnea]: Brinnea will charge and attempt to cleave into the tauren's hide with a soul sapping strike.

15:15:15 [Naheal]: Naheal looks to the priest. "Would you mind mending my wounds before the real fight starts?"

15:15:43 [Fhenrir]: Fhenrir takes a shot at Xara as she shoots at him, but her arrow pierces his heart. He kneels and the life starts to sap from him.

15:16:33 [Hegran]: Hegran grunts in frustration, looking at the wounded Tauren "There's no honor in fighting someone already so wounded. I'll have to sit this one out for now."

15:17:31 [brinnea]: Brinnea doesn't get a chance to attack, so she turns her attention back to the rogue.

15:17:37 [Emmeran]: Anton looks at Naheal and nods, and mutters a healing prayer on him

15:17:52 [Fhenrir]: Xaraphyne pushes her arrow into his heart after they exchange words, and the tauren dies after muttering in Taurahe.

15:18:43 [Vionora]: vionora suddenly gasps as a surge of energy strikes her. The curse is returned to her in full force.

15:18:43 [brinnea]: "The tauren is clearly dead. You, on the other hand, might need some assistance in that regard."

15:19:04 [Naheal]: Naheal takes the healing light and nods gratefully to him.

15:19:29 [brinnea]: Brinnea keeps a close eye on the rogue. "At the very least, you're staying where I can see you."

15:19:47 [Hegran]: "You're nothing more than a worthless light on this Land, a fallen creature of the Light just beggining to be returned to darkness. Do you truly wish to be crushed under my hammer so quickly?"

15:20:06 [Cobrak]: Cobrak growls low in Common. "Back off hume, fore I gutcha ya pinkskinned mud-rutters!"

15:20:49 [brinnea]: Brinnea looks at the orc. "Your friend here tried to kill one of ours. Tell him to back off, and we'll do the same."

15:21:49 [inzema]: "Vionora ain't one of yours." Inzema slips into shadows, disappearing, but his voice lingers. "You don't want her to be niether, unless you want a whole pack of Grim ta kill ya for it."

15:22:07 [Hegran]: Hegran turns to Cobrak. "You have a very short time to decide if you want to keep your skull in the shape it currently holds. Choose wisely orc."

15:22:09 [Cobrak]: "Much as I'd love ta rip out yer organs through yer arse right now...." He looks around at the oncoming wolves. "Shit!"

15:22:16 [Vionora]: The woods flood with Accalia's minions!

The majority of the party starts fighting the wolves flooding the woods.

15:24:10 [Vionora]: Vionora stands up suddenly, and darts off.

15:24:11 [inzema]: Qarosimae approaches Malhavik and the others, adjusting her glasses.

15:27:42 [Vionora]: Vionora stands transfixed at a certain location.

Accalia appears.

15:31:01 [Malhavik]: *Mal pulls the soulstone out from under his ribs and uses it to ensnare the excess magic of Accalia's arrival.*

15:31:48 [Malhavik]: *He then sends the excess magic racing along the connection to her soul, shattering the orb and pathway as it travels to the seal on her hand*

15:32:14 [Vionora]: Vionora gasps and grabs onto Malhavik. Despite the massive amount of power, he finds he cannot remove the seal so easily... Accalia turns in the midst of the battle and snarls at him.

15:33:28 [brinnea]: Accalia's pack lunges at Brinnea. She is unable to fight them all off, and they overwhelm her.

15:33:34 [Vionora]: The power intensifies, as as Accalia nears defeat...

15:33:56 [inzema]: Inzema steps out of the shadows and attempts to drive a knife into Malhavik's neck. "We aren't playing this game."

15:33:58 [Emmeran]: Anton channels all the power he has to shield as many as he can

15:34:29 [Vionora]: Accalia reaches out in her last moments, down the curse chain seeking any power she can get, and consumes Vionora's soul. The elf stiffens, then goes limp.

15:35:13 [brinnea]: Brinnea is badly wounded, lying in a small puddle of her own blood.

15:35:48 [brinnea]: Tapping into the reserves she carries in her armor, Brinnea replaces her blood and seals her wounds with blood and frost magic.

15:36:03 [Malhavik]: Continues to hold the elf's coldening corpse, not believing he had just failed. He does not notice the rogue behind him.



15:37:19 [Vionora]: The ground opens up beneath everyone's feet: a giant, slavering maw. Into a nightmare they all fall.

15:37:27 [Emmeran]: Anton leans heavily on his staff and glances sideways at Hegran "It looks like you stayed alive... good" he grins slightly

15:37:54 [brinnea]: Brinnea tumbles into the chasm wordlessly.

15:38:27 [inzema]: As Inzema is about to end Malhavik, he utters "Peace through annihilation, mother fu-" And is dropped into a maw of nightmares.

15:38:40 [Hegran]: "Only thanks to you. It was too close a call for..." Hegran's words are cut short as the void opens beneath his feet

15:38:54 [Emmeran]: Falls into the void, using what power he has to grab Hegran with tendrils of light and pull him towards himself

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