Konro Stormreaver

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Konro “Stormreaver”

Gender, Race, Class: Male Tauren Warrior

Occupation: Soldier of the Horde and Trained Field medic.

Affiliations: The 37th Infantry, the Horns of the Shu’halo, the Kor’kron.

Languages: Fluent Orcish, Taurahe, The Common words for scum, filth, butcher, murderer, kill and some of the more popular swear words.

Physical Description: Konro is unmistakably more orderly than most Tauren.

Covered almost entirely in armor from head to toe not many features can be made out from a first look. He stands slightly straighter than many Tauren and his walk is more of a march than a stroll. His body shows a lot of muscle and weight even from under his armor and his right hand is much less relaxed then his left. (Though that isn’t saying much.) Several large cuts are across his eyes and muzzle with one extremely large scar on his throat. Konro’s left horn is snapped with a light of discoloration showing its fairly recent. His right horn is extremely beaten up with several scratches all along the horn. His voice is gruff and deep with a constant hatred that resonates when angered.

Personality: Konro is an angry, gruff war veteran who speaks before thinking and kills without question. He's generally drunk and tries his minimum to socialize with civilians...unless he’s drunk. He fights with an overwhelming fury and revels in killing. He sticks to his opinions to the end unless something extreme happens that will change his view. Hardened through war Konro is used to relying on his soldiers but since the end of the Northrend campaign he can’t trust many people.Quick to anger and fast to fight.

Skills: Konro is a warrior with years worth of experience. Skilled and unforgiving in combat. Very used to fighting in large groups. Experienced Field Medic and Cook. Accustomed to healing bite marks, burns, frostbite, cuts and gashes.

Combat tactics: Unrelenting and vicious in combat. Konro will fight until either he falls or his adversary does. Experienced with polearms, shields and swords but prefers dual-wielding axes.

Phobias and Weaknesses: Failure to serve the Hore. Konro has served the Horde his whole life and if for some reason he lost his faith in it or the Warchief he would lose faith in himself. For this reason he will serve till the end. His devotion is his major weakness.

Pet peeves: Raptor calls.

Special Possessions: His orcish badge of bravery and his Orgrimmar tabard.

Origin/Birthplace: Somewhere cold and dark.

Brief History: Konro never knew his mother. His father Antur was the major influence in his early life and he lost track of his younger sister when Konro started his military career.

When Konro was roughly twenty five he and his small tribe ventured to dustwallow marsh when they heard groups of strange creatures were appearing on the shores. When they arrived however the human/dwarf hunters shot and killed several of the tauren including Konro’s father. After a small battle Konro and his sister were the last tauren standing.

Konro began his military career when Thrall recruited the Tauren into the Horde. Konro was part of the 37th infantry which was under the control of Varok Saurfang until Garrosh Hellscream took over during the Northrend Campaign. When Garrosh killed Cairne, Konro was given guard duty of Thunder Bluff but has since fought in Pandaria and aided Hellscream’s soldiers in the Barrens during the Darkspear rebellion.

Character Diamond

Something old: a typical trait of the race, hardwired into his ancestry.


Konro is loyal to the things that have earned his loyalty like many tauren. Once something earns the loyalty of Konro he will follow until the grave unless something drastic happens that will shake his devotion. Konro is also devoted and loyal to the death of his enemies and that of the horde’s enemies.

Something new: A way in which this character is a bit of a “rebel” or stands out from what’d you expect of the stereotype.


This could be borrowed from warrior though many warriors especially those in the Alliance are much more restrained than Konro. Unlike almost all Tauren Konro is extremely aggressive and hateful to many things. Konro would rather fight than talk about something and if he did talk instead he has at least some respect for you. He fights to blow off steam and kills for the thrill of battle.

Something borrowed: A personality trait “borrowed” from his class or profession. Not exactly accurate, since the personality trait is inborn, and they probably chose the profession based on their personality, rather than just adopting this trait because of their profession, but hey, its a mnemonic, so sue me.


