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Sanctuary: From the Ashes

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The guildhall had gone into foreclosure.

It had taken some time for the guild's coffer to run out of funds for the payment, though no one had used the place in years. But when it did, the building went up for auction, and Julilee Liene bought it.

The young blood elf wandered through the rooms of her newly-purchased property, getting a good look around for the first time. Much of it was in disrepair, and there were piles of junk left behind, with nothing of any value that she could see at first glance. There were signs of a fire that had been repaired; only the bare minimum to conform to building codes so it could be sold, it appeared. All in all, it was just another defunct guildhall. There were more than a few in Orgrimmar, these days. They hadn't even bothered mentioning the name of the last guild that had inhabited this one during the auction.

She found a small office that had apparently survived the fire and stopped to examine it. There was a beat-up desk and a small bookcase. The chair lay on its side, legs broken off for kindling by some vagrant. The scrolls and books that the bookcase would have held looked to have suffered a similar fate. There would be no records left here of whatever company had once called this place home, Juli thought. It was a bit sad.

She wondered if the guild she was supposed to build would suffer a similar fate someday.

Her parents had very high expectations of her. They'd wanted her to be a magister, but she'd proven entirely lacking in the magic department. They would have accepted her training as a Blood Knight or priest, but she'd utterly failed at having any command of the Light either. So they'd suggested, a touch desperately, that she try to become a Ranger. But even at that she had failed, always out of place in the wilderness, with no affinity for either animals or the bow. It wasn't until she'd picked up a sword and in pure frustration chopped a target dummy in half that one of the Rangers had gently suggested she try the path of a warrior.

At that she had finally excelled, but it wasn't a well-enough respected path for her family's taste. Especially since she preferred the front line of a formation, shield in hand, ready to deflect the brunt of the attack for a group, rather than to ride forward in solo glory. She'd found she just felt best when she was helping others -- something she'd never had a chance to do before. It made her feel useful. Wanted.

But to make up for her vocational shortcomings, her parents decided that she would need to become a warleader. Lienes were not common grunts. So, the day she finished her training, they gave her enough money to found a guild and told her to get to it. And now here she was, in this decrepit guildhall that showed what would happen if she failed.

She leaned against the edge of the desk, wondering where to even begin. The hole in the roof of the main hall would need patched, first. Then she would need to haul away all this junk. Her parents would provide money to hire helpers if she asked -- but she didn't want to ask. Seeing her name, and her name alone, on the property record, had made her all too aware that she should be solely responsible for success or failure here. For the first time, she thought, she could take her destiny in her own hands.

It should have been terrifying, but she only felt a sense of calm, like today was the day she'd waited for her entire life. Freedom had finally come, and it was all hers.

Lost in thought, she moved off the desk, and a ring on her armor caught on an askew desk drawer, pulling it further open. Juli looked down and saw that the drawer was empty, ransacked long ago, but one corner of the drawer bottom had a small opening. A false bottom. She pulled it up to see if it still concealed anything, and it did.

Two journals, bound in faded purple leather. No name or title. Juli opened the older-looking one and started reading.

I never write in these things. I'm too afraid of someone reading them, so this is going to be burned once I'm finished writing it.

That had evidently never come to pass. Juli wondered what had become of the author as she continued reading.

The rest of the entry spoke of her author's companions and family. Juli raised her eyebrows at its end.

I am Vilmah Bloodborne of the Frostbite. I fear nothing.

"Sounds like an orc," she said to herself, and kept reading.

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An hour later, she had finished both journals. The entries were short and sparse in specifics, but told a tale nonetheless. The orc warrior Vilmah had lived a full and challenging life, with trials and tribulations, gaining and losing friends, suffering the loss of her arm, struggling to lead her guild, and a love life that was impossible to follow, but fascinating nonetheless. It ended suddenly amidst the original journeys into Northrend by the Horde, with no indication of if she had simply stopped writing, or if something had happened to her. Juli thought the guildhall might have been abandoned almost that long; but where had everyone gone?

Vilmah had spoken some of the guild. She had a passion for it that transcended her forthright words. Justice had been its mainstay; justice, sacrifice, and mercy. They had been hated by some, but they had persevered. It was growing dark, but Juli went back and reread the entries where Vilmah had spoken of it.

We're going to set an example of what it means to sacrifice and give. I'm not going to turn cold or cruel because this happened. I'm not going to wage war. I'm going to destroy my enemies, those who have wronged me, and I'm going to continue to fight for justice.

Justice above all. Mercy for the innocent. It's not all talk, damn it.

The elf closed the journal and sat quietly for awhile. Then she went to speak to the guild organizer in the Valley of Honor about her guildhall.

"What was the banner before?" she asked him.

"Purple field, gold trim, gold upright hammer," he grunted with disinterest after consulting his records. "You gonna set a new one?"

She paged through the suggested symbols until one caught her eye. "This one," she said, without hesitation.


"Purple field and gold."

He glanced up at her from where he was writing down the modification. "That's gonna look almost exactly the same as the old guild."

"Yes, it is," she agreed. She purchased the new tabard and left.

Juli didn't know what had caused the old guild to fall. But it seemed to her that the devotion of someone who had fought so hard, lived a life that burned so brightly, should never be forgotten. And the principles for which the old guildleader had fought were those that no one seemed to care about anymore, but which Juli would have sworn herself to in a heartbeat if the guild had still stood.

Her parents wanted a warleader who would bring honor, glory, and respect to the Liene name, which in these times meant conquering enemies, seizing territory, and slaying Alliance. Juli found that with her whole life ahead of her, she wanted to do something worthy by her own standards.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, she would bring Sanctuary to life again.


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For months, she had been living in the wilds of Azeroth. Back when this entire mess had started, with Hellscream gaining control of the Horde, it had been simple enough to remain in Quel'Thalas and simply avoiding Orgrimmar. However, with the expansion of Hellscream's power, even Silvermoon had been forced to bend the knee. Her accounts had been frozen, her home and equipment seized, and she had barely escaped capture by sacrificing what little power she'd had remaining.

Now, the forests of Feralas were her home. It had been a struggle at first, recalling all of the tricks and techniques Elphorus had taught her during their marriage. It all came back to her however, along with some ideas of her own. After all, even if her powers had ultimately failed, she was still as smart and resourceful as ever. Combat engineers were trained to be self-sufficient, after all. She was roasting her latest kill over a fire, the cave that was her temporary home filled with the smell of cooked meat. She stared into the flames, trying not to reflect on everything she had lost over the past year and more.

Her pack was beeping. How long had it been doing that? She frowned, and started digging through the few items she had managed to rescue from her home. Mostly knick-knacks, but at the bottom was her heavily modified hearthstone. She didn't know why she was carrying it around - stupid, probably, if they managed to use it to track her down - but there it was. An alarm was going off in Sanctuary's guild hall. It was certainly not the first alarm she'd heard - the first ones had likely been Hellscream's goons, looking for clues to Sanctuary's whereabouts, while latter alarms were probably set off by looters.

She'd never bothered checking them out. Orgrimmar was too dangerous to slip into for so little reward. As far as she knew, Sanctuary was dead, along with half of its membership or more. The rest were scattered to the corners of the globe. However, Hellscream's reign was done now. The Revolution has succeeded. The trolls commanded the Horde now, and for the most part the Darkspears had been more forgiving of Sanctuary's beliefs even when they didn't approve of the pacifist approach.

So, who was setting off this new alarm? It had been months since even the looters had stopped intruding. Sanctuary was a forgotten relic of the past now. Just who was in the hall?

Hellscream was done. Maybe it was time to return to Orgrimmar.


Not much was left. All of the trophies and valuable were gone. Her workshop had been raided for anything of value, and then raided for scrap. Even the most practical of items had been taken, likely sold to goblins for coppers on the gold by desperate, starving citizens. Just a few broken pieces of furniture and some mouldering books remained. Saphiara frowned - footprints. Someone, likely a female elf by the look of the print, had been here quite recently. The dust told the tale. The intruder had examined the area, then spent a large amount of time in the master's office.

She sighed. Vilmah's office. It had been her own office at one point as well, when she had attempted to hold Sanctuary together, but she had never actually used it. The workshop was her office. Sanctuary, in her own mind, had always belong to Vilmah. The orcess was its heart, she had merely been a placeholder. A book was on the desk, obviously read by the intruder. She picked it up and flipped through the pages. Vilmah had kept a journal. She put the book down, not wanting to intrude upon the memories it contained, and closed her eyes.

Could it be that Vilmah had returned to pick up the pieces? Was someone else from Sanctuary still alive? Or did someone dare to intrude upon the ruins of a broken dream?

The front door creaked as it opened, then a crunch as someone stepped through. She crept quietly to the doorway. Sure enough, an elf. Not one she recognized, however. An inquisitor of some sort? Just because Hellscream was gone didn't mean there weren't plenty of other agendas left unfinished. She pulled her rifle from her back and aimed, the red dot of her laser scope centered directly at the center of the bird-like symbol upon her tabard.

"That's far enough. You're not welcome here. Turn around and let the ghosts of this place remain undisturbed."

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Julilee froze when the voice rang out. She'd been looking up at the newly-patched hole in the ceiling, thinking about the other repairs she needed to do, and hadn't been expecting anyone else to be in here. The laser dot tracked when she turned slightly toward the origin of the threat, her gloved hands rising slowly and unthreateningly. "Who are you?" she asked. "This is my guildhall."

There was a click as a bullet chambered. "Odd, seeing as I am one of the last surviving members of Sanctuary. I fail to see how you claim this as yours."

Juli blinked. "You were a member of Sanctuary? I thought they were all gone. No one took care of this place... it went into foreclosure." She took a small step forward, hands lowering slightly.

The other elf growled to herself and lowered her rifle. "They froze my assets. With Sanctuary considered a traitorous organization, we could not return to the city to maintain it."

Juli's jaw dropped open as she lowered her hands the rest of the way. "Traitorous? It was traitorous?" She couldn't reconcile that at all with what she'd read in the journals. Vilmah had been loyal through and through to the Horde.

"Where have you been for the past two years? Questioning Hellscream's mandates was a death sentence! The Warchief allowed to talk of peace or compromise."

"Oh." Juli hadn't thought about how the new Warchief would have reacted to Sanctuary's ideals. "I just got here... I didn't know."

"You set off one of my alarms when you entered. This is the first time in months I have been able to respond."

"Is there.... anyone else left?"

The other elf sighed, disengaging the shot and holstering her rifle. "I have been in the wilds for over a year now. However, I have neither heard nor seen any of the other members. They may be missing or even dead."

"Oh..." Juli said again. "I found some journals, but they ended so abruptly. It was a shame to see what had happened to the guild." She unconsciously smoothed a hand over her tabard.

"War was in the air. Nobody cared about peace any longer."

"I don't believe Vilmah stopped caring. She wouldn't've." Juli was stout in her belief.

The other elf glanced back towards the office and the journal inside. "I do not know. I have not seen her since... since the Cataclysm, I suppose."

"I'm Julilee Liene. You are...?" Juli wondered if this elf was someone Vilmah had mentioned in her journals.

The other elf ground her teeth for a moment. "Saphiara Sunspell."

Juli was uncertain for a moment at the reaction. "It's nice to meet you," she offered. "If there's anything still here that's yours, you're welcome to it."

Saphiara shook her head. "There is nothing left. Nothing but dust and broken dreams."

"Dreams can be mended. I'm rebuilding Sanctuary."

Saphiara suddenly snapped at her, years of bitterness and loss coming to the forefront. "Who do you think you are to decide that? You spend some damned gold on a derelict building and suddenly you think you can play at peacemaker?"

Taken aback, Juli realized she had been too naive to have thought that far through, to how others might react. "I... I believe in it," she said, all she could think of.

"People died for that tabard, and you come waltzing in here like some fashionista, thinking to make your own club?" Saphiara turned away, punching one of the walls. She cried out in pain and gripped her fist.

Juli flinched, both at the words and the self-inflicted pain. But the words started to make her angry. "It's not a felling club," she said angrily. "It's about justice, and sacrifice, and peace! It is something worth dying for! And I don't care if you think I don't get it, I'm going to do it anyway, even if Sanctuary itself is going to fight against what it once stood for, I'll fight for it anyway!"

Saphiara rested her forehead against the wall silently for a while, before eventually turning around and sliding down it to sit upon the floor. "Forgive me. You do not deserve the anger for which I have no target." She flinched and checked her hand.

"It's all right," Juli said quietly. "I really can't imagine what you've been through. I just... I just know what I'm meant to do. For once in my life."

Saphiara looked up at the patched ceiling. "I suppose you cannot do it alone."

"Do you... want to help?" Juli asked tentatively.

Saphiara rubbed her temples. "I suppose that if there were any time at which peace might be a possibility, it is now. The Horde is at a crossroads, and we may finally have a voice with which to speak."

Juli smiled. "It does seem like it's time, doesn't it?" She came forward, looking at the hand Saph had hit the wall with. "Now that we're done fighting within ourselves," she added.

Saphiara let her hand be examined. "I sometimes forget I am not as durable as I once was."

Juli took out a bandage from her satchel and knelt to begin rolling up Saphiara's knuckles. "What have you been doing all this time?" she asked.

"Evading Horde patrols in Feralas, mostly. With my abilities gone, I could not attempt to track down any of the other members. It was all I could do to retrain myself as a Farstrider."

"Your abilities...?" Juli asked uncertainly. She tied off the bandage and stood again to lean against the slightly bowed doorframe.

"I was one of the first we called Blood Knights. However, the procedure used on me turned out unstable. I had thought the issue fixed, but when I lost access to the Sunwell the deterioration magnified."

"Oh, I see." Juli was still a young elf, and while she knew about contemporary history, she had yet to truly be affected by it. She looked at the rifle the other elf carried. "If you need any help," she said, "I'll be glad to."

Saphiara shook her head. "My husband taught me well enough. I need to do this on my own."

"You're married?" Juli asked, for a moment somewhat girlish.

Saphiara took a deep breath. "Widowed."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Juli should have guessed. Saphiara was not someone who seemed to have much left.

Saphiara shook her head. "In the past. Forget about me. Who are you? You seem too young for this burden... but then again, so was Vilmah."

Juli paused, not knowing what to make of the question. "I'm just a warrior," she said, "who wants to do the right thing." She shrugged, self-consciously.

Saphiara managed to look even a bit more serious. "I am afraid you will find that the 'right thing' is hardly as simple as you think."

"There's plenty I don't know," Juli said, "but I won't let that intimidate me into quitting." She looked at Saphiara with equal seriousness. "Some tauren named Fhenrir, he told me Sanctuary had a lot of enemies. I won't let that stop me either."

Saphiara scoffed. "To be honest, I am not sure Sanctuary is worth being considered an enemy these days. The whole of our power is in this room."

Juli smiled wryly. "That's pretty much what I told him."

"Very well. Conviction is always a start, even if it is sometimes the first casualty. What is your goal?"

Juli tilted her head in thought. "The only thing I had planned so far was to clean this place up." She waved a hand at the mess around them. "It'll take awhile, though."

"A hall will do you no good if you cannot convince others to occupy it."

"Hard to convince people to occupy a junkyard." Juli grinned, though it faded. "I've never had to recruit people to anything before," she said. "I don't know where to start."

"Trust me when I say we cannot survive with two elves. You need members of the other Horde races."

Juli blinked again. "I wasn't planning on limiting it to elves. Anyone who believes in the virtues can join. That makes sense, right?"

"Of course. You keep mentioning virtues. What are they?"

"Justice, peace, and sacrifice," Juli responded promptly. "Those were the things Vilmah talked about in her journals. Those are what I believe in."

Saphiara nodded, gingerly using her hand to push herself back to her feet. "Very well. I suppose I am in."

Juli smiled happily. "I'm glad to have you," she said. Then she said, "What title should you have? I haven't even decided what to call myself, actually..."

"Vilmah called herself the Warboss, but that has a rather orcish tone to it. I chose not to use it during my time in command."

"You were in command?" Juli asked. "For how long?"

"Several months during the Northrend campaign, and I suppose I was once again after the Cataclysm."

Juli nodded. "What did you call yourself?"

Saphiara looked thoughtful. "To be honest, I can no longer remember. It felt... right at the time, but now those days seem so distant. You should choose a title that holds meaning to you. Choose something that declares your intent."

Juli was silent as she mulled that over. Eventually she shook her head. "I'll figure it out eventually, I guess. But what should we call you? You were part of the original Sanctuary... you wouldn't be a regular initiate."

"Those who had proven themselves were called Guardians. That title should suffice."

"Okay!" Juli smiled. "I also read some were called Myrmidons or Scrappers... What did all those ranks mean?"

"War leaders, either against outside threats or aggressive Alliance."

"Oh, I see." Juli thought for a moment. "Vilmah also mentioned something called the Long Walk... what was that?"

Saphiara appeared to think back. "A tradition that had largely died away. Several members would walk the length of Kalimdor, speaking of philosophy and their beliefs."

"As an initiation rite?" Juli asked curiously.

"In part, but also a chance for those more seasoned members to remember their own roles."

Juli nodded. "I'll have to keep that in mind." Then, she looked around. "I was going to start cleaning up in here today."

Saphiara nodded slowly. "It certainly needs it."

With that, they set to work.

