Alakroz Virginslayer

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Alakroz Virginslayer

Gender, Race, Class: Male Troll Shaman

Occupation: Black Market poison and sleep dart merchant, Witch Doctor (working?) for the Horde.

Affiliations: The 37th Infantry, the Zandalari, the Gurubashi, the blood god Hakkar.

Languages: Zandali, Orcish.

Physical Description: Alakroz is tall, even for a troll. Not extremely super buff but muscular enough to look like a Beserker from a distance. His hair is up in a slightly groomed mohawk. He’s got tribal voodoo face paint on his face. Usually grinning.

Personality: Alakroz is a happy, carefree most of the time, worshipper of the Blood God Hakkar, Witch Doctor who just wants everybody to hang out and not be assholes.

Skills: Expert in the use of a blowdart. Trained to birth babies. Professional sacrificer. Badass Witch Doctor. Dancing.

Combat tactics: Alakroz will use his blowdarts if the threat is minimal. He can call upon the elements and the blood god’s powers in battle. If he’s in really, really dire straits, Alakroz will pop a potion and go full crazy.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Afraid of heights, scared of giant snakes and failure to save his friends. Can’t think of any good weaknesses, will update possibly.

Pet peeves: Mean people.

Special Possessions: His blowgun and darts.

Origin/Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale

Brief History: Alakroz was born into the Gurubashi Tribe in Stranglethorn. For a good while Alakroz was a faithful servant of the blood god Hakkar (which he still is) but unfortunately he was kicked out for sacrificing too many troll virgins. He joined up with the Horde military since he didn’t have much else to do, becoming part of the 37th Infantry. During the Cataclysm he went back to Stranglethorn to help his brethren bring the blood god into this world and repel the invading Alliance and Horde forces. After Vol’jin took over the Horde Alakroz went into hiding as he and the rest of the 37th had bounties put on their heads for helping the Kor’kron in the barrens. But now he’s back and ready to do stuff.

Character Diamond

Something old: a typical trait of the race, hardwired into his ancestry.

Alakroz is a bruddah, bruddah. He just likes to chill and do voodoo with his buddies. Alakroz is happy, jovial and all around a good guy...once you take out the virgin sacrificing.

Something new: A way in which this character is a bit of a “rebel” or stands out from what’d you expect of the stereotype.

Ah dunno bruddah. Alakroz is pretteh darn stereotypical. Someone figure something out for this.

Something borrowed: A personality trait “borrowed” from his class or profession. Not exactly accurate, since the personality trait is inborn, and they probably chose the profession based on their personality, rather than just adopting this trait because of their profession, but hey, its a mnemonic, so sue me.

He’s crazy. Like literally insane. Just try hurting one of his buds. Just try.

Something blue: This is something just for "color." This should be the trait that makes the character most interesting to others, that draws others to them - the one they'll remember most. This is often one of their most likable or at least interesting traits - the reason people choose to spend time with them. It can be something related to race or class OR something a bit unusual, but its main purpose is to make this character *interesting.* It differs from the "something new" in that a person can be unusual for their race/class without being interesting or likable.

Alakroz is just likeable. He doesn’t hate people, hell, he doesn’t even dislike anyone. He’s ridiculous and makes jokes all the damn time.

1. list four things you like very much.

Drinkin, partayin, sacraficin, lovin.

2. list four things you dislike very much.

ah dunno. Potatoes? Frogs? Mean people.

3. Did you have a happy childhood?

Ya brodah.

4. Describe the incident in childhood that you think most affected you.

Ah became ahn official memba o da Gurubashi.

5. Describe your mother and how you feel about her.

She wuz pretteh great mon. Taught meh a lot o tings brodah.

6. Describe your father and how you feel about him.

'e wuz crazeh! 'e wuz da best Witch Docta dis side o Strangletorn. Pretteh badass in a fite too.