Konro like many warriors, fights for the thrill of it. Every day he wades into combat just so he could have a fight and won’t stop until he can’t go anymore. No matter the conflict Konro will defend his opinion till the end and fears no punishment that someone could possibly inflict upon him.

Something blue: This is something just for "color." This should be the trait that makes the character most interesting to others, that draws others to them - the one they'll remember most. This is often one of their most likable or at least interesting traits - the reason people choose to spend time with them. It can be something related to race or class OR something a bit unusual, but its main purpose is to make this character *interesting.* It differs from the "something new" in that a person can be unusual for their race/class without being interesting or likable.


Konro has led a life fueled by Rage, Hate, Love and Death. Ever since he began his military career, Konro has never stayed in one place for too long and everyone who he ever knew has died or been forgotten. He lives in constant regret and anger for his actions and he is terrified of sleep because of the nightmares he sees. Konro is iron on the outside and steel inside but very deep down he is a man who has lived a life of constant pain.

1. list four things you like very much.

Fighting, Drinking, Nagrand, Killing

2. list four things you dislike very much.

Alliance, Cities, Elves, Sleeping

3. Did you have a happy childhood?

Yes I think so.

4. Describe the incident in childhood that you think most affected you.

Fighting the hunters in dustwallow.

5. Describe your mother and how you feel about her.

You mean the bitch who didn’t care enough to take care of her own children? Damn her.

6. Describe your father and how you feel about him.

He was good to me and my little sister. He taught me everything I used to know. He was strong, proud and unwavering. I thought nothing could take him down.

7. What are your favorite pastimes?


8. What person do you think has most influenced you?

That damned hunter.

9. How do you feel about sex?

Sex is for lovers, deviants and criminals.

10. What are your people’s religious beliefs.

The Tauren worship the earth mother.

11. How far do you go along with these beliefs, and how important are they to you?

Myself I don’t really care for religion. Actually I don’t believe in the earth mother.

12. How are your people organised and led?

The Tauren live in different tribes with the High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof.

13. How do you feel about the leadership, and how important is it to you?

Baine is a traitor to the Warchief and the Horde. I serve the Warchief. Nothing more, nothing less.

14. What is your philosophy on life?

Have the best one you can before you’re six feet under.

15. If you could have any tangible thing in the world you wanted, what would it be?

Tangible? A quick and glorious death.

16. Do you have any physical difficulties?

No you idiot.

17. What kind of education have you had, and how do you feel about it?

Not much from my youth. I know battle strategies, reading, writing, basic math and the bare minimum of zeppelin engineering which is just that they fly.

18. How do you think other people react to you as a person?

Probably think i’m a grunt who will follow to the end and that i’m the traitor.

19. What are you most proud of?

My military success.

20. What are you most ashamed of?

My greatest failure...

21. What is your deepest fear?

...To fail the Warchief.

22. How do you feel about food?

Too many different kinds. I could be fine with just steak and beer.

23. What makes you feel good?

The Battlefield. Campsites. Having something to do.

24. What do you dream about?


25. What do you try hardest to avoid?

My regrets. Elves. Cities. Sleeping.

26. What makes you angry? How do you react when you’re angry?

*Sigh* Many, many things anger me. I usually react with force.

27. How do you react to your people’s relationship with the world?

You mean the Tauren? Uh, indifference I guess.

28. What one person had the greatest effect on you as a child?

My father.

29. How athletic are you?

Very athletic.

30. How methodical are you?

Not at all.

31. What are your chief taboos?

Necromancy. No matter how much you want someone back, its not right.

32. How much traveling have you done?

I’ve traveled most of the world on campaigns. So a lot of traveling.

33. Describe a situation where you acted courageously.

“Courageous” is not what i’d call it but when I saved a prisoner I would say that

it was worth it.

34. Do you see yourself as a self centered person?


35. Do you see yourself as a loving person?

Once, a lifetime ago.