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Some days later, Julilee was in the warriors' building, practicing. She repeated the same stroke over and over, trying to perfect her form. Sweat streamed into her eyes and she blinked it away. Then, she got a strange feeling... like she was being watched. She stopped and lowered her sword, turning around.

A blood elf garbed in a purple robe with a red lower-face mask and black hair was looking at her. His form was shrouded by shadow magic. "What?" Juli said, a little taken aback by his frank and unexpected attention.

"I apologize," he said. "Do you have a moment?"

Julilee looked at him suspiciously, but nodded. "Yes?" she asked.

"Your tabard is familiar," he said, "but your hammer has changed."

Julilee nodded a bit. "Sanctuary had fallen... but it is rising again," she said.

The male elf brought a hand to his mask, in thought for a moment. "Exactly what I needed...?" he muttered to himself.

"Beg pardon?" Juli said, not understanding.

"My name is Sildei," he said. "I'd like to request a favor."

"Julilee Liene... and may I ask why you're asking me?" She remembered she was still holding her sword, and sheathed it.

"Your tabard," he responded simply.

"I see," she said. "Go on."

"Do you still employ a policy of peace above all else?" he asked.

Justice had been what Vilmah cared about the most. Juli said, "Peace is one of the virtues. So is justice."

Sildei nodded. "I'll get to the point -- I want you to help me get myself on a better path," he said.

"And what path are you on currently?" She considered his shadow-enveloped figure.

"That's... a difficult question." He chuckled weakly. "Until recently I was on a far more destructive path, both for myself and those around me. I seek to change that, but don't know how to start."

Juli's arms crossed; not in an unfriendly way, but an evaluating one. She wasn't sure what to make of this unexpected applicant. Would there be many like him, she wondered? Would rumors of Sanctuary's rebirth bring people to her? "And you think embracing peace is the way to go?" she asked. When he nodded quite confidently, she told him, "It is a harder path than destruction. Destruction requires no discipline. No respect."

"Agreed," he said. "Peace not a path I believe I can continue to walk, if I'm alone."

"You may be alone at times," she warned him. "Or called on to help others who cannot help you."

"But that is not the same as being truly alone, wouldn't you agree?" he said. He seemed to be smiling beneath his mask -- something that came through the tone of his voice.

Julilee smiled back. "I'd agree." She was silent for a moment, then said, "I will accept you as an initiate if that's what you desire. The fundamental tenet is that you must not initiate hostilities unprovoked. Can you swear to that?"

He nodded, and said, "I would seek clarification as to what constitutes 'provoked' as well."

"A very good question." She decided she'd need to come up with the vows for future applicants, that would be worded to appropriately explain Sanctuary's tenets. "That would be an act of violence to you or another person."

"In that case, I swear that I will not initiate any unprovoked hostilities," Sildei said solemnly.

She stepped forward and clapped him on the shoulder. "Welcome to Sanctuary," she said.

"Thank you," he said. He raised his hand in a salute as she stepped back.

"Thank you," she responded, sincerely.

Sildei seemed to pause for a moment. "I should clarify something for your ease of mind," he said. "I wear this mask because of... well, a disfigurement. Not to be antisocial."

"Oh," Juli said, not knowing how to respond. Then, at the same time as he said, "Or, I could make things more awkward!" she said, "I wouldn't have thought you antisocial." They both laughed, then.

"Generally, someone who turns to the shadow and wears a mask gives off all sorts of the wrong signals," Sildei added.

"Judging people by appearances can cause great mistakes."

"...Agreed, again," he said. almost surprised.

Juli nodded and smiled at him. He seemed earnest enough, she decided. It was a precursor to conviction.

"Do you have a guild hall I might stay at?" he asked. "I'd like to meditate on this."

"Yes, it's over by the lake. A guard should be able to direct you. There's not much inside right now... we're still renovating." At least most of the junk and debris had been gotten rid of. "Let me know if you need anything."

"Thank you once more," he said. "What title suits your fancy?"

"Oh, um... I haven't decided yet," Juli admitted.

"Very well. Take care, Miss Liene."

"You as well," she responded. She watched as he bowed to her graciously and walked away.

Surely it wouldn't always be this easy, she thought. She turned back to the practice dummy and drew her sword. She would need to be prepared for when it wasn't.

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Juli sat in the cleaned-up office at a fold-up table and chair. She still had enough pocket money to buy better furnishings, but was extremely frugal, and chose to save the money for things that were more important for rebuilding Sanctuary at the moment. The elf scribbled on a parchment, frequently crossing out words and entire lines and starting over again, until after some time, the vows began to take shape.

Peace: I will not initiate hostilities.

Justice: I will react with force only to defend the innocent, or in fair, consensual combat.

Mercy: I will respond to hostility with the least amount of force required.

Sacrifice: I will forgive mistakes, insults, and injuries to my person for the sake of peace, justice, and mercy.

She looked it over again, frowning in thought. They would likely need to be revised over time. But it was a start. It was a start.

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Another day; another bout of training in the warriors' hall. Juli had put quite a few notches into this training dummy by now, but felt that her skills were barely improving. Vilmah had been a warrior of some renown, she knew. If anyone was to take Sanctuary seriously, it would need to be strong. She would need to be strong. The elf had stopped only to wipe the sweat off her brow when she realized she was once again being watched.

He was a large, imposing orc with glowing blue eyes and deathly-colored skin, wearing heavy plate armor. His expression was unreadable, but he had raised a hand to stroke his chin thoughtfully. Juli was beginning to get used to that reaction when people laid eyes on her tabard. "Greetings," he acknowledged her. "You are training?"

"Yes, always," she said. She lowered her sword and shield to her side; her muscles were glad for the respite, although she would have liked to push herself harder.

"Wise," the orc said. He was evaluating her, all right. Juli met his glowing eyes fearlessly.

"What brings you here?" she asked. He didn't look like he had need of training.

"I've been looking for someone," he said. He moved forward to stand before her. As he was so much bigger than her, she had to tilt her head back a little. "I had heard rumors recently of an old order reformed," he said after a moment.

"Sanctuary," Juli said simply. The orc's gaze dropped to the emblem on her tabard, then rose to her face again.

"Sanctuary," he agreed. "I did not expect... an elf."

Juli was taken aback. The old Sanctuary had had elves in it, judging by Saphiara's presence. "Why not?" she asked.

"I had heard stories of a fearsome war-boss, an orc woman of great power."

"The old Warboss, Vilmah Bloodborne," Juli said.

He nodded. "That is the one. I have never met her."

"She's been missing for years," Juli said. "No one knows what became of her."

The orc folded his arms around his chest, nodding. "So I have heard. You are Sanctuary now?"

"I am," Juli said. "I am Julilee Liene."

"You hold her banner? Carry on her work?"

"I do, as she carried on the work of the Warboss before her, Grisch."

"I must know, then," the orc said; "what is the purpose of Sanctuary? Has it changed?"

"Never," Juli said, unhesitating. "Peace, justice, mercy, and sacrifice."

"Worthy causes," he noted. "It is as I heard."

Juli might have thought to respond, but he appeared to come to some kind of decision. She tilted her head, trying to read his expression, before he spoke again.

"I cannot believe that it has come to this, but..." he said. He reached behind him, his hand clasping the hilt of his weapon firmly.

Juli did not raise her own sword or shield. Something told her not to fear. As she watched, he drew out his axe, then slammed it directly into the ground between them, burying the edge into the wood floor, and dropped to one knee. She found herself looking down at him... slightly, since him kneeling was still nearly eye-level for her.

"I have failed in my purpose," he said. "I must seek it elsewhere. I've no interest in the mindless violence and idiocy that others pursue. I ask that I might find purpose within your order."

Juli remembered Sildei saying much the same. She asked, "What was your purpose originally?"

"I..." He hesitated, his face clouded for a brief moment that was different from his otherwise deathless stare. "I sought to secure a new future for the Horde," he said finally. "I failed. I could not gather others around my cause."

She considered his glowing gaze. "You fought beside Garrosh?"

The orc shook his head. "No. He was a warmonger. I respected his strength. And he bore the name Hellscream. But he was... mad."

Juli let him kneel there a little while longer. She wasn't trying to be cruel; she was measuring his sincerity. She thought she sensed within him a deep need to serve something greater than himself. Could it be Sanctuary?

"I wanted to find a new home for the Horde," he said, "to free us of this eternal conflict. But I have failed. I need purpose. I need meaning in my life once more."

"Then let your cause become that of Sanctuary," Juli said finally, "as they are one and the same. Tell me your name."

"I am Kargron, of Clan Shadowmoon. Kargron will do."

"There are oaths you must swear, Kargron. Are you ready to do so now?" He was still kneeling before her.


Julilee recited them from memory. "Peace: I will not initiate hostilities."

"Peace: I will not initiate hostilities."

"Justice: I will react with force only to defend the innocent, or in fair, consensual combat."

"Justice. I will react with force only to defend the innocent, or in fair, consensual combat."

"Mercy: I will respond to hostility with the least amount of force required."

"Mercy, I will respond to hostility with the least amount of force required."

"Sacrifice: I will forgive mistakes, insults, and injuries to my person for the sake of peace, justice, and mercy."

"Sacrifice: I will forgive mistakes, insults, and injuries to my person for the sake of peace, justice, and mercy."

"Welcome to Sanctuary, Kargron," Juli said.

"Thank you," he said, solemn. He rose to his feet and tilted his head from side to side, then pulled his arms back, stretching and popping the bones in his joints. He was downright intimidating between his size and that expressionless mien, but Juli felt no fear.

"Thank you," she responded, as she had when thanked before. She felt humbled to be championing the order that attracted such people. More than ever, she was determined to do her best to lead the guild to where and what it was meant to be.

"You know..." he said, pulling out his axe with a creak of protesting wood, "I never thought I'd see the day that I'd kneel before an elf. I made war on your kind. But times change."

Juli smiled at him. "That they do," she said.

"If you are a strong leader, you will earn my respect. And I shall serve."

"Sanctuary will ask much of you," Juli said.

"The last oath will be difficult," he acknowledged.

"They are all difficult, in their own way," Juli agreed.

"I am... defensive of my pride. And clan."

Juli had never had much pride. She'd never had much to be proud of. She sought a simple answer. "Then simply pity those who envy it enough to insult it."

"Perhaps I will forgive after I've shown them the error of their ways," he responded.

Juli chuckled weakly, but he just stared at her, unblinking, and she became uncertain. She hadn't completely misjudged him, had she?

"That was a joke," he said presently.

"...I thought it was," Juli said.

"Good," Kargron said. "Most seem to have trouble realizing when I joke. I cannot imagine why."

"You are... difficult to read, I'll admit," she said.

"Others have said the same."

Juli decided to steer them back onto business. It was a safer topic for the time being. "Our guildhall is over by the lake. There isn't much to it yet... it fell into disrepair. You're welcome to anything you find in our vaults, though it's not much, currently."

He nodded. "I shall do what I can to add to it, though I am a warrior first and foremost. Battle is my calling." He looked at her. "I thank you, Julilee Liene. For giving me this opportunity. I have long sought purpose in the Horde. There are not many that offer it. I will do what I can to give honor to our clan."

Despite his unnerving demeanor, she sensed again that deep well of truth within him. She did not know what this orc had been through, but she knew what he was now. "Thank you," she said again.

"If you have need of my abilities, you need only ask," he said.

"There are some tasks I have been working on. They're below a fighter of your skill's talent, though," she said.

"You need not fear wounding my pride. I relish all opportunities to test my skills in battle."

She smiled at him again. "You just told me your pride is your weak point."

He nodded in acknowledgement. "A weak opponent that assaults me or my clan does not damage my honor or pride. They shame only themselves with their weakness."

Juli chuckled, thinking he was certainly still an orc.

"Were I to struck first, however, that would be different," he added.

"Indeed it would," she agreed. "Shall we?"

"Of course," he said.

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It had been a good few months for Sanctuary since its revival. Word of their cause had spread, and many had sought them out to join. In addition to Saphiara, Sildei, and Kargron, they had the orc warrior Blodwyen, the pandaren monk Shunuhai, and the blood elf hunter Somer. The last had had come about for strange reasons, but the circumstances under which she had come were even more notable.

Julilee had been standing in Orgrimmar, having summoned Sildei about his progress. He had been quiet ever since joining, and she remembered the struggle in his eyes as he sought to temper himself into something better. She could still see it today as they spoke.

"How are you finding your actions have changed since joining Sanctuary? Have you faced any challenges?" she asked him.

Sildei shook his head after a moment. "There seems to be plenty of places to keep myself busy without hostilely engaging the Alliance."

She remembered he'd been reluctant to discuss his past. "Is seeking out the Alliance to engage them something you used to deliberately do?"

"...On occasion."

"Do you feel any different now that you choose not to?" she asked him.

"I'm afraid I have a lot to atone for," he said quietly.

Julilee nodded a little. "There is atonement in sacrifice."

A troll walked past them; she paid him no mind. Sildei said, "And that is what Sanctuary does? Sacrifice?"

"Yes. You do remember the fourth oath?" she responded.

"I'm afraid I have been remiss in my studies. I've been preoccupied aiding allies on the field."

Julilee decided to go easy on him; he was obviously struggling. "Well, you are still an initiate. That's fine. Though Sanctuary's numbers are precious few these days, and we can use all the strength we can muster."

As she spoke the last words, the troll turned around and walked back up to them. Both elves looked at him. He had white hair and piercing eyes, and his gaze was cold. He wore a mask over the lower half of his face and a monk's leathers. When he spoke, it was with a carefully reserved tone that nonetheless carried hints of authority.

"Ah tink dat be in poor taste ta not let dem souls die off. Some people don like dem eida....not ta 'ealt'y for ya..."

Juli didn't think twice. "Justice never dies," she replied.

Unimpressed, the troll took the polearm he was carrying and pierced it into the ground. He looked over the two of them, his frosty gaze lingering on the tabard's emblem.

"...Ya don even got da pattern right, least ya can da if makin fun a sometin sacred be ta weah it right," he muttered.

Juli stiffened, before remembering that pride was a trap that would win Sanctuary nothing. Let people insult and doubt her; she would persevere. "I'm not making fun of anyone or anything," she said calmly. "Sanctuary should not be allowed to stay dead and forgotten. The hammer is a phoenix, now, to symbolize its rebirth."

"...What?" the troll said. "Ahd tink ah woulda 'eard bout sometin like dat..."

Sildei looked from Juli to the troll, listening closely. Juli studied the troll, trying to measure if he were a jaded friend or foe of Sanctuary. There was bitterness there, but how it would fall remained to be seen. But he was growing more upset.

"Don be playin games wit da one o-..." he went on, but stopped short as a grunt walked near.

Juli took the opportunity to respond. "This is not a game. I am in complete earnest."

The troll looked back at her as the grunt walked away, eyeing her. "If dis place still din 'ave some o' da ole Kor'kron 'ere... ahd give ya a piece oh mah mind..."

Sildei spoke up. "Do you count yourself as a member of the Horde?"

The troll pointed at him. "Ah 'ave ya know... if ya knew anytin bout dat tabahd, you'd know dis face."

Juli was baffled. "Who are you?" she asked. But at the same time, she realized that she knew.

The troll sighed and sank to the ground, removing his mask as he did. "You not know bout dem den, eh? 'Bout a troll and orc, dat made dat tabard what it was..."

"You're not... Nojinbu?" she said, her voice falling in incredulity.

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"Not sa loud dere, eh?" Nojinbu said wryly.

She was already stepping forward, kneeling before him. He blinked at her.

"...Whatcha doin, mon?"

"I swear to you, I have committed everything I have to the purpose of Sanctuary," she said fervently, her head bowed. "I honor it with my entire heart and soul."

Nojinbu replaced his mask. He seemed somewhat embarrassed. "Wouldn be sayin dat ta loud nah, some of dat last Kor'kron still be round 'ere."

"They are not well-regarded within the city limits anymore," Sildei said.

Juli looked up at the troll, who was still taller than her kneeling when he was sunk to his haunches. "There are enemies of Sanctuary everywhere. We can't hide from them and still uphold our purpose."

"Dere was, is, ahn ahlways will be... Dat be fo sho."

Juli nodded and slowly rose back to her feet. She looked at the troll with new respect. Vilmah had spoken of him in her journals, of course. As he had said, the two of them had made Sanctuary what it was. Even when the two of them had grown apart, they had both still devoted themselves to Sanctuary's cause.

"I've done my best to bring others to Sanctuary's cause, but the only other old member I've met is Saphiara," she said.

"Ya seen Saph? 'Ow she be?"

Juli remembered her first encounter with the embittered, fractured elf. Saphiara had made herself scarce since, and Juli had judged it best to give the other elf space. "She's... had it rough, as many of you did," Juli said.

Nojinbu shifted. "So... whatcha be meanin Sanct be back, eh? Garrosh took good care 'o da 'all... scattahd us pretty good..."

Juli glanced over at Sildei. "Sanctuary's purpose still draws those of like mind." Sildei tipped his head, but didn't say anything at that.

Nojinbu looked at the male elf, then settled his gaze back on Juli. It was still cool, but thoughtful now as well. "Guess wit Vol'jin in lead, mo 'o us be comin back ta da city."

Julilee nodded. "I was wondering if any would return... Do you know of any others?" She hesitated, then said, "Vilmah?"

