Eclipse: The Battle at the Sunwell

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Logging started on 04/03/2015 at 20:34:54.

20:39:51 You wave at Khorvis.

20:39:56 Khorvis nods at you.

20:40:05 [Khorvis]: Huntress Nawe.

20:40:09 [Xaraphyne]: Heh, ain't gonna be just you and me, I hope!

20:40:22 [Khorvis]: There are others who have heard our call.

20:40:27 You look at Cobrak.

20:40:27 Khorvis nods at Cobrak.

20:40:30 [Cobrak]: Oiya Xara.

20:40:35 [Xaraphyne]: Heya.. err... you!

20:40:41 Cobrak laughs at you.

20:40:48 Xaraphyne grins sheepishly.

20:40:50 [Khorvis]: This is Cobrak Deadeye, Reaper of the Grim

20:40:52 [Cobrak]: 'Ow kin ya forget my handsome face?

20:40:57 [Xaraphyne]: Of course I didn't ferget!

20:41:09 [Cobrak]: Sure.

20:41:16 [Cobrak]: Yer a badda liar as Lills.

20:41:20 You laugh at Cobrak.

20:41:27 [Xaraphyne]: She's a good liar, when she wants ta lie.

20:42:03 [Cobrak]: Har, kay, she's jus' a bad liar ta me then.

20:42:14 [Xaraphyne]: Is she? Huh.

20:42:32 Xaraphyne looks down at the big puppy.

20:42:36 Cobrak 's sniffs Xaraphyne playfully.

20:42:48 Xaraphyne holds her hand out, palm down, fingers curled.

20:43:22 Darrethy gives Khorvis a salute, and nods to the other two in turn "Evening."

20:43:25 Cobrak 's pet Kain ignores the hand and tackles Xaraphyne! She's just like his beloved Lilliana.

20:43:26 Khorvis nods at Darrethy.

20:43:45 Cobrak 's pet Kain slobbers the trolless lovingly.

20:43:50 [Khorvis]: Blackguard. Welcome.

20:43:51 Cobrak laughs at Kain.

20:43:55 Xaraphyne catches the dog by one neck and half wrestles it to the side, half uses the leverage to move herself to the side. She laughs and quickly forces it into submissions.

20:44:22 Xaraphyne is not quite just like Lilliana.

20:44:38 Cobrak 's pet Kain loves to play and gleefully hauls the hunter up and begins bucking about with her hanging on.

20:44:45 Darrethy chuckles "You half make me want to take up the bow again."

20:44:53 Cobrak blinks at Darrethy.

20:44:54 [Darrethy]: "But that was another time, another life."

20:45:23 Xaraphyne grabs Kain by the snout and forces the head down. Then grabs the other one with her other hand. She stares Kain in the eye, grinning toothily. "Down, boy." Her animal instincts are strong.

20:45:34 Fhenrir hails everyone around him.

20:45:40 Khorvis waves at Fhenrir.

20:45:42 Cobrak 's pet Kain obeys, still panting happily.

20:45:50 [Cobrak]: Huh. Thass a first.

20:45:59 Xaraphyne eases up and starts petting the dog's two head, ruffling the ears. "Good boy!"

20:46:05 [Khorvis]: Now, Huntress Nawe. To the dark business, aye?

20:46:14 Cobrak 's pet Kain howls in delight!

20:46:21 Xaraphyne steps back. She looks over at Fhenrir and smiles warmly before looking to Khorvis.

20:46:33 [Xaraphyne]: Right. Who's gonna carry it?

20:46:36 Cobrak 's pet Kain sees Lilliana and bounds upon her.

20:46:49 Fhenrir laughs at Kain.

20:46:52 Khorvis glowers amongst the assembled Horde.

20:46:58 Lilliana goes to stand next to Xaraphyne after she rushed in to everyone. She actually sidesteps Kain with an unexpected grace. She doesn't let him get her.

20:47:08 Cobrak whistles at Kain.

20:47:13 [Cobrak]: C'mere mutt.

20:47:35 [Khorvis]: I do think it best if we hide the book in the armor of brother Fhenrir.

20:47:41 You look at Fhenrir.

20:47:41 Fhenrir blinks at Khorvis.

20:47:46 Lilliana looks at Fhenrir.

20:47:49 [Fhenrir]: Done.

20:47:50 [Xaraphyne]: Actually... Maybe I should carry it.

20:47:55 Khorvis eyes you up and down.

20:47:55 Fhenrir looks at you.

20:48:30 [Xaraphyne]: She can kick anyone's ass here.

20:48:44 [Xaraphyne]: But... you guys can delay her long enough fer the quickest one of us ta get away.

20:48:53 Cobrak nods at you.

20:48:56 Xaraphyne raises her eyebrows.

20:49:05 [Fhenrir]: But if she spots you?

20:49:05 [Khorvis]: She? That little elf woman?

20:49:27 You nod at Khorvis.

20:49:55 [Darrethy]: "If worse came to worse, i'd be willing to die to give you all the distraction you need."

20:50:06 [Xaraphyne]: I think it's our best bet.

20:50:09 [Fhenrir]: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

20:50:11 Fhenrir looks at Darrethy.

20:50:20 Darrethy just nods.

20:50:20 [Xaraphyne]: Hopefully, she doesn't even know where the book is ta begin with.

20:50:22 [Cobrak]: Aye, an' I kin keep pace wit Xara fer a final guard if need be.

20:50:22 Lilliana eyes Darrethy up and down.

20:50:44 [Cobrak]: Least make tha elf slow down iffin comes ta that.

20:50:47 [Khorvis]: So be it. Nawe will be our bearer of the black book.

20:50:55 You nod at Cobrak.

20:50:58 You look at Khorvis.

20:51:01 [Xaraphyne]: Where is it?

20:51:08 Lilliana looks at Xaraphyne carefully.

20:51:10 Khorvis stomps over to the jukebox.

20:51:13 Fhenrir looks between Khorvis and Xaraphyne, visibly displeased with this plan.

20:51:32 You stare B.o.O.M. Box down.

20:51:43 [Cobrak]: Please don tell me...

20:51:45 Lilliana gently pats Kain.

20:51:50 [Xaraphyne]: ...ya left it out on top of this?

20:51:55 Khorvis kicks the B.o.O.M. Box. A black bound tome falls from atop the device.

20:52:04 You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.

20:52:06 [Cobrak]: ...

20:52:20 Fhenrir doesn't see the problem.

20:52:21 Xaraphyne reaches down and picks up the book. It's inky darkness in her had, reflecting not a single ounce of light.

20:52:38 Fhenrir approaches Xara and puts a hand on her shoulder.

20:52:42 [Cobrak]: Well, if its stupid an' works....guess it ain't stupid.

20:52:52 [Khorvis]: This is the object, aye?

20:52:53 [Xaraphyne]: That's debatable.

20:52:58 Lilliana agrees with Cobrak.

20:53:06 Xaraphyne nods and Khorvis and stows the book in her bag. She frowns and rubs her hands on her thighs.

20:53:08 Cobrak 's pet Kain rubs against Lilliana's hand, sensing the dire mood.

20:53:12 [Lilliana]: Sometimes stupid is smart. *she nods wisely*

20:53:15 [Fhenrir]: Xara.

20:53:17 Cobrak smiles at Lilliana.

20:53:19 You look at Fhenrir.

20:53:24 [Cobrak]: Ya'd know that firsthand wouldn'tcha?

20:53:33 [Fhenrir]: You sure you want this? I can handle it.

20:53:39 You nod at Fhenrir.

20:53:42 [Xaraphyne]: So can I.

20:53:45 Fhenrir nods at you.

20:53:52 Lilliana snorts derisively at Cobrak.

20:54:03 [Xaraphyne]: This our party, then?

20:54:09 Lilliana looks at you.

20:54:11 Khorvis glances about.

20:54:11 You blink at Syreena.

20:54:14 Cobrak chuckles dryly at Lilliana sitting in her little huff.

20:54:21 [Khorvis]: I do hear the footsteps of another.

20:54:22 [Xaraphyne]: ...Syreena, why're you wearin' a dress?

20:54:25 [Lilliana]: I"ll go wherever you go, Xaraphyne.

20:54:26 Khorvis nods at Ruuki.

20:54:28 Darrethy nods at Ruuki.

20:54:32 Syreena smiles at you.

20:54:32 You smile at Lilliana.

20:54:36 Cobrak elbows Fhenrir.

20:54:39 Ruuki nods in greeting to the gathered.

20:54:41 Fhenrir looks at Cobrak.

20:54:47 [Cobrak]: Comes down to it, I'll keep 'er round, boyo.

20:54:48 You nod at Ruuki.

20:54:49 [Khorvis]: Inquisitor Ruuki. You are in time to escort a dire errand. Do I count on your blade?

20:54:58 [Fhenrir]: Good.

20:54:59 Lilliana smiles at Ruuki, that is one she can trust.

20:55:01 [Ruuki]: As always, Lasher.

20:55:06 Khorvis cheers at Ruuki!

20:55:14 You smile at Ruuki.

20:55:16 Lilliana looks a bit dubiously at Syreena and her....'condition'.

20:55:18 [Xaraphyne]: Good ol' Ruuki.

20:55:25 [Cobrak]: Wow Ruuk, 'ere already? Rhuune didn't last that long eh?

20:55:29 Cobrak laughs at Ruuki.

20:55:45 You look at Darrethy.

20:55:54 Khorvis casts a quick glance at Syreena. Sorrow and regret grip his brow before fading into a stoic resolve.

20:55:58 [Xaraphyne]: Did ya learn anythin' from the book?

20:56:00 Ruuki scowls at Cobrak. "Don't start, or I will end it. Khorvis's lash isn't the only thing you need fear."

20:56:22 Lilliana catches Khorvis's look to Syreena. She eyes him quietly then shrugs, looking to Xaraphyne.

20:56:22 Khorvis lists to Darrethy's results.

20:56:30 Cobrak smiles at Ruuki, though its a fake one...He knows how serious the situation is.

20:56:37 [Darrethy]: "Mostly that it's just a vile thing that needs to be purged. Nothing that we could sort out from the pages would give anyone anything but ill."

20:56:42 You nod at Darrethy.

20:56:44 [Xaraphyne]: Good.

20:56:52 [Xaraphyne]: All right, then. To Silvermoon.

20:56:58 You look around.

20:57:02 Darrethy nods.

20:57:08 [Cobrak]: Atcher back, girlie.

20:57:09 [Khorvis]: What is your plan, Huntress?

20:57:19 [Xaraphyne]: The Sunwell.

20:58:02 Khorvis remains expressionless. Those sanctum are beyond his understanding.

20:58:03 [Xaraphyne]: Let's head ta Silvermoon, then fly north ta the Isle.

20:58:19 Darrethy nods.

20:58:23 [Khorvis]: I do trust your judgement in this. We will meet at the Isle.

20:58:27 You nod at Khorvis.

20:58:31 [Xaraphyne]: Off we go!

21:04:48 You look at Syreena.

21:04:51 You look at Khorvis.

21:04:51 Khorvis slips Miss Syreena a VERY shiny copper piece.

21:04:58 [Xaraphyne]: Why is she in a dress?

