Eclipse: SUMMARY

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Updated 5/4/15

[[ This thread will serve as an ongoing summary of the events of the Eclipse. Please post here if I've missed anything or of new developments and I'll add them in. ]]

Seven Years Ago

A group of heroes defeated Accalia, an ancient Beast-God of the Hunt, who had sought to prey on the entire world.

Prologue (Week 0) (Feb 9-15)

The week before the Lunar Festival, two veterans of the last Eclipse started seeing troubling signs that this year Accalia might be stirring. Xaraphyne Nawe, Captain of the Skyseeker, was ready to shrug it off, certain Accalia could not have gathered enough power to do anything worth worrying about – especially after checking with astronomers, who assured her no eclipse was imminent – but Naheal Malastar of Sanctuary started investigating. He was able to track down one of the enemies of the last conflict, a priestess once named Tassha now going by the name Vionora Minara, but she appeared listless and no threat.

Seeing continued signs, both Naheal and Xara independently decided to go to Moonglade, where Accalia rose and was vanquished seven years ago. They met there and decided to keep a watch on the area. Naheal also asked his guild to see if they could keep a watch on Vionora, but by then she had disappeared...

A warlock of the Grim by the name of Malhavik had been looking for a subject for his experiments, and had kidnapped Vionora. He began inflicting fel magic upon her, until one night, he created a way to force an exceptional amount of demonic energy into her. Somehow, this reforged Accalia's connection to the mortal realm through Vionora. Accalia appeared in the form of a shade and her power was sensed for miles. Vionora escaped, but not before laying the mark on Malhavik. A rogue by the name of Jenasis felt the effects of Accalia's release.

Two great worgs appeared in Moonglade the same night: one who had been known as the alpha of the worg pack that had hunted the heroes seven years ago, and the other recognizable as Fell, the beast which the last avatar of Accalia had kept by his side. Both, however, appeared changed, with crimson red skin under their black fur. Naheal was pursued by the alpha, but permitted to escape; Xara and her partner Fhenrir Phoenix, who had been alerted to trouble by Cyelaena and come to Moonglade, were hunted by Fell but then given up on when the sun rose.

Meanwhile, Vionora made it to Stormwind, and there she incited a plague of the curse through the city. She went uncaught, but did encounter a troubled rogue by the name of Tirien.

Week 1 (Feb 16-22)

Several more hear about the events in Stormwind or Undercity, including Lord High Commander Stepanos DelaCroix, opportunist Fidjit, and Darrethy Voidblade of the Blackguard. Darrethy tracks down the source of the disruption to Malhavik's laboratory and finds out from Malhavik what he had done. Darrethy willingly offers himself to help Malhavik deal with the curse and as a result is afflicted himself. Malhavik goes to meet his Grim guildmates in Warspear while Darrethy goes to speak to Sanctuary. Meanwhile, the Horns of the Shu'halo struggle with Konro as a problem member.

At the Sanctuary meeting, they discuss options to handle the curse. A spirit beast appears and goes to Naheal's side; he assumes it is Xaraphyne's Cyelaena, the ghost wolf who appeared during the last battle against Accalia. After the meeting, Darrethy goes into isolation, but is visited by Ninorra Bloodstone of Sanctuary. Julilee Liene, the Commander of Sanctuary, writes letters to several associates to warn them about the curse and Accalia.

In Warspear, Malhavik tries to convince his guildmates that the curse can be weaponized against the Alliance. However, when Xaraphyne arrives, Malhavik strikes out instinctively at Cyelaena. Xara is shocked and her friends in the Grim who are present, Leyu'jin Zeysoga and Lilliana Bloodshine, are aghast. Other Grim members stand by dubiously, and Commander of the Grim Awatu Stonespire condemns Malhavik's inability to control himself. Xara warns them of the danger Accalia poses, and a blind mage scholar by the name of Taozhu takes an interest in the proceedings. Konro, a tauren warrior who recently left the Horns of the Shu'halo, has also overheard.

Later, Malhavik loses control again and inflicts the curse upon Lupinum, another member of the Grim. As a result, he and Lupinum are both confined in the Grim's dungeon by Leyu'jin. Konro, acting rashly and responding violently to the point where he has to be subdued, is taken prisoner by Xara and put in the stockade of the garrison run by her partner Lieutenant-General Fhenrir Phoenix. She tries to talk to him to find out why he is so irrational and suicidal, but assumes she will have more time to get through to him. Naheal arrives and they discover the ghost wolf following him is not in fact Cyelaena. Naheal decides to call him Cerunan.

The next morning, a former guildmate of Konro's from the Horns of the Shu'halo, Breygrah, distressed but angry at Konro, comes to visit him in Fhenrir's garrison. However, he already has a visitor – and it's not Xara. Vionora sets Konro free and the two almost kill Breygrah, but are forced to depart when reinforcements arrive.

Breygrah goes to Sanctuary for help, following an offer Naheal had made. She receives healing from Kex'ti Dalendala of Sanctuary. He and Naheal work to discover how to heal the wounds inflicted by Accalia's worgs, as the wounds refuse to heal fully. Naheal goes to the Aldor for help with this task.

The Grim meet to discuss the curse. Malhavik protests that he has himself under control, but then accidentally infects Khorvis Bloodstar, an orc warrior with a fel apparatus. The warrior goes berserk and runs away. It is suggested that they need to kill Accalia's new avatar to release their afflicted guildmates from the curse. Konro shows up and is promptly taken prisoner again, this time thrown into the Grim's prison. There, Konro, Malhavik, and Lupinum are visited by Vionora. She frees Konro again but is not convinced by Malhavik that he will help her. Malhavik and Lupinum are left incarcerated, but Leyu'jin later decides to let Lupinum out, after being less than pleased by Konro's escape.

Reverend Jameson Smithe decides to investigate the plague victims of Stormwind, but Vionora shows up to find out what he's doing. He is undeterred… and in fact somewhat intrigued.

