Eclipse: Promises

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03/25 after Syreena threw a dagger at Breygrah in Warspear.

Syreena gets bored with the conversation...or lack thereof...and drifts away.

Kerala growls, a skinny lionness appearing behind Syreena. Then she shifts.

You growl menacingly at Syreena.

[Kerala]: You.

You poke Syreena. Hey!

Syreena jumps out of her seat, drawing her swords.

Syreena eyes you up and down.

Kerala bares her teeth a moment.

[Kerala]: You and I need to chat.

[syreena]: Do I know you?

[Kerala]: No, you do not.

Syreena moves closer slowly, cautiously, keeping the table between them.

[Kerala]: You will stop tormenting Breygrah.

Syreena tilts her head, regarding the woman, then shrugs.

[syreena]: Okay.

You eye Syreena up and down.

Kerala doesn't believe Syreena.

[syreena]: Who are you?

[Kerala]: Why do you do it?

[syreena]: You first...who are you?

[Kerala]: Kerala. Why are you after her?

Syreena thinks, running the name through her mind, finding it familiar, but nothing else.

[syreena]: Shhe killed my friend.

[Kerala]: Konro.

[syreena]: Ohh.

Syreena nods.

[Kerala]: He does not wish her dead, little undead. Cease your hostility.

Syreena narrows her glowing yellow eyes, starting to say that's a crazy lie, but realizes there may be some truth to it.

[syreena]: You've seen him too then. Since....the other night.

Kerala nods at Syreena.

[Kerala]: He's still here. And he likes her. Leave her alone.

[syreena]: And he told you that? He forgives her?

[Kerala]: Yes

[syreena]: I believe you, but there's still a problem.

Kerala 's expression implies she's not completely in agreement with Konro.

[Kerala]: Which is?

[syreena]: Konro was a Grim. People don't get to kill Grims and get away with it.

[Kerala]: Konro was MINE. Just because he wore your tabard, does not mean he was yours.

[Kerala]: If I'm correct, he never passed trials.

[syreena]: People don't get to kill wearers of the Grim tabard and get away with it.

[syreena]: But...I will consider it.

[Kerala]: Then know this...

[Kerala]: among tauren, there is only one answer for the taking of a life.

[Kerala]: And that is to balance it with another life.

[syreena]: So you're going to take Brey's life to balance Konro's?

[Kerala]: Breygrah has much to answer for, but it will not be by death at your hands, unless you wish yours to be forfeit as well.

Syreena hears Lilly, and turns herself to have a better view of the door.

[syreena]: So who's going to punish her and how?

Kerala frowns.

[Kerala]: It is not enough for you to know that you would be going against his wishes?

[syreena]: So she's not to be punished?

[syreena]: Won't that throw the balance off?

[Kerala]: She will.

[syreena]: Then how will the balance be restored if not by taking her life?

[Kerala]: Konro's death was accidental. Not only that, but he himself has forgiven her. She will make amends without dying.

Syreena frowns.

[syreena]: Accidental?

You nod at Syreena.

[syreena]: She challenged him to a fight to the death, and fought him with intent to kill him.

[Kerala]: The fight was not. The death was.

[Kerala]: I've been told how beaten she was. He would have killed her, and he chose not to.

[Kerala]: -HE- chose.

Syreena doesn't dispute that.

[syreena]: I told him before the fight...though I'm not sure it was him....

You listen intently to Syreena.

[syreena]: That he couldn't win. Even if he won the fight, he'd still lose, for it would have meant he killed her.

You nod at Syreena.

[Kerala]: It sounds as if you have enough enemies. Please, leave her alone. I do not wish to have to kill you.

Syreena tilts her head at that, regarding Kerala.... but doesn't press the issue.

[syreena]: I'll consider your request, but I make no promises.

[syreena]: This is not the first Grim to be attacked recently. We can't let ourselves look like targets with no consequences for attacking us.

