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The Beast is never satiated...

Announcing the opening of an epic storyline... Well, at least I hope it'll turn out epic!

A small introduction – I'm best known as Xaraphyne, though some might know me better these days as Julilee, and I've been a roleplayer on Twisting Nether Horde since 2007. I've been roleplaying in one way, shape, or form for about sixteen years. I'm currently the GM of one of Twisting Nether's bigger roleplay guilds and am very involved in the merged Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt roleplay community.

Now, I'm in the process of developing a wide-spanning story that has room for as many people as want to get involved – and the more, the better! The story is a sequel to a plot that ran on Twisting Nether some seven years ago, known as The Eclipse. You don't need to know anything about the old plot to get involved; in fact, you'll probably have more fun putting together the pieces if you don't.

There will be storytelling on our community RP forums as well as in game. While the start of the story will be on Horde, there will be cross-faction action given the interest. Alliance characters are welcome to get involved, as they did in the original plot.

Plot Premise & Roles

The premise for the story of The Eclipse centers around an ancient god by the name of Accalia, the Beast, Worg-God of the Hunt, who was banished to the place between night and day when she turned on her companions. There is nothing Accalia wants more than to hunt... everything and everyone, to extinction.

I'll leave the rest for the players to discover, but for the purposes of the plot, three types of roles are needed: villains, those who seek to free Accalia; victims, those who are afflicted by her and her minions; and investigators, those who take an interest in the happenings and seek the solution to stopping Accalia.

  • Villains may have any number of motivations in choosing to side with Accalia. Maybe they just want to watch the world burn; maybe they think they can bend her power to their own ends. Or perhaps they don't fully realize the consequences. Some will be marked with a special power, but it comes with a price. Read further for more information about the mark.
  • Victims can be merely unfortunate, in the wrong place and the wrong time, or deliberately targeted by one of the villains. Victims will be marked by a debilitating curse and be exposed to serious struggles. Read further for more information about being marked.
  • Investigators manage to avoid being marked, but are still involved in the events through their own choosing. They might be immune to the mark. Investigators may be drawn into the conflict because someone they care about is afflicted, or they just want to save the world. Victims can be investigators too, but investigators don't have to be cursed.

The main mechanic for this plot is a mark. The mark can only afflict individuals if they meet one of the following conditions: they are a class with mana; they are a race strongly imbued with magic (elves); or they carry a fel taint of some kind (orcs, or otherwise tainted by demons or demonic magic). The mark can be a source of power or a curse – or both.


There are various ways to handle in-character combat. Dueling is an option; so is free-form emoting. In Eclipse, the most important guideline players must follow is that all players involved in a battle must agree on a method. Players cannot be forced into duels, or into emote combat, if they do not want to use that method.

There is also a third method available, which is a mix of GM direction and a randomization element to help balance characters. This basic combat system for use in game with the assistance of an arbitrating GM and employs the /roll feature. Read here for how it works – or try it out in game, as it is easy to explain on the fly!

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure a drama-free roleplay environment, these are the rules and expectations for all players in the Eclipse plot.

  • As this plot involves non-canonical lore and mechanics beyond the game interface, be willing to indulge in suspension of belief and flexibility with official lore.
  • Involve yourself with others and they will be happy to return the favor!
  • Only describe your character's actions and let others decide theirs.
  • Be ready to allow the plot GMs (game masters) to take liberties when necessary for the greater story.
  • Keep out-of-character and in-character knowledge separate.
  • Be prepared to work around the mistakes or inconsistencies in the story that will occur.
  • When conflicting interests arise out of character, be solution-oriented and ready to work together to find a resolution.
  • Ensure in-character interactions aren't taken personally. When an antagonistic scene occurs, communicate OOC to ensure that everyone is willing and having a satisfactory roleplay session.

Collaboration & Changes

The case with large plots is that they tend to take on a life of their own, and that's completely welcomed here. Characters may involve their own story elements and personal issues, and bring their own spin to the plot. It's a highly collaborative effort, and I'm open to changes and flourishes to the overarching storyline.