21:04:59 Syreena smiles at Khorvis.

21:05:04 [syreena]: Thank you!

21:05:17 Syreena slips the copper piece into a hidden pocket in the folds of her dress.

21:05:27 [syreena]: Oh, I got a new job.

21:05:30 Syreena smiles at you.

21:05:34 You blink at Syreena.

21:05:35 Lilliana looks at Syreena.

21:05:39 [Xaraphyne]: What was yer old job?

21:05:41 [Lilliana]: Shhhhhh *she hushes Syreena*

21:05:41 [syreena]: I'm a waitress at the Brokenspear Tavern.

21:05:46 Syreena peers at Lilliana searchingly.

21:05:47 [Xaraphyne]: Are ya now.

21:05:52 Fhenrir shrugs at you. Who knows?

21:07:00 You wave at Cobrak.

21:07:07 Cobrak nods at you.

21:07:19 [Xaraphyne]: Missin' Darrethy and Ruuki.

21:07:44 Lilliana takes a long look at Syreena. Protectively like.

21:07:50 Syreena smiles at Lilliana.

21:08:48 You wave at Darrethy.

21:09:11 Darrethy nods at you.

21:10:01 Fhenrir snickers at Darrethy.

21:10:29 [Xaraphyne]: All right, let's mount up, eh?

21:10:55 Cobrak pets Jadeclaw on his armored head.

21:14:39 [borghul]: The crap...

21:14:42 [borghul]: Oh.

21:14:44 You blink at Borghul.

21:15:07 [borghul]: Picnic?

21:15:07 Lilliana waves at Borghul.

21:15:12 Syreena smiles at Borghul.

21:15:35 [borghul]: No? Okay.

21:15:36 [Khorvis]: Aye, the kind that will burn your nosehairs from your skull. Huntress, show us the path.

21:16:23 [Xaraphyne]: Let's go!

21:17:25 [Xaraphyne]: Heh, been awhile since I've been here.

21:17:35 Lilliana nods slowly at Xaraphyne.

21:17:35 [Khorvis]: Aye, Treasure Seeker.

21:17:37 Khorvis grins at you wickedly.

21:17:39 [borghul]: I forgot this was a place.

21:17:39 You grin wickedly at Khorvis.

21:17:44 Fhenrir snickers at Khorvis.

21:17:46 [Cobrak]: Goddamn hate this place...hate the fel an' hate all this elf shit.

21:17:47 Borghul looks around.

21:18:00 Lilliana rolls her eyes at Cobrak.

21:18:02 [Xaraphyne]: Might have to clear out a few troublemakers ta get ta the Sunwell.

21:18:13 [Khorvis]: Then let us have their bloody guts!

21:18:13 [Lilliana]: That won't be a problem.

21:19:52 Xaraphyne happily helps herself to treasure.

21:22:32 [Lilliana]: Whoa.

21:22:48 [Cobrak]: I call dibs on tha dragon's meat.

21:23:26 [Xaraphyne]: Wait...

21:23:34 [Xaraphyne]: Did you guys hear that?

21:23:35 Lilliana eyes you up and down.

21:23:44 Lilliana waits, and cocks her head to the side to listen.

21:23:51 [Khorvis]: The Legion does not craft their commanders as they did once!

21:23:54 Syreena hides behind a box.

21:23:58 Borghul shrugs. He doesn't hear most things.

21:23:58 Ruuki finds it hard to hear anything over the roar of the fire.

21:24:10 [Xaraphyne]: I swear I heard a howl. A wolf howl.

21:24:14 Cobrak lifts his head and sniffs the air, Kain doing so as well.

21:24:18 Fhenrir bares his teeth and snarls.

21:24:57 [Xaraphyne]: Maybe it was nothin'.

21:25:03 You shrug. Who knows?

21:27:37 [Xaraphyne]: We lost Lilly!

21:27:50 [Khorvis]: We will wait for her!~

21:29:38 Xaraphyne takes out the book.

21:29:41 [Xaraphyne]: Well.

21:30:00 Borghul tugs at his collar. "S'it hot in here, or is it just me?"

21:30:13 [Xaraphyne]: Good riddance to Accalia. This world doesn't need her.

21:30:51 You tap your foot as you wait for Prophet Velen.

21:30:57 [Xaraphyne]: Yeah, yeah. Can I throw it in now?

21:31:08 You sigh at Prophet Velen.

21:31:10 [Khorvis]: Aye, show this Accalia the Peace of the Mandate.

21:31:25 Cobrak keeps an eye on everyone's backs, seeing how everyone has their attention on the Sunwell.

21:31:27 [borghul]: Yes. That. To her. Whatever she is. Screw her.

21:32:02 Ruuki crosses her arms, waiting for the book to be thrown in.

21:32:19 Borghul blinks a few times. "Okay, ow."

21:33:18 Khorvis nods at you.

21:33:20 Lilliana watches Xaraphyne carefully, a bit of worry creasing her brow.

21:33:22 Fhenrir keeps his eyes out for anyone or anything that might come at Xara.

21:33:33 Xaraphyne hefts the book. But pauses, when the sound of a howl echoes through the entire room. The assembled Sunwell defenders react, but it turns out their presence is useless... as the entire party on this side of the Sunwell is pulled into another realm. It is a washed-out world, an echo of the mortal realm, in muted colors and sounds, the Sunwell defenders like shadows, but everyone in the party present and whole.

21:33:37 Borghul holds a hand over his eyes, shielding them from the light.

21:33:49 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, shit.

21:33:55 Darrethy wants her to just toss the damn thing in, the more she waits, the longer the villaon has to stop-...precisely.

21:34:02 [borghul]: Did something just happen?

21:34:13 [borghul]: Cuz I think something happened.

21:34:14 Khorvis unsheathes his blade and prepares for the worst. This would not be the first time he crossed a portal...

21:34:23 [Cobrak]: No fuckin' shit!

21:34:24 [Lilliana]: Xara? *she asks her as if she has the answer* What the frack??!

21:34:34 You look around.

21:34:38 [Xaraphyne]: She's here.

21:34:41 Lilliana spins around, looking this way and that swiftly.

21:34:43 [Xaraphyne]: ...I guess that's obvious.

21:34:46 [Cobrak]: The elf?!

21:34:46 [Darrethy]: "Fantastic! COME OUT, INSECT!"

21:34:50 [Lilliana]: You guess, heh.

21:35:02 Ruuki scowls, drawing her sword as she scans the room for the source of the howl. She takes a half crouched stance, ready to fight. "Damn her and the book."

21:35:27 Cobrak cracks his neck as he loads his gun, Kain growling with his hairs standing on end.

21:35:29 [borghul]: Uh, yeah, damn that book

21:35:42 Borghul looks around.

21:35:56 Fhenrir assumes a battle stance and looks for something to hit.

21:36:10 Xaraphyne unslings her bow and pulls and arrow, looking around. Then, the shadows coalesce into a monstrous worg, twice as big as Fhenrir, and bounds at her. She lets fly with an arrow but misses and it collides with her, tackling her to the ground and closing its maw over her shoulder.

21:36:28 Khorvis scans the room with his remaining eye and focuses on the worg.

21:36:38 Borghul peers at Crimlaena searchingly.

21:36:51 [Khorvis]: Brother Fhenrir! I have it's flank!

21:36:54 [Cobrak]: Shit!

21:37:11 Darrethy roars at the animal "I'v had ENOUGH OF YOUR KIND, FILTH!" fel energy swarms into an orb around his hand, before being unleashed in a blast of raw energy at the beasts head.

21:37:19 Lilliana is a protective aunt troll, and she lingers close to Xaraphyne...but when the worg flies at her she screetches. "Bad worg thing!"

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Logging started on 04/03/2015 at 21:37:32.

21:39:10 Darrethy rushes over to Cobrak

21:39:39 [Cobrak]: Kain! Sic'im!

21:45:06 Vionora | The worg savages Xara, making the huntress cry out in pain. She is effectively down for the count with those injuries.

21:46:48 Darrethy roars at the animal "I'v had ENOUGH OF YOUR KIND, FILTH!" fel energy swarms into an orb around his hand, before being unleashed in a blast of raw energy at the beasts head.

21:49:23 Vionora | | The worg is struck by the spell in the head and it is knocked clean off of Xaraphyne. It is disoriented for the moment.

21:51:40 Lilliana gets mad......that's Xaraphyne that just got knocked over....and even if that troll huntress is not a Grim, the priestess goes to fight for her just the same. She snarls and pulls her shadows around her, and like Darrethy she goes to slam the worg with mind blast....her shadows spitted out from her hands.

21:52:20 Vionora | The worg is struck again and nearly stumbles into the Sunwell.

21:52:29 [Lilliana]: Screw you asshead!

21:53:14 Vionora appears as she leaps onto the prone huntress. She snatches the book away and leaps back.

21:53:21 Borghul claps weakly at that insult. Lilly is the Burn Master!

21:53:36 [Vionora]: You fools.

21:53:42 [borghul]: Yes?

21:53:45 [borghul]: Oh.

21:53:49 [Darrethy]: "You rang?"

21:53:54 Fhenrir roars with bestial vigor at you. So fierce!

21:54:07 [Lilliana]: Hey, you can't have that!

21:54:15 [borghul]: That was supposed to be an insult. Yer as bad as Lilly!

21:54:20 [Vionora]: It doesn't matter if you do destroy the curse, unless you're willing to destroy every one of the curse-carriers too.

21:54:35 [Darrethy]: "I came here prepared to die."

21:54:42 [Khorvis]: You do underestimate the fury of the Mandate!

21:54:49 Darrethy snickers, readying his blade "So let's dance already."

21:54:56 [Ruuki]: We'll start by destroying you!

21:54:59 [Lilliana]: That's fine.....give it back!

21:55:02 Borghul grumbles. "I just wanted a picnic..."

21:55:02 [Vionora]: The Grim are nothing but a disorganized lot of thugs.

21:55:19 [Cobrak]: an' yer an elf whose in over 'er goddamn head!

21:55:38 [Darrethy]: "You toy with magics beyond your comprehension."

21:56:00 Syreena eyes Vionora, hearing everyone yelling about the book, so she rushes to the Herald and bashes a tankard at her head.

21:56:08 [Khorvis]: We will grind your worgs into the sausage of defeat!

21:56:47 Vionora blinks as the tankard bonks her in the head, completely taken aback by the ridiculousness of the assault "What are you--?" She is completely unprepared for the next attack.

21:58:08 Borghul growls menacingly. He begins conjuring felfire from the deepest depths of the Nether. "Alright, yer goin' DOWN!" He finishes his spell and conjures...!

21:58:45 Borghul ...burning immolation of fire around the she-devil.

21:59:04 Vionora grits her teeth as the fire burns her. She jumps back further, but is obviously hurt.

21:59:05 Lilliana gasps at you.

21:59:38 Lilliana glances back to Xaraphyne on the ground while all the fighting erupts around them against the evil Herald thing.

22:00:01 Ruuki turns her attention to the matter of the wounded worg. Not wanting this beast to bite at their heels while they dealt with the real threat, she grabbed her sword firmly in both hands and gave a mighty underhanded swing at the beast's heads.

