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Darrethy Voidblade

The Blackguard.

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*Posted on one of the horde message boards is a recruitment notice written in elegant Lordanian writing and colored purple with sungrass ink.*

The Raven's Gate is looking for soldiers to defend Azeroth as well as Dreanor from both the Alliance and Shadow Council. Death Master Voidblade is holding briefings in town square for individuals inclined to defend the Lordanian empire. To maintain a stable environment applicants will be accepted into the organization and only after a interview and personal assessment.

Soldiers who decide to aid in the fight or are transferred from other stations will be granted a steady supply of rations, a personalized sword, a personalized dirk, personalized armor, a tabard, a FCD with corresponding passcode along with a small list of caches and stamps to commission supplies. Every member will be given a Forsaken Insigna which must be kept on their person at all times, should they fall in service their names will be added to the censers roll for memorial, conversely they will be granted commendations and gold for outstanding service in the line of fire.

This is a joint operation with the Defilers, individuals with experience in the Arathi will be given special consideration as needed, to a lesser extent this will extend to indviduals who have been in the following organizations in no particular order: The Dreadguard, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Deathstalkers, The Undercity Warlock Coven, The Hand of Vengence, the Frostwolf Clan, Lordanian Veterans of the First, Second, or Third Wars, and individuals who fought at Crushridge with the Dragonmaw. Combat experience preferred, but can be provided.

Iconography: The Blackguard use the symbol of the spider as their banner. Spiders are the classic animals of the Forsaken serving as housepets, sentinels, and warbeasts. Other symbols: The Seal of Lordaeron, The Mark of the Defilers, and the Icon Of Torment. Colors: Black, Green, Red, and Purple in keeping with Forsaken themes. Clandestine operations are encouraged, but not operations which never reveal what you represent. An enemy who never see's you coming has no chance to fear you, better that they flee upon seeing you from a mile away.

Camaraderie is encouraged, constructive critique of ones peers without needless bashing. We work together as a unit, often times you'll find yourself relying on your compatriots for support, you must be there for one another. As the organization grows more discipline and technique will be developed and enforced as needed. Pragmatic combat is preferred, we're in it to win, not be nice, however certain individuals should be engaged if one is competent and can make a point.

A reckoning will be coming, the Age of Mortals may be here but the Age of Chaos has not ended, it'll be the first siege of Stormwind, The Battle of Blackrock, The torching of Moonbrook, The Second War of Lordaeron, it'll be the plague, The Destruction of Dalaran, and The Battle of Hyjal all in one, and we'll never feel more at home - Darethy Voidblade.

*The stamp of the Defilers and The Blackguard is made at the bottom of the paper.*

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