[Kerala]: You'll notice, I am not attacking you now.

[syreena]: Likewise.

[Kerala]: I am well aware of how a threatened creature becomes vicious of desperation. Make no mistake- I am not threatening you.

[Kerala]: If you kill her, you kill yourself.

[syreena]: That...sounds like a threat.

[Kerala]: Fact.

You stare Syreena down.

[syreena]: Threat...fact...the end result would be the same, so what's the difference?

[Kerala]: Konro was both our friends. Let us honor his last wishes, please.

[syreena]: I'll think about it. I can't promise anything right now.

Kerala frowns, but nods. She has to go see what other trouble Breygrah might be getting into.

[Kerala]: It's not a 'no', at least.

[Kerala]: Enjoy your drink.

[syreena]: No, it's not a no. But I can't promise my temper won't get the best of me when I see her.

[Kerala]: Let's hope it doesn't.

[syreena]: She's...not like most Tauren I've known.

[syreena]: But then...neither was Konro, I guess.

Kerala about to leave, pauses.

You sigh at Syreena.

[Kerala]: No. No they aren't.

[Kerala]: Mores the headache for me.

Syreena smiles faintly at her.

You look at Syreena.

[Kerala]: You should talk to him.

[Kerala]: While he's still here to do so.

[syreena]: Who? Oh..I did a couple days ago, but he disappeared after only a couple minutes.

[syreena]: I wanted to ask him about these tihngs, but didn't get a chance.

[Kerala]: Soon enough we will heal his spirit and he will truely be at peace. I'm only letting you know, is all.

[syreena]: If I can be of any help with that, just ask...if you can accept help from someone like me, I mean.

Syreena knows a lot of Tauren don't like Forsaken.

[Kerala]: If you are truely his friend, we will need you. I will let you know when we are ready.

Syreena nods.

[syreena]: Thank you.

You nod at Syreena.

[Kerala]: I need to go. She has a knack for trying to get herself killed.

You bow before Syreena.

Syreena bites back a grin at that and inclines her head respectfully.

Kerala shifts to a cat, and slinks away.

(In a neat print of orcish[because she doesn't know he's tauren], obviously by tauren hands)

Awatu, leader of the Grim,

I am Kerala, chieftain of the Horns of Shuhalo. Breygrah was a sister of mine. She did kill my Brother Konro while he was considered a Grim.

Blood Revenge traditionally allows you to claim a restoration of balance against Breygrah for her actions.

Konro's death was accidental, in that he regained his own will long enough to kill himself on her sword....


I offer to pay her debt. Please reply with your request for whatever supplies you have need of to satisfy the balance owed.

As Konro's remains were NOT accepted by your guild, this is a generous offer to you.

Please also be aware- any actions by you or any of the Grim against Breygrah further will be subject to Blood Revenge of my own should she come to harm. Your Forsaken Syreena has received my request to cease hostilities tonight personally...


If any of yours were fond of Konro, the healers of the Skytotem tribe are working to restore his soul so that he may find his rest.

I can notify you when they are ready to do so.

~Kerala Windchaser

Skytotem healer

of the Horns of Shuhalo

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Chieftain Kerala,

I've thought about our conversation yesterday.

At the time everything happened, Breygrah was with your Horns, so I hold you at least partially responsible for her actions and punishment. Other than that, I have no reason to make you an enemy.

As I understand it, the Mak'gora is meant to be a fight of the highest honor. Brey challenged Konro when he had only one arm. She wanted to kill him for things he did while he had no control over his own actions. I fail to see the honor here.

She fought him with intent to kill, whether or not his actual death was "accidental." He would not have been there if not for her challenge and intent. It was her hand that held the sword that killed him. Your Blood Revenge has not been answered. That is your problem to deal with. As for me, I will stop my attacks on her, for a price.