In fact, I'll need the help of all players to tell a good, compelling story, and make sure people have as much fun as possible. Players who are able to involve themselves will get the most out of this plot as with any other similar event. Anyone who ends up feeling lost or left out is encouraged to reach out to an Eclipse plot GM or any active player to brainstorm ways to get more involved. You should also come to the GMs or other players with any ideas you have so we can work them in!


To get started, you can post in this thread, and/or message me here on the forum or in game. You can also contact Naheal as he will be co-GMing this plot.

Happy hunting! ;)

Eclipse Threads

SUMMARY (TNG) The current summary of events.

  1. Moonlight's Shadow (TNG) Naheal and Xaraphyne are drawn to Moonglade. 2/17 – 2/22
  2. The Catalyst (TNG) Malhavik does not research his victim properly... 2/14 – 2/21
  3. TERROR IN TIRISFAL (TNG) A sudden panic seizes all of Tirisfal. 2/21 – 2/27
  4. A dinner interrupted! (Sanctum) Jenasis feels Accalia's release. 2/24
  5. A PLAGUE IN STORMWIND (Sanctum) A plague strikes the human capitol. 2/21
  6. Investigation (Sanctum) Darrethy finds out what triggered these events. 2/22
  7. Just ain't the same (Sanctum) Tirien finds himself amidst the trouble. 2/22 – 4/16
  8. Quarantine (TNG) Darrethy isolates himself to keep from spreading the curse. 2/22 – 3/1
  9. Warnings (TNG) The Commander of Sanctuary seeks to warn other organizations. 2/23 – 2/26
  10. Safeguard (TNG) Konro escapes from confinement. 2/23 – 2/25
  11. "Bad Ideas Are Never Good" (Sanctum) Fidjit sees an opportunity for profit. 3/3 – 3/31
  12. Down in a Hole (TNG) Khorvis is afflicted. 2/24 – 3/4
  13. Questions (TNG) Leyu'jin goes to ask a veteran of the last conflict what she knows, but a third arrives. 2/24 – 3/4
  14. Incarceration (TNG) Malhavik, Konro, and Lupinum are visited in prison. 2/24 – 2/25
  15. Broken History (TNG) Taozhu and friends look for historical knowledge of Accalia. 2/26 – 3/5
  16. Light's Flame (Sanctum) Stepanos hears about the curse and marshals his forces. 2/24 – 4/14
  17. Curse These Old Bones (Sanctum) Smithe decides to experiment on the afflicted, and attracts attention. 2/24 – 3/8
  18. A Rumor About Konro's Broken Horn (TNG) Is it true? 2/25
  19. The Holy Light (TNG) Naheal looks for a way to cure the festering wounds. 2/25 – 2/26
  20. Armor (TNG) Kex'ti and Brammorn seek to protect those who need protected. 2/23 – 2/27
  21. Prophecy (TNG) Malethia has a bad feeling about something. But it's probably nothing. 2/27 – 3/16
  22. Chasing Wind (TNG) The Horns of the Shu'halo struggle with a problem member. 2/28 – 3/2
  23. Purging. (TNG) Darrethy goes looking for answers, and hears a name mentioned he dreads to have involved. 3/1 – 3/3
  24. The Wordbearer's Rage (TNG) Leyu'jin is infuriated that Konro escaped. 3/2
  25. Firestorm (TNG) After Bellame is afflicted, Grimal goes searching for the culprit. 3/2 – 3/13
  26. Bliss (TNG) Kerala studies healing and tries to learn more about the curse. 3/3 – 3/9
  27. Another Side (TNG) Taozhu uncovers more and more about Accalia. 3/5 – 3/19
  28. A Night of Broken Faith (TNG) Vionora gives Konro superhuman powers; he wreaks havoc. Naheal loses faith in Sanctuary. 3/6 – 3/12
  29. Grim encounters... (TNG) Malhavik has a run-in with Faelenor and Amalyn. 3/6 – 3/8
  30. PLAGUE STRIKES DALARAN AND ASHRAN (TNG) Self-explanatory. 3/6
  31. Drawing the Line (TNG) Juli addresses Naheal, and he her. 3/7
  32. Anesthetize (TNG) Darrethy has concerns about Konro. 3/7
  33. Rage (TNG) Kex'ti and Syreena enter conflict anew as Syreena tries to get at something important to him. 3/7 – 3/9
  34. Resistance (TNG) Aaren fights back the curse. 3/8 – 3/9