36. Do you see yourself as a popular person?

What do you think? No.

37. Do you see yourself having a potentially important influence on the world?


38. What is the purpose of your people?

To serve the Horde.

39. How artistic are you?

I’m not.

40. How do you feel about materials things?

They’re useless. Mostly elven things probably.

41. What are your plans for the future?

I uh I don’t have one.

42. How idealistic are you?

I guess i’m an optimist. I feel one day the Horde can rule.

43. How realistic are you?

Very realistic. I will die one day but before I do I want to see Azeroth painted red.

44. How successful are you?

Very successful I think. In a military sense anyway.

45. Name the four things you object to in other people.

Weakness, Daintiness, People who think they’re better than everyone else, Being a child.

46. Name the four things you object to in yourself.

My rage, my grief, my hate and my weakness.

47. How gullible are you?

Go to hell.

48. How intelligent are you?

Average I guess. And no, that doesn’t mean i’m an idiot.

49. Does the end justify the means?


50. How attractive are you physically?

I don’t really know. At least not for the last couple years.

51. Do you believe there is anything worth dying for? What experiences led you to this conclusion?

Yes of course. Northrend and my father taught me this.

52. What do you worry about the most?


53. What makes life worth living for you?

Not much anymore.

54. What is the difference between good and evil?


55. What kind of person would you like to be?

Someone who could have done something.

56. What ideas in the history of the world as you know it should be forgotten?

The idea of a united Azeroth.

57. What changes taking place in the world as you know it should be encouraged?, which discouraged?

I don’t know. All I have are my orders.

58. What ideas now popular among the people you know do you consider potentially dangerous?


59. What do you think is worth knowing?

What can be practically used.

60. How do you feel about violence?

It is very useful.

61. Do you have any children? Describe them if you do.

No. I...I don’t. No.

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Earth Mother, into Your arms we give one of our own.

He is Konro Stormreaver, my Brother, and once a soldier of the Horde.

His loyalty was strong and unwavering.

May his spirit fly to You swiftly. May the winds carry him gently, and the grasses whisper his name.

Watch over him, for he was lost and lonely.

Let him find his mate and look down on us with joy

through the eternal gaze of An'she and Mu'sha, until we too join him in death.

For we are all born of You, and to You we all return.

Shu'halo tribes often take a few days each year- sometimes in October at the recognized Day of the Dead but more often at the end of a year. It is during this time that a ceremony is held, especially among those tribes with many warriors and braves. It is a funeral. The death of one year, and the start of a new one. The cycle begins anew. Each shu'halo composes their death song and sings it then, in the case that they are not able to later. Death is not something to be feared, for it is the chance to return home to their Mother. This is Konro's death song.

I'm one with the warrior inside,

and my loyalty can’t be denied,

But now it's time for me to

Leave the battlefield tonight.

As I look upon you through

The spirit’s eyes now,

You'll see the strength in me

that Ensured victory, one last time

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Cobrak growls as he hears the tauren's name, producing his skinning knife in but an instant. "I wish I wuz there when he got gutted so I couldda got me a pelt."

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"Hey," Xara says, cutting into the not-too-flattering conversation that had come up in regards to the deceased tauren. "Ya didn't know him. Next ta no one knew him. Yeah, he was pretty fuckin' stupid, but you didn't know what he was thinkin'. What he was feelin'. When yer dead, probably for just as dumb a reason, I hope there's someone around ta think better of you."

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Breygrah is caught by surprise when Konro is mentioned again, after this short time that has seemed much longer than it really has been.  She looks around, caught between the desire to speak on him and the desire to leave and pretend as if she didn't hear.  But after short glance down, she snorts an exhale and lifts her head and shoulders.

"We all make decisions we regret.  Even before made.  And we all at times confide in others we know them to be wrong.  It only happens for some more visibly than others.  Think of what others would believe about you, knowing what secrets you have.  May the spirits be so kind to you.  Please excuse me, I have a child I must tend to."

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