Leyu'jin goes to Xaraphyne to ask her about the curse, Eclipse, and Accalia; Khorvis shows up, freed of the curse by having cut out the shard, but Cyelaena ends up tainted by it. Khorvis changes his mind about weaponizing the curse.

Taozhu embarks on a journey to the Zandalari Outcaste with several companions to learn more about the history of the curse and Accalia, and Konro and Lupinum are forced into a rather compromising position after Konro makes Lupinum accidentally infect a druid named Grinjowl. Konro's remaining horn ends up in the possession of Civarra, a rogue in Sanctuary.

Week 2 (Feb 23-Mar 2)

One Malethia Blazestone has a bad dream, but shrugs it off.

Vionora visits Darrethy in his sanctum. He offers her a chance at cleansing herself of the fel, but she inexplicably declines. Darrethy feels conflicted.

Stepanos and guildmate Emmeran question Tirien in Stormwind and discover he saw the culprit of the plague. They interrogate him, but it causes Tirien to react to the holy energies.

Meanwhile, Darrethy goes out seeking answers the only way he knows how, and hears an old adversary's name. Finding out that Stepanos is involved, he grows concerned for the safety of innocents.

Konro applies to join the Grim, which pushes Breygrah toward Sanctuary. Xaraphyne tries to befriended Konro, but he utterly ignores her attempts to reach out to him, only taking advantage of whatever help she offers. Xara confers with Taozhu, Naheal, and Breygrah about what Taozhu was able to uncover about Accalia's history on his journey. Taozhu asks Breygrah and Naheal to accompany him to Ahn'Qiraj to discover more. Xara goes to speak to Malhavik and Leyu'jin about what she knows about Vionora, expressing that she doesn't think Vionora actually wants to end the world after everything she'd been through.

Week 3 (Mar 2-8)

Grinjowl, now ravening, attacks Grimal Shadecinder, and Ninorra interposes herself; as a result she is afflicted by the curse. Grimal starts looking into the matter, though Ninorra has her own ideas... She starts trying to feed tainted magic to the curse in hopes of poisoning Accalia.

Konro approaches Julilee to offer a truce. She agrees Sanctuary will not seek to bring him to justice until after Accalia is defeated, so long as he swears not to raise his hand to any Horde unprovoked. Later, Kex'ti gets around this edict by taunting Konro into a fight, and humiliatingly defeats him.

Kerala goes to meet with many of those involved and learn what she can. Grimal is still trying to find the cursed druid. Kerala continues her studies of healing, and, unrealizing, contracts the curse and contributes to its spread through Ashran.

After experimenting on the afflicted, Smithe accidentally allows for the deaths of his crew and nearly himself, but Vionora appears again. He asks her for power, and she grants him a stronger version of the mark, naming him her hunter. He goes to Dalaran and spreads the curse there.

Fidjit and company roll out a new, profitable product named MONSTER MASH which is "guaranteed to ward off howling wolf monsters" but which has unintended side effects. They also plan to mass-produce protective totems... and to see if they can leash Accalia for their own purposes to top it off.

Taozhu, Breygrah, and Brammorn to go Ahn'Qiraj to learn more about Accalia. There, they discover that Accalia became corrupted and sealed away long ago.

Konro, after receiving a significant influx of power when Vionora replaces half his soul with that of a powerful worg-spirit, beats Kex'ti and kidnaps Breygrah. Naheal confronts Vionora and is marked. In the aftermath, Naheal begins negotiating a ceasefire between the Grim and Sanctuary so that they can work together to defeat Accalia. However, when Julilee reacts poorly to the Grim's presence, and fearing for the safety of his comrades while he is cursed, Naheal leaves Sanctuary. He accidentally infects a priestess named Aaren. That same evening, after talking to Julilee earlier about the curse, Sanctuary members Faelenor and Amalyn seek out Malhavik to have him infect Amalyn so they can study the curse.

Naheal comes up with an inventive way to surmount the curse, but the strength of the mark Vionora inflicted on him gives him powerful symptoms.

Malhavik goes to Xara to ask her about Vionora's past, accompanied by Lilliana. Xara tells them there was someone who hurt Vionora, who would be very important to Vionora now, but won't give the person's name even to Lilliana; only says that she hasn't been able to find him since the start of this, and she has searched every world they can get to.

Konro approaches Darrethy, and the two fight. Both are seriously injured but survive. Xara and Lilliana arrive and convince Konro to show them where he is keeping Brey and to let her go. Brey, traumatized, feels nowhere is safe anymore, but goes to Sanctuary Garrison. Kex'ti goes on a retreat while entering into a deadly exchange of threats with Syreena Shadowblade of the Grim.

The Grim have a meeting and discuss, among other things, the threat of Accalia, and declare that they will mount a hunt to find Vionora. Vionora speaks to Malhavik to tell him to find something she calls "the black book" before Taozhu does; the two also share a charged moment. Later, Vionora observes and even speaks to the Grim gathered at the inn in Warspear – who have no idea who she is. Then Aaren arrives, and concern grows amongst Konro, Lupinum, and Malhavik to discover she is an unknown marked. Ruuki, a new Inquisitor of the Grim, sternly tells them to leave her alone, but after Grim attention is elsewhere, the three of them and Vionora scare Aaren and chase her down to a remote part of the isle.

There, Vionora attempts to do something to Aaren... but fails, saying she does not have enough power yet. Ruuki arrives just as the three Grim decide to end Aaren's life out of fear she would show them cooperating with Vionora, and Ruuki is infuriated. Vionora claims that Aaren attacked and marked her, but then Syreena, who had been watching all along, reveals herself and that as a lie. Lilliana arrives, and Vionora suddenly takes her hostage, demanding the three marked Grim present – Konro, Lupinum, and Malhavik – choose between her and the Grim. In response, Lupinum unhesitatingly lifegrips Lilliana out of danger. Ruuki tells Malhavik to kill Vionora, or his own life is forfeit, and he encases both Vionora and himself both in violent shadow that causes them both to disappear. When Darrethy and his wife Alfirin arrive, Konro demands to be allowed to fight Darrethy, to which the Grim present agree. However, the fight ends quickly when Darrethy blows off Konro's right arm with rockets. Konro, distrusted for trying to kill Aaren, is put back in the Grim dungeon.

