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Horde RP Guild, Twisting Nether ~ Originally Founded 3-30-2006

Sanctuary was a storied guild, once. Its embrace of justice and peace for everyone, regardless of race or faction, made it respected by some and despised by others. But after Garrosh came to power, there was no room left in the new Horde for such ideals. Under the hostile regime, Sanctuary's members were hunted until the guild was a hollow, smoking ruin. Some of its former members managed to go underground, carrying on their cause, but by the time Garrosh was deposed, the guild was remembered only in hushed whispers.

Then, the banner was bravely raised by a young newcomer. Members old and new took it up in an unprecedented revival. Since then, Sanctuary's tabard is once again worn, albeit slightly changed: its hammer has become a phoenix.

Upholding the principles of justice and peace in a dangerous world still brings its share of controversy, but Sanctuary stands resolute in the face of doubt. While supporting the Horde's operations, Sanctuary also works to counter any threats that rise to the world, above all safeguarding the innocent – whether from those who would take advantage of them, or from those who believe none are innocent.

The Vows

Peace: I will not initiate hostilities.

Justice: I will react with force only to defend the innocent, or in fair, consensual combat.

Mercy: I will respond to hostility with the least amount of force required.

Sacrifice: I will forgive mistakes, insults, and injuries to my person for the sake of peace, justice, and mercy.

Please contact Julilee-TwistingNether, Vilmah-TwistingNether, Cerryan-TwistingNether, or Baern-Ravenholdt for more information or an in-character interview.


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Sanctuary's Out-of-Character Structure & Rules


The gameplay implications of Sanctuary's oaths effectively boil down to: don't jump Alliance. You may participate in arenas and battlegrounds (consensual combat), and act in defense of Horde cities or other Horde players who are attacked (defending the innocent), but you may not instigate a fight or attack Alliance settlements. There may be exceptions for extraordinary evildoers who merit being placed on a "kill on sight" list – extraordinary meaning significantly more than typical world PvP skirmishes.

If you wish to violate these restrictions for roleplay purposes, please discuss it ahead of time with the officers so that we can maintain Sanctuary's longstanding reputation.

As for in-character implications, the oaths are treated as ideals to strive for, and short of egregiously unforgivable acts, we are glad to accommodate a variety of characters and their interpretations of the oaths.

Code of Conduct

Sanctuary member players are expected to be laudable representatives of the guild and ambassadors of the roleplay community.

OOC Guidelines:

  • Assume the best of others, and always try to be the best person you can be.
  • Be solution-oriented and positive when conflicts arise.
  • Separate yourself from drama and do not be a person who fosters it.
  • Accept that not all personality types mesh well and minimize negative influences.

IC Guidelines:

  • Involve yourself with others and they will be happy to return the favor!
  • Only describe your character's actions and let your opponent or partner decide theirs.
  • Keep out-of-character and in-character knowledge separate.
  • Be ready to work around the mistakes or inconsistencies that occur.
  • Ensure in-character interactions aren't taken personally. When an antagonistic scene occurs, communicate OOC to ensure that everyone is willing and having a satisfactory roleplay session.

Guild Conventions

IC vs. OOC: Guild chat is an in-character, "radio frequency" type communication channel, via hearthstone or other communication device. Officer chat is out of character and available to all members, and Sanctuary also has a custom channel for members, their alts, and friends of the guild to socialize. Say and Yell are always in character. Party, Raid, Instance, and Whispers are either in or out of character, but are most often out of character.

Locations: Sanctuary roleplays that we have a guildhouse in Dalaran, a garrison in Draenor, and a guildhall in Orgrimmar. Of those, only the garrison has a set location in-game (anyone's garrison can be used as Sanctuary's) and the other two are left up to the imagination. 

Discord: Sanctuary has its own Discord server where much internal RP and socialization takes place, every day. Discord is a free chat application accessible via browser (, a desktop client (application installed on your computer), or mobile client (app installed on your phone). It has voice capability but by default it is only text chat.


There are nine ranks in Sanctuary:

  1. Commander - guildmaster (Julilee)
  2. Marshal - second in command (Cerryan)
  3. Myrmidon - officers
  4. Sentinel - sub-officers
  5. Emissary - officer alts
  6. Counsel - veteran members
  7. Guardian - full members
  8. Scout - member alts
  9. Initiate - new members

Rank is determined by roleplay. The guild bank is open to all members and an officer is almost always available to invite new members or alts.

An additional rank, "Unoathed", is used for those who are not currently active in the game or officially members of Sanctuary. There is no activity requirement to remain in the guild once you have achieved the full member rank.

Alliances & Rivalries

In character, Sanctuary is allied with Borrowed Time (H), Night Vanguard (A), and Twilight Empire (A), and is in conflict with The Grim (H).