One of Breygrah's horns is to be laid to rest with him. She must be punished for killing a Grim, and I think it would comfort him to have part of her with him. If that is done, I will not attack her again for this crime, though this does not make her immune to retaliation for future actions.

I would still like to help with Konro's spirit if I'm able, and if you'll allow it.


Syreena of The Grim

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Takes place earlier in the evening, Syreena having just insulted the now-arriving Breygrah

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Enough.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: Enough what?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Enough of your mouth.

Syreena chuckles at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I will not be the one to shut it, however.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt shrugs at Syreena. Who knows?

[syreena-TwistingNether]: Then don't bother telling me to.

Lilliana-TwistingNether starts to bristle.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt grins wickedly at Syreena.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: What? I have too many arms for you to challenge?

Lilliana-TwistingNether doesn't like the way the atmosphere has gone. She stands there, tensing.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Sew a few more on, it will give you a chance.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: I don't need anymore.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: So you say.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I know it was you.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: What was me?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: You will not get to me.

Lilliana looks at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Do not play stupid.

Lilliana-TwistingNether steps forward a little bit.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Lilliana.

Syreena-TwistingNether is guilty of lots of things, has no idea which one Brey is talking about.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: What was me?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Lilly.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: OH!

Lilliana-TwistingNether eyes Cobrak when he moves close to Breygrah. She does NOT look happy. She glances back at she doesn't know what Breygrah is talking about.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: That....little present....

Syreena grins wickedly at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt glares angrily at Syreena.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: Maybe next time it will be the real thing.

Cobrak-TwistingNether takes a breath.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Huh?

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Brey.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: What are you two talking about? What present?

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Go cool off.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt keeps her eyes on Syreena.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: ... Sure, Cob.

Syreena-TwistingNether smiles in delight, planning, "Maybe next time there will even be more."

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Syreena. Brey's onna mine now.

Lilliana-TwistingNether looks at Cobrak like he's nuts.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: What?

Syreena eyes you up and down.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: What do you mean, one of yours?

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: She's a Deadshot, same as Tao and Bramm.

Syreena-TwistingNether her voice flat and cold as she stares at him, "She's not a Grim."

[syreena-TwistingNether]: She killed a Grim. Anyone else is secondary.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: No she ain't...

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks as if she's about to speak, but she looks to Cobrak again, then turns to walk away.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: but I'll gut ANYONE WHO FUCKS WITH ME OR MY OWN.

Syreena-TwistingNether glares at Cobrak, then moves to follow Brey.

You eye Syreena up and down.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Cobrak.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I'm sorry, Lill.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Cobrak, what the fuck you doing?

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Cobrak, seriously!

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I'm defending the people I care about!

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: By threatening Grims?

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Cobrak!

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I'll do a lot things for the Grim!

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I'll slaughter Alliance and Irons by the thousands if need be!

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: But what I ain't doin' is sittin' by why me friends are threatened!

Lilliana-TwistingNether narrows her eyes, "Cobrak."

Lilliana-TwistingNether hides her face behind her hands for a moment, leaning forward and rubbing her temples. She is so very tired with how this curse keeps on tearing at everyone, splitting them all apart. She looks back to Cobrak and glares unhappily, "We're all threatened by this.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Yeah, we are.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: S'why I don't get why Horde's turnin' on Horde.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Don't turn on Syreena. *she pauses* She's grieving.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: I know you are too.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: If she don't turn on Brey, I ain't gonna do nuthin'.

Lilliana-TwistingNether sighs deeply, "The issue between her and Brey should just be between Syreena and her."

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I'm tryin' to get her ta back off.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: You can't do it like that....and is she fucking with Breygrah right now?

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Aw piss!

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What?

[syreena-TwistingNether]: This isn't over.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Looking for me?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt blinks at Syreena.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: If you were smart, it would be.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Leave them alone.

Lilliana-TwistingNether totally interrupts their drama by standing there, with an angry Cobrak alongside.