Meanwhile, Malhavik and Vionora have another charged conversation. She leaves when she feels her connection to Konro broken, thinking the Grim have killed him, and tracks down Lupinum to where he and Lilly are near Konro's cell. She does not get the chance to free Konro as Lilly and Lupinum attack her and she is too exhausted from her earlier attempt to do something unknown to Aaren, so she leaves Konro there.

Aaren struggles with the curse. Darrethy is losing the battle as well.

Ruuki speaks to Konro in the prison and decides to give him one more chance, trusting that the half of his soul still tauren is up to the task of proving himself to the Grim. Filora Livlet, a member of the Grim, helpfully designs a magical collar for Konro that will knock him unconscious if he gets to the point of acting out of anger instead of reason. Julilee and Khorvis meet, with Lilliana and Darrethy present, to hammer out the terms of a temporary truce between the Grim and Sanctuary until one week after Accalia is defeated.

Week 4 (Mar 9-15)

A death knight named Tesonii Inbetween talks to several people, looking for Kex'ti. Breygrah allows her to stay with her.

Syreena remembers where she has heard of some of these things before. She locates Elek's old journals and re-reads them. In the end, she is not sure what she learned will be any help.

Filora finds out Vionora has a living relative and (for a small fee) shows Malhavik and his brother Talfryn to her – Shaena Minara. Konro, spying on them, follows. When Filora confronts him, they get into a fight, and even one-armed and de-powered he chases her off. (There may have been some yelling of "MAD COW!!") Malhavik is frustrated by Shaena's reticence and decides to do her harm, but then Vionora appears. She seems angered by Malhavik's threatening her cousin, but then turns around and abuses Shaena herself, to the observers' shock. She changes the enchantment on Konro's collar to instead be a focus for Accalia's power, returning to him the full power of the worg spirit, and tells him to be careful and hide his power unless he is serving her. Konro promptly gets into a fight with Malhavik, and Talfryn comes to his defense, but Vionora breaks it up. She tells Malhavik to look for the black book in the Ghostlands – and to not try to use the book himself, as Accalia's power would consume him. He acquiesces, but has no intention of complying.

The Grim, suspicious, interrogate Lupinum, Malhavik, and Konro, and make them swear to kill Accalia. Later, another Malethia senses Accalia, while the other is beset by hounds in Ashenvale.

Kerala summons a conclave of healers to see what they can do about the curse. After much work, they discover that it takes two healers: one to heal the body, and one to heal the soul.

Grimal continues tracking the druid who infected Ninorra, in the process discovering who it was that infected Grinjowl in the first place. Later, he exacts a little revenge on Lupinum in Warspear with the aid of a demolisher. Meanwhile, Breygrah is confronted repeatedly by a forsaken priest. He claims to be helping a 'friend', and says he can plant a corrupted seed in her mind if she does not cooperate, and that this was only the beginning. She of course does not believe him, but takes a warning to a friend just in case. Konro claims to not know what is going on when confronted, but agrees to make it stop when Brey threatens to speak to Fhenrir. Later, the priest challenges her and she wins, but continues speaking to her as in riddles. The nightmares intensify that very night. Resolving to take control of her life, Brey challenges Konro to Mak'gora in one week's time. Kex'ti volunteers to be her shaman/second in the duel.

Vionora appears to Naheal to speak to him. He realizes two things: that it will take something incredibly destructive to kill her, and that he pities her. Events from seven years ago show a different side of Vionora. Later, with the help of a conversation with Grimal, Naheal also realizes that he was being compelled to destroy information about Accalia.

Darrethy works on isolating the curse, and Alfirin obtains a vial of the Sunwell's energy to use. Juli recommends they test it somehow before using it on Darrethy; Lilliana suggests Xaraphyne's tainted ghost wolf, Cyelaena. Xaraphyne agrees, and after she arrives, they give Cyelaena a small dose of Sunwell. It seems to cause the spirit beast extreme pain, and Darrethy lashes out too. In the process, Alfirin is injured by Cyelaena. They conclude that Darrethy's sudden rage indicated Accalia was angered and possibly hurt by the treatment, so he decides to take the rest of the vial. It nearly kills him; and it is revealed that Alfirin is cursed. Xara realizes as Cyelaena in turn goes berserk when Darrethy takes the vial that all of the marked would be experiencing periods of mindless rage at the same time, and sets off to find Konro. She helps him cover his tracks after the decimation he wrought in his rage, but he then turns on her as Accalia whispers to him that Xara is a threat and attempts to kill her. She evades him as his heart wasn't truly in it.

Malhavik and Konro stalk Taozhu, but Taozhu eventually goes to Moonglade to speak to the Cenarians there. They suggest Accalia was subjugated somehow, and tell him the wolves in Moonglade have been acting erratically since Accalia appeared. He goes to investigate, and discovers Fell and Alpha have been breeding...

Vionora appears in Warspear to Lilliana, Syreena, Breygrah, and Darrethy. They attack her, and she defends herself versus all of them. Malhavik arrives and reluctantly pitches in. Alfirin shows up, and Vionora seems demoralized at the sight of her, and soon vanishes. Later, the Grim discuss possible ways to deal with Vionora, speculating on using a plague, or a group of warlocks who might be able to subjugate her due to the immense amount of fel energy in her. Malhavik is extremely pleased by the latter option, plotting to capture Vionora's soul upon her death. Darrethy seems to accept his fate. And Lupinum gives Konro his new horns.

Week 5 (Mar 16-22)

Vionora speaks to Tirien. The two realize they have much in common, but do not trust each other. Naheal is approached by the current guild master of Borrowed Time, who offers him the opportunity to lead Borrowed Time instead of the Rangers. Naheal agrees. Later, he makes plans with Khorvis to map the twilight realm Vionora strikes from. Kex'ti catches up with Tesonii.

