Amalyn Rayfeather (née Feildren)

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Full Name: Amalyn Rayfeather (née Feildren)

Nicknames: "Ama"

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: 41 years (25ish human equivalent)

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Fiery red updo

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Bright Green

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 125lbs

Place of residence: Rayfeather Manor, Eversong Woods

Place of Birth: Silvermoon

Known Relatives: Parents:Lethien and Kathryn Feildren Husband: Faelenor Rayfeather

Religion/Philosophy: The light

Occupation: Battle priestess, Alchemist, Blade for Hire

Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary

Guild Rank: Liason

Enemies: None, yet!

Likes: Everything! Well, mostly everything. Long adventurous walks, friendly get-togethers, drinking, laughing, and having a good time.

Favorite Foods: Fruits

Favorite Drinks: Rum and Hot Soup

Favorite Colors: Red, Purple, Black, White

Weapons of Choice: The Light, Her poisoned laced daggers

Dislikes: Well, she doesn't like blood knights too much, thinks they have sticks up their asses. Not much else other than that.

Hobbies: Reading and studying, concocting potions and messing around with magical dusts.

Physical Features: Short and slim, she has an average size chest, defined waist, and rounded hips and bottom. She has strong runners legs, with smaller but still agile arms. Her use of the light for medical purposes once rendered the blade useless, but newfound training in Draenor has changed her appearance quite a bit. Her face is heart-shaped with bright green, almond eyes and she has a thin upturned nose with full lips. Her skin is a light tone, with a few small scars decorating her here and there. Fiery red hair sits on top, thrown up in what others have described as "the mom bun"

Misc. Quirks: Still young, but not so innocent now, she may come off as motherly at first. But she will surprise you with her opinions and thoughts on many matters.

Played by What Famous Person: Emily Beecham (a la Into The Badlands)

Theme Songs:

History: Amalyn is the only daughter and child of a poor family which resides within the city of Silvermoon. Her parents, the father being a miner and the mother working as a tailor for a family owned clothier shop, live their lives from pay to pay maintaining their small apartment at the edge of the drag. Little else is known about them. Realizing that their daughter was bright, they saved and spent what they could to send her to train with the blood knights. Finishing her training had become an obligation to her as she felt she owed her parents that much. In order to make extra money to live out what her parents had taught her, she had taken up crewman status to the Stormwolf. Shortly after finishing her training and meeting her future husband she became a priestess of the light and joined the Order of Eversong. They had a daughter six years ago named Saturna after Faelenor's late trainer. Years pass and both she and her husband joined the Order with Sanctuary to encourage good horde relations. Finding Sanctuary was not the place for Amalyn and Faelenor to settle down fully they were recruited by Borrowed Time and currently live happily in the barracks most of the time, their daughter able to accompany them to learn and play with the other children there.

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Cobrak bellows in a boisterous laugh, "Hah! Ama, well, ain;t she jus' a precious lil' thing." The orc sniggers, grin widening as his pipe puffs. "Fiery red'ead wit a penchant fer bein' our base's resident mother hen. She be all right round to always be offerin' advice...Heh! An' she blushes brighter than 'er 'air sumtimes! Fun lil' game to play."

Cobrak takes a moment to ponder, rolling his pipe in his mouth. "Hm. Also be a damn lifesaver, came round an' went on ta be me assistant in tha offices, cuz goddamn do we 'as paperwork out the arse."

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The trolless giggles, tanning nude upon the beach. "Oh yeah! I know her a lil! Only meet her a few times, but she seems ta be a good'' her daughtah be a cutie!"

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