22:01:11 Vionora | the worg snarls and manages to dodge out of the way, moving quickly for a beast of its size, as it shakes off its disorientation.

22:01:32 [Khorvis]: Brother Fhenrir! Aid me in the cleave! Take the North flank!

22:02:32 Fhenrir looks to Khorvis and nods, then gets ready to make his move.

22:02:46 Cobrak loads an explosive round into his gun, firing it off with a tremendous shot as Kain rushes the elfess.

22:03:43 Vionora drops down to a crouch and the round goes sailing overhead. It explodes against the far wall with a hollow, muffled sound, distorted by the twilight around them.

22:03:49 You kneel down.

22:06:13 You kneel down.

22:06:30 Cobrak 's pet Kain bullrushes Vionora, only to elegantly sidestep the creature as she weaves a barrage of shadowflame bolts that singe his fur...bringing the two-headed hound to his knees, gasping for air...and collapsing.

22:06:37 [Cobrak]: Kain!

22:06:47 [Cobrak]: YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!

22:06:51 [Vionora]: Canines are my domain.

22:07:05 Lilliana yells when Cobrak does, "Kain!!!!!!"

22:07:09 [Lilliana]: Not nice!

22:07:12 [Darrethy]: "Good, it'll be easier to put you down like a dog."

22:07:41 Fhenrir nods to Khorvis once more and drops to a crouch, then leaps into the air and smashes into the ground on the far side of the worg. He prepare to bring his mace into the jowels of the beast as Khorvis lands his move, hopefully to shove the thing in the well

22:07:42 [Cobrak]: I'm gonna skin ya alive fer that, she-witch!

22:07:46 Khorvis dashes into position on the South flank of the Sunwell to cleave the worg. He aims the blade of his runed warblade just beneath the whistling blow of brother Fhenrir.

22:09:18 Vionora | The worg tries to dodge one, only to run straight into the other. Khorvis' sword imbeds itself in its flank and it howls in pain and anger.

22:10:14 Vionora | The worg turns on Khorvis, using its great mass to try to take the old warrior to the ground, and tear off the orc's cage-liked helm with its great maw.

22:10:51 Lilliana gasps at Khorvis.

22:13:52 Darrethy roars as his Shivarra comes out of invisibility "OBLIVION!" he swings towards Vionora in tag team with the demon, their linked souls causing them to blaze with fel fury.

22:14:27 Fhenrir dives into the way of the beast's snapping maw as it lunges for Khorvis. His mace comes smashing into the mouth of the beast and it closes its jaws around it as the two wrestle for victory.

22:15:32 Vionora holds up the arm with the book and blocks them both. She doesn't even flinch, just looking at the warlock. "Where is your pretty wife?" Then she pushes them both back from her with great force, far stronger than her slender figure should possible have --

22:15:54 Vionora -- possessed. The amber mark on her right hand, the one holding the book she lowers to her waist, glows as bright as the muted Sunwell.

22:16:25 Lilliana 's eyes are torn from the fight with Fhen and Khorvis....to Vionora.

22:17:07 [Vionora]: I'm tired of suffering. This will all end. And soon.

22:17:22 [Cobrak]: Jus' stand still then, I'll end it for ya!

22:17:26 Darrethy laughs even as it slams into his chest, his body smashing repeatedly off the stone...hard enough to crack in the floor....before rolling onto the floor "I knew it'd end someway like this, and I love it!"

22:17:27 [Lilliana]: ...............

22:17:34 Vionora holds the book with both hands. An explosion of shadow energy radiates outward from her with stunning force.

22:17:55 Kex'ti looks out upon the assembly.

22:18:33 Khorvis rolls onto his back with the wolf upon him. He takes the tip of his sword and positions the force of the blow atop the worg.

22:18:44 Darrethy ] Alizabal rolls on the floor, out cold. The sheer force too much for even her demonic body.

22:18:56 Darrethy kneels down.

22:19:24 Borghul is struck by the wave of darkness. He reel, and snarls in agitation. "Oh, okay, s'gonna be like that, huh?"

22:19:32 Fhenrir is blasted away from Khorvis and the worg, rolling against the floor and trailing blood. He springs to his hooves and calls out. "Xara! You okay!?"

22:19:51 Cobrak rockets back from the pulse, knocking him flat on his back. He grunts as he jumps back to be combat ready.

22:19:51 Darrethy is blasted even farther back, slamming hard into the floor. A brand on his chest burning bright with energy as he gasps for air he no longer needs.

22:19:54 Lilliana gets thrown off her feet.....in total surprise. She hits the ground...hard.....and goes to get back up....but finds herself stunned, that hit her hard!

22:20:01 Darrethy kneels down.

22:20:11 Ruuki called upon the light of An'she to protect her from the blast of shadow energy, feeling the hit but able to let it roll off of her.

22:20:32 Vionora | Xaraphyne is knocked unconscious by the force of the blast.

22:20:41 Syreena draws the shadows around herself to protect herself from the blast.

22:20:52 [Fhenrir]: Damn!

22:21:02 [Kex'ti]: This is the Sunwell, Brey.

22:21:04 Syreena frowns, seeing Mr. Darrethy get attacked, and jumps at Vionora's back, wrapping her arms around the elf's throat.

22:21:24 [breygrah]: I have not seen it, before.

22:21:41 [breygrah]: The energy is strong.

22:21:45 [Kex'ti]: I don't know what they did with Remiaan's body. I assume it's buried near the Exodar.

22:21:55 Vionora grins ferally and seizes Syreena by the dress, hurling her at the nearest target, which happens to be Lilliana. "Don't you remember how this goes?!"

22:22:07 [Kex'ti]: But for me, this is symbolic of her as anything.

22:22:17 Kex'ti smiles under his helmet.

22:22:24 [breygrah]: How so?

22:23:09 Darrethy kneels down.

22:23:56 Syreena 's widen as she flies through the air, arms flailing, and crashes into Lilly.

22:24:43 Borghul growls, and begins swirling felfire around his hands. His eyes glow red as the fire and brimstone flare from his body. Aiming for Vionara, he fires...

22:24:53 Lilliana was still trying to recover, seeing as how she got hit the hardest from that shadow blast.....and was just getting up to her feet to try to help when Syreena smashes into her. She hits the floor with a painful thumb along with the poor ragdoll rogue.

22:25:21 Borghul ...a fairly large healthstone, which sails over her head. "Oh, fuck that SHIT."

22:25:45 [borghul]: I could used that, too.

22:26:05 [Vionora]: You know I'm just toying with you all.

22:26:26 [borghul]: Well, yanno... FETCH! Good girl! FETCH FETCH YEAH

22:26:28 [Cobrak]: Then we should stop playin' round then!

22:26:33 [Darrethy]: "I die a warriors death, your games are irrelevant."

22:27:25 Vionora | The worg is invigorated by the shadow blast and Khorvis' blade glances off its hide.

22:27:30 Kex'ti nods at Breygrah.

22:27:34 Lilliana struggles up to her feet, and helps Syreena up as well.

22:27:46 Syreena smiles at Lilliana.

22:27:59 Ruuki snarls viciously, turning her attention to the worg once more. Light collects in her hand, her normally pale brown eyes glowing a matching golden color as she calls down the holy power of Judgment onto the wretched beast.

22:28:52 Vionora | The worg flinches in pain. Although it was not a powerful hit... the Light burns it. It roars and turns towards Ruuki.

22:30:03 Cobrak gives into the rage of the beast, flaring his nostrils at the loss of his beloved hound. Two throwing glaives find their way into his hands as he tosses them with ease towards Vionora.

22:31:28 Cobrak 's glaives barely nick Vionora, one cuts upon her cheek whilst the other gashes her ribs.

22:31:32 Vionora half-turns, trying to dodge, but the other strikes across her shoulders. She staggers, but turns an angry glare on the hunter. Kain stirs, his eyes going a brilliant, feral amber, like the mark on her right hand.

22:32:15 Cobrak 's pet Kain rises, and howls viciously as it dives for Syreena!

22:33:19 Syreena looks in shock as Cobrak's pet dives on her, and she gets crushed underneath the beast.

22:33:59 Fhenrir 's eyes flare with anger and his fingers wrap tight around the hilt of his weapon. "I'll kill you!" He rushes at the worg and attempts to smash it over the head, and follow with a kick into the Well.

22:34:10 Cobrak 's eyes flare again as he attempts to communicate with his hound, barely able to command the beast to not slay Syreena...only head obeys and the other slams into its twin.

22:35:05 Vionora | The worg chomps down on Fhen's mace and disarms him by pulling it out of his grasp. It falls into the Sunwell.

22:35:12 Khorvis attempts to roll out from underneath the distracted worg and ignites the silver gem of his bracer. The armor of all his comrades takes on a mirrory hue.

22:37:33 Vionora | The worg lunges for Ruuki, attempting to clamp down and tear at her sword arm.

22:38:36 [Khorvis]: Focus your attacks on the worg! It will end us before the elf bitch!

22:38:50 Ruuki cries out in pain as massive beast clamps down on her dominant arm, the bracer bending and denting, crushing her arm within it.

22:39:08 Darrethy has been silent most of this time, wrestling with the dark energy that's overcome the delicate balance himself. When he rises, his sword has melded into the flesh of his arms and dozens of eyes have sprouted over blackened spots dotting his pale flesh.

22:39:25 Lilliana doesn't listen to Khorvis, her attention is on Vionora.

22:40:20 Darrethy stands silently for a moment, swaying as he catches Khorvis and his words. He turns and his bladed arm courses with Chaos energy, he snarls something feral and then unleshes a series of slashes that throw blasts of raw everchanging energy.

22:42:54 Vionora | The worg hunkers down, pulling Ruuki with it, as it absorbs the energy. It is forced to focus to do so, briefly distracted from harrying further at Ruuki's arm, but suffers no damage.

22:43:33 [Vionora]: Yes, resist, try to resist your fate.

22:43:36 Ruuki grunts in pain, struggling to get her arm free. With it distracted by the new task, she's able to wrench her arm loose.

22:44:04 Darrethy briefly glances over to Vionora "You talk a lot for food."

22:44:05 [Khorvis]: Bloody mad wench ... you are a fel cursed demon!

22:44:05 [Vionora]: You will; appreciate the end more the more you suffer before getting there.

22:44:08 [Khorvis]: Dae'mon!

22:44:32 [Darrethy]: "Silence, prey."

22:45:18 [Lilliana]: still doesn't turn her attentions to the worg....although she should. Instead she focuses again on Vionora, trying a different tactic. She tries to reach into the elf's mind and command her to drop the book.

22:46:27 Vionora 's swiftly indraws a breath as she feels Lilliana reach out for her mind. The book glows with darkness as she grips it, and sends her own mental attack right back at Lilliana.

22:47:37 Lilliana hisses and gets a taste of her own medicine......as she gets attacked back and overly compelled to move forward. No one has taken control of her mind like that before.

22:47:48 Lilliana steps towards Vionora.

22:47:53 [Vionora]: You want to control me, troll?

22:48:08 Khorvis growls at Fhenrir. "Any ideas, brother?"

22:48:12 [Cobrak]: You fuckin' TOUCH her...!