Naheal, Taozhu and Breygrah find the black book in Dire Maul. Malhavik shows up, and, when it appears that the book's taking over Naheal, attacks him and Breygrah. Naheal responds by placing a counter-curse that he and Darrethy developed upon Malhavik – the very same he intends to use on Vionora. It cuts Malhavik off from his cursed power sources, and he starts losing energy again.

However, Naheal doesn't keep the book for long, as Vionora appears to take it. During the battle, she attempts to curse Kex'ti, but inexplicably fails. However, Naheal lands the counter-curse on her, so although she successfully takes the book and escapes, she nearly dies. In the end, she doesn't have the book for long either, as both she and it end up in Malhavik's hands, and he discovers how to read the book. With a hint from Darrethy, he is able to remove the counter-curse from himself and Vionora, and then binds Vionora's soul to a soulstone so that if she dies her soul will be captured. He then leaves her somewhere to awaken, knowing she will come after him. He turns the book over to the Grim.

Kerala finds out about Konro's escalating behavior and the upcoming mak'gora. Konro receives censure from Grim and Horde officers about going through with the mak'gora, and is convinced to call it off... but the worg spirit possessing him has different ideas, and takes over him entirely. Xara finds out Konro is possessed during a short period of lucidity on his part, and promises him she'll protect him. She speaks to Breygrah who agrees to call off the mak'gora. But the next morning, when Xara is working with her niece-in-law Nokokomah Darkstorm and Kerala about helping return Konro to normal, worg-Konro attacks and nearly kills her and Kerala. Breygrah is forced to go through with the mak'gora to protect others. A grueling duel looks like it will surely end in her death, but then Konro impales himself on her sword and dies.

Reactions are varied. Darrethy is gleeful at first, but subsides to remorse. Alfirin tried to interfere. Khorvis says Konro failed his application to the Grim; Syreena is upset. Syreena attacks Kex'ti, who defeats her a second time, and he cuts off her ear in punishment. Breygrah leaves the Horns, and Kerala does as well. Syreena, Ruuki, and Xara grieve, among others. Breygrah struggles as others do not seem to accept the necessity of her actions, but some start voicing their support for her.

Later, Taozhu, Breygrah, Naheal, and Xara discuss plans to summon and entrap Vionora with a strong containment field. To do so, they require something bound to her, blood being best. To obtain some, Tao devises a plan discovered from Naheal's Chronomancy books in order to temporarily rip a Vionora from the past to take her blood for the ritual. Xara and Naheal go to the Caverns of Time, where Xara encounters another version of Naheal. He provides her the needed reagents. Meanwhile, Breygrah and Taozhu go to the Bronze Dragonshine, and discover Naheal's body there. It turns out that Naheal had died years ago, returned as a Death Knight, and then altered time to snatch his body from another timeline so he could be alive again. However, as his condition is degrading, he reluctantly is convinced to return to his original body. Back to undeath once more, Naheal struggles to cope. Xara gives Taozhu the bronze sand.

Week 6 (Mar 23-29)

Various people receive threatening letters from Konro's former brigade, the 37th Infantry, including Kex'ti and Naheal. Meanwhile, Konro is running around as a ghost, as he cannot rest with half his soul possessed by Accalia. Breygrah faces harassment.

Sanctuary Garrison is invaded by a legion of wolves and shadow worgs, led by the newly possessed Brammorn. They are repelled when Sanctuary's allies come to its aid.

A year ago, Xaraphyne ran into Vionora briefly.

At a get-together, Fhenrir is finally healed by Kerala and Anura, and Xaraphyne gives them Konro's horn. After a discussion with Kerala, Konro realizes he needs to move on, and Kerala starts looking into how to help him; he also helps her reunite with her long-long sister. Kerala rejoins the Horns of the Shu'halo.

Konro's funeral is planned by the 37th infantry brigade to be held at the end of the week. Lilliana is forced to go to their garrison to recover the Grim tabard from Konro's body.

Xara convinces Khorvis the book needs to be destroyed ("annihilated") in order to ensure that after this Eclipse is over, Accalia cannot be summoned again. He agrees that she can help with a team to take the book to the Sunwell, which she believes is more than powerful enough to destroy the artifact with no adverse effects.

Ninorra's idea has run its course, so she sets out to find a new source of energy. Meanwhile, Aaren refuses to feed her curse, and is starting to run out of time. She keeps herself secluded so she doesn't become a danger to others until a dream leads her to Shattrath to speak to the Naaru, who direct her to the Aldor, and then to Dalaran where Naheal is spending his time during a break in his training. There, she attempts to try to talk some sense into him.

Darrethy is descending further and further into madness. On the Alliance side, Reverend Smithe bides his time.

Vionora finally reemerges in Stormwind, where she speaks with Tirien. He offers her a kind of friendship. But later, she confronts Malhavik, only to realize she cannot fight him. He manipulates her into starting a fight against Naheal and Breygrah, during which Naheal goads her into nearly killing him. She leaves only after thoroughly beating both of them.

During one evening, Syreena taunts Breygrah, and Cobrak openly announces his ward over Breygrah and threatens to gut Syreena if she hurts the tauren. It becomes clear he places his Deadshots above the Grim. Observing Syreena's antagonism toward Breygrah, Kerala speaks to the rogue, letting her know attacking Brey would invoke serious consequences, then writes a letter to the Commander of the Grim offering to pay for the blood revenge Breygrah owes for killing Konro, although Khorvis rejected Konro as a Grim at the end. Awatu writes back that she can repay it by supplying a new Supplicant for the Grim.

Breygrah is later ambushed by Syreena, but beats her handily. Demoralized, Syreena is not prepared when Kerala appears to follow through on her own promise to protect Breygrah. Kerala's attack leaves Syreena in a traumatized state. Breygrah feels confident.

Aaren ends up accompanying Naheal to Pandaria where Naheal is nearly overtaken by the Sha. After returning from Pandaria with Aaren, Naheal finally tracks down the 37th infantry's garrison and proceeds to burn it.