"She be safe. She be weah she canna be foun' less she wants ta."

Juli breathed. Vilmah was alive! "I didn't dare hope." She realized, then, that she could only imagine what Vilmah and Nojinbu both must have faced during Garrosh's rule. The scorn and ridicule Juli endured now was surely nothing. She looked at the troll. "What did you do during your exile..?"

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Nojinbu shifted again. “We shoul go someweah less open, if ya be wantin ta ask more 'o dem questions... still don trust much round 'ere.”

Sildei spoke up. “I... believe I'll depart, for the time being. I suspect you two have more to discuss than I can contribute to.”

Juli looked at the initiate. She would want to speak to him again soon. “Please let me know if you have any questions or find yourself uncertain in the face of a challenge, Sildei.”

“I wish the best to both of you,” he said. He turned and departed. Nojinbu watched him go, then looked back at Juli.

“Where to?” Juli asked.

He picked up his polearm and led her into the Drag, then the Cleft of Shadows. It wasn’t until after they’d found a secluded spot behind some of the buildings that it occurred to Juli that following a rogue into a dark alley was typically a bad idea. But Nojinbu, besides being a former member of Sanctuary, also didn’t strike her as much of a rogue, though that was how Vilmah had referred to him. He had a calmness, an evenness to him, rather than, say, a shiftiness.

“Don matter what 'appened, money controls da Drag, ain no one gon ta boda us 'ere,” the troll said, turning to her.

“I should tell you my name, and how I came to Sanctuary's banner,” Juli said.

“Ah tink dat be a good start.”

She tried to explain it. Truth to be told, her conviction didn’t make much sense from an outside perspective, and probably even less so to an original Sanctuary member. But she had to try.

“My name is Julilee Liene, and... I didn't know what I was looking for until I found it... The journals. Vilmah's journals. She spoke of Sanctuary and its purpose. She had... such a strong belief. An unshakable conviction. It spoke to me, like nothing else before in my life. It was like I'd been sleepwalking since I was born. I knew this is what I had to do... Bring Sanctuary's purpose back to life.” She looked at him, hoping, but prepared for rejection. “I would lay down my life for Sanctuary. This is no whim or game to me. Do you believe me?”

He regarded her, and answered slowly. “Yes ahn no. Undastandably my trust is rada' slim.”

“I understand,” she said.

“So weah ya be comin cross me mate’s books?”

“The guildhall... I'd purchased it when it went into foreclosure. It needed a bit of work, but... Anyway, the journals were in a desk.”

“Suprised da fire din eat dem up....musta spent some time on fixin dat place up.”

Juli nodded. “The goblins fixed up most of it before putting it back on the market, but some of the old furniture was still inside, that didn't get destroyed in the fire.”

Nojinbu leaned back against the wall. Occasionally his stance did remind Juli of a rogue, but she didn’t see a rogue’s weapons on him. Instead, he carried the polearm. “'Ow many be dere 'o ya?” he inquired after a brief silence.

“Six,” Juli said. It seemed like a small number and a big one at the same time. Juli had spoken to each member upon their joining, and intended to with each future one. “Do you truly think I should have allowed Sanctuary to stay dead?”

Nojinbu looked away, thinking. “...Ah don really know. It may be da right time ta be open again... We 'ad enemies inside an out...we fought on ahl sides...were 'ated an loved fo it.”

Juli nodded, thinking about the terse tales Vilmah had told in her journals. Nojinbu went on.

“But we ahlmost got all 'o us killed. Ah tabard ain wort dat if ya be tryin ta save da 'orld. At da time we been best workin apart. Dey were lookin fo its ledahs mostly, so we knew we 'ad to split up and fast, 'o dey would 'ave used da rest 'o Sanct ta find us.”

She couldn’t help but say it. “I don't want.. I don't want Sanctuary's sacrifices to have been in vain. I want to show that justice can never be extinguished.”

“It neva was, doh. Even in da worst 'o times, da 'Orde knew we stood on da right side, dat T'rall an Vol'jin be on da right si—”

He stopped short when an elf fell on them.

That was how Juli met Somer, who admitted she’d been spying on them before tripping and falling from the ledge above. However, although she was an associate of a friend of Nojinbu’s, it had actually been Juli she’d been trying to find. Juli found out later that evening after they moved to a tavern that Somer was under a geas of sorts, and needed a purpose like Sanctuary’s to fulfill it. With only some minor misgivings, Juli allowed her to swear the oaths and don the tabard.

But after they’d gotten the spying bit straightened out, and Somer had taken her leave, Juli and Nojinbu spoke awhile longer.

“What was this ‘Exports’ you two spoke of?” she asked him.

"Stranglet'orn Exports. It be a group oh smugglahs an t'ieves. Dey don work fo da 'Orde, 'o da Alliance.”

“Is that whom you were with, during..?”

Nojinbu nodded, folding his arms as he leaned back up against the wall again. “Ah knew deir boss from da Outland campaign. She owed me a fava, so she woul deliva any lettahs ta us regarding anyone 'o needed 'elp in da war. We couldn get inta da city any mo, so we 'ad no connection. People dat needed 'elp 'ad ta come ta us.”

“So you were still working for the cause,” she said.

“Of course,” he said. “We stood fo what was right in da 'Orde... We followed da Warchief's ordas...We were at war, dere wasn stopin dat, but we coul stop any injustice in war.”

“How many of you were together?” she asked.

“Few 'ere an dere. We never really followed eachoda, oda den Vil an me. We kept apart fo da reason, any o' us get caught, we canna tell anyone weah da odahs be.”

All of this had happened while she spent her time learning how to wield a sword and shield. While they carried on Sanctuary cause underground, fearing discovery and certain death at the hands of Garrosh’s troops at any time, Juli had been just trying to make something of herself. No, she’d been trying to get somewhere where she could even try to make something of herself. And now she was here.

There was a brief silence. Then Juli asked, “So, what will you do now?”

“Ah don know,” Nojinbu said. “Been servin Vol'jin as best ah can from the field. Dere still be ‘true 'Orde’ followers runnin around... prolly tryin ta free deir leda. Gotta keep dem from unitin.”

Juli thought even if Garrosh broke out, there was little he could do. The Kor’kron had been decimated, and few loyal enough to him to present a threat to the remaining Horde were left. But it made her think of something else. “What of this ‘Iron Horde’? It concerns me greatly.”

She had been to the battlefront already. She had been surprised to receive the order, but it appeared Vol’jin was wasting no time calling all of the Horde’s forces out, and amongst those was still – again – listed Sanctuary. She had done her part to help stem the tide, but still more were emerging from the red portal.

“Ah dono what it be... Dere ain no way it be from Outland. Dere wasn enough orcs left dere.”

“So I understand,” said Juli, having never been to Outland.

“An deir looks like it be...from ere? Ahv seen dem before.”

Juli frowned in thought. “Their weaponry... It's somewhat like what Garrosh employed.” She shook her head. “I intend for Sanctuary to be among those first to enter the portal when the Warchief orders it.”

Nojinbu looked at her, and she thought there was a touch of skepticism there; but maybe she imagined it. All he said was, “Don even know if we can cross t'’s odd...”

She just nodded. There didn’t seem to be much else to say. The troll shifted, dropping his arms, and she looked at him.

“Well, I feel I must say...” Juli held his eyes. “If you... if you feel you could take up the banner once again... It would be an honor to have you in our ranks.”

His expression was unreadable. “Ahl give it some t'ought... When da time comes ta take up arms again... Ahl fight wit ya. If ya truly be Sanct again, ahl take the banner.”

She pressed her fist to her chest in salute. “Sanctuary is true.”

“Ah 'ave a feelin ya be gettin ya time ta prove dat very soon... Keep an eye on dose gates. We’ll be meetin dere ta fend dem orcs back.”

“I intend to,” she said. “It’s good to have met you.”

“Ahl send ya a message. We will talk again.” He looked at her. “Stay safe out dere.”

“You too.” She let him walk away first. When he was gone, her shoulders slumped a little. She hadn’t known what she’d expected from encountering a former Sanctuary founder – but somehow, it hurt more that she had to prove herself to him than the entire rest of the Horde.

She straightened. She would, though. She would.

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Some time later, Nojinbu sent her a letter.


If your intentions are true, meet me at the base camp in the Blasted Lands tomorrow at nightfall. Brings your members and we will see if your commitment is as strong as your blade.

This will not be easy, but serving the Horde never is.


Juli lowered the parchment and stared off. The time had come to move beyond speaking the words and training. It would be a lie to say it didn't scare her. But Sanctuary deserved no less of her than everything.

She went to compose a summons for the rest of the guild.

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[[ An un-rewritten log, because wow. Amazing time tonight, guys! ]]

Julilee asks Cerryan to meet her in Orgrimmar. They find each other outside the Wyvern's Tail.

18:47:58 Julilee: I've come to ask your assistance.

18:49:17 Cerryan looks a bit more haggard than usual, but he nods with enthusiasm. "Yes, of course. What can I do for you?"

18:49:43 Julilee looks at him for a moment. "You seem tired. Are you well?"

18:51:26 Cerryan stares passively for a moment, before shaking his head in an attempt to rid himself of his appearance. "Y...yes. I recieved some rather...bad news recently. But, nevermind that. What can I help you with?

18:52:12 Julilee frowns. "If it weren't so dire... I wouldn't burden you at this time. But this evening, we are preparing an assault on the Red Portal. Will you join us?"

18:54:08 Cerryan: Yes, without question. It would be an honor to assist you with this.

18:54:30 Julilee nods solemnly. "And after this, if I can be of aid to you... just let me know."

18:54:37 Cerryan nods eagerly, his countenance almost relaxing at the opportunity to help

18:56:28 Julilee: We're meeting in the Blasted Lands.

18:56:30 Cerryan: I appreciate it, miss Liene. But I more appreciate the opportunity to do something of value. Is the situation in the Blasted Lands still so dire?

18:56:36 Cerryan nods at you.

18:56:39 You nod at Cerryan.

18:56:41 Cerryan: Lead, and I will follow.

18:56:50 Julilee: We're making a premeptive assault... if they will not negotiate.

They pass through the portal and discover several of the group already waiting at the Blasted Lands camp.

18:59:18 Nojinbu: take a seat. we be startin once everyones 'ere

18:59:26 Julilee 's attention falls immediately to Vilmah as she walks up. She nods at Nojinbu.

18:59:30 Somer smiles at you.

18:59:38 Nojinbu nods at you.

18:59:40 Saphiara: I believe I shall remain standing.

18:59:56 Julilee: You are... Vilmah Bloodborne?


18:59:59 Saphiara unsucessfully attempts to hide the bitterness in her voice.

19:00:02 Vilmah glances up at Julilee.

19:00:08 Vilmah: I am.

19:00:13 You kneel before Vilmah.

19:00:19 Julilee: It's an honor to meet you.

19:00:23 Saphiara: Stand up.

19:00:27 Somer looks at everyone else standing, then rises to her feet.

19:00:28 Vilmah blinks, then looks around.

19:00:33 Foozle tucks himself casually behind Cerryan.

19:00:37 Vilmah: Please stand. There's no need.

19:00:40 Saphiara: Stop that foolish kneeling.

19:00:43 Cerryan smiles lightly

19:00:47 Nojinbu: ah tol ya befo, ain nah need

19:00:53 Julilee slowly rises to her feet again.

19:01:11 Nojinbu: an ignore saph, she be...well...."elvish", like dat

19:01:20 Cerryan: Ah..hey!

19:01:30 Vilmah smiles a little.

19:01:31 Nojinbu nods at Cerryan.

19:01:32 Julilee digs into her satchel and produces two journals. She offers them to Vilmah.

19:01:46 Saphiara 's lip twitches in contempt.

19:01:46 Nojinbu: ya know exactly what ah be meanin doh...point got cross

19:01:55 Vilmah looks at the journals for a moment. "Are.. those mine?"

19:02:03 Julilee nods a little, still holding them out.

19:02:17 Nojinbu: like ah tol ya, dis one kinda got a crush on ya

19:02:27 Cerryan smirks slightly

19:02:29 Julilee blinks once, but doesn't look away from Vilmah.

19:02:30 Somer hides a snort behind her hand.

19:02:47 Drixle pokes Foozle. Hey!

19:02:52 Vilmah smiles awkwardly at Nojinbu and takes the books carefully. "I'm surprised you found them.."

19:03:15 Cerryan takes a casual step back, accidentally bumping into the Goblin behind him

19:03:18 Foozle makes a shushing motion at Drixle, more out a desire to not want to interrupt than anything else.

19:03:21 Cerryan: Ah, sorry!

19:03:30 Julilee: They were some of the few things to survive... other than you and a few others.

19:03:32 Foozle: Ack!

19:03:35 Julilee glances at Nojinbu, and Saphiara.

19:04:11 Vilmah clears her throat and tucks the books into her sidebag. "I guess you read them?"

19:04:18 Drixle coughs at Illydus.

19:04:33 Julilee shifts a little. "I did... I'm sorry."

19:05:31 Vilmah shrugs. "It's okay. My life is kind of an open book."

19:05:39 Somer chuckles

19:05:47 Foozle whispers quietly with Drixle.

19:05:56 Somer: Oh...sorry. Thought you were making a joke about the journals.

19:06:01 Julilee smiles a little. "Legends are that way."

19:06:08 Drixle rolls his eyes and whispers back.

19:06:28 Saphiara: Legends?

19:06:31 Vilmah smiles at Somer, then shakes her head at Julilee. "Heh, that's really nice of you to say. In fact, this is all nice. I didn't know anyone wanted to rebuild."

19:06:50 Julilee: I'm doing my best.

19:06:55 Julilee 's gaze shifts to Nojinbu.

19:07:13 Julilee: Blodwyen will arrive shortly, and this will be the sum of our forces. Including an ally.

19:07:17 You nod at Cerryan.

19:07:34 Nojinbu looks about at all the new faces "so aftah dat last one shows, ah guess ahl start as ta why we be 'ere"

19:07:39 Vilmah: You seem to be doing a very good job. I'm impressed, though I still worry for your safety.

19:07:47 Cerryan: Cerryan Vyel, a pleasure. I do not know if you remember me, miss Vilmah, but long ago I considered myself an ally of Sanctuary.

19:07:48 Julilee: Kargron is currently held back by enemy forces and will join us later if he can.

19:08:02 Nojinbu nods at you.

19:08:05 You look at Vilmah.

19:08:13 Vilmah: I do remember, Cerryan. It's nice to see you again.

19:08:22 Cerryan: Miss Liene's efforts to rebuild the fold are incredibly heartening, to one so tired of needless war.

19:08:29 Cerryan smiles at Vilmah.

19:08:35 You nod at Blodwyen.

19:08:44 Vilmah smiles at Cerryan.

19:09:01 Nojinbu: looks like we ahll be here, den.....lets get ta grettins out da way ahn well get started...

19:09:22 Somer: Hi!

19:09:31 Julilee: Drixle and Foozle are our newest members. They only joined today, but were willing to commit to tonight's mission.

19:09:33 Somer looks around embarrased.

19:09:41 Julilee nods at the goblins.

19:09:49 Blodwyen eyes roam over the two little goblin. She nods.

19:09:50 Drixle: Anythin' you need, friend

19:09:51 Drixle grins wickedly at Cerryan.

19:09:56 Foozle chokes on his whispers and waves.

19:10:06 Vilmah: Again, I'm impressed.

19:10:09 Foozle: Uh, hey.

19:10:14 Nojinbu nods at Foozle.

19:10:25 Julilee: Blodwyen is a new member.

19:10:52 Julilee: You two probably already know Somer, correct?

19:10:56 Blodwyen folds her arms and smiles partly to the group. "Hello."

19:10:58 Julilee indiocates the female elf on her left.

19:11:03 Nojinbu: ah do, vil dont really

19:11:14 Somer: Hey hey. *She gives another little wave to Vilmah*

19:11:31 Julilee: And... Saphiara.

19:11:36 Julilee looks at the hunter elf.

19:12:02 Saphiara: Introductions done. Get on with the point of this.

19:12:14 Saphiara crosses her arms, scowling.

19:12:16 Somer frowns with disappointment at Saphiara.

19:12:18 Nojinbu: ahlways da best example 'o teamwork, saph

19:12:27 Nojinbu: right den....

19:12:29 Wiq swats at the rocks spinning above his head.

19:12:34 Julilee hears something behind her and glances back at Civarra.

19:12:40 Drixle eyes Wiq up and down.

19:12:40 Julilee: Ah... Civarra, come here.

19:12:52 Civarra approaches meekly.

19:12:53 Nojinbu: one more?

19:12:54 Vilmah takes in all of the people around them, and noticing Wiq, gives him a careful glance.

19:13:10 Julilee: Civarra was a member of Sanctuary for awhile, back when, as well.

19:13:15 You look at Saphiara.

19:13:19 Nojinbu nods at Civarra.

19:13:21 Julilee: You might remember her?

19:13:38 Civarra smiles at Nojinbu.

19:13:41 Vilmah: I do, of course.

19:13:44 Nojinbu: ah bit, been a long time since we ahll been in one place

19:13:57 You nod at Vilmah.

19:14:01 Foozle considers engaging Wiq and decides it's probably safer not to.

19:14:02 Julilee looks back at Wiq.

19:14:06 Cerryan: A long time coming, at that.