  35. Betrayal (TNG) Malhavik plans to do whatever necessary to get ahold of the black book. 3/8 – 3/12
  36. Ruthlessness (TNG) Naheal will do whatever is required to defeat Accalia. 3/6 – 3/12
  37. Coldsnap (TNG) An old associate of Kex'ti's seeks him. 3/9 – 3/15
  38. Discretion (TNG) Breygrah is done dealing with Konro. 3/9 – 3/20
  39. The Mark of the Predator (TNG) Seven years ago, Vionora was an entirely different person. 3/11 – 3/13
  40. Anima (TNG) Darrethy works to isolate the curse. 3/12
  41. Interrogations (TNG) The Grim seek to ensure the integrity of their membership. 3/13
  42. The Jaws of Madness (TNG) Naheal struggles with madness from the curse, but he finds the book. 3/13 – 3/16
  43. Things to Fear (TNG) Vionora appears in Warspear, and battle breaks out. 3/14
  44. Hibernation (TNG) Darrethy seems to accept his fate. 3/15
  45. Does Not Play Well With Others (TNG) Kerala summons the Skytotem healers to help combat the curse. 3/15 – 3/16
  46. Mind Games (TNG) Konro falls to the worg spirit's control. 3/16
  47. Voice and Vice (TNG) Kex'ti catches up with an old childhood friend. 3/16 – 3/18
  48. Inquisitor (TNG) Saphiara considers taking up the righteous path again. 3/17
  49. To Wax or Wane (TNG) Vionora takes the book from Naheal, but the victory is not lasting. 3/17 – 3/23
  50. Maps and Plans (TNG) Naheal makes plans to work with Khorvis. 3/19
  51. The Beast Within (TNG) Xara tries to help Konro. 3/19 – 3/20
  52. Death of a Warrior (TNG) Breygrah and Konro face off in mak'gora. 3/20
  53. One Last Gift for Kex'ti (TNG) Syreena and Kex'ti face off. 3/20
  54. Die Hard (TNG) Konro's last moments provoke a response from his old brigade. 3/20
  55. Pavor Nocturnus (TNG) The burdens of her actions weigh heavily on Breygrah. 3/17 – 3/29
  56. Flying Against the Hurricane (TNG) Kerala tries to cope with the results of the mak'gora. 3/21
  57. Stolen Time (TNG) Naheal's dubious past practices come to light. 3/21
  58. Unleashed (TNG) The worg spirit finds a new host. 3/22
  59. The Beginning of the End (TNG) Xara bumped into Vionora one year ago. 3/24
  60. The Truth of Sacrifice (TNG) Kerala makes peace with some elements of her past. 3/24
  61. Poor Brey (TNG) Different sides harass each other at the Wyvern's Tail. 3/24
  62. Desperate Times (TNG) Sanctuary garrison is besieged. 3/16 – 3/25
  63. Visions (TNG) Aaren speaks to the Naaru for help. 3/25
  64. Breaking Point (TNG) Darrethy is acting a little strangely... 3/23 – 4/9
  65. A FINAL RECKONING (Joke RP) (TNG) Lilliana and Leyu'jin definitely do not murder everyone in the 37th. 3/24
  66. Idle Hands (Sanctum) Smithe bides his time, plotting. 3/24 – 4/5
  67. Promises (TNG) Kerala negotiates to end the blood feud. 3/24 – 3/25
  68. Broken (TNG) Suffering defeat after defeat erodes Syreena's psyche. 3/25 – 4/24
  69. A Book on Loan (TNG) Malhavik gives the book over to the Grim. Khorvis decides to be rid of it. 3/20 – 3/25
  70. Blood Pact (TNG) Ninorra is running out of options. 3/26 – 4/6
  71. Follow Through (TNG) Kerala ensures others know she means business. 3/26 – 4/2
  72. The Fall (TNG) Vionora speaks to someone genuinely sympathetic. 3/27
  73. Hatred (TNG) Naheal nearly falls to the Sha. 3/27 – 3/28
  74. Recovery (TNG) Lilliana is forced to recover Konro's Grim tabard. 3/28
  75. Spirit Walk (TNG) A ritual to save Konro's spirit reveals much about his life. 3/28
  76. Funeral of a Warrior (TNG) Konro's funeral suits him in a way. 3/29
  77. Umbral Shadows (TNG) Vionora falls completely under Malhavik's influence. 3/30
  78. Grim Retribution (TNG) Friends of Syreena exact revenge. 3/30 – 4/2
  79. Hope (TNG) Naheal's past influences his future choices. 4/1 – 4/7
  80. The Battle at the Sunwell (TNG) The effort to destroy the black book is disrupted. 4/4
  81. Lost (TNG) Efforts are made to save Kerala. 4/4 – 4/16