Before Konro's funeral, they organize a spirit walk, which reveals visions of Konro's life. They also learn that the other half of Konro's soul has become trapped in a gem and obtain it, and in the process Brammorn is cured of his possession.

Konro's funeral goes about as well as you'd expect. Afterward, folks gather in a nearby tavern to drink and converse. Kerala is lured into the cellar by Lilliana and suffers a savage beating at Grim hands. The alternate Fhenrir witnesses it happen. Kerala is found by friends but remains in a catatonic state. Cobrak delivers a warning to the 37th.

Week 7 (Mar 30-Apr 5)

During what was essentially a bar brawl gone out of control, Naheal captures and takes the shaman Alakroz prisoner, then transfers the prisoner to Cobrak's care. Later, Naheal and Shokkra speak in private and negotiate a cease fire between the 37th and the people under his command, though at the cost that, at the end of dealing with Accalia, Naheal will willingly turn himself, Breygrah, or Kex'ti over to the 37th. He chooses himself, but presents a counter-offer: Shokkra and the 37th will fight beside Borrowed Time and Naheal's allies for the duration of the fight against Accalia. At the end of it, Shokkra can decide to either take him as is or take another path entirely. He gives them shelter in Borrowed Time's garrison.

Naheal encounters Vionora alone, and this time, instead of goading her, he offers no resistance. She thinks he's trying to manipulate her with false sincerity until the moment he lets her sink a dagger into his heart. Stunned by his trust, she uses her neglected power within the Light to restore him to life and health before Breygrah's eyes. Somehow, this also causes the curse on his soul to go dormant. However, at the end, she comes to the conclusion he knew she'd do that all along, and though she leaves, she is sure to not make the same "mistake" again.

Malhavik and Vionora plan how to gain the black book without Mal looking culpable. To that end they stage a battle of Vionora against him and Darrethy where she warns them not to remove the book from the Grim's garrison, or she will take it. Darrethy also mentions he hates worgs and Gilneans.

Vionora sees Tirien again. Stepanos encounters them and questions Tirien about the one who brought the plague; Tirien denies any knowledge, and Stepanos leaves, apparently disregarding Vionora's presence – but not truly. Vionora confirms to Tirien she is the cause, but he does not condemn her. Stepanos starts directing his forces to counter the threat, and receives the letter Reverend Smithe sent his fellow followers of the Light.

Kerala's allies and friends seek to aid her, but are turned back by the damage done to Kerala's mind. Lomani ends up piecing together what happened and why, and gets the Grim to agree to help restore Kerala. However, their efforts are so far unsuccessful.

Fidjit's pair of salesmen open a portable shop selling Monster Mash in Silvermoon City. Much of Silvermoon's high society starts drinking it as a fad.

A group of Grim and allies, including Xaraphyne, Fhenrir, Darrethy, Khorvis, Lilliana, Borghul, Cobrak, Ruuki, and Syreena, transport the black book to the Sunwell to destroy it, but are ambushed there by Vionora. She takes the book, wrecks most of the party, and departs, but not before promising Darrethy she will break him, and giving Fhenrir a strange warning about Moonglade.

Week 8 (Apr 6-12)

Kex'ti discovers how the worg wounds can be healed by a single healer, but at a price. Grimal tries to find Bellamé, who has disappeared. Darrethy continues struggling with the curse's madness.

Breygrah is harassed by an orc rogue – Karthok, of the 37th. He follows her to Northrend and kidnaps her to subject her to torture. When Lomani discovers this through a vision after touching Karthok, Cobrak and the Deadshots declare total war on the 37th. Naheal also tells Shokkra she needs to kill one of her soldiers in order to maintain peace between the 37th and Borrowed Time. Karthok beats up Aaren, prevented from doing worse by Lomani, and runs off.

Vionora approaches the alternate Fhenrir and sways him with offers of power and command to accept the hound's mark. With him and Malhavik, she finds Karthok and Breygrah, and Karthok accepts the hound's mark as well. Breygrah tries to voice hope to Vionora, but all Vionora hears is Malhavik's words. She visits Tirien later and speaks with his brother. Tirien himself has more trouble with the fel inside of him.

The Deadshots and allies mount an attack on Karthok's hold in Grizzly Hills to rescue Breygrah. Lomani continues working with the Grim to try to help Kerala, but they experience hellish visions.

Vionora appears to Lomani and the comatose Kerala. She tells Lomani she needs the druid for something, and causes Kerala to attack the seer, but Lomani holds Vionora off with the Light. Vionora seems to get discouraged and leaves them alone.

Malhavik tracks Kex'ti down in Ashran, and with Vionora's help, ambushes and kidnaps the Sanctuary monk, intending to experiment on him to discover why he is immune to the curse. Malhavik tries to get Vionora into the spirit of torturing, but she fails to find any satisfaction in it. Darrethy arrives, and, seeing how listless Vionora is, is reluctantly convinced to help them in their research to discover how to resist the curse. Malhavik gives him the soulstone containing Kex'ti's soul but keeps his body, realizing that it is something in Kex'ti's blood that makes him immune. Afterward, Aaren speaks to Malhavik, and, by flattering him, gets him to tell her what he did and to whom. She embarks on a mission to find out how to save Kex'ti. Later that evening, Vionora and Malhavik's relationship changes further.

Xaraphyne speaks to Shokkra, befriending the commander of the 37th, and talking frankly about what needs to be done to end Accalia once and for all. Xara mentions the nightmares Accalia thrust everyone into the last time they fought her, and speculates that Accalia has to be defeated within the nightmare to be truly killed. If that is accomplished, then there will be no need to worry about the marked reactivating the curse.

Week 9 (Apr 13-Apr 19)

Stepanos and Emmeran of the Righteous Light confront Vionora in Stormwind. She speaks frankly of Accalia and her own role in bringing the Beast-God to end the world. She also states that Darrethy opposes her as well. When Tirien's name is mentioned, she tells them to leave him alone, so they decide to see if they can use him against her. Later, the Righteous Light members speak to Smithe, and are horrified when he reveals he seeks immortality.

