[A] Danariel

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Danariel Drawn.jpg

Picture by Marrus of Eternal Aegis

Name: Danariel "Bishara-Poor" (Bishara from her mother, Poor from her husband)

Race: Draenei

Gender: Female

Profession: Captain of The Jade Lion (volunteer of the Knights of Dusk, previously) (Rangari, previously)

Age: 231 years

Height: 7'3"

Physical Description:
Danariel's eyes gleam with a look of experience most humans would see
in a hardened veteran who has seen much, despite barely looking into her
adult years. She generally wears a light mix of blue leather and mail
armor with blue gems woven into it, and should one see under her armor
she has various light scars across her chest from wounds both old and new.
She has a slim build, not particularly strong looking, but seems rather
agile. Her skin is a shade light blue and her hair, usually in a pony tail, a
natural bright white. She wears a wooden ring with gold engraving and a
white gem on her left ring finger.

Despite her young age, Danariel has seen much in her short years. From
witnessing the horrors wrought by the orcs on Karabor and Shattrath as a
Rangari, fighting the Burning Legion as a member of the Shattered Sun
Offensive in Outland and the Isle of Quel'Danaas, to her more recent
exploits with the Alliance, Danariel has many stories she could tell... if
one could get her to.

Random Facts:

Place of residence: Talador, the Southwestern coast
Birthplace: Temple of Karabor
Family: Husband- Nathaniel, Child- Cicelle, Sister- Racylay and Shyica(deceased), Mother- Bishara(deceased), Father- Daanorel(deceased)
Religion/Philosophy: Casual follower of the Light (for a draenei, at least)
Group/Guild affiliation: The Jade Lion
Guild Rank: Captain (GM)
Likes: Shooting crossbows, the Rangari, playing with her child, animals
Dislikes: Most Horde (usually orcs), demons and fel, bigots, unquestioning followers, unneeded violence, non-draenei technology, heights
Favorite Foods: Fish
Favorite Drinks: Red Wine
Favorite Colors: Purple and Blue
Weapons of Choice: Her sin'dorei crossbow, the elements (if they will listen)
Special Abilities: Uncanny shot with a crossbow, can summon the elements if they will listen, really good at paperwork
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal to her friends, stands for what she believes in
Negative Personality Traits: Awkward in social interactions


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"I dun trust tha uppity goat bitch." Cobrak grunts, angrily puffing his pipe. "Mythiis seems ta, thass tha only reason she dun gotta bullet in 'er skull."

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