Syreena-TwistingNether regards Brey silently for a moment, confused, realizing Brey could have had her killed just then.

Lilliana looks at Syreena.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: If you have problems with me, deal with them.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: You will leave the others alone.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Am I clear?

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Breygrah......

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Lilliana.

Syreena-TwistingNether glances at Cobrak, then looks back to her. "I'm not sure that's an option."

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Why not?

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Stop talking like you think you are in charge. *she demands this wearily*

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: ... She threatens me.

Lilliana looks at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

Syreena stares Cobrak down.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: and from the sounds of it, not just you.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Lilliana carefully.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: You are all threatening my blood pressure. *bristles again*

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I am sorry, Lilly.

Cobrak-TwistingNether meets Syreena's stare with his own.

Lilliana-TwistingNether turns a cold glare on Cobrak when she catches him glaring at Syreena.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I cannot just stand back any longer.

Syreena-TwistingNether growls at Cobrak, not wanting to talk to him in front of outsiders, "I'll deal with you later."

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I do not wear purple. I will act if I must.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Excuse me?

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Now who's threatening? Jeeez.....everyone.....!

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I will not allow myself or those I care about to be in danger.

Cobrak-TwistingNether stands rigidly, not bothering to answer Syreena's veiled threat.

[syreena-TwistingNether]: Oh, the purple people act just fine when they want to. Their oaths are only for when it's convenient.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Fuck that, we're all in danger EVERY fucking day!

Breygrah-Ravenholdt sighs and gives Lilly a knowing look.

Lilliana-TwistingNether catches the knowing look.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: And?

Syreena-TwistingNether eyes Brey again, "I'll see you later."

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Why should we be in danger from other members of the horde?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt glares angrily at Syreena.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: You have seen the daggers she throws at me.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt points to another dagger in the dirt.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: It ain't jus' between Brey and Syr, Lills.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: You know how she works, she won't just rush 'er like Konro....

Lilliana-TwistingNether looks up at Breygrah, quietly.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: she'll find other ways to hurt her.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Did you tell her?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks to Lilly sadly.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: She sent me ears.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: In a box.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: You did not?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: And hair. Like his. And bloodthistle.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: She......sent you ears? *the priestess looks completely surprised* *the realization spreads across her face* Oh.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I will not tolerate threats.

Lilliana-TwistingNether shakes her head slowly, "I didn't say anything, Breygrah......I don't talk about that stuff."

Cobrak-TwistingNether 's orb begins glowing, and he shakes his head.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Lill.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I ain't gonna outright kill or fight Syreena...but iffin she comes 'round lookin' fer trouble...

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I'll not take it lightly.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I gotta go.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt nods at Lilliana.

Lilliana-TwistingNether turns around sharply at Cobrak.

[Lilliana-TwistingNether]: What....did you say? *she seems ready to leap out and smash Cobrak*

Breygrah-Ravenholdt nods at you.

Cobrak-TwistingNether forces a weary smile.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: On the bright side....I think we can save Bramm.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: We can?

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Aye, I'll seeya later.

Cobrak-TwistingNether sees the growing temper of Lilliana, and avoids eye contact with her as he moves away.

[Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Later.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Let me know what you find out, please.

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[[A horn! Yes, I love that idea. How 'bout it Brey? Can we convince you to do that?]]


A horn is a very dear thing to a shu'halo. It would be an adequately valuable payment to restore balance, however the debt is not to you alone,

I have sent a letter to your Grim leader, as I consider the Grim to have been Konro's "kin" despite the refusal to accept and care for his remains. Such a refusal ordinary nullifies any claim you might have.

Speak to Awatu. I will speak to Breygrah if he agrees with your price.


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Syreena frowned as she read the response from Kerala. "Speak to Awatu" sounded so simple, but the idea would have made the little rogue's palms cold and clammy, if she still had the ability to sweat.