19:14:11 Drixle coughs at Wiq.

19:14:12 Nojinbu nods at Cerryan.

19:14:13 Julilee: I'm sorry, I don't believe I know you, however.

19:14:22 Saphiara: Longer for some than for others.

19:14:27 Wiq: Wiq.

19:14:41 Nojinbu: 'e one a ya?

19:14:49 Cerryan looks curiously at the mysterious Orc

19:15:03 Vilmah looks cautiously at Wiq.

19:15:08 Kargron stands at attention and salutes.

19:15:08 Nojinbu: no mattah, we can use mo fo dis

19:15:19 Julilee: Kargron.

19:15:26 Kargron nods at you.

19:15:30 Nojinbu nods at Kargron.

19:15:30 Julilee holds out an arm to indicate the orc death knight who just arrived.

19:15:37 Julilee: And this is my first officer, Kargron.

19:15:47 Kargron nods at you.

19:15:52 Vilmah nods respectfully toward Kargron.

19:16:02 Julilee: Kargron, these are Vilmah and Nojinbu, original member of Sanctuary.

19:16:10 Nojinbu: 'ello, mon

19:16:15 Kargron nods.

19:16:19 Blodwyen looks back to Kargron, and just a raise of her chin is granted in greeting. But then she grins, well...smirks really.

19:16:22 Somer sits and discretely pulls out a book, hiding it behind her knees.

19:16:31 Kargron: Both names are familiar to me. I am honored.

19:16:35 Kargron stands at attention and salutes.

19:16:41 Nojinbu salutes Kargron with respect.

19:16:44 Vilmah: It is an honor to see so many here.

19:16:47 Vilmah: Truly.

19:16:55 You nod at Vilmah.

19:17:02 Julilee: Justice perseveres.

19:17:03 Nojinbu: nah, da meanin a dat why ya be 'ere

19:17:10 You look at Nojinbu.

19:17:22 Somer puts the book away

19:17:50 Nojinbu: dis ain just ta see if ya be backin dat tabahd ya weah, but dis be important ta gettin 'ead 'o what dis attack be meanin

19:18:16 Julilee looks hesitatnt for a moment, but doesn't interrupt.

19:18:43 Nojinbu: dere wernt dat many orcs in outland last we be goin dey weapons, armah...dey ahll look like sometin garrosh 'ad in 'is undahground fortress...

19:19:13 Nojinbu: ah tink dis be a force dat 'e smuggled inta outland, an dey tryin fo a second round....dat means dere isnt many o dem, dere canna be

19:19:14 Vilmah scowls at the mention of Garrosh.

19:19:22 Cerryan: Your earlier theory...the one about Garrosh keeping a subset of his Kor'kron beyond the portal. Does that seem likely?

19:19:49 Nojinbu: dat means, we 'ave a chance, 'ere an nah, ta end garrosh's last army, an if it ain 'im, we gonna find out weah dey comin from.

19:20:02 Vilmah nods at Nojinbu.

19:20:05 Cerryan nods at Nojinbu.

19:20:11 Nojinbu: dey seem ta closely trained an jus seems right

19:20:21 Nojinbu: no clue weah dese orcs be comin from odawise

19:20:38 Nojinbu: dats why we sackin dem gates, we gon ta push-

19:20:39 Drixle snickers at Ironmarch Scout.

19:20:43 Somer mutters about spies.

19:20:43 Wiq: Spy.

19:20:48 Nojinbu: ...dis why we gotta start nah

19:20:51 You look at Wiq.

19:20:52 Blodwyen looks down at the dead orc at her feet. She sighs softly, then turns around.

19:20:57 Foozle riflles through the spy's pockets after getting over his surprise.

19:21:01 Nojinbu: we gon ta take out dat take any we can ta interogate...

19:21:04 Kargron: Hrm. I could have handled him.

19:21:07 Kargron: But thank you.

19:21:08 Kargron nods.

19:21:11 Saphiara: Here's my question - what makes you think you're in charge?

19:21:12 Drixle pokes Ironmarch Scout. Hey!

19:21:14 Drixle kneels before Ironmarch Scout.

19:21:27 Somer looks to Nojinbu

19:21:30 Julilee: Before we do that, Nojinbu...

19:21:39 Julilee: I will approach them under a banner of truce.

19:21:46 Vilmah blinks at you.

19:21:51 Nojinbu: saph, ya was invited 'ere. ah called dem 'ere ~stops and looks at julilee and listens~

19:22:00 Somer hides a smile behind her hand.

19:22:01 Nojinbu: 'o truce?

19:22:09 Nojinbu: ....ya really wan ta try dat?

19:22:16 Julilee: Yes. I do.

19:22:21 Blodwyen swings her axe out and taps Kargron on the arm with it.

19:22:22 Vilmah bites back her apprehension.

19:22:29 Nojinbu lets out a sigh

19:22:31 Vilmah: We'll stand behind her.

19:22:35 Somer puts her armor on, expressing her view of that chances of THAT working.

19:22:35 Saphiara: I was summoned here by the current leader of Sanctuary. So again, my question stands.

19:22:41 Kargron nods at Vilmah.

19:22:46 You nod at Vilmah.

19:22:53 Nojinbu: very well...we be standin back, lets get close sa ya can afress dem.

19:22:55 Foozle chuckles at Drixle.

19:22:57 Vilmah: And if they attack, they will pay.

19:23:01 Julilee glances once at Saphiara, her expression unreadable.

19:23:08 Nojinbu glares at saphiara

19:23:37 Foozle kicks Drixle's dice away.

19:23:38 Nojinbu: well den, gadah ya forces, an vil an ah will follow

19:23:45 Vilmah nods at you.

19:23:47 Julilee looks back to Nojinbu and Vilmah, and nods. She turns to the others.

19:23:50 Nojinbu: lets see if dey will give infamation freely

19:23:52 Drixle sneers at Foozle

19:23:57 Julilee: We have efw healers... Cerryan, you are one, yes?

19:24:53 Cerryan nods. "I am, and I will do all that I can to keep all of you well."

19:25:12 Julilee looks to Kargron. "You are our storngest vanguard. You will take point."

19:25:16 Kargron nods at you.

19:25:19 Kargron: I would not have it any other way.

19:25:39 Julilee: Hunters and spellcasters in the rear. Civarra, I want you to stay near Cerryan and keep them off him.

19:25:43 Nojinbu: since she wants ta talk ta dem, makes nah odah point den 'er to take front

19:25:46 You look at Civarra.

19:25:56 Foozle elbows Drixle. "Make some stones, bro."

19:26:02 You look at Nojinbu.

19:26:02 Civarra blinks. "Umm..apologies in advance."

19:26:05 Julilee: Point, behind me.

19:26:22 Julilee: You two, directly behind him, unless you feel another position would be better.

19:26:23 Drixle looks concerned. "You ah...Sure they like that kinda thing?"

19:26:48 Foozle nods and speaks quietly. "People like livin."

19:26:51 Nojinbu: 'o ta?

19:27:03 Drixle shrugs. "Fair 'nough!"

19:27:06 Somer looks around, confused.

19:27:09 Somer: Oh tah?

19:27:10 Vilmah: I'm at your disposal. I can either take up my shield or my axe.

19:27:11 Saphiara pulls out a device and adjusts some dials.

19:27:11 Drixle: One set

19:27:29 Drixle: a Drixles famous HEAL-Me-Ups coming up!

19:27:37 Julilee: Yes, let's begin preparations.

19:27:48 Blodwyen: Thank you.

19:27:48 Saphiara: Talk to them all you want. Or kill them, I don't care. I have my own mission to fulfill.

19:27:51 Foozle: See? Fine.

19:27:52 Drixle: 3 per customer. Don't ask where they come from.

19:27:56 Nojinbu: tanks, mon.

19:28:06 Somer: ...where DO they come from though?

19:28:08 Cerryan whispers a few quiet blessings, focusing his attention on Julilee

19:28:14 Somer peers down into the glowing hole.

19:28:15 Julilee: That's what we'll hopefully find out.

19:28:21 Nojinbu: everyone gadah roun...

19:28:25 Somer: I mean the stones.

19:28:25 Julilee: Oh... I thought you meant the orcs.

19:28:26 Vilmah: Ninorra said hers were special cookies.

19:28:34 You look at Nojinbu.

19:28:37 Nojinbu pulls out his polearm and slams it to the ground, energy pulsing out

19:28:48 Saphiara growls under her breath at the mention of her sister.

19:28:55 Drixle: Sure! Cookies!

19:29:12 You look at Wiq.

19:29:19 Julilee: Orc, will you join us? For the Horde?

19:29:25 Drixle: Kiz! Get over here!

19:29:30 Drixle sighs at Kiz'arad.

19:29:31 Wiq nods.

19:29:46 Somer notices paunch sitting on the hill. "Isn't that that drunkard from the Inn in Orgrimmar?"

19:29:53 You blink at Paunch.

19:29:58 Julilee: So it is.

19:30:02 Nojinbu: lets get ta da front lines 'o da portal, lead da way, Julilee

19:30:05 Somer: Like, the REALLY drunk one?

19:30:15 Vilmah: Drunk?

19:30:23 Blodwyen gaze roams up to find Paunch. She can only grin at that.

19:30:27 Somer: Completely poopcanned.

19:30:33 Vilmah: Oh dear.

19:30:43 Nojinbu thanks Wiq.

19:30:45 Drixle waves at Paunch.

19:30:56 Julilee: Blodwyen, you'll be in the second line with Vilmah and Nojinbu.. but would you go see what the pandaren is doing?

19:31:01 Drixle eyes you up and down.

19:31:17 Julilee: It's time to go.

19:31:19 Blodwyen raises a brow.

19:31:21 Nojinbu nods at you.

They mount up and fly to the portal. Juli circles them around and lands in an open area. They are immediately attacked.

19:32:12 Julilee gestures yonder.

19:32:35 Nojinbu: look out!

19:32:42 Somer: Mines!

19:32:59 Drixle: KAZILE

19:33:08 Nojinbu: ogres ta?

19:33:11 Drixle lets out a hacking cough.

19:33:15 Somer is afraid to walk now

19:33:16 Julilee: Is everyone all right?

19:33:17 Drixle: Uh. What just happened.

19:33:19 Nojinbu: see, dere arhah....

19:33:21 Kargron: Hrm. Not a good start for a truce.

19:33:26 Cerryan: So much for diplomacy...

19:33:26 You nod at Kargron.

19:33:29 Nojinbu: dey did nah wan ta talk

19:33:38 Blodwyen nods.

19:33:51 Nojinbu: look at dem dragons

19:33:56 Julilee: That one appears to be an officer.

19:34:00 Nojinbu pulls out his Ornate Spyglass

19:34:11 Drixle shoos Wild Imp away. Be gone pest!

19:34:12 Nojinbu: 'ere

19:34:19 Nojinbu: take a look at dem....engines?

19:34:22 Somer pulls out her own binoculars.

19:34:27 Julilee: I will go speak to him. Stay back until I give the signal. Remember your formation.

19:34:34 Foozle: Uh, hey... do we want a decoy?

19:34:42 Julilee shakes her head at Nojinbu, putting away her own spyglass. She looks up at the rain that has just started to fall.


19:34:46 Drixle nudges Foozle ...What was the formation

19:34:53 Foozle shrugs at Drixle. Who knows?

19:34:56 Drixle nods at Foozle.

19:35:00 Vilmah nods at you.

19:39:39 Foozle cowers in fear.

Juli mounts up and approaches the orcs. She lands on the roof of one of their huts, out of range of their attacks, and tells them she is there under truce, but they pull her down and start beating her. She calls for Sanctuary to come. They do... But even the large group is overwhelmed by the sheer number of Iron Horde. They manage to beat a bloodied retreat to the hills.



19:39:46 Julilee staggers and falls to the ground on her rear end.

19:39:47 Nojinbu sits down, panting and wiping blood off his armor

19:39:50 Saphiara: Done with that foolishness now?

19:39:53 Vilmah: Well.. that was terrible.

19:40:06 Julilee: Yes... not... good.

19:40:12 Nojinbu: an DAT be why ya don parlay wit an armed force

19:40:26 Drixle lets out a hacking cough.

19:40:27 Nojinbu: we nah closer ta findin out what dey are

19:40:37 Saphiara: Yes, we are.

19:40:38 Nojinbu: everyone ok? we missin anyone?

19:40:41 Vilmah: Well we know they're trouble.

19:40:46 Julilee: Kargron... Civarra...

19:40:47 Foozle: I... I barely survived...

19:40:50 Saphiara: Some of us decided to go for science.

19:40:51 Julilee: Blodwyen... Somer.

19:40:56 Drixle bonks Foozle on the noggin. Doh!

19:41:04 Drixle: Stop complainin'. Here!

19:41:04 Foozle makes a rude gesture at Drixle.

19:41:05 Somer kneels down.

19:41:05 Julilee staggers back to her feet.

19:41:09 Saphiara pulls a scanner from her mount and shuts it down.

19:41:15 Foozle: Phew...

19:41:19 Kargron: I believe this is a sufficient answer as to their intentions.

19:41:24 Julilee: There!

19:41:32 Vilmah nods at Kargron.

19:41:34 You point at Civarra.

19:41:36 Kargron: It reminds me of the first invasion of the Horde.

19:41:36 Julilee: She made it.

19:41:43 Saphiara: That's not our Dark Portal.

19:41:44 Vilmah: The first invasion?

19:41:47 Blodwyen watches Kargron.

19:41:49 Julilee 's voice is full of relief. She wpes her brow.

19:42:11 Nojinbu: dey ain spreadin out like da first invasion, dey ain GREEN

19:42:15 Somer: I count 39 still fully operational.

19:42:16 Kargron nods at Nojinbu.

19:42:20 Nojinbu: dey look like da durotan

19:42:28 Nojinbu: but dey CANNA be dem

19:42:31 Kargron: I refer only to their tactics.

19:42:32 Saphiara: They may be.

19:42:36 Julilee looks at the others, then down at CIvarra. "Can anyone go pick her up?"

19:42:39 Nojinbu: dere was ONE camp, garrosh's town...

19:42:42 Kargron: The first invasion was a vanguard, not the main force.

19:42:48 Kargron: This appears to be similar.

19:42:49 Drixle kneels before Foozle.

19:42:49 Saphiara flips buttons on her scanner.

19:43:01 Saphiara: Did you not see the color of the portal?

19:43:13 Somer: Yeah. red. Weird.

19:43:13 Drixle boggles at Foozle.

19:43:15 You nod at Civarra.

19:43:19 Civarra thanks Foozle.

19:43:20 Nojinbu: yah mon, jus like t'rall as fiah

19:43:23 You look at Saphiara.

19:43:25 Somer: Wonder what made it change like that.

19:43:29 Julilee: What were you talking about... science?

19:43:36 Cerryan: Nothing good, I am sure.

19:43:42 Nojinbu nods.

19:43:43 Saphiara: And their commander was last seen with a rogue bronze dragon.

19:43:57 Vilmah looks at Kargron carefully. "You weren't at the first invasion, were you?"

19:44:25 Saphiara flips the scanner to Julilee.

19:44:30 Saphiara: See for yourself.

19:44:34 Kargron shakes his head.

19:44:36 Blodwyen looks over to Vilmah and Kargron, part of her face covered with her purple hair.

19:44:36 Julilee looks at the scanner.

19:44:48 Kargron: I do not believe that is of much importance now.

19:45:29 Vilmah: ..I suppose not.

19:45:31 Cerryan: So, what is the plan from here? Surely we cannot let this force build...well, force.

19:45:32 Nojinbu: if we coul see what be on da oda side...we coul know da ansah fo sho

19:45:39 Kargron nods at Vilmah.

19:45:42 Nojinbu: exactly

19:46:00 Somer: Aren't you some famous rogue?

19:46:12 Somer: Why not just sneak down there for a peak?

19:46:12 Vilmah smiles at Somer.

19:46:24 Vilmah: Good question..

19:46:32 Nojinbu: ah gave dat up...perfect timin, eh?

19:46:38 Saphiara crosses her arms, watching Julilee's reaction to her data.

19:46:50 Somer: If ever there was a time to dust off old skills...

19:46:57 Nojinbu: an besides. da YA wan ta go trough dat?

19:46:58 Julilee looks up at Saphiara, frowning. "I can't read that."

19:47:12 Somer: Why do you think I asked if YOU could do it?

19:47:19 Vilmah: Maybe you'll have to break out the daggars again, Noj.

19:47:20 Nojinbu: 'o knows if it be ta ways? dey coul be escapin from some oda worl o' sometin!

19:47:30 Saphiara: The energy there is out of sync with our own. That portal doesn't lead to the right Draenor.

19:47:50 Nojinbu nods at Vilmah.

19:47:54 Julilee nods slowly. "But the mages are still able to open a portal to Shattrath, and it is the same, isn't it?"

19:47:57 You look at Foozle.

19:48:00 Nojinbu: maybe sa

19:48:03 Cerryan furrows his brow. "The -right- Draenor?"

19:48:24 Nojinbu: perhaps dat be what we wan ta test?

19:48:32 You look at Nojinbu.

19:48:38 Nojinbu: see if any 'o dem gates lead da same?

19:48:38 Foozle: Hey guys, so... we can go home now, yeah?