  82. Consumption (TNG) Kex'ti finds a difficult way to heal the worg wounds with a single healer. 4/5 – 4/8
  83. Retaliation (TNG) Breygrah is kidnapped by Karthok. 4/8
  84. Divergent Darkstorm (TNG) The alternate Fhenrir accepts Vionora's offer. 9/10 – 4/9
  85. The Raptor's Tale (TNG) Kex'ti's raptor doesn't understand what happened to Kex'ti. 4/13
  86. Battle at the Docks (TNG) The Righteous Light confronts Tirien and incites Vionora's wrath. 4/14
  87. The Eye of the Earthmother (TNG) Lomani discovers something has happened to Breygrah. 4/10 – 4/14
  88. Operation Clusterfuck (TNG) The Deadshots and allies mount a rescue. 4/10 – 4/14
  89. Stepping Stones to Darkness (Sanctum) Reverend Smithe pursues his goals alone. 4/13 – 4/15
  90. Shadows (TNG) Aaren struggles with shadows. 4/13 – 4/25
  91. Dying Light (TNG) Friends act to recover Kex'ti. 4/16 – 5/5
  92. The Beast (TNG) A newly infected individual is even less prepared to cope than most. 4/17
  93. Progeny (TNG) Fhenrir and Xaraphyne move to eliminate the worg threat in Moonglade. 4/17 – 5/1
  94. And Found (TNG) Kerala begins to recover. 4-17 – 4/21
  95. Time to Strike (TNG) The ritual to stop Vionora begins. 4/18 – 5/1
  96. Unexpected Alliances (TNG) Vionora tries to stop Smithe. Unexpected alliances form. 4/21
  97. Between Shadow and Darkness (TNG) Vionora has never known light. 4/21 – 5/21
  98. En Machina (TNG) Kex'ti considers how his experiences have changed him. 4/26
  99. Elf Stabbing for a Purpose (TNG) Syreena realigns her priorities. 4/27
  100. The Plague Intensifies [Open] (TNG) Self-explanatory. 4/27
  101. Shadows Held Dear (TNG) Vionora comes into conflict with Hunter. 4/28 – 5/8
  102. Antagonize (TNG) Kerala and others try to help Brast. 5/8 (log from 4/28)
  103. The Eclipse (TNG) The final battle... 5/3
  104. Shokkra's Nightmare (TNG) Shokkra's nightmare: she is forced to fight her friends endlessly. 5/3
  105. Brinnea's Nightmare (Sanctum) Brinnea's nightmare: her family turns on her. 5/3
  106. Dissonance (TNG) Naheal's nightmare: paying the price for his sins. 5/3 – 5/16
  107. Acid Rain (TNG) Kex'ti and Juli's nightmares: failing to live up to expectations, and no one believing. 5/3 – 5/8
  108. The Siblings (TNG) Inzema and Qarosimae's nightmares: reliving traumatic pasts. 5/3 – 5/14
  109. Alone (TNG) Ruuki's nightmare: being alone. 5/4
  110. Creation (TNG) Bellame's nightmare: her existence is not her own. 5/4 – 5/20
  111. Nightmares of the Righteous Light (Sanctum) Stepanos and Astraea's nightmares: their worst selves. 5/4 – 5/7
  112. An Ember in the Dark (TNG) Grimal's nightmare: the ones he cares about turn on him. 5/5
  113. Cloud Nine (TNG) Kerala's nightmare: back in the past she already overcame. 5/5 – 5/14
  114. Arachnophobia (TNG) Lomani's nightmare: OHGODSPIDERS. 5/5 – 5/23
  115. Anesthetic (TNG) Aaren's nightmare: a dark past twisted further. 5/7 – 5/27
  116. Contentment (TNG) Darrethy's nightmare: everything is fine. 5/8
  117. Priorities (TNG) Malhavik's nightmare: becoming a mindless destroyer. 5/8 – 5/27
  118. One Last Breath (TNG) Vionora's end. 5/9 – 5/27
  119. Hakkar's Kitchen (TNG) Alakroz's nightmare: a competition he cannot win. 5/15
  120. Reunions (TNG) Syreena's nightmare: her friends do not support her. 5/18 – 5/28
  121. The Fall (TNG) Xara and Fhen's nightmare: the Horde has fallen. 5/20
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Hello all! There have been some modifications to the mechanics of the story. Mana is no longer the strict requirement for the mark; fel taint works as well -- and it's been clarified that villains who aim to receive the special power will require the same qualifications. I am trying to avoid spoilers, however, so that the full mechanics can be discovered in play :)