Eventually the two Righteous Light members do track down and corner Tirien, along with a third of their order, Hegran. Tirien defends Vionora despite their relaying what Vionora told them. Then she herself arrives, and tells him to leave. A battle ensues where it proves that Vionora is especially susceptible to the Light. She is rescued by Tirien's return.

Aaren continues playing Malhavik to convince him she is his ally, including by taking the vocal cords from a deceased tauren female to give him and claiming they were Breygrah's. She starts devising a plan to rescue Kex'ti and recruits several to help her, including Julilee, Darrethy, Tesonii, and Shokkra.

Naheal finds Vionora in Moonglade. The two speak, but he is unable to convince her he forgives her for what she's done. Alpha and Fell arrive and attack just as Shokkra does, the orc seeking vengeance versus Vionora for Konro. Naheal uses an opportunity amidst the fight to activate the Sacren stone he got from Darrethy on Vionora, revealing the focus of Accalia's curse: the talisman is the seal Malhavik put on Vi's soul. The revelation stuns Vionora. As the act also caused a flicker in the curse, Malhavik soon arrives along with Darrethy and Aaren. Naheal rescues Shokkra and escapes. The remaining test out a tentative trust, except Vionora, who abruptly leaves.

Kerala is taken away by a shaman named Mudhide. He is able to heal her and helps her vanquish her fears.

The clan of trolls enlisted by Fidjit to create sham totems to sell instead works to create real ones meant to capture Accalia when she appears.

Vionora attacks Darrethy and Alfirin while Darrethy is already near ravening, and manages to force Darrethy into worgen form and to attack Alfirin. However, when the fight ends, Vionora seems unsatisfied. Later, she speaks to the alternate Fhenrir, who, finding out her soul is bound, offers to help her find out how to remove the binding. She accepts his offer.

Another evening, Vionora tells Malhavik the seal is the talisman and tries to frame this as a reason for him to give up on her, as she will always be bound to Accalia, the seal burned too deeply into her soul to be removed without killing her. And Malhavik is actually tempted, starting to doubt Vionora can develop the will to live. However, he decides to pursue the only possible avenue for removing the seal regardless: by using the energy released the moment Accalia enters the mortal realm.

Taozhu, Naheal, Xaraphyne, Caldrien, and Brammorn perform the ritual to acquire reagents from an alternate Vionora. Using this ritual as a distraction, the effort to rescue Kex'ti is successful.

Week 10 (Apr 20-Apr 26)

Vionora asks Malhavik to help Tirien with his fel problem; Malhavik agrees. The three meet in the old Shattrath, but there it is revealed that Tirien is currently under control by Hunter, and Malhavik also makes clear he intends only to eliminate Tirien as he is making Vionora "soft" – and he realizes he could do this by eliminating Tirien or Michael's souls with Hunter's help. However, Vionora interposes herself; and then Hunter discloses that he wants to take Vionora instead of Tirien due to the immense amount of fel power she has. He makes Vionora an offer she does not take. In the end, Malhavik realizes Hunter is a greater threat, but this does just mean he should eliminate the entire being. Vionora realizes much more.

Naheal meets with Malhavik and speaks with him. They exchange information – particularly on how to kill Accalia, the potential backlash for killing an ancient, and a possibility on how to remove the talisman from Vionora. They reach an agreement to work together in secret to attempt to bolster Vionora to survive the process of removing the talisman. Naheal also agrees to allow Malhavik to have a demon shadow Aaren, who is by then a member of Borrowed Time, to ensure her trustworthiness. Its presence considerably bothers Aaren's already deteriorating mind.

Vionora seeks out Reverend Smithe, intending to start removing the curse from those who are feeding Accalia the most energy, but he was waiting for her: he intends to take her soul to power a phylactory for his own immortality. They do battle and he nearly overpowers her, but he is forced to try to sever the binding Malhavik already has on her soul, which gets Malhavik's attention. At the same time, members of the Righteous Light Anton and Hegran become aware of Vionora's presence nearby and come to spy on the proceedings. Upon arrival, Malhavik convinces Smithe to join in an alliance with him versus the Beast and he will assist Smithe with other means to power his phylactory. Vionora confronts Anton and Hegran but ends up only delivering a warning about Accalia's coming and the nightmares to follow. The Righteous Light discuss Vionora later amongst themselves and decide to try to save her and return her to the Light.

Vionora comes to Warspear, but for once a fight doesn't break out, as she instead warns people about Accalia's coming in a week and a half and the ensuing nightmare. Darrethy treats her with kindness despite everything she's done to him, while Kex'ti is less forgiving. Realizing that Malhavik's demon is following Aaren, Vionora destroys it. Earning Aaren's trust, she is also able to remove the curse from Aaren. Aaren decides she wants to help Vionora too. Malhavik is not pleased by Vionora's disobedience but they reconcile.

Kerala speaks to the alternate Fhenrir. Later, she is approached by a member of the Grim named Cen who asks her to help Brast, who had been unintentionally cursed by Malhavik. Brast struggles to retain control of himself as he already has a beast-like mindset.

Fhenrir and Xaraphyne travel to Moonglade when they hear Alpha and Fell are menacing the druids there. They successfully trap the two great fel worgs in a cavern and while they sustain heavy injuries, they are able to kill Fell and escape.

Syreena is forced back to her rogue mindset by Malhavik, who takes the other part of her soul. She decides to start fixing the problems facing the Grim. Kex'ti recovers from his ordeal.

Hunter Fhenrir, having found a warlock to force to do his bidding, steals the curse from Vionora, leaving her nearly powerless and gaining the entire power of all the curse chain for himself. It is a melding of his will and that of the Infinite Dragonflight that drives him, though in the end his own personality is mostly suppressed. Malhavik retrieves Vionora although in the process he sets Alpha free.

Week 11 (Apr 27-May 3)

The curse intensifies.