22:48:53 Lilliana grunts, able to maintain enough control to look really ticked off.

22:48:59 Fhenrir doesn't hear Khorvis, instead snarling beastially at the worg before him.

22:50:05 Vionora smirks and reaches out with her bare fingers for Lilliana's neck.

22:50:39 Cobrak 's eyes becomes a dull glowing red as his bloodlust takes over and he bum-rushes the elfess.

22:51:31 Lilliana 's eyes go wide, and she hisses....but she's unable to move....stuck there while Cobrak rushes forward and Vionora moves towards her.

22:51:38 Vionora is forced to leap back, avoiding the rush, but letting Lilliana free.

22:52:09 Lilliana stumbles back, recognizing the danger she just walked into it.

22:52:13 [Vionora]: You are all pitiful.

22:52:23 [borghul]: Nah, I'm just old.

22:52:27 [borghul]: Oh.

22:52:28 [borghul]: I mean.

22:52:30 [borghul]: Fuck you!

22:52:33 [Darrethy]: "Like I said before, you're awfully chatty for food."

22:52:37 Borghul makes a rude gesture at you.

22:52:49 Vionora lifts the book, and tendrils of shadow erupt from the ground, Yogg-Saron-esque, the entrap the party.

22:53:04 Darrethy kneels down, attempting to calm himself as more unstable magic surges.

22:53:17 Darrethy kneels down.

22:53:45 Khorvis watches the waves of shadow billow past him, his eldritch eye showing him the way through the maze of darkness.

22:54:20 Ruuki is able to deftly dance her way around the shadow tendrils, thanks to years of practice moving around targets as a Vanguard.

22:54:54 Cobrak shoves Lilliana away the coils writhe around him, as he roars in primal fury whilst they slither around his neck. He bites and rips apart one such tendril around his throat whilst the others take hold of him.

22:54:59 Borghul jumps as he feels something wriggle up his robes. "Ooh, what theAH!" he shouts, as he begins wrestling with the whatever-the-frack tentacle thing.

22:55:17 Darrethy is pulled to the ground while kneeling, something moving in his chest was far too distracting for him to even contemplate moving.

22:56:08 Lilliana gets shoved away....she wasn't expected that either! She shields herself from the rest of the shadow coil things as she regains her footing....and hopefully some of her dignity.

22:56:47 Khorvis sneers at the darkness. "This is no trial for a true Grim. Darkness is our ally! Peace is our slumber!"

22:57:41 Borghul seems torn between a target, but settles on the Worg. "Heads up, lunk-heads!"

22:58:02 Borghul raises his hands above his head, his eyes glowing a deep red as he snarls and growls a command for the felfire to obey him. His spell brings forth...

22:58:48 Borghul ...a Rain of Felfire, blasting down upon the beast.

22:59:07 Vionora | The worg is forced back from the felfire, shaking off the fire with evident pain.

22:59:48 Ruuki isn't sure she can swing her sword with Fhenrir and Khorvis so close, so instead she gathers up another blast of holy Judgment, unleashing it right in the worg's face.

23:01:27 Vionora | Her punch smashes the worg in the face with holy light. Shadow fangs audible snap in its maw and the stench of bruning... shadow?... fill the area as its howls in extreme pain.

23:02:24 Cobrak rips apart a coil around his rib as one still dangles him upside down. He yells, "Have a taste o' Hollowrot, ya knife-eared slutter!" as his gun launches several hollow-point bullets filled with his clan's special poison.

23:03:07 Lilliana looks ever so relieved.

23:03:47 Vionora had turned to look at the worg, starting to focus on it to try to heal it with shadow magics, when Cobrak fires. The rounds strike her, sending her staggers, then to the ground, as the poison enters her body.

23:03:50 You kneel before Lilliana.

23:04:05 Borghul chuckles at you.

23:04:18 Cobrak whoops victoriously as he still flails about in the air.

23:04:26 Fhenrir was nearly cripple with rage as his hammer flew into the Well, then stood silently as tendrils wrapped around him. then he flies into a reckless rage and starts to hammer his fists into the animal repeatedly. His intent is to beat it to a bloody pulp.

23:05:51 Vionora | The worg is utterly destroyed under Fhenrir's beatdown, until there is nothing left but strange shards and smears of shadow.

23:06:00 Vionora growls.

23:06:09 Borghul cackles maniacally at Rokumar.

23:06:28 Fhenrir had let the tendrils wrap around him before he'd leapt into action; Borg's rain of fire had coated the warrior in fel flame and melted the tendrils off him as he leapt, fire surrounding the vicious warrior.

23:06:31 [Darrethy]: "Your pet failed, prey."

23:06:57 [Vionora]: This one won't.

23:07:06 Vionora holds up her right hand, the Eclipse mark glowing. She means Accalia.

23:07:13 Khorvis catches the glint of Cobrak's explosive fire off the shoulder of his Orion's guard. The C-beams irradiate his feedbag, but the damage is minimal. The clink of his his blade's edge scrapes over the Sunwell's floor as he charges Vionora.

23:07:13 Lilliana bares her teeth and snarls at you.

23:07:37 Darrethy just laughs "Maybe, but you won't live long enough to see."

23:07:57 Vionora moves sinuously when Khorvis charges her, deflecting his charge. She laughs.

23:08:06 Khorvis tumbles into a marble pillar as his blow refracts against Vionora's shield.

23:08:54 [Lilliana]: Khorvis, watch it! *screams like an angry troll when he misses his mark*

23:09:41 Darrethy laughs again as his body shudders, unstable energy mutating his figure even further. Suddenly his back partially explodes in a shower of black blood as a host of tentacles emerged with scything limbs and lamprey mouths, the largest of the latter lunging-

23:09:51 Darrethy -for Vionora's face.

23:10:02 Lilliana gasps at Darrethy.

23:10:04 Kex'ti leans into whisper to Breygrah.

23:10:16 [Lilliana]: Holy........flipping..... *horrified*

23:11:00 Cobrak looks absolutely revolted at Darrethy, even as he is being swung about like a rag doll by the tentacle around his ankle.

23:11:08 Borghul looks at Darrethy.

23:11:12 [borghul]: Ew.

23:11:45 Vionora loses all expression on her face as Darrethy transforms "Who's the monster now?" she murmurs. She holds up the book, blocking the tentacle attack, and at the same time, she sends her power down the curse chain at Darrethy.

23:12:01 [Lilliana]: Darrethy!

23:12:28 Borghul shuffles a few steps away from... whatever Darrethy is becoming.

23:12:51 Darrethy laughs even louder "I never claimed it was not me!" he whirls around at Borghoul, and vomits a stream of corrupted black blood.

23:13:02 [borghul]: Hey, uh, you got a few-

23:13:30 [Cobrak]: Whhaaat....thhaaa.....fuuccck...?! *Cobrak sounds as he still swings about*

23:13:32 Borghul is covered by the ooze, and feels icky. But just a bit. "Dude..."

23:13:40 Vionora laughs. "Yes, show them how to hate you!"

23:13:53 [borghul]: Open space... all around us...

23:14:09 [borghul]: You did that on purpose.

23:14:22 [borghul]: What did I do to you?

23:14:38 [borghul]: ALL I WANTED WAS A PICNIC!!

23:14:42 Borghul coughs.

23:14:42 [Darrethy]: "Everyone already hates me Vionora, your taunts are meaningless."

23:14:53 [Vionora]: Then you should hate them!

23:15:16 [Darrethy]: "No! I refuse, just so I don't become something like you."

23:15:20 Darrethy smiles at you.

23:15:21 Borghul grumbles as he wipes the vomit-ooze off his robes. "I just cleaned these, like... well, I never cleaned them! And I like it that way! Now I GOTTA clean them!"

23:15:46 Borghul coughs.

23:15:47 [Vionora]: Live, then, in denial; and die in it too.

23:15:53 [borghul]: I think some of it got in my mouth...

23:15:54 [borghul]: Is that bad?

23:15:57 Khorvis is slumped against the marble pillar, entering a string of numbers into a malfunctioning keypad in his bracer.

23:15:58 [Cobrak]: Staaaaaartin'...ta giiiiiit.....a.....lillllll'.....siiiiiick....!

23:16:12 Borghul coughs.

23:16:33 [Lilliana]: I don't hate you! *she shouts, and then focuses from Vionora to Darrethy.....and she moves to hit Vionora as hard as she can with a word of pain from her shadow magic as they converse...hoping that this will easily be snuck in.*

23:17:50 Vionora gasps, her eyes going wide, as the word of pain envelops her. She is forced to he knees, then forced over, curling around on herself as the agony overtakes her.

23:18:15 Lilliana hisses at you.

23:18:32 Borghul turns, noticing what's happening. "Ha!"

23:18:34 [Vionora]: Y-you think... this.. is bad?

23:18:36 Khorvis cackles at Lilliana with a wink. He coughs up a spat of blood.

23:18:42 [borghul]: Yes.

23:18:55 Vionora raises her head. Her eyes were gray, glowing gray, when this began. Now, they are amber.

23:19:11 [borghul]: Maybe?

23:19:16 Borghul eyes you up and down.

23:19:32 Vionora rises to her feet, holding the book with both hands, even as the word of pain continues to affect her.


23:19:57 Lilliana gaze is on Vionora, although she caught Khorvis's wink....and smiled just faintly. "Um....we don't?"

23:20:13 [Lilliana]: Martyr.

23:20:15 Cobrak saws feverishly at the tentacle entrapping his leg with his rifle's bayonet...before he tosses his cookies.

23:20:16 Lilliana makes a rude gesture at you.

23:20:31 Khorvis coughs into his bracer. "Bilgewater Nine-Oh-Six. This is Bloodstar. The Wordbearer rises at dusk. I am your target."

23:20:48 Lilliana looks at Khorvis.

23:20:50 Vionora opens the book. The pages flutter of their own accord. And, from each of them, their shadows divorce themselves from their caster, and rise to face them.

23:21:10 Vionora | The tentacles dissolve.

23:21:40 Cobrak topples to the ground with a thud.

23:22:07 Fhenrir has been trembling as he stood, dripping the strange blood of the beast. He turns, only now becoming aware of the events behind him. Rage takes him again, and lets loose a raging sharp battle cry to inspire his comrades. "We. Will. WIN! KILL THEM!!"

23:22:09 Borghul looks at his shadow. "Hey, guys, check out this nerd!"

23:22:59 Cobrak stands to face...himself, the two orc glare at each other before rushing each, bullets filling the air between them.

23:23:20 Khorvis wrestles with a shadow of himself. They struggle to enter coordinates into his bracer. The communication-link is connected to the firing team stationed in the cannon at Bilgewater.

23:23:47 Lilliana backs away.....and normally she would have laughed at Borghul's called to check out 'this nerd....'....but this isn't funny. She's looking at a shadow version of herself, real shadows. For a moment the two Lilliana's just stare at one another.

23:24:04 Fhenrir is tackled by his shadow and the two begin to slug it out immediately.