Also, the first kickoff thread has been posted here. Feel free to join in if it would be relevant to your character, or fear not, there will be plenty more opportunities in the future to get drawn into the plot!

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Well, that was an explosion of roleplay over the weekend! We have quite a few interested parties now, and three confirmed afflicted. Including poor Lupinum and Darrethy!

Folks who haven't been drawn in yet -- have no worries, things are only just beginning. I'll be reaching out to coordinate individually when necessary to get or keep folks involved. Also hit up Naheal if you see him on... or pretty much anyone else!

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Fidjit is figuring out how to use this to make a ton of gold, and maybe exact some revenge on Stormwind for previous atrocities against his organization.

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Hello all, just wanted to say a few things...

If you look at the current threads, it's pretty hard to miss that this has started a lot of roleplay. That's awesome! I'm glad so many people have been inspired and have come together in new and fun storytelling. And like I keep saying, we're just getting started... this is only the first week!

However, I know when things like this get big, the potential for problems magnifies. Not only might more people come to disagreements, but the thing itself can be a problem: people can feel left out or ignored, or even the opposite side of the same coin, annoyed that it's overtaken so much and they might be obligated to respond to it. Feeling either way is understandable and something I want very much to assuage.

For the first, anyone feeling left out or on the fringes, please know that you are wanted, your contributions are wanted, and there is no point where it's too late to join in. I can't just tell you to stop feeling otherwise, but I promise you'll be welcomed with open arms if you reach out to anyone. Especially me or Naheal – we're here to help! And even if there are no obvious hooks for your character, you don't necessarily need one, either. Just developing relationships with those involved is really all you need to get involved.

For the second, I sincerely apologize if you didn't really want to deal with something like that but find your character forced into it. I always meant for this to be opt-in, not opt-out. If you need an out, you are absolutely welcome to come up with whatever explanation you like, down to this conflict simply isn't as worthy of attention as some might be making it out to be, or is otherwise being misrepresented. But if that is too disingenuous or otherwise untenable, please know that I would be glad to speak to you and help work things out to your satisfaction, up to and including asking players to make necessary adjustments. And if there is anything that could be done to make the plot enjoyable for you... it goes without saying I'd love to make that happen!