19:48:43 Saphiara: Theorize this - the last we saw of Garrosh, he was escaping with a bronze dragon, vowing revenge and domination, correct?

19:48:45 Drixle bonks Foozle on the noggin. Doh!

19:48:51 Kargron kneels down.

19:48:52 Blodwyen looks at Saphiara.

19:48:56 Drixle: We ain't goin' home yet you wingnut

19:49:02 Somer cocks her head to the side and mutters into her hearthstone.

19:49:07 Foozle: But they attacked us! It's over!

19:49:15 You look at Saphiara.

19:49:22 Somer nods her head.

19:49:25 Vilmah: You were very brave to go in there like that, Julilee.

19:49:38 Julilee pauses, looking over at Vilmah. "Wouldn't you have?"

19:49:39 Foozle sneezes and turns into a duplicate of Cerryan.

19:49:46 Foozle: Uh...

19:49:50 Somer: Kimiji says the portals to Shattrath are still working as normal.

19:49:51 Blodwyen agrees with Saphiara.

19:49:59 Cerryan boggles at Foozle.

19:50:09 Vilmah smiles sadly. "Yes. I guess I would have."

19:50:13 Kargron: Hrm.

19:50:17 Kargron folds his arms across his chest.

19:50:19 Julilee doesn't understand the sadness, but nods.

19:50:21 Nojinbu: huh, she checkin da portal itself on dat side?

19:50:22 Kargron: Brave and perhaps a little foolhardy.

19:50:27 Saphiara: What if Garrosh and that dragon did something in the past? Just as at the trial, perhaps these orcs are from an alternate timeline.

19:50:30 Kargron: But...perhaps that was the correct decision.

19:50:39 Drixle: Foozle! Stop makin' yourself look uglier than you are already

19:50:40 Julilee: ALtering... the past?

19:50:41 Somer: She contacted me from Shattrath after stepping through.

19:50:50 You nod at Somer.

19:50:59 Cerryan: That's...certainly a stretch.

19:50:59 Blodwyen 's gaze holds on Saphiara. "Possible, I'm sure, as anything."

19:51:03 Wiq swats at the rocks orbiting his skull.

19:51:25 Julilee: About as much of a stretch as the orcs invading Azeroth the first time.

19:51:41 Saphiara: It's a theory that the bronze flight has. They couldn't erase our past, otherwise, we'd not be here. However, if they changed the destiny of the orcs somehow... a second timeline would be created.

19:51:44 Nojinbu: so shatra' be fine, but be dere a force on da oda side portal?

19:52:31 Paunch glances at the goblin to his right.

19:52:34 Paunch grins wickedly at Drixle.

19:52:45 Saphiara looks down at her scanner once again.

19:53:02 Drixle: Huh. That's new

19:53:09 Nojinbu: dis kimi?

19:53:14 Nojinbu: 'ope she be safe

19:53:19 Kargron: With respect, perhaps we should focus on what must be done about this situation rather than how it came about.

19:53:24 You look at Kargron.

19:53:28 Nojinbu nods at Kargron.

19:53:29 Blodwyen agrees with Kargron.

19:53:35 Saphiara: You must know the one to decide the other.

19:53:44 Julilee: We can attempt to cross the portal... but there's no knowing what's on the other side.

19:53:52 Kargron: Their tactics are smiilar to the first invasion. This is a vanguard. When the Horde first arrived on Azeroth, they explored for a while, then sent in their full force.

19:54:05 Kargron: If we were to thin their numbers, perhaps make them reconsider....we could delay the invasion, perhaps.

19:54:07 Cerryan: If it came to that, I would follow.

19:54:18 Cerryan: But I agree, we should first focus on their forces ehre.

19:54:22 Kargron nods at Cerryan.

19:54:22 Vilmah: I agree.

19:54:25 Blodwyen nods at Cerryan.

19:54:28 Saphiara: Yes, but that Horde was maddened by demonic bloodlust. These... seem to be more disciplined.

19:54:36 Kargron nods at Saphiara.

19:54:54 Kargron: THat is true.

19:55:01 Julilee: That we can do.

19:55:09 Julilee: Has everyone tended to their wounds?

19:55:18 Nojinbu nods at you.

19:55:25 Nojinbu: what be da plan 'ere

19:55:27 Somer stretches side to side, checking, then nods to Julilee.

19:55:27 Saphiara: And their leader... it's Zaela of the Dragonmaw. But is she our Zaela, or theirs?

19:55:57 Julilee looks at Nojinbu, who has been restless during this whole excursion.

19:57:00 Julilee: We will strike again. They won't expect it on the heels of our retreat.

19:57:08 Kargron nods at you.

19:57:31 Foozle: So, uh, Drix buddy... we could do a little recon while we wait?

19:57:47 Drixle: Huh? Yeah. Sure

19:57:51 Somer pulls out a hearthstone deck and beings sorting through her cards.

19:58:13 Foozle: We'll be right back, and stuff.

19:58:15 Drixle: Up! UP!

19:59:35 Saphiara: Did anyone recognize their other commander?

19:59:39 Vilmah looks around at the group carefully.

19:59:54 Julilee speaks into her hearthstone for the distant Sanctuary members.

19:59:55 Blodwyen turns a grin onto the pacing troll.

20:00:08 Vilmah: Calm down, Noj.

20:00:23 Julilee: We attack from the rear. Same formation.

20:00:36 Somer packs up her cards.

20:01:09 Kargron: No attempts at peace this time. Simpler.

20:01:13 You nod at Kargron.

They mount up and circle behgind the portal, before coming down and driving a wedge into the Iron Horde's forces from behind. This time, they rout the camp.

20:01:22 Julilee: For the Horde! For justice! For SANCTUARY!

20:02:04 Nojinbu: keep togedah!

20:02:51 Nojinbu: watch da fiah

20:03:17 Nojinbu: check da downed

20:02:54 Cerryan: Stay out of the fire!

20:04:26 You point at Warlord Zaela.

20:04:35 Julilee: Let them fly back to their superiors!

20:04:50 Julilee: Fall back and regroup at camp!

20:04:32 Nojinbu pants

20:04:44 Kargron roars with bestial vigor. So fierce!


They make their way back to the Horde camp.

20:04:51 Vilmah chuckles at Kargron.

20:04:51 Somer cracks her neck.

20:05:56 Vilmah: That was impressive, miss Julilee.

20:05:59 Kargron nods to himself, a faint smile crossing his face.

20:06:01 Nojinbu nods at you.

20:06:03 Kargron: A good battle!

20:06:04 You nod at Vilmah.

20:06:11 Somer drops her armor.

20:06:18 Julilee: It is not easy to try peace... But it is always worth a try.

20:06:25 Nojinbu: ...da banahs, nevah seen dem in outland

20:06:29 Julilee cracks a smile. "As long as you have a force at your back to rely on."

20:06:31 Blodwyen quietly dismisses her mount, allowing hte wolf to dissappear.

20:06:47 Drixle bonks Guzle on the noggin. Doh!

20:07:02 Vilmah: I think that you're exactly what Sanctuary needs. Someone with optimism.

20:07:12 Somer: At least we got a good look at the opposition.

20:07:15 Cerryan: Garrosh's banners were of a new design. No reason not to expect another attempt to 'change his image'.

20:07:23 Nojinbu nods at Cerryan.

20:07:37 Nojinbu: still nah closah ta da trut' beind dis

20:07:43 Nojinbu sighs at Cerryan.

20:07:44 Vilmah nods at Nojinbu.

20:07:50 You look around.

20:07:52 Nojinbu: we did lighten dere force doh

20:07:54 Julilee: Missing Civarra again.

20:08:02 Kargron nods at Nojinbu.

20:08:04 Cerryan: No, but perhaps these enemies will be more inclined to reconsider their campaign.

20:08:06 Blodwyen looks at Nojinbu.

20:08:10 Kargron nods at Cerryan.

20:08:13 Somer: I doubt it, but we can hope.

20:08:55 Julilee: Everyone fought well.

20:08:58 Cerryan: Hope is often all we have.

20:09:03 Vilmah: It's true.

20:09:03 Julilee: We stayed together, even when things went... south.

20:09:04 Cerryan smiles at Somer.

20:09:09 Vilmah: That is important.

20:09:09 Kargron: When the Horde invaded in the past, it nearly conquered Lordaeron itself before it was finally forced back. We may have prevented another such drawn-out war here.

20:09:11 Drixle sighs at Foozle.

20:09:14 You nod at Vilmah.

20:09:16 Blodwyen takes her axe and while resting it upon her lap, she starts to clean off the blood from the earlier battle. She listens itnently to those speaking.

20:09:18 Drixle: Get up ya idiot

20:09:23 Vilmah looks carefully at Kargron.

20:09:30 Kargron: At least....on this side of the portal.

20:09:33 Foozle: Ow.

20:09:34 Nojinbu: ah can only 'ope sa

20:09:56 Nojinbu: ah tink ahm gon ta scout roun outland, see if ah can find mo intel latah

20:09:59 Blodwyen 's gaze finds Kargron, and she doesn't look so hopeful as his statement sounds. But she nods.

20:10:08 Vilmah: Julilee, I must admit that I never expected to see anyone defend this banner again.

20:10:11 Kargron nods at Nojinbu.

20:10:22 You nod at Vilmah.

20:10:27 Julilee: It was you who inspired me.

20:10:47 Nojinbu looks to julilee and nods "ya 'eld true ta ya beliefs, an ya 'old da tabahd well...ahll 'o ya fought well"

20:10:51 Vilmah: I may not be as bright as I once was, but I would be happy to defend this banner again.

20:11:04 Julilee looks between the two. "You will take up the banner, then?"

20:11:08 Foozle glares angrily at Drixle.

20:11:13 Drixle snickers at Foozle.

20:11:17 Foozle: Don't be a butthead.

20:11:20 Vilmah looks at Nojinbu.

20:11:23 Drixle: Shorry, shorry ...hic!

20:11:40 Foozle: YOU AIN'T SORRY YET!

20:11:47 Drixle: OW!

20:11:50 Drixle: ShTOPPIT YA IDIOT

20:12:03 Julilee doesn't appear to notice the goblin antics, focued on Vilmah and Nojinbu.

20:12:14 Nojinbu crosses his arms and looks over everyone once more, pauses at the two fighting goblins and shakes his head "ah may be fo da best"

20:12:30 Vilmah grins, looking almost relieved as she removes her helmet.

20:12:36 Julilee smiles, the biggest smile she's ever been seen smiling. She steps forward and offers her hand first to Vilmah.

20:12:42 Foozle: Ow!

20:12:54 Drixle: Well stop kickin' me!

20:12:57 Julilee: Welcome back to Sanctuary.

20:13:06 Cerryan claps excitedly.

20:13:08 Vilmah: Thank you. It is.. good to be home, finally.

20:13:08 Kargron salutes Vilmah with respect.

20:13:10 Drixle: What kinda diplomat are you, anyways!

20:13:12 Foozle: Oh hey, shut up, cool stuff happenin'

20:13:16 Drixle: oh, right

20:13:19 Julilee remembers something and digs through her satchel again.

20:13:20 Blodwyen gets back up to her feet, securing her axe behind her, and smiles in welcome to Vilmah.

20:13:32 Julilee hands Vilmah a Guild Tabard.

20:13:48 Julilee offers her hand to Nojinbu.

20:14:16 Vilmah puts her tabard back on and takes a deep sigh of relief.

20:14:22 Nojinbu grips Julilee's hand, engulfing most of her forearm, shaking strongly

20:14:26 You nod at Nojinbu.

20:14:34 Julilee passes him a tabard as well.

20:14:41 Foozle applauds. Bravo!

20:14:43 Blodwyen expression brightens for Nojinbu. She nods.

20:14:46 Drixle cheers!

20:14:53 Nojinbu removes his shadowpan tabard and places on the guild tabard

20:15:10 Julilee: Sanctuary has risen again.


20:15:20 Somer: It'll be good to fight with you again.

20:15:21 Vilmah salutes you with respect.

20:15:26 Foozle: Woohoo! Safety for security for all!

20:15:28 You salute Vilmah with respect.

20:15:28 Cerryan claps excitedly.

20:15:32 Nojinbu stands at attention and salutes.

20:15:39 Vilmah: I guess we have a lot of work to do.

20:15:44 Blodwyen smiles to both Nojinbu and Vilmah.

20:15:46 Julilee: Always.

20:15:47 Nojinbu: fo da betah 'o da 'orde, fo da betah 'o azarot'

20:15:53 Drixle cheers!

20:16:28 Cerryan smiles warmly, clapping at the happy occasion. His own countenance is weary, and his smile is weak, but it seems honest all the same.

20:16:52 Foozle: Wat.

20:16:57 Drixle bonks Foozle on the noggin. Doh!

20:17:01 Foozle glares angrily at Drixle.

20:17:03 Vilmah: I'll have to say goodbye, for now. Nojinbu and I have.. things to discuss.

20:17:05 Julilee turns to the others.

20:17:13 Kargron nods at Vilmah.

20:17:18 Julilee: We should all head back to safe territory for now.

20:17:20 Blodwyen looks expectantly at Julilee.

20:17:21 Foozle: Knock it off!

20:17:22 Somer snickers behind her hand.

20:17:25 Nojinbu nods at you.

20:17:32 Vilmah nods at you.

20:17:42 Vilmah: Good night, everyone. Please be safe.

20:17:44 Julilee: I will be seeing you two around.

20:17:50 Nojinbu nods.

20:17:52 Kargron: Aka'magosh.

20:17:55 Blodwyen nods.

20:18:08 Paunch gently pats Grizzled Grenadier.

20:18:19 Nojinbu: lok'tar.

20:18:20 Vilmah: Lok'tar.

20:18:26 Kargron nods at Nojinbu.

20:18:34 Somer: If that's the case, I'm going to head home to get my armor patched up. Took a spear through a shoulder plate.

20:18:40 You nod.

20:18:43 Blodwyen: It was nice battling with all of you.

20:18:47 Somer: Let me know when I'm needed next.

20:18:52 Cerryan: Are you okay? Do you need healing?

20:18:54 Kargron: The rise of Sanctuary....

20:18:57 Kargron: An honor to be a part of this.

20:18:58 Cerryan looks at the hunter with concern

20:19:02 Drixle: I gotta get Foozle home before he gets scared of being outside again.

20:19:06 Drixle bonks Foozle on the noggin. Doh!

20:19:09 Somer: Yeah, didn't hit me, just this outter plate. *She points to a hole*

20:19:11 Drixle: Take us home you dope

20:19:15 Foozle: Hey that only happened a few times!

20:19:18 Cerryan nods at Somer.

20:19:24 Cerryan: I am relieved, then.

20:19:27 Somer smiles at Cerryan.

20:19:36 Drixle waves goodbye to everyone. Farewell!

20:19:38 Foozle: Later everybody.

20:19:38 Somer: Stay safeish everyone.

20:19:42 Paunch blinks at Blodwyen.

20:19:42 Kargron points at Cerryan.

20:19:47 Kargron: Elf.

20:19:48 Drixle starts to charge.

20:19:48 Blodwyen: You. Give me some. *she gets in Paunch's way."

20:19:52 Kargron: What is your name?

20:19:55 Paunch frowns with disappointment at Blodwyen.

20:19:57 Cerryan: Eh..yes?

20:20:04 Paunch: Shome what?

20:20:05 Foozle: Wait, I can make portals.

20:20:07 Kargron: "Yes?"

20:20:11 Cerryan: Cerryan. Cerryan Vyel.

20:20:11 Julilee: This is Cerryan, kargron. Of the Order of Eversong, an ally to Sanctuary.

20:20:11 Kargron: Hm. Curious name.

20:20:15 Kargron: Ah.

20:20:16 Blodwyen smiles somewhat wickedly. "Some of what you are drinking, I know you have enough."

20:20:19 Kargron: Cerryan.

20:20:19 Foozle waves goodbye to everyone. Farewell!

20:20:27 Paunch: Oh I don't know...

20:20:35 Paunch rumages through his pack.

20:20:44 Paunch: I might have a little more here shomewhere...

20:20:49 Kargron: You fought well tonight.

20:20:50 Blodwyen folds her arms, waiting.

20:20:52 Kargron nods at Cerryan.

20:20:57 Nojinbu nods at Cerryan.

20:21:00 Kargron: Healers are needed. You fill a vital role.

20:21:11 You nod at Cerryan.

20:21:14 Paunch: Ah. Here we are.

20:21:18 Paunch grins wickedly at Blodwyen.

20:21:26 Cerryan smiles weakly. "I was happy to be of use, especially to allies I am so glad to see once more."

20:21:55 Cerryan: I hope to continue proving myself in this way. I believe in what Sanctuary stands for, with every fiber of my being.

20:22:03 Cerryan speaks with a sort of tired conviction

20:22:05 Blodwyen: Thank you.

20:22:07 Kargron: The horde once relied purely on bloodlust, violence, and hatred as fuel. Wounds were not healed.

20:22:22 You nod at Blodwyen.

20:22:27 Kargron: It is good to see that has changed.

20:22:35 Nojinbu nods at Kargron.

20:22:46 Cerryan: Wounds run deep. Not all are of the body, and I hope to provide what services I can for injuries of all sorts.

20:22:49 Kargron: I believe that healers have more honor than most others.

20:22:50 Kargron nods at Cerryan.