Xara calls for a meeting about the upcoming Eclipse. There, Xara and Naheal explain to the assembled that they will need to fight Accalia's physical form, but then after that, face her in a nightmare in the twilight realm... and defeat her there too, if they want to end Accalia once and for all. Xara gives them the place and time: Darkmoon Isle, in six days, in the afternoon.

Vionora runs off on her own despite not having command over the twilight anymore to find Tirien. In Moonglade, she encounters Hunter instead. Tirien manages to overpower Hunter before he hurts Vionora, and the two recover with the druids.

Kerala and Lomani go searching for Brast, intending to help him as Cen had asked. Instead, the two druids end up fighting, and while Kerala has the upper hand, a nasty trick lands her in the bigger druid's maw. Brast manages to catch and curse Lomani while Kerala takes a moment to heal, then he flees from the enraged Kerala-bear. Syreena shows up in time to see Brast, injured, leaving the scene. Heated words are exchanged between the rogue and the druid before Kerala leaves to take Lomani home.

While running around powerless, Vionora meets a human woman named Brinnea, and helps her get a handle on her afflicted state. In Warspear, she admits to Darrethy that she had lost the curse, and explains an agent of the Infinite Dragonflight had taken it. They are able to speculate that the Infinites intend to unleash Accalia on this world and then use the power she has gathered to influence another timeline.

After being accused of seducing and manipulating Malhavik, Vionora speaks to him. He is angry at her for the feelings he has developed, which have made him risk much for her. At the same time, he is unable to trust her completely and frustrated that he cannot offer her anything, as she is not inclined towards cruelty no matter how hard either of them try. She tries to tell him she just wants his cruelty... He tries to give her the soulstone, but she refuses. In the end, he takes her back, warning her he will destroy everything she loves.

Grimal finds Bellamé in a desiccated state in the Spires of Arak, and convinces her to let him help her.

Vionora continues acting on her own will. She goes to a party in Ironforge, then tries to get Aaren and Malhavik to work together, while Malhavik is trying to negotiate with Hunter Fhenrir. Hunter Fhenrir absconds with Aaren because of course he does, but also to use her as leverage. Malhavik is glad to see Aaren's life threatened, but Vionora rescues Aaren by drawing on the fel power she had thus far never touched. Malhavik is angry until Vionora tells him she's own master, which makes him happy. Then, as they speak to Hunter Fhenrir, Vionora grasps that Hunter Fhenrir can only keep his power so long as she is alive. Hunter Fhenrir offers to bring Malhavik with him to the new timeline the Infinites intend to influence. Malhavik agrees; or does he?

The Eclipse arrives. Some twenty heroes gather on Darkmoon Isle to face Hunter Fhenrir, the Harbinger of the Eclipse, and Accalia herself when the Beast-God finally breaches the mortal realm. Both are brought down, Vionora killed in the process, but then Accalia draws as many as she can into the nightmare.

Several die in the nightmare; some escape it. However, a significant number fight back against their personal incarnations of Accalia, and defeat her. As more and more pieces of Accalia are destroyed, she weakens until there is only one piece left: the piece Naheal faces in his nightmare. As he is the last who has not returned to the world, Aaren and Taozhu go back into the twilight realm to find him, and there, assisted by a shade of Vionora, they are all able to banish the remnants of Accalia to the Twisting Nether.

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[[ Updated. I would like this thread to serve a dual purpose as well: as events occur, please post about/summarize them here to keep everyone abreast of the interesting goings-on. I'll eventually incorporate them into the summary, but this thread can also serve as a collaborative timelime of events. Thank you! ]]

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Kex'ti encounters Lilliana, Breygrah, Konro, and several others dueling in Warspear. Having heard Julilee's edict regarding Konro, Kex'ti refrains from attacking Konro, but the animosity between the two results in a duel between the two. Kex'ti defeats Konro, and shames him in lieu of killing him. [More details In-Game]

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3/5/15 Fae and ama (no idea how to spell there names) bump into mal in warspear. They try get information from him about the curse and accalia, Mal refuses to cooperate. Mal taunts them, they attack him seeking answers. In the ensuing scuffle, Ama gets cursed, fae blacks out to injuries sustained trying to save ama. We are working on the full length post

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Konro, after receiving a significant influx of power, beats Kex'ti and kidnaps Breygrah. Naheal confronts Vionora and is marked. Later, disagreeing with Julilee’s reaction to the Grim's presence, Naheal leaves Sanctuary.

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3/5/2015 Previous to their engagement with Mal, Amalyn and Faelenor meet with Julilee first to discuss and compare his affliction to the one spreading. Faelenor and Amalyn agree to help in anyway they can even offering their connections with the Undercity. Faelenor fails to inform both Amalyn and Julilee about his contract with someone interested in the curse. She directs them to Darrethy and his wife Alfirin (I apologize if I got that name wrong.) to discuss the effects of the curse and potential origination of both afflictions. Faelenor, Amalyn, and Alfirin learn about Vionora. Amalyn theorizes that perhaps removing the head (Malhavik) from the body would end the chain after learning about Malhavik himself. Faelenor moves them from the idea and considers Malhavik nothing more then a source of information. Vionora is the true target to go after. They say their goodnights after exchanging theories and part ways. Amalyn and Faelenor decide to go to Warspear to see if they can find out anymore about this curse. Amalyn is agitated by all that she has learned and bumps into Malhavik by accident.

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Priestess Aaren Lightstrider happens upon the injured Kex'ti, among others. She follows the group back to Sanctuary's garrison, where she attempts to soothe the monk. When he wakes, she learns a longtime friend of hers has gone missing, and that a curse is being spread by magic users. Learning Naheal is afflicted by it, she bothers him about wanting to study it, and he angrily declines. Aaren follows after him and Darrethy, eager to help, but more interested in the knowledge and experience for herself. After the warlock departs, she has a long conversation with the sin'dorei, and ultimately accidentally infects herself with the curse.