All of you who are involved, and willingly, I hope when you read the above, you take a moment to consider your own responsibilities in something like this. Please do your best to be highly inclusive, but also respectful of those who don't want their own stories sidelined.

Thank you all so much, and happy hunting.

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Thank you for starting up and running this storyline! The only think keeping me sticking around this game lately is the RP, so I for one greatly appreciate your efforts! :)

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Faelenor and Amalyn will get involved. I'll have to talk to yah before I decide what we will do. May be a great plot to play with the current situation fael is in.

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I've updated the initial post with all the current threads. Please let me know if I missed one... there are over twenty now!

I've also begun keeping a summary of events, which some may find helpful.

Keep an eye out for a special event early this coming week!

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I hope you don't mind, but missing most evenings online meant there was a TON of stuff happening without me, and I was getting confused. I took your summary and elaborated on it. Just in case any other wayward Horns players return, I've posted it to our guild site.

Feel free to take a look, correct me if I've got anything in the wrong order. steal it, whatever you like.

It's just a way for me to help maintain my sanity :)

Eclipse Summary Timeline <Horns of the Shuhalo>

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I don't mind at all! Keep an eye out for more events involving Horns members soon as well ;) The special event I mentioned earlier is going to happen as soon as I can get everyone needed together in-game.

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Now, also, I had a suggestion that there be somewhere we keep a running update of current events. This seems like a really good idea as the official summary is usually going to be about a week behind as some things tend to take some time to finish up and get the timeframes sorted out.

So, here's what I have in mind. As events occur -- fights, exchanging of pertinent information, new afflicted, or pretty much anything that's plot development... you can post in the Summary thread with a note about what happened. A sentence or two is fine. Consider it a bulletin board to keep others aware of what's going on, so that OOC coordination is easier. I'll eventually incorporate everything into the summary.

The more people who make use of this, the more useful it'll be. :) Also, the official summary has been brought up-to-date. Happy hunting!

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Special event is up for your reading enjoyment. :D

Also, I'm just going to share this small snippet of something someone has come up with:

This forms a third set of reactions: [Z=Accalia’s curse as if it were a parasite of some sort. Z doesn’t get depleted and accumulates over time, kind of like a virus.] G=Power to Accalia.

a) M+B->M/B

b) M/B+C->S+U/X

c) U/X->U+X

d) U+E->M

e) M+Z->M/Z; Where the affinity for M is Z>>B, and doesn’t require C to activate.

f) M/Z->G+U+2Z; This causes accumulation of U, encouraging the body to generate more effectors to convert U to M, gradually depleting the individual’s mana and body.

g) G+Z->S [At Accalia’s will.]


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This seems to be the ooc place to discuss the Eclipse, so I thought I'd share the song I think of, watching the Eclipse story unfold.

Disturbed: The Animal

(link goes to the official music video, which I have not watched- I'm on usage-restricted cell phone internet.)

I can feel the animal inside

My resolve is weakening

Pounding on the doors of my mind

Its nearly overpowering

I cannot begin to describe

The hunger that I feel again

Run if you intend to survive

For the beast is coming to life

Taking more than a glimmer of this tainted moonlight

Death approaches on this night


For the animals soul is mine

We will be completed right before your eyes

I have no control this time

And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight

I can feel the calling again

The primal need is filling me

Changes are about to begin

And now my blood is boiling

I can see the fear in your eyes

But you cant bring yourself to scream

Time to shed the mortal disguise

The beast is coming to life

Taking more than a glimmer of this tainted moonlight

Death approaches on this night


We begin the hunt tonight

Til the power courses the creatures take flight

When the kill is close and I will be satisfied

For the smell of fear tonight

Wakes an ancient lust that will not be denied

You're mine


For the animals soul is mine

And the world around will never hear your cries

An unholy crime

And now we both shall dine in Hell tonight

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Awesome song! And posting stuff here is fine, but I actually created the Eclipse group specifically for OOC chat and collaboration, so folks can use that, too. If anyone doesn't have an invite who wants one, let me know!

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