20:22:52 Kargron salutes Cerryan with respect.

20:22:57 Cerryan salutes Kargron with respect.

20:22:58 Blodwyen has a mug in her grasp, taken from Paunch. It's quite typical, after battle...for an orc to be sporting a mug of on.

20:23:18 Kargron: But all of Sanctuary and it's allies fought with honor tonight.

20:23:24 Kargron nods.

20:23:24 Cerryan: Your words mean much to me, Kargron, was it? It was an honor to fight by your side. By all of your sides.

20:23:28 Kargron nods at Cerryan.

20:24:10 Cerryan: Miss Liene, I have business that I must tend to, but will you be available a little later?

20:24:23 Paunch yawns sleepily.

20:25:01 Kargron: Hrm. How times change.

20:25:56 Kargron turns to regard the pandaren behind him for a few moments.

20:26:02 Julilee: Hmm? Yes, Cerryan. Whenever you need me.

20:26:24 Paunch blinks at the fire

20:26:42 Cerryan smiles warmly at Julilee. "I appreciate it. I will contact you soon, I wish to.."

20:27:02 Cerryan: Well, I must take care of a few matters before I should say much more.

20:27:08 Julilee nods a little.

20:27:50 Julilee glances about at the others.

20:27:51 Nojinbu: gon ta go do some scoutin 'o mah own, less any a ya be needin me fo sometin?

20:27:53 Paunch squints at the fire and blinks a few more times.

20:28:03 Julilee: Be safe, as Vilmah said.

20:28:09 Nojinbu nods at you.

20:28:10 Kargron: Fight with honor.

20:28:18 Nojinbu: ahll tell ya what ah see when ahm in outland

20:28:20 Cerryan: Indeed. Learn what you can, but do not risk yourself.

20:28:27 You nod at Nojinbu.

20:28:35 Cerryan: It seems Sanctuary needs you now, as much as ever before.

20:28:45 Nojinbu nods at you.

20:28:51 Nojinbu nods at Cerryan.

[[ Attendees: Julilee, Vilmah, Nojinbu, Kargron, Blodwyen, Somer, Saphiara, Foozle, Drixle, Civarra, Cerryan, Paunch, and Wiq. And a secret someone else showed up, but he was only with us in spirit... More on that in the future! ]]

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Juli had just finished penning an entry in her brand-new journal -- bound in leather and trimmed with gold gilt -- when Foozle asked her to come outside.

"What? They're using that?" Juli said, looking at the blackened, twisted piece of metal by the doorway.

Foozle shrugged and handed her the pile of letters. "Yeah, you can force them in the side where it's split if you're really determined. I was just, uh, checking for unclaimed packages. There might be some overdue bills."

Juli took the stack and went back into her office to read. Some of the walls inside still showed signs of scorching from the fire that had left the mailbox up front what she had assumed was nonfunctional scrap metal. Eventually, she came across this letter.

*Upon removing the unassuming sticker seal on the envelope of this letter, the parchment would suddenly emit a bright, strobe-like flash. The once ordinary envelope and parchment letter would morph into an ornate ivory parchment with red and gold trimmings. The smell of [Lesser Magic Essence] can be smelled from the [ink of Dreams] used for the script.*

To Miiiis Julilee,

I place ze utmost trust in you to keep in confidence ze information I am 'bout to share.


My name is Tuuroto ze Starseer. I am leader of formalized vigilante organization and former privateerin' group for ze Alliance.

Yes, ze Alliance.

Your name and your Sanctuary vas made known to me by a goblin associate of mine. I am curious to determine if ze values of your organization are indeed true: namely, do you believe in ze peace, justice, mercy, and saaacrifice zhat you claim?

If ze answer is yes, zhen I humbly avait your response as to a convenient time and place for me and my associates to come chat vith you and ze rest of ze Sanctuary. For security reasons, you may address ze letter to my goblin associate, Miiister Genquino Gogglepatch Dyzukei, advisor of Acq.Co., and he vill forvard your message to me.

Together, I hope, zhat our organizations can 'ccomplish many a great change in Azeroth.

Arcana guide your path,

Tuuroto the Starseer

Admiral of the Order of the Redblade

That wasn't good, that a friendly overture from the Alliance had gone unanswered. Juli regarded the fancy parchment with chagrin. What had they thought?

She penned a response, and went to find a goblin willing to deliver it as specified. And to buy a new mailbox for the guild -- one with a working mail flag, at least.

To Tuuroto the Starseer,

My deepest apologies for not responding sooner. There is much still being done to restore Sanctuary, and much yet to do. Your missive, though delayed, is very welcome, and I hope still in earnest.

Sanctuary does stand for justice and peace, mercy and sacrifice. We also stand for the Horde, and believe our principles can align with our loyalties. If you believe the same of your Alliance, then it seems we have much in common indeed.

I can set up a time and place to meet with you -- Shattrath might be a good location. Let me know if you still stand by your words.


Julilee Liene

Leader of Sanctuary

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Julilee and Nojinbu met up outside the World's End Tavern as the sun was starting to set.

"Sa wot be sa serious ta call sa fast 'ere?" the troll inquired. He hunkered down, as usual, his frosty gaze moving about the area.

"A representative of an Alliance guild wishes to speak to me," Juli said. She shifted her shield on her back. She always went everywhere in her armor anyway, but it seemed especially wise to do so tonight.

"Right, ah know da drill on dese. Let me know when ta speak, 'o when ta raise me blades."

Juli smiled at him. His confidence was reassuring. "Thank you," she said.

They entered the tavern. Juli looked around, noting a few different people of different races occupying seats. Something occurred to her.

"...I don't actually know what he looks like."

"Nottin? Not a race, 'o sex?"

Juli thought over what the letter had said. "Nope."

"'Ow ya gon ta be talkin wit dis one anyway?"

"I'm not sure. He sent a letter, and I responded with one."

A draenei appeared to be looking at them. He wore a colorful kilt and a hood, and a floating deck of cards followed him. Juli looked back at him, and he tipped his hood to them.

"Sa ah take it dis be da one?" Nojinbu said.

"I think so," Juli said, and they approached him. "Tuuroto?" she said uncertainly.

"Valesh melka," the draenei said, and rose from his seat. He gestured at them that they should wait, then began to cast a spell. Juli watched warily as he inscribed a rune in blue on the ground at their feet, then began a long invocation. At the end, there was a sense of something settling over them. "C-can... can you 'ear me now, dah?" the draenei said then, intelligible.

"Yes," Juli said in surprise. She looked at Nojinbu, who had a blank expression. "Do you understand him?" she asked.

He shook his head. The draenei frowned and spent some more time fine-tuning the spell. The feeling surrounded them shifted somewhat, and he dropped his hands. "Excellent... zorry in advance if ze spell is bit unstable," he said. "Kiiirin Tor abjuration spells... not my specialty."

Nojinbu nodded, understanding him now. The Draenei removed his cowl, revealing a surprisingly wide and genuine grin.

"Tuuro. I am called Tuuroto."

"I'm Julilee, leader of Sanctuary, and this is Nojinbu... much more famously of Sanctuary," Juli said.

"Ah! So you two ARE from Saaanctuary!" Tuuroto let out a hearty, disarming chuckle. "For zecond, I thought you two vere random vriendly strangers!"

Nojinbu nodded again, remaining silent. His gaze darted around the tavern, surveying the space as though preparing should a fight break out. Juli, meanwhile, had to smile at the draenei's friendliness. "We're that too, I suppose," she said. "But I was here to speak with you."

"Eh... let me zee if I remember zhis right..." The draenei cleared his throat. "Baladaaash,"

"...Fairly close," Juli said.

The draenei chuckled heartily once more. "Taaanks. I had to 'earn zhan vhen preparing for diplomacy vith ze Order of Eversong."

Juli made note of that. "Did you receive my return letter? I'm sorry it was so late," she said.

"I diiid. Almost miiixed it vith ze junk mail from zhis veek's Darkmoon Faire. Taaank ze Arcana zhat I did not."

"I'm glad I finally found yours. This meeting is very welcome."

"Indeed." The draenei pointed to the chairs at the table net to them. "Come, let us siiit."

The three of them took seats. While the chair was slightly too big for Juli, Tuuroto and Nojinbu barely fit in theirs.

"Err... small chairs. How iiinconvenient, dah."

"These are more elf-sized chairs it seems, yes," Juli agreed.

"Come back an talk ta me when ya grow a few mo feet, eh?" Nojinbu said. He picked up an empty mug on the table and waved at the barmaid, waggling the mug to indicate what he wanted. The barmaid came by to serve them drinks, and left a pot of food on the table.

"Anyvays, I am much curious to 'ear more 'bout zhis Saaanctuary organization," Tuuoto said. The floating deck of cards Juli had noticed came to float by the table. "I like ze name, by ze vay," he added.

Juli rested a gauntleted hand on the table's surface as she studied the friendly draenei. Was he truly as harmless as he appeared? "You've never heard of it, then? It has been... dormant for a long while," she said.

"I must apologize zhat I 'ave never 'eard of your group. I blame ze maaass propaganda drownin' from ze Griiim and ze former Dragonhawk Brigade."

Juli understood that all too well. "Yes... they are very vocal about their beliefs. But so are we." She lifted her head slightly.

"Ve 'ave our... hiiistory vith ze Grim," Tuuroto said.

"Not good, I imagine."

His voice turned cold. "Zhey 'ad murdered a group of settlements zhat vere previously under our care. But zhat vas years ago... and vith ze recent Orc Invasion... pursuin' ze Grim is ze least of our priorities, dah."

Juli nodded slowly. "I heard they recently sacked Astranaar, as well. But yes... there are many threats facing us... especially now."

Tuuroto reached out and grasped the floating deck of cards. "I couldn't agree more," he said. "From ze Alliance's side... zhere's so many groups tryin' to lead campaigns... but no vone is truly gettin' united. Too many chefs in ze kiiitchen, as my Gilnean comrades in my organization vould say."

"There is too little going on our side, I think," Juli said, thinking of the Horde's cautious efforts to put itself back together again.

Nojinbu lifted the lid on the pot to see what was inside, then leaned forward and took a sniff. His eyebrows rose, and he reached in and grabbed a bread bun. Lowering his mask with his other hand, he took a large bite. It smelled good, but Juli chose to go without, focusing on the conversation. Tuuroto started shuffling the deck of cards.

"You mentioned the Order of Eversong," she said. "Their remaining members have joined under Sanctuary's banner."

"Zhey have?" The draenei's eyes lit up. "Zhat is most excellent to 'ear! How iiis Miiister Faelenor, Miiis Amalyn, and Sir Cerryan?"

"All three are well. I can pass your regards to them if you wish."

"Please do! Fel, I tiiink it 'as been almost year since I've zeen zhem in person." He pointed down. "Ve met in zhis very tavern, at zhis very table, ironically. Zhat bein' said, I am impressed zhat ze Saaanctuary 'as zuch ability and opportunity to take in ze Order of Eversong: it 'aving zuch strong tradition and all."

He was rather effusive. Juli found herself smiling again. "The Order of Eversong was ally to Sanctuary back in the day. When Cerryan heard that Sanctuary was revived, he sought to support it. In the end, it seemed the best course was to join forces, and by then Sanctuary had grown the larger."

Tuuroto considered that. "I zee. So tell me: how biiig is Saaanctuary? Not zhat size matters," he added, "but I do vant to get to understaaand your organization better."

Juli looked at him carefully. "We have enough to field a company on the battlefield."

Sanctuary had twenty active members as of that evening; of course, not all were the same strength. But they could fill three parties with those who were. Juli, however, didn't find it wise to give out exact statistics.

The draenei folded his arms, looking thoughtful. "I zee..." was all he said.

"The Order of the Redblade seems a formidible force," she offered.

There was an awkward pause, then Tuuroto said, "Sure," and chuckled again. "No, no. I kiiid, dah! Yes, ve are quite versed in battle ourzelves."

Juli glanced at Nojinbu to see his reaction; he was munching on his bread and drinking from his mug. Still his gaze roved constantly, always checking for danger. It was one of the roguelike things that remained about him. Juli looked back at Tuuroto.

"I heard there were several of your Order performing peacekeeping duties on the Timeless Isle earlier today," she said.

The draenei looked surprised. "O-oh... oh yes, zhat. Zhat too." He chuckled again. "I zuppose you can say zhat I like to giiive my comrades free reign vhen it comes to honin' zheir skills and takin' on mercenary taaasks."

Juli wasn't sure to make of that. "Regardless, allies are allies," she said. "If we can be such, we will both be stronger for it."

"Yes, yes. I must definitely agree. And so does ze Tarot Arcana." He shifted in his seat.

"...Who?" Juli said.

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"Ze Tarot?" Tuuroto indicated the deck of cards he was shuffling.

Juli looked at the cards. "I don't understand."

"My professional trade vhen coming to Azeroth vas in tarot zervices. Are you familiar vith it?" He looked to Nojinbu too.

Juli shook her head, and Nojinbu's gaze fixated on the deck. "Ah know a some 'o dat magic," the troll said. "It ain da cards, but da person doh."

"I zee. Vell, ze Tarot is not maaagical tiiing at all: and especially not ze scam you zee in Darkmoon Faire. Rather, ze Tarot is tool for zelf-reflection. Ze images on ze cards 'ave literary value zhat represent faaacets of life vhich provide iiinspiration, dah." The draenei lifted a hand. "No diff'rent from ze motivations vone feels from listenin' to music or zeein' paintin' in library or museum."

"That sounds interesting," Juli said.

Tuuroto spead the deck of cards out on the table. "Per'aps you two vould like a joint readin'?" he suggested.

Juli looked at Nojinbu, and he gave a faint nod, not looking back at her. She looked back at Tuuroto. "Certainly, if you're willing."

"Let us begin zhen!"

The Draenei closed his eyes as the cards separated from deck and began dancing across the tabletop, swirling around the mugs. Juli watched curiously. Then Tuuroto opened his eyes and snapped his fingers, causing all the cards to disperse, except for five cards now face down on the table in a cross pattern.

"Let us begin," he said again. He pointed to the card at the bottom of the spread. "Ze first card shall represent your current state, physical and emotional, et cetera. Miiis Julileeee, if you are ready, please turn over zhis card now."

Juli reached out and flipped the card as Nojinbu took another swig from his mug. A male human paladin was depicted down on one knee, keeping himself up by leaning on a staff that resembled an over-sized magic wand. Eight minature wands were lined up horizontally at the bottom of the card, leaving enough space for one more wand to complete the entire bottom border. Juli gazed at it.

"Ah zhis card. It is called ze Nine of Vands." Tuuroto looked to them. "Please vocalize vhatever you interpret in zhis card, particularly imagery zhat might relate to your 'current state', dah."

Juli looked up at him. "A champion is weakened," she said.

"Very good... a good start. Anytiiing else? Per'aps zometiiing you can relate to?"

Nojinbu looked at the card for some time, his eye occasionally moving to Tuuroto and Julilee. Eventually he said, "Weakond fait'."

"Dah, ze sense of veakness and fatigue is key. Zhis card represents 'being close to your goal'... but per'aps not zhere yet and still strugglin'. Ze magic vands in ze piiicture represent ze tiiings of your passion and ambition. Ze number nine is key 'ere. For it zoooo... verrry... close to a perfect and complete and wholesome ten." He pointed to the bottom of the card. "Zhat is vhat ze bottom border represents: ze eight vands in line... but still room for vone more."

"I suppose it makes sense," Juli murmured. Looking at it, she felt like she gazed upon the face of Sanctuary. They were growing stronger by the day, but were still so weakened compared to what it once was.

"Personally, I assume zhis image may 'ave zome application to ze state of your organization, but it is only you two who can confirm my hunch. You two may 'ave diff'rent vay of applying ze card entirely."

"Coul also relate da out world as a 'ole, ta," the troll said. "Ah spoke ta someone in Pandaria, warnin bout our weakend state."

"It does seem fairly applicable." She glanced at Nojinbu wryly.

Tuuroto nodded, and pointed to the card in the center of the spread. "Let us move on: zhis second card represents your HOPES and DESIRES. Please feel free to turn over this card and reveal it."

Juli reached out and turned it over. High Tinker Mekkatorque was seen in the irradiated forefront of a battle to reclaim Gnomeregan for his people. Instead of his traditional engineering arclight spanner, he was wielding a similar spanner, except that its base resembled a mage's wand.

"Zhis vone is called ze Knight of Vands. My apologies for ze Alliance-centric imagery: I assure you zhere are plenty of Horde cards as vell! But I digress: vhat do you zee in zhis card zhat may tie in to describin' your hopes and desires... as vell as tyin' into ze first card?"

"The Knight..." Juli said. She studied it for awhile, then said, "Reclaiming what was lost."

Tuuroto nodded and grinned. "Very very good." He turned to Nojinbu. "Your thoughts?"

Nojinbu looked at them, then back at the card. "War," he said flatly.

That made Tuuroto chuckle. "Iiinterstin'. And quite reasonable too."

"A war to restore what should have been," Juli said.

"Could, would, don mattah," Nojinbu replied, and drank from his mug.