23:24:07 Darrethy whirls around at his own shadow "You think to beat a student of Natalie with shadows? Fool!" his mutated blade arm whips to clash with his own, the mutated eyes along his arms burning with a fel light as tentacles both real and inky slashed-

23:24:12 Borghul chuckles at his shadow, which only scowls at him. It retorts: "Oh, lookee at mister big shot, here! Fightin' the Lich King, and Deathwing, and the Alliance... But yer just a weakling!"

23:24:26 Ruuki snorts, raising her uninjured hand skyward as light gathers about it once more. She focuses the energy onto the shadowy form of herself. Her shadow moves to strike, blade poised, but rather than move like a Paladin, it's moving like a Warrior, perhaps--

23:24:29 Borghul growls back. "Yer transparent."

23:24:54 Ruuki --a shade of her former self. She grits her teeth, and casts her Exorcism upon it.

23:25:00 Cobrak 's shadow lands a nasty bullet into Cobrak's gut, following with a vicious slash across his cheek with its bayonet.

23:25:10 Borghul 's shadow glares back. "Yer full of shi-" Bor'ghul tackles his shadow, and they begin wrestling.

23:25:27 Lilliana steps into the shadows immediately, her spectral guise causing her to fade from view. The shadow version of herself does the same, and they both appear at opposite ends of the sunwell....and both start to blast shadow spells of pain and death at one >

23:25:31 Darrethy matched his shadow move for move, as the shadow speaks to him "You'll lose everything for the Horde, are you happy with that?" for a moment Darrethy's mouth twitches "I'm a soldier, yes I am."

23:25:33 Lilliana > another.

23:25:55 Cobrak howls in fury as he ignores the hole in his stomach and grabs his shadow.

23:26:24 Darrethy opens his mouth and suddenly inhales, the vast darkness filling his lungs and seeping out of his flesh, eyes blazing with even more dark energy before the being is consumed whole.

23:26:25 Borghul and his shadow roll on the floor, pummeling, beating, biting, choking, and spewing profanity as a big ball of angry, crotchety, old, grumpy Orc rolls around the room.

23:26:59 Vionora stands amidst it all, watching. The shadows of the book seep into her, healing her wounds.

23:27:07 Cobrak 's shadow slams its head into its original form, following with its bayonet driving deep into the orc's stomach as it follows the bullet it just blasted in there.

23:28:06 Fhenrir and his shadow both drip blood and beat each other savagely, both showing the rage Fhenrir rarely lets out these days. The shadow throws Fhenrir aside and gives a look to Xaraphyne, unconscious.

23:28:10 Borghul and his shadow disentangle themselves and begin dueling with their canes. "Wait wait wait!" They pause. "Why ain't we castin' spells?" "Cuz FUCK YOU, that's why!" They resume dueling.

23:28:57 Lilliana catches sight of Vionora....and she snarls, hisses, and even says a few choice curses......she silences the shadow version of herself, and turns on Vionora. She tries again to command her mind, and make her drop the book.....! She does this as swiftly as she can, as the silence will not work long.

23:29:31 Vionora blinks and drops the book.

23:29:31 Cobrak grabs his shadow's mohawk and begins punching the ever-loving shit out of his copy, yelling and spitting every curse he knows as he does so.

23:29:44 Khorvis sidesteps his shadow and makes for Vionora in the center of the room. His blade trails through dark filaments in the Sunwell's shadow.

23:29:46 [Lilliana]: Grab it, grab it!!!!!! *she sounds hyterical*

23:29:54 Fhenrir climbs to his hooves and turns to see his shadow advancing on Xara. "No! Don't touch her!" "But you do..." the shadow whispers as Fhenrir leaps onto its back.

23:30:21 Borghul is astonished when his cane is knocked away, and his double prepares to impale him. "Suck it-" the shadow freezes in place.

23:30:39 Borghul leaps for his cane.

23:30:51 Vionora turns toward Khorvis.

23:31:04 Cobrak has had enough! He grabs onto his shadow an hefts it high into the air...and plunges straight into the Sunwell, watching it dissipate into nothing. He slumps to the ground as he begins to bleed profusely...."Fuck..." He mumbles as he pales and collapses.

23:31:13 Borghul slides along the floor, nowhere near his cane. What was he thinking!?

23:31:41 Khorvis uppercuts Vionora with the pommel of his sword. The Horde symbol connects with her in a righteous declaration of dominance.

23:31:41 Lilliana moves to help Khorvis....but she has her shadow version to contend with....she glances to Xaraphyne and Fhenrir, and gets blasted back. She has to twirl right back into shadow sparring.

23:32:12 Vionora 's jaws snaps shut with the strike and she staggers back. But she quickly drops to a crouch, reaching for the book.

23:32:44 Darrethy moves toward Vionora, using his scythe like tentacles a sort of walking cane now that his shadow has been devoured. A mutated crawling chaos, seething with dark energy.

23:32:49 Khorvis loses all thought of ordering the massive artillery strike from Bilgewater and focuses his tactics upon the elf.

23:32:51 Borghul crawls along, and looks up. He notices Vionora reaching for a book. Me shoots a weak blast of felfire at the book to knock it away.

23:32:54 Fhenrir tackles his shadow in its moment of freezing and mercilessly snaps the shadow's neck, then hurls the thing into the sunwell after Cobrak's. He falls to a knee and pants desperately for breath.

23:33:18 Fhenrir kneels down.

23:33:23 Ruuki had managed to eliminate her shade quickly, and like Khorvis she rushes for Vionora, the tip of her sword dragging on the floor as she can't quite grip the hilt of her sword with her right hand. She looks for the book,spotting it and rushing for it.

23:33:39 Cobrak begins convulsing on the ground as he desperatly tries to reach his pocket for his healing tonics.

23:33:54 Vionora lays her hand on the book as all of them and their attacks converge, and a second shadow nova erupts.

23:33:55 Lilliana is still fighting her shadowry self, while the others seem to be going for the book.

23:34:46 Borghul covers his head and activates a defensive spell, hardening his skin.

23:35:07 Khorvis grits his teeth as the nova rips layers of flesh from beneath his armor. His heels dig into the tiled floor of the sanctum.

23:35:48 Lilliana finds herself spun around from the second shadow nova from Vionora..... she stumbles and screetches as loud as a troll can screetch, she feels the pain, and isn't happy about it.

23:35:51 Fhenrir stands and whirls around to smack the dark energy away from himself and Xaraphyne. His eyes fixate on Vionora, filled with scorn.

23:36:02 Cobrak has barely tapped his satchel when the shadow nova slams into him, searing his flesh. He is in far too much pain to cry out and merely lies there motionless.

23:36:04 Darrethy tentacles cling onto the floor like a spider, he's half mad at this point and laughing like "Trivial magic tricks."

23:36:32 Ruuki had been so preoccupied with trying to reach the book that she didn't see VIonora next to it. The nova caught her by surprise, sucking the air from her lungs as incredible pain, physical and mental, rip through her body. She can feel her skin tearing--

23:36:55 [Khorvis]: Let us drag this wench into the Sunwell. Be it with my corpse, I do not care a lick! Blood and thunder!

23:36:56 Cobrak lies down.

23:37:03 Borghul nods at Khorvis.

23:37:21 Ruuki -- in places, a lot of them where old scars lay littered along her skin, and the agony is only stopped when the force of the blast sends her head practically bouncing off the tile floor. She goes limp in a small puddle of her own blood.

23:37:26 Borghul stands shakily, without his cane. "This bitch is goin' down."

23:37:44 Ruuki lies down.

23:37:53 Lilliana keeps to her feet, even if she is tattered and bleeding....and dispatches with her shadow version.....pulling it apart into shreds of shadow that dissappate into the air with a wretched hiss.

23:38:54 Khorvis sidesteps and brings his blade up in an honor salute to the aged orc Bor'ghul.

23:39:02 You look at Borghul.

23:39:06 Darrethy screams in sudden rage as if some unseen voice is speaking to him, he rips a flask out of his robe and guzzles a red pungent liquid....blood....and his body seethes with magic as he prepares to charge.

23:39:27 Fhenrir snarls and bares his teeth, then leaps in a desperate bid to pin down and beat Vionora into a fine paste beside her beast.

23:39:43 Borghul snorts, snarls, growls, sneers, drools, and passes a little gas. "This one's fer my cane. And Lilliana. Maybe. A little." He runs as fast as his crippled legs will allow him, towards Vionora.

23:39:56 Darrethy chest bursts open with a single red ever burning eye, searing away the front of his robes and almost his tabard before he tosses it away. He rushes at Vionora like a maniac, bladed tentacles swinging.

23:40:49 Vionora seizes Fhenrir by the tabard as he hands on her as though he weighs nothing, and turns him as a shield versus the attacks of the other two.

23:43:36 Fhenrir is held off the ground and dangles in a way he's certainly not used to. He feels the weight of Darrethy and Borghul's hits both bounce off his plate and rattle him in his armor. It'll hurt like hell as soon as the adrenaline wears off.

23:45:11 Vionora grins into Fhenrir's face. "You should visit Moonglade soon." then she hurls him into Darrethy and Borghul.

23:45:39 Borghul "eeps" as a fully-armored Tauren is dropped onto him.

23:45:58 Borghul lies down.

23:46:18 Darrethy is slammed aside, the sheer force knocking him aside and onto the floor. Some of the tentacles snapping, others just collapsing in exhaustion.

23:46:26 Darrethy kneels down.

23:46:28 Borghul wheezes.

23:46:34 [borghul]: Hey

23:46:36 Vionora steps back.

23:46:39 [borghul]: Hey... buddy

23:46:45 [borghul]: Get... get the fuck off....

23:46:48 [Vionora]: Enough.

23:46:51 [borghul]: Oh fel...

23:46:54 Lilliana makes a rude gesture at you.

23:46:57 Vionora holds the book.

23:47:02 [Vionora]: I have what I came for.

23:47:15 [Darrethy]: "You won't have it long, child."

23:47:22 Khorvis bares his teeth and snarls at you.

23:47:30 [borghul]: This... this hurts. *wheeze*

23:47:34 [Vionora]: If this is the best the Grim have to offer, then frankly, I'm bored.

23:47:36 [Lilliana]: .....give it back....! *like that will work.....especially since she says it somewhat tiredly*

23:47:41 Darrethy glances at Vionora, even half mad and bruised, he's still as defiant as ever.

23:47:43 Fhenrir glares up at Vionora, for the moment unaware he's landed on the poor orc underneath him.

23:47:49 [borghul]: Nah... prolly... second worst...

23:47:51 You point at Darrethy.

23:47:57 [Vionora]: I will break you.

23:48:10 [Vionora]: That's a promise.

23:48:12 [Darrethy]: "There is nothing to break, fool."

23:48:17 Darrethy laughs at you.

23:48:17 Lilliana hisses at you.

23:48:20 [borghul]: Don't let... the door... whatever.

23:48:22 [Vionora]: I thought that of myself once, too.

23:48:29 Khorvis unholsters the Lash, and cracks it lightly against his side.

23:48:33 You look around.

23:48:38 [Vionora]: Begone.

23:48:38 [Khorvis]: Break us will you?

23:48:40 Lilliana flips Vionora off.

23:48:47 [borghul]: Hey... you alive?

23:48:53 Borghul taps Fhenrir.

