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Excitement. It is palpable.

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Oh, the cortisol.

Something.. an under-current, if you will; something.. is exciting in this air.

I don't know if it is the merger of Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether. I don't know if it is that I'm turning a quarter-century old on January, 31st, 2015; and I likely feel it mostly has to do with the fact that Warlord of Draenor is coming out soon and my nostalgic dreams are being realized in a way I couldn't image myself or couldn't improve beyond adding Emerald Dream story-line, rather haphazardly, to this expansion.

Maybe the first of my best friends got married a month ago. Maybe I feel, well, terribly old; despite how terribly young I still am.

That's enough personal business, though, and I rather not bring up anymore period because, well - that's wasn't my intent here.

I want to know if you are all as subtly (or not so subtly) excited for the incoming and certainly ONGOING revival of the Twisting Nether roleplaying community as I am; no one can argue that we didn't suffer during the Mists of Pandaria. Something about such a .. more Easter egg root going - well, entirely serious may have disturbed those of us who are long time Warcraft fans - but Blizzard, whether we like it or not, certainly pulled it off.

I'm busy, in my real life, otherwise you'd already see some kind of guild project coming from myself - whether I admitted it was me; or not. It turns out, as you get older, doing the ambitious, cantankerous things you did growing up .. well, it doesn't fit as well as your old shoes. You start to get back pains (maybe that's more because I'm 6'2 and my living genetics don't at all resemble that, but that is CERTAINLY another subject) ..

I'm stoked. I'd like to know if anyone is, metaphorically, or literally (sigh, the traditional definition) as I am .. about either 6.02, Warlords, or both.

In the last three weeks I've gone from a level 48/49 orc hunter on my current account to a level 90, ilevel 525 Orc Hunter, named Jaymahsun.

I also have a twenty something, heirloomed, Dwarf that I've been playing. Though, if you'll consider for a moment, you can't blame me for keeping his name and class a momentary secret for now.

Let us know your level of excitement for Warlords, and if you've gone as cross-faction as I plan too, now that such a feat is no longer, at least Out of Character .. challenging to do. Thank you, and I appreciate your viewing and potential responses;

-Z/A/J, whatever

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PvP sucks so much right now :S dominated by rogues, shamans, feral druids, and death knights;

all the other classes just cry. Hope it's better at level 100, that's my experience on the ptr anyway. Loving the new models.

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