Tuuroto indicated the card. "Ze card, without interpreting the images too liiiterally, represents a need for a svift decisive change. Zhat is se standard symbolism for all Knights in ze Tarot deck. However... as Knight of Vands..." He pointed to the magic wand that replaced Mekkatorque's spanner. "Vands from ze last card represents tiiings you are passionate and determined for. As opposed for strivin' for tiiings of material or emotional success. So vhen you both talk about var and fightin' for vhat vas vonce lost... zhey are all very applicable."

Juli found it apt. She nodded; so did Nojinbu, at the description.

"But to hone in more: ze card suggests zhat to achieve zhis desire requires QUIIICK, CHARGE INTO ACTION zort of tiiing... hence ze Knight."

"Like storming a portal," Juli commented.

"Dah, actually yes." Tuuroto turned to Nojinbu again. "Your zecondary interpretation of ze readin' applying ze vorld as a whole actually makes zense zo far too."

The troll nodded, taking another bun fron the jar on the table and taking a large bite out of it. He could put away a lot of food, it seemed.

"But now, let us move to ze third card." Tuuroto pointed to the card on the right. "Zhis card represents vhat vhich vill HELP you attain your hopes and desires from ze 2nd card." He tapped it, indicating that Julilee could turn it over.

She did, and an elaborate, yet incomprehensible, truegold clock was shown standing on a makeshift wooden altar. The gears were neither Gnomish nor Goblin; rather, the clock exuded a powerful aura of the Titans. The time on the clock was set to 25:00, and the backdrop was the Twisting Nether. The number 10 was on the card. Juli stared it it, perplexed by the esoteric imagery.

"Ah, a major arcana card!" Tuuroto exclaimed. "Zhese special cards represnt vone of ze most quintessential facets of mortals' life journey. How fortuitous to appear tonight. Zhis card is called ze Vheel of Fortune. I am curious to zee how you both vould interpret its helping value in your zituation."

Juli tried to come up with a meaning. "Time is out of order," she said tentatively. "I don't see much related to fortune in it..."

Nojinbu looked at the card for a long time, then shook his head, coming back to himself. "Fate," he said.

Tuuroto began to chuckle heartily. "You are very perceptive, troll! But you are both right. Fate and time out of order are key. Vheel of Fortune represents notion zhat even in vorld full of technology and science and magical study... zhat zhere is STILL vone tiiing zhat can elude ze smartest of goblins and gnomes. And zhat... is fate and, in zome cases, luck."

"I can see that," Juli said thoughtfully.

"So in relating to your other cards drawn...ze Vheel of Fotune may be suggestin' zhat rather zhan logic helpin' you... it vill be fate. Ze unpredictable tiiings zhat shall vork in your favor if you let it be zo. Does zhat... make zense?"

Nojinbu looked at her. Juli lifted her head again. "It makes perfect sense. Justice will always prevail, no matter the odds."

"Ah... justice. How iiinterestin' you say. Mainly because none of ze cards suggest justice... but you interpret zuch meanin' so confidently."

Juli met his eyes evenly. "It is one of the four tenets of Sanctuary. And It is what these were talking about all along." She tapped the two Wands cards.

"I was just about to guess zhat justice is ze value of passion zhat is bein' represented in ze Magic Vands." He chuckled heartily. "Very verrrry iiinterestin'."

Juli glanced at Nojinbu, but he was gave her a blank stare, eating his bread and chasing it with bourbon. She interpreted that as a sign to be wary.

Tuuroto pointed next to the left card of the spread. "Now ze triiicky card: zhis vone represents zhat vhich vill HINDER you and be OBSTACLE to your hopes and desires."

Juli leaned over to turn the card over. A blue hooded Goblin Trade Princess was portrayed navigating a tiny dinghey out of a treacherous swamp. Six swords were outjutting from the swampy river like marsh reeds. She and her boat had just managed to reach the Great Sea. Even more baffled, Juli stared at it.

"How peculiar," Tuuroto said. "Ze card is ze Six of Swords. Vhat do you two make out of zhis?"

Nojinbu leaned back in his chair and finished the bread in his hand while Juli tried to come up with something. Finally she said, "Making do with little."

"Dah... zhat is vone possible vay to look at it. Zhis card is usually easy to interpret, but its current position in ze spread is vhat makes it very unusual." He pointed to the swords. "Ze key 'ere is ze six swords zhat make up ze reeds around ze boat. Swords represent ze obstacles and tiiings of conquest and sacrifice. Thus... zhis card in particular represents navigatin' vone's vay through all zhose hardships... and theoretically escapin' zhem."

"Sacrifice," Juli repeated.

"Dah. Sacrifice. Tiiink double-edge sword. Viiictory but at cost."

She met his eyes again. "Sacrifice is another tenet of Sanctuary. I know our goals will come with great cost."

Nojinbu finished his drink, and raised it to get the barmaid's attention. To them he said, "T'ought it be meanin ta nah take da easy road. So, ya can take da easy road..." He pointed to his dead eye. "But sometimes, a few cuts be what ya need ta make it ta safety in time."

"Actually, your interpretation is quite possible," Tuuroto agreed. "Because, look at vhere zhis card lies in ze spread. For it zeems zimply 'navigating out of haaardships' vill be ze obstacle to vantin' ze swift justice you yearn for." He leaned over to nudge Julilee, making her blink. "Nojinbu 'ere is quite ze vise vone, I must say. Surely he is in advisory role in Saaanctuary?"

"Hmm? Yes, he is an officer..." She looked at the card again as Nojinbu grabbed a third bun from the pot. "This card doesn't seem to say anything specific," she said.

"It is up to both of you to interpret vhat zhose swords as hardships really mean... as vell as vhere is zhis sea and vhere is ze destination of ze voyage. But let us not dwell on zhat too long. For ze answer may not come now... but possibly in few days vhen you meditate on zhis readin'."

"Fair enough," Juli said, looking back up at him. He pointed to the final card at the top of the spread.

"Last vone! Zhis card represents ze future: ze advice zhat can open doors of opportunity relative to all ze cards revealed zo far."

He nodded at Julilee to reveal the card, but she didn't right away, looking over the other cards again. They spoke of a great hope; her greatest hopes. If they weren't magical in any way, no more than random pictures, and she was only seeing in them what she wanted to see, then this was what she wanted to see. What would the next card reveal?

She reached out and turned it over.

A group of Kal'dorei children were depicted playing and prancing in the snowy fields of Winterspring. Along the way, the children were collecting lush, vibrant colored flowers that had thrived in the area, despite the cold conditions. There were six chalices in the picture.

"Ah... ze Six of Cups," Tuuroto said. "And your first card in ze readin' from ze Cups minor arcana. Anytiiing come to mind, Miiis Julilee and Miiister Nojinbu?"

Slowly, Juli smiled. "Good things happening even in desolate places," she said.

Tuuroto silently grinned at Julilee, then looked to Nojinbu to see if his response differed. Nojinbu raised an eyebrow at the image, pausing for a moment, then said, "Sudden change."

Juli chuckled again. "I'm not as good at this symbolism thing as you, Nojinbu."

Tuuroto let out his usual hearty chuckle. "Both very very true answers," he said. "Both right on ze gold, actually. To delve in further... ze Cups symbolism diiiffers from Vands and Swords. Rather, Cups represents pursuits of purely emotional value. But ze point of ze flowers suddenly bloomin' in least expected environment is as you both suggest.

"But more so... ze card can further represent 'tiiings of ze past. Meanin'... ze seeds you vonce sowed and thought dead could still be alive all along. And may zhose seeds grow into zometiiing zhat vill help you attain all zhat you both desire for Saaanctuary and more."

Nojinbu eyed the card. "Well.. coul be good, coul be bad. Doh, dat one coul go different directions. Ta say da flowers be meant ta be dere, be dat da snow aint meant ta be dere..."

"Winter always comes to an end," Juli said.

"O' da beginin, depends on 'ow ya look at it," he replied.

Tuuroto snapped his fingers, causing the five cards to fly back into a single deck, which then resumed levitating nearby. "Yes... zhat is also true. Ze snow is still adversity in zhat case. Or ze off-chance zhat flower is poisonous. But let me not ruin ze readin'!"

"Nah, ah be sayin bot don belong..." Nojinbu said.

Juli nodded slowly again, looking at Nojinbu. "Perhaps, but two forces in opposition with each other can learn to coexist."

Nojinbu looked back at her and picked up his drink, taking a large swig without answering.

"Vithout liiiterally insinuating ze Alliance between our groups, yes zhat interpretation is valid too!" Tuuroto casually patted Julilee on the shoulder as he laughed, his gesture suggesting he was already at complete ease with her.Nojinbu noted it with approval, and Juli looked up at him in surprise. He got up to stretch. "I hope my services vas insightful to you and your organization," he said.

"Thank you for doing the reading. It was very interesting," she said.

"It is my pleasure, dah. Zhat bein' said, I'm 'fraid my Redblade comrades are already beckoning me back to Stormvind. Zhey are complainin' about laaack of food from zheir survival trainin' in Pandaria!"

"Ah... Well, I'm glad we were able to converse, and get to know one another." She rose to her feet as well; Nojinbu followed suit.

"It vas great pleasure to meet you both. Ve need to 'ave our organization meet, I insiiist!"

"I agree." She smiled at him warmly.

"Besides, I am sure zhat Cap'tin Faelenor and zhose in ze Order of Eversong can attest to our neutrality staaance. Plus, ve could use ze time to exchange more details on our organizations' hiiistories... and get to know each other even more prior to any joint efforts on ze battlevield. Ah... but I am gettin' three paces ahead of myzelf... again!"

Juli looked at him seriously. "I have trusted you with information about Sanctuary this evening. I hope you give weight to that trust."

He chuckled lightly and nodded. "Yes, yes. Ze iiinformation is safe vith us. I shall be in contact vith you soon for next diiiplomatic gatherin'. Per'aps zhis time ve'll have more food and driiiink! My Chef vas trained in Pandaria and specialized in great seafood diiishes zhat I bet is rare among ze Horde in cuisine!"

"That would be grand," Juli said. "I'll have to find some excellent drinks, then."

Tuuroto bowed to them both. "Vell, it 'as been an honor. Varm pleasure smiles to you both, and may ze Arcana guide your paaaths."

"Be safe," Juli said, and the draenei left by way of a magic spell that made him fade into the air. Nojinbu watched him go.

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The troll took his seat again, reaching for his drink. "Sa, 'e proly be 'ere still, sa what ya tink 'o em?" he said.

Juli had felt the spell fade, and knew he was truly gone. She leaned against her chair. "Very friendly... almost too friendly."

"Ahl say one ting," Nojinbu said suddenly. "Ya gotta stop lookin ta me, o' Vil, if ya wan ta lead Sanct."

Juli blinked. "Huh?"

"Dey won respect da treaty, o' ya if ya keep lookin at me when ya gotta ansa sometin."

She hadn't realized she'd been doing that; but as she thought about it, she realized it was true. She wasn't afraid to make decisions, but she had been checking him with first.

"Ya did great. 'Owevah, ya got ta trust yaself."

"I do want to lead..." she said slowly, "but it was Vilmah's and your guild first."

"Don't mattah. Wot was, now ain't." He drank, regarding her over the rim of the mug as he did.

Juli was silent for a little while. His acceptance of her leadership made her realize that she needed to live up to it. Vilmah, too, had sworn herself to the banner Juli had raised. She hadn't asked them to say the vows, but they were sworn just the same, and expected her to lead.

"I will do my best," she said.

"Ya gotta da bettah den dat. Ya be da line between da 'Orde an Alliance. Ya be da link in all Azarot'. Ya need ta be absolute. Dey be testin ya ta see if ya crumble 'o nah, and ya need ta show dem ya as good if nah bettah den dem."

She raised her head once more. "I will not crumble... but I understand that it is important not just for that to be true, but to convince others that it is true."

He nodded, accepting her answer. The barmaid came by to clean up the table.

"Thank you for your advice," Juli said.

"No problem. Ah look forward ta ya not needin it."

She smiled at him. She could have said that she believed everyone always had some wisdom to share with someone else, but understood what he meant. "I'm going to head off. Be safe."

"Let me know if ya need me again."

"I will," she said.

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[[ Belatedly, the un-rewritten log from 11/13/14. Attendees: Julilee, Nojinbu, Amalyn, Faelenor, Cerryan, Blodwyen, Sabachthan ]]

16:53:47 [Julilee]: Sanctuary, if you are coming on this mission, meet in Orgrimmar by the warrior's hall.

16:54:01 [Nojbu]: sounds good, boss

17:02:48 [blodwyen]: Sanctuary.

17:02:55 [Nojbu]: ey mon.

17:02:59 [Julilee]: Blodwyen, thank you for joining us.

17:03:01 [Kenjin]: 'ey der.

17:03:37 [Julilee]: Everyone, please meet up outside the Wyvern's Tail in Orgrimmar.

17:03:46 [Julilee]: I'm initiating a new member now, but we'll be beginning swiftly.

17:04:04 [Kenjin]: 'ey! Goo news den!

17:04:41 [Cerryan]: I will be there presently!

17:07:54 [Julilee]: Is anyone else on their way?

17:16:29 [Durkatar]: My stone... it resonates with voices once more. Could it be that the banner of Sanctuary flies once more?

17:16:35 [Julilee]: Who is that?

17:16:49 [Nojbu]: dat it be, mon. da bannah flies once mo

17:17:16 [Durkatar]: I am Durk'atar, and long has it been since I took command of this group.

17:17:17 [Zajanji]: -nearly snarls with surprise, speaking loudly- WAT VOODOO BE DIS.

17:17:39 [Nojbu]: ...ah remembah dat soundin familiah ta

17:18:12 [Julilee]: Zajanji, it's your guild frequency. Your hearthstone is attuned to it now.

17:19:05 [Zajanji]: ....oh. Dat be makin' sense, den.

17:08:33 [Julilee]: Sanctuary.

17:08:41 Blodwyen looks at you.

17:08:49 [Julilee]: We have been tasked by the Warchief to be the rear guard for storming the Red Portal.

17:08:51 Nojbu pulls out his swords, taking dirt from the ground and dulling its sheen

17:09:01 Nojbu nods at you.

17:10:04 [Julilee]: This will be a hazardous mission.

17:10:21 [Kenjin]: Gotta new poka jes fada occasion.

17:10:52 Blodwyen nods at you.

17:10:53 [Julilee]: But we will do what is necessary to defend ourselves versus the Iron Horde.

17:10:58 Cerryan nods sternly

17:11:13 [Julilee]: Some sacrifices may be made before the sun rises again, in this world, or the one we end up in.

17:11:26 [Julilee]: Remember your vows.

17:11:33 [Julilee]: Is everyone prepared?

17:11:39 [Cerryan]: May the Light keep and protect us.

17:11:39 [blodwyen]: Yes.

17:11:44 Cerryan nods at you.

17:11:49 Eiverdein nods.

17:11:50 [Nojbu]: figiahd stealt may a been a need, sa ah came prepaiahd.

17:11:55 Julilee looks around at each person again.

17:11:57 Sabachthan clears his throat.

17:11:58 Nojbu nods at you.

17:12:19 Blodwyen is standing quiet calmly, simply waiting.

17:12:20 [sabachthan]: Might I come along and lend my aid? I assure you I can abide by your rules in your presence....

17:12:56 You look at Sabachthan.

17:13:00 [Julilee]: Any aid is welcome.

17:13:08 Nojbu nods at Sabachthan.

17:13:10 [Julilee]: We will break into parties.

17:13:19 [Julilee]: Cerryan, will you lead one?

17:13:28 Cerryan nods at you.

17:13:45 [Cerryan]: I am happy to lead my fellows from the Order, if it pleases you.

17:18:47 [Kenjin]: Lea' da way.

17:25:36 Sabachthan nods at Thrall.

17:32:58 Blodwyen nods at Sabachthan.

17:34:13 Blodwyen nods at you.

17:36:04 Blodwyen folds her arms tightly.

17:41:40 Blodwyen nods.

17:42:28 Nojbu nods at Cerryan.

17:44:19 Blodwyen gasps.

05:18:47 [Kenjin] says: Lea' da way.

05:19:05 [G] [Zajanji]: ....oh. Dat be makin' sense, den.

05:20:01 [sabachthan]: *blinks*

05:20:34 [Nojbu]: right. follow me

05:20:51 [Nojbu]: lets go meet wit da whatevah be leadin us ta

05:22:02 [Julilee]: <The group goes to Khadgar, who teleports them to the portal... obviously.>

05:22:26 [Nojbu]: mount up when ya at da blasted land basecamp

05:22:33 [Nojbu]: we be 'eaded ta da portal

05:23:09 [Cerryan]: Ah, here again.

05:23:18 [Cerryan]: This time we will do more than just scatter their forces.

05:23:19 [Nojbu]: dis time, we got da uppah '

05:23:29 [Julilee]: Yes. This time, we take the portal.

05:23:31 [Nojbu]: and, since we knocked dem back ta da portal last time

05:23:34 [Faelenor] joined channel.

05:23:55 [Åmalyn] joined channel.

05:24:56 [Julilee]: <Standing at the top of the stairs> That... is a lot of orcs.

05:25:07 [sabachthan]: Glorious.

05:25:20 [Nojbu]: we be pushin dem back, good sign dis

05:25:36 Sabachthan nods at Thrall.

05:25:42 [Kenjin]: Seem much easia den las tahm

05:26:16 [sabachthan]: Perhaps this ... Horde ... is weaker than we first thought.