23:49:01 Vionora | They are suddenly thrust back into the mortal realm. Full colors, sounds, and scents assault them after having been in the dulled plane.

23:49:04 Borghul wheezes.

23:49:24 Borghul attempts to push Fhenrir off of him. He is met with little success.

23:49:46 Cobrak coughs blood as he sits within a pool of the red liquid...he is barely hanging onto life.

23:49:47 Fhenrir feels the resistance under him and immediately rolls off.

23:49:48 [borghul]: Hey... she-devil...

23:49:54 Borghul gasps

23:49:56 Khorvis throws his sword at the disappearing form of Vionora.

23:49:59 Lilliana is thrown off when they are thrust back into the mortal realm....she stumbles forward, then rushes back and forth, looking for the Herald of Accalia.

23:50:02 Darrethy slowly rises, some of his tentacles acting as support, others hanging off his back like a cloak. The eyes along his arm blink, still seething with fel, Darrethy however, just grins.

23:50:13 Borghul coughs and sputters.

23:50:40 Breygrah blinks.

23:50:50 Lilliana sees what has happened....that she's gone....and she rushes over to Xaraphyne....her eyes passing over the collapsed Cobrak as she darts over to the other troll.

23:50:56 Fhenrir coughs up blood into his arm and looks down at Borghul. "Sorry, buddy. Wasn't my goal to be a shield." He offers Borg a hand up.

23:51:07 [Khorvis]: Huntress NAWE!

23:51:11 Borghul grips the Tauren's hand.

23:51:17 Cobrak 's pet Kain regains consciousness and wobbles over to its master, whimpering.

23:51:20 [breygrah]: Xara...

23:51:38 Fhenrir pulls him up quickly, then lets go and turns as his attention is drawn back to Xaraphyne's situation. "Damn...!" He rushes over to her.

23:51:47 Cobrak lies down.

23:51:53 Kex'ti looks out over the assembly.

23:51:54 [breygrah]: Darrethy? What is going on?

23:51:54 Fhenrir kneels down.

23:51:58 Borghul wobbles and tumbles back down. "Oof!"

23:51:58 Vionora | Xara remains unconscious, seriously injured by the worg and shadow blasts.

23:52:02 [Kex'ti]: Where'd you all come from?

23:52:09 Cobrak nudges his master carefully with its head, hoping to rouse him.

23:52:09 [breygrah]: Xara!

23:52:14 [borghul]: Ugh, yeah, whatever.

23:52:21 Borghul breathes heavily.

23:52:22 Khorvis snarls and reaches towards the amalgamation that he had once known as Darrethy.

23:52:23 Cobrak 's pet Kain howls for aid! Anyone!

23:52:27 Fhenrir throws his gauntlets aside and cradles Xaraphyne in his arms.

23:52:28 [Kex'ti]: And why are so many of you injured?

23:52:35 [borghul]: Fuck you, that's why.

23:52:39 Borghul coughs.

23:52:40 Lilliana wasn't able to even offer any heals to Xaraphyne, she turns around sharply, seeing Breygrah and Kex'ti, "Kex'ti, I need your help!"

23:52:41 Darrethy moves to look at Brey and Kex'ti, a spider like web of tentacles emerged from his back and tapping against the floor, mutated eyes all along the sword arm that had fused to his blade.

23:52:46 Breygrah kneels down.

23:52:48 [Darrethy]: "Vionora showed up."

23:52:59 [breygrah]: Vionora?

23:52:59 [Lilliana]: Kex'ti!

23:53:02 [breygrah]: What did she do?

23:53:02 Kex'ti reflexively begins to weave the mists around his hands.

23:53:05 [breygrah]: Kex'ti! Here!

23:53:21 Darrethy looks at Khorvis.

23:53:26 Borghul lets out a hacking cough, dark ichor spotting the floor and his gloves... which are still stained from the earlier vomit bath.

23:53:28 [Darrethy]: "...Khorvis."

23:53:30 Kex'ti summons his statue, and begins to focus his mists along Xaraphyne's tissues, reknitting flesh and bones.

23:53:30 [Lilliana]: Help Xaraphyne, Kex'ti *she knows his healing is better than hers....so she leaves the troll huntress, and runs to Cobrak*

23:53:47 Khorvis struggles to understand the bedlam about him, then simply reaches into his pouch and grabs a handful of Gromsblood. He tries to stuff it into Darrethy's mutated mouth.

23:53:51 Fhenrir unhooks his shoulderpads with one hand and tosses them similarly away, holding Xara close and resting his head on her shoulder. "You'll survive... please survive..."

23:54:03 Cobrak 's eye is open, but its rolled back and white...he is unconscious as his hand rests over the gaping hole in his gut.

23:54:11 Kex'ti sweats with concentration, channeling the mists along her heart, keeping it pumping even as he rejuvenates her cells.

23:54:17 [breygrah]: Fhenrir, what happened?

23:54:33 [Fhenrir]: A monster happened.

23:54:35 Borghul shuffles and scoots his way across the floor, heading for and retrieving his cane.

23:54:40 Darrethy doesn't resist, though it takes a moment to comprehend. He kneels over, vomiting corrupted essence onto the floor as the Gromsblood works into his system.

23:54:54 Borghul stands shakily, but stands nonetheless.

23:54:55 Cobrak 's pet Kain looks pleading at Lilliana as it again nudges its master.

23:54:57 Darrethy kneels down.

23:55:00 Breygrah drops her gauntlets but hesitates to reach out to Xara.

23:55:01 [Khorvis]: I need a bloody mender! Inquisitor Lilliana!

23:55:08 [Khorvis]: Get your sodding arse over here!

23:55:11 Lilliana helps to heal the hunter while Kex'ti makes sure that Xaraphyne lives.....the holy magics she can tap into weak compared to that of a real holy priest...but it's more than enough to get him over the edge, save for any injuries from the worg.

23:55:19 Fhenrir glances up at the blood elf beside him. "Kex'ti, right? She was bit by a worg. I know that takes something special."

23:55:22 Kex'ti casts a brief pulse of mists towards Khorvis.

23:55:32 Lilliana looks over to Khorvis and glares, she knows her job.

23:55:36 Borghul hobbles over to Darrethy and Khorvis.

23:55:47 Borghul looks at Darrethy.

23:55:48 Cobrak 's gut wound seals somewhat...his wounds require actual mending...but he is stable for now.

23:56:05 Kex'ti lets the mists work on Khorvis's injuries while he focuses on Xaraphyne, drawing out the black kernels of negative energy embedded in her.

23:56:08 [Khorvis]: What the fel pissing gnome scrotum is wrong with the Blackguard, Bor'ghul?

23:56:11 Lilliana steps slowly over to Khorvis and Darrethy and Borghul, deliberately moving slowly, more so since she was 'yelled' at.

23:56:39 [Darrethy]: "...Vionora....hit me with a burst of shadow energy, corrupting my flesh and my mind."

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Logging started on 04/03/2015 at 23:56:58.

23:57:58 Fhenrir kneels down.

23:57:58 Darrethy spits out the last bit of black bile, some of the eyes on his arm popping and boiling away in a not too pleasant looking display.

23:58:26 Xaraphyne stirs.

23:58:30 Borghul snorts. "S'what can happen if we got a little too far over the edge."

23:58:39 Fhenrir still holds her close, and watches her as she wakes.

23:58:42 Cobrak 's pet Kain takes a hold of Kex'ti's tabard and begins lightly pulling him.

23:58:53 Breygrah places her hand on Xaraphyne's arm.

23:58:57 Darrethy nods slowly at Bor'ghul.

23:59:06 [borghul]: S'fine line with the fel.

23:59:12 Khorvis cuts a scathing line of curses that only Bor'ghul could possibly dissemble.

23:59:24 Xaraphyne opens her eyes, looking up at Fhenrir. "Fhen...?"

23:59:25 [borghul]: My thoughts exactly.

23:59:30 Kex'ti pushes his mistweaving around Xaraphyne's injuries.

23:59:45 Kex'ti draws the corruption towards his own aura.

23:59:46 [Fhenrir]: The danger has passed for now.

23:59:50 Borghul snorts, a dribble of black blood seeping from his nose.

23:59:53 Darrethy nods.

00:00:11 Xaraphyne stirs a little more and flinches in pain from her shoulder injuries. "D'un feel like it," she mumbles.

00:00:26 Darrethy looks at Khorvis "....Do you have a spare blade?"

00:00:27 Lilliana somewhere along the way Ruuki and Syreena get healed enough so that they don't die.

00:00:29 Khorvis closes a compartment of his bracer, concealing a series of buttons and mics.

00:00:33 [breygrah]: Xara?

00:00:36 [Kex'ti]: Xaraphyne, this...may cause some momentary discomfort.

00:00:43 Kex'ti kneels before you.

00:00:52 [Xaraphyne]: Great.

00:01:00 Kex'ti looks at Fhenrir.

00:01:01 Breygrah holds her breath as she looks to Kex'ti.

00:01:05 Kex'ti looks at Breygrah.

00:01:07 Khorvis reaches into his boot and produces the same blackrock blade that defaced his eye some month ago. He hands it to Darrethy.

00:01:08 Borghul lets out a hacking cough.

00:01:12 Fhenrir tenses reflexively at people getting close, but doesn't stop Kex'ti. He offers the elf a short nod of approval.

00:01:13 [Kex'ti]: You two will want to hold her down for this.

00:01:23 [breygrah]: Yes, of course.

00:01:32 [breygrah]: We have you, Xara.

00:01:42 Lilliana wonders what the hell Khorvis was doing with that device type thing, then she goes to check on Cobrak again, since KEx'ti seems to have sent his healing over to this group, and her pathetic holy magic isn't needed. She watches what is happening with Xara

00:01:44 Xaraphyne grabs Fhenrir's arm with her good hand.

00:02:05 Lilliana shakes Cobrak.

00:02:07 Cobrak 's pet Kain lies next to his master, rubbing against him as he whimpers towards Lilliana.

00:02:22 Kex'ti takes a deep breath and mutters something to himself in Thalasssian.

00:02:24 Darrethy nods silently at Khorvis, twirling the blade a moment with a grace unusual for a sorcerer. Without hesitation, he plunged it into his arm where his spellsword had been fused to his flesh, not even grunting in pain as he cut it out whole.

00:02:56 Kex'ti places his fingers over the worg-wound. The mists begin to reknit the flesh.

00:03:15 Cobrak doesn't rouse, his wound reopens as Lilliana rocks him.

00:03:16 Fhenrir kneels before you.

00:03:31 Darrethy started to stand, silently doing the same to the tentacles, even as some of them thrashed and stabbed at the warlock with a mind of their own. When all was said and done, most of the mutation had been cut from his body. Leaving him armless and riddled with scars.

00:03:47 Kex'ti thrusts the flat of his palm against the wound, pushing his own essences, uttering mantras to himself as the mists burn away at the black core of the wounds.

00:03:50 Breygrah looks on with a worried expression at the familiar wounds, then to Kex'ti, then down to her own leg.

00:03:54 [borghul]: S'gonna be a bitch to fix that.

00:04:04 [Darrethy]: "Yeah, yeah it is."

00:04:05 Kex'ti grips his palm, and focuses his intent...