Nothing was ever simple. She should have just attacked Brey that night in Icecrown instead of letting Kex'ti distract her. She could still do that. Find Brey alone, without Kex'ti or Cobrak around to protect her, and finish this one way or the other. If she lost, well, she'd be dead. If she won, what then? Then she'd have Kex'ti, and Cobrak, and now Kerala out for her head.

Cobrak was another problem completely. A Grim's willingness to turn on her for an outsider cut her in places his bullets would never reach. Syreena still didn't know what she was going to do about him. She could go after him to punish him outright, but her confidence in her combat abilities had taken a hard hit lately. She could continue to attack Brey, and bait Cobrak into revealing his betrayal to the Mandate. At first, that seemed like a good idea, until she realized his failure was hers. She was the High Inquisitor when Cobrak earned his rank. She'd obviously failed to test him thoroughly, and she was certain that little fact would not slip by Awatu if she took that route.

Taking a horn from Brey seemed like the best solution. Brey would pay a price, Syreena wouldn't risk retaliation from those protecting Brey, and her failure with Cobrak would remain mostly hidden from Awatu. But even that had to become complicated. "Speak to Awatu."

Syreena knew the Commander didn't like Konro and had high regard for Breygrah for some reason. He was not opposed to the Mak'gora when Syreena talked to him about it before it happened. She didn't know if Awatu would approve of her actions towards Brey since Konro's death, which is why she hadn't asked his permission before acting. That, and he seemed too busy for such matters. Not to mention, she'd recently been in trouble with him, and still felt like she was on thin ice. On the other hand, she'd recently heard him tell Ruuki that she could kill someone for anything -- traitorous intent, annoying people, being bad in bed... Not for the first time, the little rogue really wished she knew the Commander better.

With a heavy sigh, she tucked Kerala's letter into her armor for safekeeping while she considered her options.

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Cobrak paced wearily around within Broden'ar's main hall, impatience ate him throughout, as well as anxiety regarding last night's encounter with Syreena...He had let his emotions get the better of him, and openly threatened a Grim...a high ranked Grim, nonetheless. He had to think of a way to outmaneuver her, as well as keep his and the Deadshots' heads from becoming painted with Grim crosshairs...and then there was Brammorn to worry about.

Tazzuk and Rhuune said they'd find him, and he knew they would search to the best of their ability...the problem being of course, what would happen when they found the death knight. If they managed to subdue him, all would be fine...but things are never so easy. He should have sent Whazat with, he's currently tracking that pet troll of Konro's.

Another problem to be dealt with...if whatever force he was a part of...or Spirits help him, the Grim catch onto what Cobrak planned...Their retaliation would come swiftly. He knew his mercs could handle whatever hodgepodge of desperate thugs Konro had scrabbled together...but the Grims? No...and what's worse if he were to eb revealed...One fear permeated his thoughts above all others.


He had seen the way she had looked so betrayed last night, how she visibly bristled with anger when he had spoken his intent to defend Brey. The trolless would most heinously disapprove of what he conspired to do. If anything else, he would do his best to make sure she would never catch wind of this.

"'Ey, Boss Dino!" Xek's sudden appearance nearly made Cobrak shed his skin as he jumped like a startled cat. How the troll could always sneak up on him was beyond his knowledge.

"DAMNIT, XEK!" He shouted, realigned his eyepatch. "I told ya a million times not ta do that!" The hexweaver merely shrugged casually as he gaily walked towards his commander. "So." Cobrak began, now returned to a normal state. "S'all ready ta go?"

If his face wasn't encased within a traditional voodoo mask, Cobrak would've bet money Xek was beaming under it. "Ya, it goo' ta go, bossman. It bomboss stron' now, jus' be needin' its passenja." The troll chuckled with dark mirth, spinning a fist-sized purple gem in his hands.