7. What are your favorite pastimes?

Sacraficin. Partayin down by da beach. Turnin ma girlfriends fada's inta frogs.

8. What person do you think has most influenced you?

Konro da Stohmreava.

9. How do you feel about sex?

Pretteh damn awesome mon. An ahm vereh experienced ladies.

10. What are your people’s religious beliefs.

Well we gaht da Blood Gods an all dat. We also gaht da loas.

11. How far do you go along with these beliefs, and how important are they to you?

Pretteh damn impotant. Ah mean dey actualleh exist, unlike da light o da paladins an priests.

12. How are your people organised and led?

We gaht all dese tribes an our tribal chiefs.

13. How do you feel about the leadership, and how important is it to you?

Its okeh most o da time.

14. What is your philosophy on life?

Everehbodeh, just be 'appy mon.

15. If you could have any tangible thing in the world you wanted, what would it be?

A famileh o ma own.

16. Do you have any physical difficulties?

Nah brodah.

17. What kind of education have you had, and how do you feel about it?

Do joo count Witch Docta school?

18. How do you think other people react to you as a person?

Dey love me brodah! Ahm awesome companeh!

19. What are you most proud of?

Ah canna tell joo brodah.

20. What are you most ashamed of?

Naht succedin at defendin Zul'gurub.

21. What is your deepest fear?

Dat ah'll die wit no buddehs o famileh.

22. How do you feel about food?


23. What makes you feel good?

Everehting brodah!

24. What do you dream about?


25. What do you try hardest to avoid?

Mean people.

26. What makes you angry? How do you react when you’re angry?

Nutin makes meh angreh brodah!

27. How do you react to your people’s relationship with the world?

Like a boss.

28. What one person had the greatest effect on you as a child?

Ma fada.

29. How athletic are you?

*he flexes*

30. How methodical are you?


31. What are your chief taboos?

Bein an asshole!

32. How much traveling have you done?

Some 'ere some der.

33. Describe a situation where you acted courageously.

Ahm always courageous brodah.

34. Do you see yourself as a self centered person?


35. Do you see yourself as a loving person?

Ya mon.

36. Do you see yourself as a popular person?


37. Do you see yourself having a potentially important influence on the world?


38. What is the purpose of your people?

'avin fun!

39. How artistic are you?

Ah paint wit all da colos o da wind.

40. How do you feel about materials things?

Dinna make a diifarence ta meh.

41. What are your plans for the future?

Git a fameleh.

42. How idealistic are you?


43. How realistic are you?


44. How successful are you?


45. Name the four things you object to in other people.

Mean. Mean. Mean. Mean.

46. Name the four things you object to in yourself.


47. How gullible are you?

Ahm naht dat gullible...prolly.

48. How intelligent are you?

Is der a test?

49. Does the end justify the means?

Depends on da situatian.

50. How attractive are you physically?

Just ask da ladehs.

51. Do you believe there is anything worth dying for? What experiences led you to this conclusion?

Always brodah.

52. What do you worry about the most?

People naht 'avin fun.

53. What makes life worth living for you?

Evereh litta ting.

54. What is the difference between good and evil?

Wut side ahm on.

55. What kind of person would you like to be?

A gud one.

56. What ideas in the history of the world as you know it should be forgotten?

Bein mean

57. What changes taking place in the world as you know it should be encouraged?, which discouraged?


58. What ideas now popular among the people you know do you consider potentially dangerous?


59. What do you think is worth knowing?


60. How do you feel about violence?

Fuckin sucks.

61. Do you have any children? Describe them if you do.

Ahm workin on eet.

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"He's....kinda creepy. Always stealing bits of hair from people..and wolves. And throwing frogs around. I've seen him around plenty, but I'm not sure what exactly he does or what purpose he serves."

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"The Grim would call him one of the mad, probably." Xaraphyne chuckles, shaking her head. "He's got issues, I'll say that. But he turns and runs at the first sign of a fight, so I ain't worried."

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