00:04:26 Lilliana sighs when she sees what she just did....and she concentrates to feed healing magics into Cobrak once more.

00:04:58 Khorvis snatches his knife back from Darrethy, eyeing the felmancer's healing wounds. The blade must hold some precious significance to him.

00:05:04 Cobrak 's wound stitches together, but he has lost a lot of blood.

00:05:06 Xaraphyne 's eyes go wide in pain and she bites down on her lower lip, hard, to stifle cries.

00:05:29 Borghul hunches over, coughing harder. He hacks up a lumpy blob of black blood that likes too solid to just be blood...

00:05:31 Darrethy doesn't resist, he just nods at Khorvis, knowing how warriors are with their weapons.

00:05:35 Fhenrir squeezes her for support while also trying to keep her in place.

00:05:42 Kex'ti 's breathing is shallow as he attempts to alleviate Xaraphyne's pain, as he shaves bits of the corruption off, and soaks them into himself.

00:05:43 Lilliana 's gaze snaps up towards Xaraphyne, but she remains where she is, until she has Cobrak better under control. It's not like she could do more than Kex'ti can.

00:05:49 Darrethy looks at Borghul.

00:05:53 [borghul]: Ah, dammit.

00:06:03 [Darrethy]: "Borghul...?"

00:06:13 Borghul looks up. "What?"

00:06:17 Cobrak 's pet Kain whines pitifully but reaches for Lilliana with one of his heads, lying at her feet almost as if you reassure her.

00:06:32 Darrethy gestures to the solid blob of black blood "...You alright?"

00:06:35 Cobrak to reassure*

00:06:36 Breygrah keeps whatever hold she can on Xara for extra support, but keeps an eye on the monk straining himself.

00:06:37 Kex'ti finishes the excision with a final surge of mists. As the mists peel away, the wound continues to reknit itself. The monk staggers, and collapses backwards.

00:06:43 Kex'ti lies down before Breygrah.

00:07:04 [breygrah]: Kex'ti?

00:07:07 Xaraphyne shudders in pain before the last of the corruption is pulled out of her; then she slumps.

00:07:08 Borghul wipes his mouth of the blood. "S'been happenin' for years. Pretty sure something's going... foul, inside."

00:07:12 Kex'ti lays, exhausted, smiling a a bit.

00:07:18 Darrethy nods at Borghul.

00:07:18 [Kex'ti]: Thank Kerala for that trick.

00:07:21 [Darrethy]: "I see."

00:07:28 Borghul snarls. "Healers can't do shit about it."

00:07:30 Kex'ti curls inward.

00:07:43 Kex'ti assumes the fetal position.

00:08:00 Fhenrir pulls Xara closer into him, in a tight and caring embrace. He lets himself relax a bit now, and trembles a bit as rage starts to fade from him. He turns to Kex'ti and inclines his head gratefully. "Thank you."

00:08:03 Breygrah releases Xara into Fhenrir's grip gently, and places her hands on Kex'ti's arm and shoulder. "Kex'ti?"

00:08:07 Khorvis kicks Cobrak in the shin.

00:08:10 Lilliana doesn't look exceptionally worried.....whether she is...or isn't...is hard to tell right now.

00:08:21 Kex'ti smiles at Fhenrir, clearly in pain.

00:08:26 [Khorvis]: Wake the fel up, you goat-sucking Deadeye.

00:08:26 Borghul looks between the fallen Orc and the fallen Troll.

00:08:51 Xaraphyne rests her head against Fhenrir's shoulder, just breathing for a moment. Then she tilts her head back to look up at him with a smile. "Guess I shoulda let you take the book..."

00:08:55 Cobrak 's pet Kain growls defensively at Khorvis' mistreatment of his master, its heckles rise even as it struggles to.

00:08:57 Breygrah looks between the monk and huntress quickly.

00:09:08 Kex'ti manages to spill medicine from his jug into his mouth, which he gulps down. He rolls himself onto his back, and begins to take long swallows from the jug.

00:09:54 [Fhenrir]: We don't know if I would've had any better luck.

00:09:55 Breygrah grumbles at Kex'ti, and grabs the jug for him. "You relax, I will help."

00:10:07 Lilliana has her own wounds, but whatever....she doesn't care. Tonight sucked, and was a failure. She eyes the broken Cobrak, frustrated that she wasn't able to bring him around.

00:10:11 Kex'ti tries to help himself to his feet, using his staff. He falls back to a knee, then pushes himself up.

00:10:18 Kex'ti kneels down.

00:10:21 [Kex'ti]: Okay...

00:10:23 [breygrah]: Kex'ti, you stop. Sit.

00:10:25 [Kex'ti]: Who else needs healing?

00:10:35 Borghul pokes Cobrak with his cane.

00:10:37 Kex'ti looks at Breygrah.

00:10:37 [borghul]: Hey.

00:10:37 Khorvis spits on the ground, angry and unable to unleash his rage on a useful target.

00:10:40 [Kex'ti]: No.

00:10:42 [borghul]: Get up.

00:10:43 [Kex'ti]: Not yet.

00:10:46 [Lilliana]: Borghul!

00:10:50 [Lilliana]: Be nice!

00:10:55 Kex'ti stands, using his staff.

00:11:00 Lilliana gets up and yells at the orc warlock.

00:11:06 Darrethy glances at Lily "...Mind if I try something?"

00:11:13 Khorvis glares angrily at Kex'ti.

00:11:14 [Xaraphyne]: Well, I tried...

00:11:14 Borghul keeps poking, but looks at Lilliana. "I'm always nice... er... Nicer to some folks more than others."

00:11:16 Xaraphyne sighs.

00:11:16 Kex'ti puts a hand out to Darrethy.

00:11:19 Cobrak 's pet Kain now focuses its attention on Bor'ghul, standing protectively over Cobrak as it snarls.

00:11:23 Darrethy nods at Kex'ti.

00:11:27 Lilliana looks Darrethy over carefully..... "What do you plan to do?"

00:11:30 Kex'ti kneels before Cobrak.

00:11:31 [Khorvis]: What in the fel pissing Nether are you doing here, elf?

00:11:36 Kex'ti glares angrily at Khorvis.

00:11:38 [borghul]: Oh, I will break both of your faces.

00:11:47 [Kex'ti]: What I do is for the Horde, Khorvis of the Grim.

00:12:00 Breygrah watches Kex'ti limp away, and gives Xara a worried look. "I will be nearby, yes?"

00:12:01 [Darrethy]: "Was going to give him a shot of anima....blood, without any fel involved. But if Kex'ti..."

00:12:03 Khorvis grits his teeth. The effort is titanically visible on his brow.

00:12:04 Lilliana hadn't even asked what Kex'ti and Breygrah were doing here. She saw Kex'ti...and knew she could use his healing for their battle weary party.

00:12:05 Borghul waggles his cane menacing at the beast.

00:12:07 Darrethy trails off and sighs.

00:12:21 Kex'ti begins to weave the mists into Cobrak's wounds...

00:12:24 [Khorvis]: Heal him.

00:12:37 [breygrah]: Khorvis, relax.

00:12:38 Borghul peers at Kain searchingly.

00:12:42 Cobrak 's pet Kain barks at Bor'ghul, it is having none of his crap.

00:12:45 [Fhenrir]: Do you want to head home? There's not much else for us here tonight.

00:12:46 Breygrah doesn't care much about her tone right now.

00:12:51 [borghul]: I've killed for less.

00:12:51 You nod at Fhenrir.

00:12:54 Darrethy looks at Breygrah, he's now short a right arm.

00:12:56 [Xaraphyne]: Help me up.

00:13:04 Fhenrir stands and offers her his arm.

00:13:15 Breygrah kneels before Cobrak.

00:13:19 Borghul barks in return, but it comes out more as a cough.

00:13:19 [breygrah]: Cob.

00:13:21 [Lilliana]: I don't care what any of you do...Darrethy....Kex'ti...as long as it works.

00:13:25 [Lilliana]: And doesn't fuck anyone over.

00:13:30 Fhenrir looks to the other group. "Let's check in before we leave."

00:13:32 [Lilliana]: Borghul, your goddamned cane!

00:13:35 Darrethy just nods.

00:13:39 Khorvis tries to ignore the traitors before him and glances at Fhenrir and Xaraphyne.

00:13:44 [Kex'ti]: Okay.

00:13:49 [borghul]: What about it!?

00:13:49 You look at Khorvis.

00:13:50 [Kex'ti]: I think I can see the problem.

00:14:02 Breygrah looks to Kex'ti, then back to Cobrak.

00:14:04 [Lilliana]: Okay, then fucking fix him. *she sounds inpatient*

00:14:04 [borghul]: Want me to hit the dog?

00:14:10 [borghul]: I will.

00:14:13 [borghul]: For free.

00:14:13 [breygrah]: Lilly, he is helping.

00:14:15 Kex'ti reaches towards the Sunwell, drawing on its light.

00:14:16 Cobrak 's wounds stitch up right and proper, even as his blood stains everyone's shoes nearby.

00:14:18 [Xaraphyne]: Khorvis.

00:14:19 [Khorvis]: Nawe. You will heal?

00:14:21 Lilliana 's gaze turns to Xaraphyne, but she says to Borghul, "No, you will NOT hit the damned dog, Borghul."

00:14:24 You nod at Khorvis.

00:14:34 Kex'ti heals the outer wounds of Cobrak, encouraging his body to mend with the mists.

00:14:34 Khorvis looks pointedly at Fhenrir.

00:14:40 [borghul]: Yer not my mother!

00:14:45 Fhenrir returns the look to Khorvis.

00:14:55 Borghul growls menacingly at Kain.

00:14:57 Cobrak 's pet Kain lunges at Bor'ghul threateningly, snapping and howling all the while/

00:15:06 [Khorvis]: Dabu. We will have words under the light of An'she.

00:15:09 Kex'ti begins to excise the dead flesh, coaxing cells to divide and regenerate, using the Sunwell and Khorvis's innate chi to bind his wounds.

00:15:22 [Kex'ti]: That...Should do it.

00:15:23 [Xaraphyne]: As long as that book exists, the curse can be started again. One way or another, at the end of this, it needs to be destroyed.

00:15:24 Lilliana pulls the dumb warlock out of the way of the two headed dog.

00:15:25 Cobrak 's lone eye rolls back and he regains consciousness.

00:15:33 Kex'ti looks at Khorvis.

00:15:43 [Cobrak]: Uh...f...fuck...

00:15:44 Borghul makes a rude gesture at Lilliana.

00:15:50 Khorvis feels a certain tugging at his soul.

00:15:51 [breygrah]: Cob?

00:15:53 Lilliana makes a rude gesture right back at Borghul.

00:15:54 [borghul]: Hey, I was helping!

00:15:58 [Khorvis]: Wha ...

00:16:04 [Lilliana]: You're dumb.

00:16:07 [Cobrak]: ....Br...ey?

00:16:12 [borghul]: You're ugly.

00:16:17 Fhenrir stares Borghul down.

00:16:18 Kex'ti surge the mists into Khorvis as his guard is down, reknitting his wounds and easing the tension from his muscles.

00:16:19 Breygrah kneels before Cobrak.

00:16:21 [Lilliana]: You're uglier!