Cobrak nodded and returned to the mess of papers that cluttered the central table of the room. "Good...go get some food. Ny'shra's on mess, so expect lotsa meat." Dismissed with wave, Xekanjo shimmied his way out, leaving the gem behind for Cobrak to look over. "I don't care what it takes or who it turns 'gainst me...I'll save ya, Bramm."

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The short conversation between Syreena and Breygrah before Lilliana and Cobrak come to find them

Syreena throws a dagger at Brey from the shadows.

You sniff the air around you.

Breygrah looks down at the dagger hanging from the mail of her plate.

[breygrah]: Come out and fight.

[syreena]: Hiding behind Cobrak now?

[breygrah]: Do not hide like a Coward.

[syreena]: First Kex'ti, then Naheal, now Cobrak. How many men you got wrapped around that tail of yours?

You quietly snicker to yourself.

[breygrah]: Do not kid yourself. Are you jealous I have friends?

[syreena]: No, I'm wondering what favors you give them in return.

Breygrah twists the dagger from the mail, and throws it down into the dirt.

Syreena grins.

[breygrah]: No favors. People just like me. Some of us are likable.

[syreena]: I don't.

[breygrah]: That is nice. I do not care.

[syreena]: You should care.

[breygrah]: Why is that?

[syreena]: Because people I don't like....things happen to them. people who like them.

Syreena smiles sweetly.

[breygrah]: You will harm no one. If you have such a problem, fight me.

Kexti waves at you.

You smile at Syreena.

[breygrah]: I am waiting.

Kexti looks at Syreena.

[breygrah]: I, unlike some, will not be hiding in the shadows.

[syreena]: Fine, let's do...

[Kexti]: Hoi, friends.

Syreena looks to her left.

You look at Kexti.

[Kexti]: Oh I'm sorry. Did you not hear me coming?

[breygrah]: Greetings Kex'ti.

Kexti bows before you.

Syreena looks at Kexti.

[breygrah]: I am sorry, I must have distracted her.

[Kexti]: Everything okay?

[breygrah]: Of course.

Kexti looks at you.

Syreena didn't hear him, but isn't going to admit it.

[breygrah]: There is no problem.

Kexti nods at you.

[Kexti]: Be seeing you. Tesonii was looking for Naheal. Let him know, yes?

Syreena eyes Brey curiously, then looks back to Kex'ti, watching him cautiously.

You nod at Kexti.

[breygrah]: Of course.

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Brey was at the mailbox in Warspear. Syreena watched her from the shadows for a moment, considering. She could wait for an audience with Awatu, and hope he'd agree to what she'd asked for. Or she could take the horn herself.

Syreena lunged at Brey's back, swords slashing through the air to collide with the plate armor of the warrior. The little rogue was a flurry of vicious attacks, retreating to the shadows only to strike again and again and again.....

She may as well have been beating her blades against a boulder. Brey beat her back again and again, until Syreena was forced to retreat to the shadows for her own well being.

A few minutes later, unwilling to give up such a prize (and the chance to regain a shred of dignity), the rogue struck again. And again, the Tauren warrior beat her down. It almost felt like Brey was toying with her, taking her time to deliver as many blows as possible before Syreena fell to the ground, unable to move.

Brey approached her, and knelt down on the ground where Syreena was still sitting, and asked if she was done now. The beaten rogue, expecting a death blow, mumbled something in answer. Only then did she notice the three warlocks who had been watching. Malhavik, Darethy, and Grimal.

Syreena mustered just enough strength and will to crawl away into the shadows.

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Breygrah was nervous before, but no longer. In fact, she was welcoming the next fight, but she knew that would put her down a bad road, so she had to control herself a little better. The little rogue did... much less damage to her than she imagined, the worg wounds from the previous night still gave her more of a bother. The poisons were the worst of it, but they passed rather quickly to her surprise. She was in fact toying with the girl in the second bout, what's wrong with letting her think she could win? She was well rested again today, and it was good stress relief.

It couldn't hurt to prepare some anti-venom, just in case.

