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Full Name: The Lady Ranger-Knight Saphiara Sunspell

Title(s): Ranger-Knight, Epoch Sentinel

Nickname(s): Saph, Saphi

Race: Sin'Dorei

Sex: Female

Age: 130

Occupation: Ranger

Notable Physical Features: Thin scar running down side of face from jaw to temple.

Description: Once a cold, stern figure, whatever happened to her in her time defending the timestreams seems to have awakened her personality, as she seems more free to express herself.

Place of Birth: Silvermoon City

Current Residence: None (Transient)

Family: None surviving

Affiliations: Shattered Sun, Sunsworn, Timewalkers

Religion/Philosophy: The Light

Known Languages: Orcish, Thalassian

Weapon(s) of Choice: Bows, guns, swords

Skills: Combat engineer, mechanic, diplomat, theoretical scientist

Hobbies: Mechanical and scientific experimentation

History: Saphiara was born to members of the royal court, who served the king (and later, the prince) of Quel'Thalas as advisors and bodyguards. Saphiara was raised to serve as well, and thus she was serving with Prince Kael'thas's army as a combat engineer and scout during the Scourging of Silvermoon. It was during this time that she met Elphorus, the man she would eventually marry.

After the Sunfury army escaped to Outland and settled in to a long occupation of the region known as Netherstorm, Saphiara was subjected to experiments leading to the creation of the Blood Knights.

Eventually, the extent of the Prince's madness was revealed. Saphiara's parents, members of the resistance that would become the Scryers, managed to send their daughter a warning before they were cut down. During her escape, she was forced to fight her husband, who had been tasked with keeping an eye on her. In the resulting combat, Saphiara accidentally slew him. Wounded and grieving, she wandered the wilderness of Outland until stumbling upon Thrallmar in Hellfire Penninsula. After being nursed back to health, she returned to Silvermoon and joined her people as a member of the Horde.

Saphiara went through a period of soul-searching before ending up as a member of the peacekeeping group Sanctuary, in large part because of a relationship with her newfound sister-in-law. Membership in the guild, along with emotional support from friends and her new family, seemed to heal the emotional toll her time in Outland had inflicted upon her.

Saphiara's powers began to fail during the campaign in Northrend. The experimental nature of her bond with the Light left her abilities unstable. Eventually, through a bond with an ancient sword of elven make, she was able to stabilize her paladin abilities via a direct link with the Sunwell.

After the fall of the Lich King, Sanctuary's fortunes turned. With a hostile regime in charge, many of Sanctuary's members either abandoned the group or went into hiding. Saphiara was left in command, and struggled to keep Sanctuary intact as Hellscream's enforcers drew their noose tighter. Even after abdicating command in favor of a new orc Warboss, she continued to advise and lead strike teams on missions.

In time, even the false front of a group loyal to Garrosh's goals collapsed, and the members of Sanctuary were branded as traitors. Cut off from her home and resources by a Quel'Thalas government too fearful of Garrosh to stand against him, Saphiara led the last remnants of her guild into the wilderness of Kalimdor. Hounded by the Horde's secret police, her followers fell one by one until only Saphiara was left.

With her sword lost in battle and the Sunwell half a world away, Saphiara's powers began to wane once again. She fell back upon her old training from her days before her transformation, hunting those that were hunting her.

After the Siege of Orgrimmar, Saphiara briefly rejoined a reborn Sanctuary before her growing emotional trauma overtook her. She began hunting those she blamed for abandoning her old guild
in its time of need, including members of the current Sanctuary as well as the Grim. The attacks brought both guilds into conflict, both with her and with each other. Eventually, Saphiara's attempt to breach dimensional walls and enter a reality where she hadn't lost her family was stopped. The hunter was put on trial and sentenced to a thousand years' service with the Timewalkers for her crimes against the timelines.

Saphiara's sentence has ended, and the Bronze Dragonflight has released her back into the timestream at the end of the Fourth War. She has lost her bond with nature and relies on her mechanical skills to supply robotic companions to fight by her side. It's unknown if this condition is a result of existing outside normal time or if some other issue is at fault.

Edited by Saphiara

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