00:16:24 [breygrah]: Yes, Cob.

00:16:25 Cobrak is still supremely weakened by blood loss, but he seems to be recovering.

00:16:25 You sigh at Lilliana.

00:16:27 [borghul]: Thanks!

00:16:30 [Fhenrir]: Old man.

00:16:32 [Lilliana]: Your welcome!

00:16:32 Fhenrir points at Borghul.

00:16:35 [breygrah]: You will be alright, friend.

00:16:40 Lilliana gets in Borghul's face.

00:16:54 Khorvis growls and clutches at his throat. "Grim! My ...!

00:16:55 [Fhenrir]: Thank you for the help tonight. You can relax now.

00:16:58 Khorvis kneels before Kex'ti.

00:17:04 Darrethy looks at Khorvis.

00:17:04 Lilliana looks at Khorvis.

00:17:05 Borghul looks around, then points at himself. "Man? ORC!"

00:17:08 You look at Khorvis.

00:17:08 [Lilliana]: What, what, Khorvis?

00:17:12 You look at Kex'ti.

00:17:18 [Lilliana]: Khorvis?!

00:17:19 Khorvis begins to cough violently.

00:17:26 [breygrah]: You just relax now, Cobrak.

00:17:36 Cobrak 's pet Kain whimpers at its master's prone form, forcing one of its heads under his arm...it begins mewling...as though apologizing.

00:17:45 Khorvis spits up a goldfish, and vomits it onto the ground as Cobrak wakes to consciousness.

00:17:51 [borghul]: Eh? What? Uh. Yeah. No problem...

00:17:52 Breygrah ignores the activity behind her, but she watches Kex'ti to make sure he stays on his feet.

00:17:54 Cobrak weakly rubs his hound's fur.

00:17:56 [Kex'ti]: You...deserve...worse...

00:18:01 Kex'ti lies down before Khorvis.

00:18:02 Borghul peers at Khorvis searchingly.

00:18:09 Kex'ti goes pale and collapses to the ground.

00:18:10 [Xaraphyne]: What did he just do?

00:18:11 [breygrah]: Kex'ti, no more!

00:18:16 [borghul]: Now what?

00:18:32 Borghul lets out a hacking cough.

00:18:32 Fhenrir looks at Kex'ti.

00:18:42 Breygrah places a hand on the monk's shoulder and turns to look at Khorvis.

00:18:42 Khorvis peers at Kex'ti searchingly.

00:18:44 [Lilliana]: .............

00:19:02 [Xaraphyne]: Really? Now? Now is a good time for fighting?

00:19:03 Kex'ti breathes in sharply. His eyes snap open, and he helps himself to his knees using Breygrah's support.

00:19:08 Kex'ti kneels down.

00:19:14 Kex'ti smirks slyly at Khorvis.

00:19:17 [breygrah]: Kex'ti, stop and sit.

00:19:22 [breygrah]: I will make you if I have to.

00:19:25 [Lilliana]: What......what....?

00:19:26 Breygrah smirks slyly at Kex'ti.

00:19:30 [Kex'ti]: I fixed...some of your wounds, Khorvis of the Grim.

00:19:33 Breygrah looks at Cobrak.

00:19:45 [Kex'ti]: But I also relieved your body of its negative chi.

00:19:47 [Fhenrir]: ... Including a lodged goldfish.

00:19:49 [Kex'ti]: I needed some of that.

00:19:53 Borghul gags.

00:19:58 Khorvis growls but turns away. "No, Nawe. Now I will not raise my fists against this monk. May be under another moon. Bah,"

00:20:09 Lilliana eyes Khorvis up and down.

00:20:17 Lilliana then eyes Kex'ti up and down.

00:20:19 [borghul]: Want me to smack him with my cane?

00:20:20 [Cobrak]: S...s'ok...boy..

00:20:24 You look at Khorvis.

00:20:28 Borghul waggles the cane.

00:20:30 Breygrah looks back to Khorvis again with a stern expression on her face.

00:20:32 [Kex'ti]: Saronite works pretty well to hold the taint of Accalia.

00:20:33 [Lilliana]: Yeah, Borghul, smack him with your damned cane.

00:20:42 [Kex'ti]: Using one god against another.

00:20:51 Xaraphyne turns her head and looks up at Fhenrir.

00:20:51 A sly smirk spreads across Kex'ti's face.

00:20:54 [breygrah]: Kex'ti, sit. Just for a moment.

00:21:03 Darrethy considers just dropping an Abyssal on everyone in the room.

00:21:03 Kex'ti slips back to the ground.

00:21:06 Fhenrir looks at Xara.

00:21:10 Borghul looks at Kex'ti.

00:21:18 [Xaraphyne]: Time ta go.

00:21:18 Lilliana looks to Fhenrir and Xaraphyne, weary, bloodied, her robes a mess, her hair full of knots and sweat. What a sight.

00:21:21 Borghul holds his cane in two hands, ready for a massive swing.

00:21:24 Fhenrir nods at you.

00:21:25 You look at Lilliana.

00:21:28 Borghul aims at Kex'ti.

00:21:29 You hug Lilliana.

00:21:30 Khorvis rubs his own throat, curious over the recent expulsion of a fish.

00:21:36 Borghul sticks his tongue out in concentration.

00:21:38 [Kex'ti]: DOr shando thus Tal

00:21:44 Breygrah pats the monk's shoulder reassuringly. "Cobrak?"

00:21:51 Lilliana embraces Xaraphyne very gently.

00:21:56 [Kex'ti]: Balah osa

00:21:58 Borghul twirls the cane around threateningly.

00:22:01 [Cobrak]: I...I'll live...

00:22:07 [breygrah]: Yes, I know this.

00:22:13 [breygrah]: Much to your sister's dismay, yes?

00:22:18 [Xaraphyne]: Thanks, Lilly.

00:22:33 [Lilliana]: I'll see you later...yeah? *she says quietly to Xaraphyne, quite the serious troll right now*

00:22:38 You nod at Lilliana.

00:22:42 [Fhenrir]: Khorvis.

00:22:46 Cobrak chuckles, before coughing up a bit a blood painfully..."F-fuck...don...make me laugh...

00:22:47 [Xaraphyne]: Yeah. Over drinks.

00:22:48 [Khorvis]: Aye, brother?

00:22:50 [Fhenrir]: Well fought.

00:22:52 Fhenrir salutes Khorvis with respect.

00:22:55 You smile at Lilliana.

00:22:55 Borghul swings, but it goes just over Kex'ti's head. Bor'ghul spins, loses his footing, and tumbles down.

00:22:56 Khorvis nods at Fhenrir.

00:23:00 Darrethy nods.

00:23:03 [borghul]: Hrk

00:23:13 Breygrah grins widely at the orc. "That's what you get for tormenting me. Now you relax, too."

00:23:19 [Khorvis]: I expected no less from your Stormherald, Fhenrir.

00:23:20 Lilliana kicks Borghul in the back as she releases Xaraphyne from the hug.

00:23:27 [borghul]: Hey!

00:23:37 Cobrak smiles like a jackass....albeit weakly...."Moo."

00:23:40 [Xaraphyne]: Try not ta kill each other until *after* Accalia is defeated, eh, guys?

00:23:43 Fhenrir looks over to the Well, where his weapon was lost, and he grumbles. "I'll need to make a new one."

00:23:43 Borghul aims a shot at Lilliana's leg with the cane.

00:23:55 [Lilliana]: Xara! Fhenrir!

00:23:56 Breygrah leans over to look at Kex'ti and gauge his condition.

00:24:00 You look at Lilliana.

00:24:07 Kex'ti kneels down.

00:24:11 Breygrah blinks at Kex'ti.

00:24:13 [Darrethy]: "I'm in neither the Grim nor Sanctuary, and i'm having trouble resisting the urge Xara."

00:24:20 Darrethy sighs.

00:24:22 Fhenrir grabs Lilly with one arm and pulls her into a hug. "Glad you're all right."

00:24:28 [Xaraphyne]: Go home. Everyone. Go home.

00:24:32 Borghul shakily stands.

00:24:40 Lilliana tries to jump to avoid the cane, gets hit, but doesn't tumble. "I'm coming over your house tonight, damnit!" And then she gets pulled into a hug by Fhenrir.

00:24:45 [borghul]: You gonna make me?

00:24:47 Borghul peers at you searchingly.

00:24:57 [Xaraphyne]: All right, Lilly. I'll keep the fire lit.

00:25:06 Kex'ti struggles back up to his feet. His pauldrons twitch with tentacles of energy.

00:25:09 Khorvis tosses Fhenrir a keycard. The label reads in goblin, and references a store of Nether Vortecies.

00:25:13 Fhenrir lets Lilly go and gives Borghul an inquisitive look.

00:25:23 Lilliana returns Fhenrir's hug warmly. "You too."

00:25:26 Borghul looks at Fhenrir.

00:25:29 [borghul]: What?

00:25:36 Kex'ti breathes heavily.

00:25:40 [Fhenrir]: Relax. We're all allies here.

00:25:45 [Kex'ti]: Dieb

00:25:49 Borghul looks at you with crossed eyes.

00:25:50 Breygrah pats Cobrak on the arm gently, and watches Kex'ti as he stirs.

00:25:54 [Kex'ti]: dIEB

00:26:01 [borghul]: Hrk

00:26:04 Fhenrir barely catches the keycard Khorvis tossed him a moment prior and gives it a curious look.

00:26:21 Borghul coughs.

00:26:22 [Kex'ti]: I came here to pay respects.

00:26:30 [Kex'ti]: Could someone explain, briefly, what happened?

00:26:36 [Khorvis]: An old cache from the war against Serpent Shrine. Treasure Seeker loot.

00:26:37 Khorvis grins wickedly at Fhenrir.

00:26:38 [breygrah]: You know Cob, I could beat your face in right now.

00:26:40 Lilliana looks at Kex'ti.

00:26:42 Breygrah grins wickedly at Cobrak.

00:26:45 Fhenrir smirks slyly at Khorvis.

00:26:54 [Fhenrir]: Thanks. Should help with the reforge.

00:27:08 [Fhenrir]: Be safe, everyone.

00:27:09 Kex'ti smiles at Lilliana.

00:27:14 You wave at Kil'jaeden.

00:27:17 [Kex'ti]: Hoi, Lilly...Lilliana. Of the Grim.

00:27:18 [Khorvis]: Mok'rah.

00:27:19 Breygrah pokes at Cobrak, hopefully annoying him as much as possible.

00:27:20 [borghul]: Yeah... watch out for worgs.

00:27:20 [Darrethy]: "If anyone starts beating ANYONE'S face in right now, I will beat -their- face in, even with only one shadow damned arm."

00:27:25 [Darrethy]: "This is NOT the time."

00:27:26 [borghul]: Or she-devils.

00:27:34 [Fhenrir]: Shtumanialo ishte shne kee wa chi

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[[ Last night was a bundle of fun! I do apologize for my incoherence towards the end - we didn't wrap up until after 3am EST, and by that time I had passed my alcohol limit. The stuff about the Bilgewater Cannon was me attempting to incorporate an old Grim Onslaught story, albeit poorly! ]]

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