Out of character, Sanctuary enjoys a friendly and collaborative relationship with other roleplaying guilds and is tightly connected to the roleplay community on Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt.

Opportunities or Concerns

Please contact Julilee-TwistingNether with any opportunities or concerns regarding Sanctuary, from collaboration ideas to incidents or problems.

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Sanctuary's Stories

Selected Current Threads (in chronological order):

Sanctuary - From the Ashes
Julilee discovers the remains of Sanctuary, and is inspired to raise its banner once more. Some of the oldest members of Sanctuary emerge as a result. August 2014

Legacy (Ravenholdt Sanctum)
Vilmah bears the legacy of Sanctuary and her own personal history as Draenor is explored and Garrosh is pursued. December 2014

The Hammer of Retribution
An embittered member of Sanctuary sets off on a quest for vengeance with far-reaching consequences. December 2014

A War for Peace
Sanctuary and the Grim find themselves at odds, and diplomatic measures crumble. January 2015

The Assault on Aerie Peak
Sanctuary defends the innocent against those who believe none are innocent. January 2015

Eclipse: Desperate Times
Under the threat of the curse of Accalia, Sanctuary's garrison is targeted. March 2015

Hollow: Vulnerabilities
One of Morinth's agents has seriously injured Sanctuary's commander. Others must step up. June 2015

Old Crane and Sparrow
Kex'ti takes someone under his wing. January 2016

Quorum: A Gentleman's Coup
Sanctuary and allies take down the leader of the Quorum. March 2016

More to be added...



Julilee: Julilee's Journal
Kex'ti: A red, silk-bound journal.
Shokkra: Shokkra's Journal.
Lohd: Ponderings
Rylie: Flowers And Daydreams Pressed Between Pages - Rylie's Journal
Cerryan: A Golden Journal
Atal'shi: A journal with the mark of the Hakkari on it lies on a bed roll


Selected Past Threads (in chronological order):

The Ring of Honor
Accused of treason, Vilmah is forced to fight in the pits. August 2008

The best laid plans of cows and men... / Receipt and Resurrection
Cabriel and Amoola decide to cook a special recipe, with some unintended consequences. September 2008

The Hammer Reforged
Sanctuary's new leader engages in a daring operation to uphold Sanctuary's ideals. August 2010

Some, including some former Sanctuary members, reflect on where their lives have gone. November 2013

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Sanctuary is now 7/7 normal Emerald Nightmare and 2/7 heroic. If you're interested in RPing, PvPing, and raiding, Sanctuary offers all that and more!


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Sanctuary and friends are now 10/10 N Nighthold. Our Suramar RP campaign storyline is running in tandem with our raids and there are a lot of other activities going on as well. Speak to an officer for more info!


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Sanctuary and friends are 9/9 N ToS and 4/9 H ToS with more to come. We have two raid nights a week, with one focused on progression and the other on alts or prior expansion raids. In addition, many members run Mythic+ groups and other in-game activities. Meanwhile, there continues to be RP every day on Discord. Speak to any member or an officer if you're interested in joining!



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Update as of 7/3/18

After the war against the Legion, Sanctuary's leadership role changed from Julilee Liene to Vilmah Bloodborne. With Julilee (and her husband Kex'ti) gone, the guild ultimately decided to move from the hall they procured in Dalaran to three distinctive locations:

The Sanctuary embassy on Shattrath is a small building with rooms for offices and meetings. Managed by Cerryan Vyel, it stands as a meeting place for different representatives to speak diplomatically and also serves as a guild meeting point.

Ashtotem Village 
Ashtotem is a small village on the eastern mesas of the Thousand Needles, ironically constructed in the same fashion as Thunder Bluff; one large central mesas with a few others, connected by rope bridges. There are a few winding paths to the water below, as well as a large cave entrance to the main bluff. Unlike the Bloodhoof capiital, however, most of the other mesas are used for farming with only a few tents, teepees, and longhouses occupying them. Ashtotem is home to Sanctuary's hospital, a large structure that accepts patients from both factions. The village itself considers itself neutral, and serves all people regardless of their affiliation. Ashtotem's chieftan is Baern Ashtotem.

Razor Hill
The Sanctuary barracks lie just outside of Razor Hill. It consists of a two level artificial cave system armed with runic wards. There is ad dark iron gate set into the stone facing Razor Hill itself, with living spaces that includes a communal dorm style bathroom, showers, office space, a kitchen, and bedrooms on the first floow. Workshops and training rooms are on the floor below. The guardian and creator of this space is Garinth Thunderhammer.

Officers of Sanctuary:
Warboss Vilmah Bloodborne
Guardian Baern Ashtotem
Guardian Cerryan Vyel
Guardian Garinth Thunderhammer
Field Commander Mardalius Anterius
Quartermaster Hadara
Consul Rhakash

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