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The letter sat on Awatu's too-small desk, opened and read, dragging him away from more important matters than a dead Supplicant. It seemed that no matter where he turned there would be another reminder of Konro's death, and his failures. It was almost as if he were becoming a martyr in this whole Accalia/Vionara/Curse situation, which further irritated him as a dead solider is less useful than a small stone. At least the stone could be used to kill someone...

But the letter held an interesting offer. "Blood Revenge", a concept that Awatu was only vaguely familiar with. It was not a Stonespire custom, and he had a difficult time trying to place its roots. Not that it truly mattered where it came from, only that it was in effect and he could ask for a reimbursement to replace Konro's lost potential. That is all that a Supplicant was, anyway; potential Grim. Awatu had grown weary of the use of the term "Grim" to describe Konro, especially when the word came from Syreena. The body of The Grim was growing too... sentimental, perhaps? A thought for another time.

Holding a quill to the parchment for several minutes, he finally began to write.

Kerala, Chieftain of the Horns of the Shu'halo,

I require a new Supplicant.

Blood revenge shall be fulfilled once I have regained what I have lost through recent events.

Awatu, Commander of The Grim.

No explanation, no banter, no excessive words. The potential of a new soldier was a welcome thought, and perhaps a new servant of the Mandate will come out of the failure of another.

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Kerala crushed the letter in fury before she'd even reached the third line. She screamed in anger and hurled it against the wall. The paper patted against the wall with the barest of whispered sounds and then bounced to the floor very unsatisfactorily, so Kerala punched the wall.

Damn him! She elaborated the thought aloud with her favorite curses picked up in Desolace.

She knew from the handwriting that Awatu must be shu'halo. Not only that, but the commander's counter was genius, really. Only death would balance the crime of murder, but an unintentional death? Despite what Alakroz and the 37th believed, Konro had killed himself to spare Breygrah. Awatu demanding what he did was well within his rights, even if it was unconventional. She could tell that this man was cunning, and he had far much more experience than she did.

Kerala paced, blowing air in frustrated bursts though her nostrils. Every so often, as she passed the letter, she childishly stomped it beneath her hoof.

But this was not one shu'halo tribe arguing with another over Blood Revenge debt after a drunken brawl ended badly. This was The Grim. From all accounts, they represented everything to be avoided- violence and wanton slaughter of Alliance, aggravated conflict among even the Horde. Action before thought, and calculated malice. Was it not they who had allowed Konro's misbehavior to continue escalating beyond the point of redemption?

Kerala seethed, recalling Breygrah's description of what had occurred during the time Konro had held her hostage.

There was no way she would willingly volunteer anyone to that cause.

She should never have allowed Konro to leave the Horns. Despite knowing that he had laid his own road that had led to where it did... Kerala could not help but feel a small measure of guilt over it, having known his poor sense of direction, so to speak.

Kerala paced back and forth. Back and forth. Her thoughts swirled around the words she had read. I require a new Supplicant. How was she going to meet that demand?

The druid eyed the letter, now dirty, creased, and even slightly torn. She picked it up from the floor and carefully unfolded it. She read the words again, and the ones after them this time. They didn't matter, she'd been right not to bother with them before.

Kerala stalked to another room to find something to write with. She didn't dare go have Anura do it for her this time. She flattened the letter and just used the back.

Yoo shall have yoor-

Kerala flipped the letter over to figure out how to spell it.

-Supplicant after the curs is delt with.


She didn't care what he thought of the drastic change in handwriting, or the terrible spelling. Writing was stupid anyway. So what if he knew his demand made her angry? She tried to fold the letter to get it back in the envelope, but of course it would no longer lay completely flat. Whatever. Kerala crossed out her name on the front, and wrote Awatu's above it.

Kerala headed to the mailbox. The others were all preparing to go find the gem Konro was trapped in. They'd be looking for her soon, but right now, there was no one to see her stuff the letter back into the mailbox.

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