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Reverend Smithe, while studying the effects and causes of the curse purposefully infected himself in the hopes of coming in contact with Vionora once more. His hope was proven correct when she appeared to him in a dream. He swore to serve her in return for power. Once he awoke, he made his way to Dalaran where he plans to spread the curse to as many as possible so that he might tide the effects of the curse as well as serve his new mistress.

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Konro, Malhavik, Lupinum and Vionora found Aaren the blood elf priest. Ruuki, Syreena and Lilliana of the Grim showed up along with Darrethy and Alfirin. Konro nearly killed Aaren, Malhavik and Vionora dissapeared into the night to perform hot steamy passion (I assume). Konro then had an extremely brief fight with Darrethy where Konro's right arm was blown off by goblin rockets, ending Konro's power. Aaren left with Darrethy and Alfirin since she was cursed. Konro was transported back to the Grim's dungeon where Vionora attempted to break him out (to perform hot steamy passion I assume) but failed, leaving Konro without an arm and a wolf demon still in his head.

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Prior to the above three posts (on the evening of 3/6), Malhavik went to Xara to ask her about Vionora's past, accompanied by Lilliana. Xara told them there was someone who hurt Vionora, who would be very important to Vionora now, but wouldn't give the person's name even to Lilliana; only said that she hadn't been able to find him since the start of this. Later, Konro attacked Darrethy and the two were seriously injured. Xara and Lilliana convinced Konro to show them to Brey, and he let them free her.

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Ruuki visits Konro in his cell and decides to give him one more chance to prove himself to the Grim. Filora helpfully designs a magical collar for Konro that will render him unconscious if he gets angry enough to act out of rage instead of reason.

Julilee and Khorvis meet, with Lilliana and Darrethy present, to hammer out the terms of a temporary truce between the Grim and Sanctuary until one week after Accalia is defeated. The negotiation is successful, but remains to be approved by the Grim's commander.

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[[ *Stares open-mouthed with twitchy hands in suspense like Jeff Dunham's Peanut character imitating deaf people waiting for their interpreter to tell them what's going on.* "TELL ME MORE! What's happening? WHAT AM I MISSING?!!!" ]]

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Fidjit demands Monster Mash be ready for delivery into Silvermoon and the Undercity no matter the side effects, yet Fozzle and Hot Stuff manage to create a new tasty beverage that manages to scare away THE Wolf (and any other wolf-like creature. Worgen, maybe? ::Shrug:: ), all without the side effects. Or does it? Sales representatives of the Fuselight Beverage & Bottling Co. are on their way to sell Monster Mash in all of the local taverns of Stormwind and the Undercity (Brill, and other similar towns). Ahead of the beverage delivery, come the sales fliers, posted up on every post and wall where tasty beverages are sold.

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On 3/8 (Sunday), Xara and Fhenrir go to the Cantina. Xara finds out that many of the Grim are treating Konro's fixation on Breygrah like a joke and encouraging him, so in response she writes to every officer she knows in the Grim and asks them to not allow the harassment.

The next evening (3/9), Cerunan brings her to Naheal and Breygrah. Naheal tells her he's reinstating the Rangers of the Dark Sun as a neutral organization devoted to eliminating great threats to the world like Accalia. He asks her to join.

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Filora finds out Vionora has a living relative and (for a small fee) shows Malhavik and his brother Talfryn to her – Shaena. Konro, spying on them, follows, and when Filora confronts him, they get into a fight, and even one-armed and de-powered he chases her off. (There may have been some yelling of "MAD COW!!")

Malhavik is frustrated by Shaena's reticence and decides to do her harm, but then Vionora appears. She seems angered by Malhavik's threatening her cousin, but then turns around and abuses Shaena herself, to the observers' shock. She changes the enchantment on Konro's collar to instead be a focus for Accalia's power, returning to him the full power of the worg spirit, and tells him to be careful and hide his power unless he is serving her. Konro promptly gets into a fight with Malhavik, and Talfryn comes to his defense, but Vionora breaks it up. She tells Malhavik to look for the black book in the Ghostlands – and to not try to use the book himself, as Accalia's power would consume him.

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3/9: Naheal and Darethy begin constructing a curse to deal with Vionora, using the blood of various curse victims to isolate and learn how to target the curse itself.

3/11: After having a breakthrough, Naheal leaves Darethy's sanctum to begin searching for the black book.

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Breygrah is confronted repeatedly by a forsaken priest. He claims to be helping a 'friend', and says he can plant a corrupted seed in her mind if she does not cooperate, that this was only the beginning. She of course does not believe him, but takes a warning to a friend just in case. Konro claims to not know what is going on when confronted, but agrees to make it stop when Brey threatens to speak to Fhenrir. Later, the priest challenges her and she wins, but continues speaking to her as in riddles. The nightmares intensify that very night.

Aaren finds a gathering of forsaken Grim and inserts herself into the conversation. She's able to charm one of them into agreeing to meet with her and discuss the curse.

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Grimal confronted Lupinium in Warspear, when the priest refused to be cooperative and admit his guilt, Grimal constructed a portable demolisher. Giving the fellow Forsaken time to run. After chasing him around Warspear, Flames, Rockets and Flaming boulders scattering the locals and passerbys, Lupinium admitted his guilt, which somewhat appeased Grimal's rage to a manageable level. Calling it even for the moment Grimal did not attempt further action against Lupinium.

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Breygrah meets with a mute death knight that knows Kex'ti, and invites her to stay in her garrison as much as she wishes and promises he help her find her friend.

Later on, Konro is annoying and drunk as normal, and Breygrah is verbally hostile with both him and Syreena for threatening her allies. She gets tired of dealing with them, and walks outside just as Kex'ti approaches the Warspear Inn. She is flooded with relief, but her ire is rekindled right away when Konro exits as well with his axe in his (one remaining) hand. She no longer will stand his hostility, and in front of a crowd of people challenges the warrior to Mak'gora, which is set to take place in one week's time. Kex'ti volunteers himself to be her shaman, with a smirk of course.

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