05:26:47 [Julilee]: <Juli speaks to Khadgar.>

05:26:49 [Nojbu]: dey may be runnin outta fores me tinks

05:27:36 [Julilee]: Spires nearby. Team one, go left. Team two, right.

05:28:19 [Nojbu]: inta da portal! ~pulls out his swords and fights his way along with the others~

05:28:45 [Julilee]: <Juli advances forward with shield and sword. They set about disabling the spires.>

05:29:08 [Nojbu]: ....mah loa......what be dis?!

05:29:19 [Julilee]: Who... is the Shadow Council?

05:29:22 [Nojbu]: weah....are we?

05:29:42 [Cerryan]: Not good people. And not native to this world...or they should't be.

05:30:43 [Julilee]: <Juli speaks to Khadgar after the spires fall, but the portal still stands.>

05:30:50 [Julilee]: A soul engine... that doesn't sound good.

05:30:59 [Julilee]: <She looks down into the grille.>

05:31:24 [Cerryan]: By the Light...

05:31:27 [Faelenor]: It most certainly is not...good...we need to bring it down...Now!

05:31:35 [Julilee]: All right. Split up again. Team one go in the left door; team two, the right.

05:31:43 [Cerryan]: Cho'gall? Gul'dan? And we are expected to free these monsters?

05:32:12 [Åmalyn]: I suppose it's somewhat of an enemy of my enemy..

05:32:23 [Faelenor]: If we are to close this...portal...

05:32:58 Blodwyen nods at Sabachthan.

05:33:42 [Julilee]: Hurry. We must close the portal.

05:34:11 [Nojbu]: ......what??

05:34:13 Blodwyen nods at you.

05:34:14 [Nojbu]: g-

05:34:23 [Nojbu]: gul'dan?!

05:34:27 [Faelenor]: *focuses energy into his fist and punches at the stone continuously!*

05:34:28 [Cerryan]: At any cost, apparently...

05:34:30 [Nojbu]: dat...dat canna be

05:34:34 [Julilee]: <Juli stops before the suspended Gul'dan. She knows his history.>

05:34:49 [Julilee]: We must.

05:34:59 [Julilee]: <She strikes out the rune under Gul'dan.>

05:35:48 [Julilee]: The portal is closed....

05:36:04 Blodwyen folds her arms tightly.

05:36:11 [Nojbu]: ....weah be we?

05:36:11 [blodwyen]: It is closed.

05:36:17 [Nojbu]: 'ow be dis possible?

05:36:23 [Nojbu]: dat was gul'dan!

05:36:33 [Cerryan]: Let us focus on the current objective right now.

05:36:41 [Julilee]: There's no time to guess now. We must press forward.

05:36:44 [Cerryan]: We will sort out why and where when we are safe.

05:36:53 [Nojbu]: ...we jus gon ta IGNORE dat we jus 'elped 'im?!

05:36:57 [Cerryan]: The portal is closed, and we remain on this side of it. We'd best plan an exit strategy.

05:36:58 [Julilee]: <Juli speaks to Khadgar.>

05:37:52 [Julilee]: <They gather in a small building.>

05:38:30 [Julilee]: <Juli looks at the orc who just passed away before their eyes.>

05:38:44 [Faelenor]: We must keep moving...

05:38:52 [Julilee]: We must disrupt the oncoming forces.

05:38:57 [sabachthan]: So many ... souls ....

05:39:03 [Åmalyn]: Amalyn whispers a prayer over the man's body, a hand on her book.

05:39:33 [Nojbu]: split up! take dem out...

05:40:17 [Julilee]: <Juli yells.> Flee, orcs!

05:40:58 [Cerryan]: Frostwolves...but they look like the Mag'har

05:41:18 [Nojbu]: ~leaps into the camp, orcs rushing him, with a swift fick of his wrists, the orcs fall from the fatal slices of his blades~

05:41:40 Blodwyen nods.

05:41:57 [Julilee]: <Juli speaks to Khadgar again.>

05:42:28 Nojbu nods at Cerryan.

05:42:41 [Julilee]: <Juli looks at the bloody altar.>

05:42:57 [Julilee]: Onward.

05:42:59 [Faelenor]: Faelenors focus remains on the path ahead.

05:43:37 [Julilee]: Up above, the last orb.

05:43:41 [Nojbu]: someone knows we 'ere

05:43:43 [sabachthan]: I can see you, too, bub.

05:44:19 Blodwyen gasps.

05:44:32 [sabachthan]: <Is impressed by Arlok.>

05:44:34 [Julilee]: To the bridge!

05:45:38 [Julilee]: The others should be along shortly.

05:45:46 [Julilee]: <Juli looks worriedly up the bridge.>

05:45:55 [sabachthan]: Or they fell along the way.

05:46:17 [Julilee]: It is a risk we all run.

05:46:39 [Nojbu]: ~holds the alter, dropping orcs as they charge forward~ 'urry up, mon! dey be comin in still!

05:48:33 [Faelenor]: *looks around for Cerr.* We need to find him...

05:50:03 [Åmalyn]: "Do not fret, he is a strong fighter. More than capable."

05:50:51 [Julilee]: <Juli stares up the bridge.>

05:51:50 [Julilee]: We can't wait much longer.

05:52:44 [Julilee]: <Juli smiles in relief as the rest arrive.>

05:52:45 [sabachthan]: <Looks up as they all arrive as a group.>

05:52:50 [sabachthan]: Heh.

05:52:53 [Julilee]: <Khadgar promptly blows apart the bridge.>

05:52:58 [Cerryan]: *Cerryan finally crosses the bridge, his gleaming armor covered in dark blood*

05:52:59 [Nojbu]: nah mon left be'ind...remembah dat.

05:53:44 [Cerryan]: *He pants heavily* "I...I am sorry. Ariok, I couldn't..."

05:54:09 [Julilee]: He made his sacrifice willingly, Cerryan.

05:54:46 [Faelenor]: And should you choose to run after him like that again...* turns away and moves on...

05:55:49 [Julilee]: <Yells> Watch each others' backs!

05:56:14 [Nojbu]: ~scowls at the lot of them, gripping his swords tightly. he rushes past the group and takes the first strike at the orcs~

05:56:29 [Cerryan]: *Cerryan slams a hammer of pure light on the ground. It arcs beams of light, slamming into the Orcs and rejuvinating allies it heals*

05:57:11 [Nojbu]: stay togedah!

05:57:23 [Julilee]: Into the cave!

05:57:36 [Nojbu]: ~supports their escape!~

05:58:12 [Julilee]: Blodwyen.. Nojinbu..

05:58:22 [Julilee]: Faelanor and Amalyn... Where is the dark priest?

05:58:34 [blodwyen]: Ah......

05:58:59 [Faelenor]: I...did not see him enter...

05:59:11 [Cerryan]: Stay together in these dark halls.

05:59:12 [Nojbu]: cleah da caves, show dese bastahds wot we can do as one!

05:59:29 Blodwyen lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

05:59:31 [Julilee]: <She is relieved to see Sabachthan emerge.>

05:59:35 [sabachthan]: <Materializes from the dust and shadows of the falling rocks>

05:59:44 [Julilee]: Into the caves.

06:02:26 [Julilee]: Down below. The draenei.

06:04:24 [Julilee]: <Juli speaks to the scouts.>

06:04:51 [Cerryan]: *Cerryan whispers a prayer to the Light, invoking its might over his allies*

06:05:11 [Julilee]: Onward to Keli'dan.

06:06:21 [Nojbu]: none o' dis be right....ah know many 'o dese names

06:06:36 [Kenjin] left channel.

06:07:28 [Julilee]: <Juli looks over all the prisoners they've rescued.>

06:07:50 [Julilee]: They will fight with us, if we arm them.

06:08:37 [sabachthan]: I do so love desperate situations.

06:09:44 [Nojbu]: hah, ta slow, blodwyen!

06:09:58 [blodwyen]: *grunts and nods*

06:10:18 [Nojbu]: ~scoops up a large ammount of weapons, his gangly armos fully stocked~

06:11:00 [Julilee]: <They set about handing out the weapons.>

06:11:27 [sabachthan]: Arm yourselves. You're not out of hell yet.

06:11:47 [Julilee]: Forward!

06:11:49 [Nojbu]: be da front lines, support as many as ya can!

06:12:01 [Cerryan]: How lovely, another Orcish war machine to dismantle.

06:12:54 [Faelenor] left channel.

06:12:57 [Faelenor] joined channel.

06:13:23 [Nojbu]: ~yells through the fighting~ dats 14!

06:13:43 [Julilee]: You heard him! Get up the hill!

06:14:07 [Faelenor]: Fael does not hear the warning as he is surrounded by orcs

06:14:17 [Julilee]: FAELENOR!

06:14:39 [Cerryan]: I'm going back. I will not leave my kin.

06:15:06 [Julilee]: <The dam starts to leak dangerously.>

06:15:25 [Åmalyn]: "We must leave now, Faelenor!"

06:15:28 [Cerryan]: We need to go, now!


06:30:42 [Julilee]: Cerryan, is your team accounted for?

06:31:17 [Cerryan]: We are safe behind Khadgar's shield.

06:31:39 [Julilee]: Let's go.

06:32:45 [sabachthan]: Hmm. More cold.

06:33:55 [Julilee]: Isn't Durotan...?

06:34:07 [Nojbu]: ....yup

06:34:28 [Nojbu]: dese be names we ahll know from outlan'

06:34:39 [Cerryan]: Or from Orcish history.

06:34:54 [Nojbu]: ~nods~....wot be goin on 'ere....

06:35:49 [Julilee]: <Juli looks at Thrall, then takes the banner and plants it.>

06:36:32 [Nojbu]: sa...we may be able ta get back?

06:36:39 [Julilee]: It may be so.

06:36:40 [Åmalyn]: I am not sure...

06:36:43 [Nojbu]: ~sighs in relief~

06:38:28 [Nojbu]: lets get us a base goin den!

06:38:45 [Nojbu]: we need warmt' an defences!

06:39:01 [Julilee]: Clear the land.

06:44:21 [Cerryan]: Cerryan practically collapses by the fire, warming his hands and trying to catch his breath

06:45:02 [Åmalyn]: Amalyn scoots her toes closer to the flames, "I've not been this cold since Northrend."

06:45:24 [Julilee]: Juli returns to the fire and draws off her gauntlets, extending her fingers to the flames. She gazes into it silently.

06:45:44 [Cerryan]: *He nods absently at the priestess*

06:46:00 [Nojbu]: ~finds a large lump of snow, flopping down into it with a big grin~

06:47:43 [Cerryan]: "No time for rest yet, it seems"

06:48:34 [Julilee]: We must finish deterring the gronns.

06:48:42 [sabachthan]: Sometimes I feel like I am nothing more than a brute enforcer to these people.

07:51:25 [Julilee]: <They continue fighting the gronn and clearing trees for the space.>

07:54:35 [Nojbu] joined channel.

07:54:43 [Åmalyn] joined channel.

07:55:26 [Julilee]: <They stop to rest at the fire and warm themselves. Juli brushes her hair back, looking a little tired, and sits down.>

07:56:50 [Cerryan]: *Cerryan stands, finally recovered from the recent travail*

07:57:05 [Julilee]: "We'll have walls put up soon."

07:57:40 [Nojbu] left channel.

07:57:48 [Nojbu] joined channel.

07:58:58 [Nojbu] left channel.

07:59:06 [Cerryan]: "That will be good. We need a safe bastion, and a true chance to evaluate our current circumstances."

07:59:11 [Nojbu] joined channel.

07:59:33 [Julilee]: <Juli nods.> At least it seems they're figuring out how to reopen a portal back to Azeroth."

08:00:04 [Nojbu]: dat be a relief. lotta people back 'ome

08:00:50 Reredrumylla salutes Outcsthorror with respect.

08:02:12 [Nojbu]: ah aprove a dis land. perfect weda

08:03:08 [Julilee]: <The garrison is laid out. Juli looks around.>

08:03:44 [Nojbu]: coul use some fixin up, but dissl do

08:04:18 [Åmalyn]: I am sure it will come along with time

08:04:39 [Faelenor]: Faelenor says nothing.

08:04:42 [Cerryan]: For now, it is nice enough to have a relatively safe place to rest.

08:06:49 [Julilee]: "Looks like we should go salvage some supplies."

08:07:20 [Faelenor]: There is much work that needs to be done!

08:08:49 [Zajanji] joined channel.

08:13:40 [Eiverdein] joined channel.

08:16:53 [Julilee]: <Juli observes as the barracks are speedily built.>

08:20:13 [Nojbu]: nah much room fa sleepin in dem quartahs, bettah upgrade dem quick if sanct be becomin a respectable quild again

08:21:16 [Julilee]: Well, it's not really much of a step down from the current guildhall...

08:21:34 [Nojbu]: least we in da city, dere be oda places ta go

08:21:47 [Nojbu]: jus means we need ta get dat up an runnin

08:21:50 [Cerryan]: We'll make what we can of this. It's all we have, for now.

08:21:54 [Julilee]: I suppose we'll just have to learn how to entertain each other.

08:21:58 [Nojbu]: ~nods~

08:22:16 [Åmalyn]: But we do need a base of operations out here.. at least this seems safe enough.

08:22:36 [Julilee]: The Frostwolves are very generous. We only did what was right in helping them.

08:23:16 [Faelenor]: Ill...go find us something to eat...while we wait for things to finish up here.

08:23:33 [Julilee]: That sounds wonderful.

08:24:09 [Nojbu]: ahl see if we can gada some allies, per'aps dey can 'elp us improve

08:24:47 [Julilee]: They want us to go to Wor'gol as well and speak to Durotan.

08:28:28 [Julilee]: I'm going to go on ahead to Wor'gol. I'll meet you guys there.

08:28:53 [Åmalyn]: I'm following closely

08:30:35 You nod at Åmalyn.

08:30:41 Åmalyn smiles at you.

08:30:53 [Khyl] says: Hi!

08:30:59 You wave at Khyl.

08:31:10 [Julilee] says: I keep running into him.

08:43:28 [Nojbu] says: easy dere!

08:59:26 [Julilee] says: Good job, everyone.

08:59:31 Julilee Liene wipes her sweating brow.

08:59:42 [Julilee] says: Sure is warm in here, compared to where we were.

09:04:20 [Julilee]: <Juli returns to the garrison campfire.>

09:05:56 [Julilee]: <She nods at Cerryan when he walks back in.>

09:06:10 [G] [Kenjin]: So 'owzit goin?

09:06:33 [G] [Julilee]: Pretty well. We've got a garrison established now. Would you like to join us?

09:06:39 [G] [Nojbu]: ain bad, be nice an cool 'ere!

09:06:50 [G] [Kenjin]: Ju kiddin righ?

09:06:58 [G] [Kenjin]: Coursa wanna join ja.

09:08:08 [G] [Julilee]: If anyone else can join us, please do.

09:09:48 Kenjin lies down.

09:09:50 You greet everyone warmly.

09:10:04 Kenjin purrs softly in the heat.

09:10:25 [Julilee] says: I rounded up some food.

09:10:39 [Kenjin] says: Dat get mah 'tention.

09:10:46 [Nojbu] says: ugh, ta 'ot

09:10:47 [Faelenor] says: I manged to gather some fish in the...uh...lava pools right outside...

09:10:54 Nojbu removes his mask

09:11:00 [Cerryan] says: That's...bizarre...

09:11:05 [Cerryan] says: Did they come pre-cooked?

09:11:09 [G] [Kargron]: I am nearby.

09:11:12 [Faelenor] says: Oddly

09:11:13 Nojbu flops down in the snow

09:11:19 [Cerryan] says: This is a strange land...

09:11:20 Åmalyn hides a smile behind her hand, "Would they be-- damnit Cerryan!"

09:11:23 [Nojbu] says: much bettah

09:11:24 Kenjin beckons Nojbu over.

09:11:33 Cerryan smiles at Åmalyn.

09:11:37 [G] [Julilee]: Paunch? Are you there?

09:12:14 Kargron stands at attention and salutes.

09:12:16 [Kenjin] says: It jes be fiah.

09:12:20 You greet Kargron warmly.

09:12:23 [Kenjin] says: No'gonna 'urcha.

09:12:25 [Julilee] says: It's good to see you, kagron.

09:12:28 Kargron nods at you.

09:12:49 Cerryan salutes Kargron with respect.

09:12:52 Nojbu nods at Kargron.

09:12:56 [G] [Julilee]: Eiverdein and Valerel, you could join us as well if you liked.

09:13:11 [G] [Cerryan]: Please do, if you have a moment!

09:14:06 [Julilee] says: This may be everyone who is available, so...

09:14:11 [Kenjin] says: Dis no' be bad boss.

09:14:12 [Julilee] says: Thank you all for taking a moment to come together.

09:14:16 You nod at Kenjin.

09:14:28 Kenjin scootches closer to the fire.

09:14:36 [Julilee] says: It's been a long, hard day.

09:14:45 Cerryan nods at you.

09:15:03 Kargron lifts his axe from behind his back with one hand, placing the bladed end into the ground, shifting his weight against it as he listens.

09:15:33 You greet Eiverdein warmly.

09:15:41 Kenjin lies down before you.

09:15:44 Eiverdein smiles at you.

09:16:28 You nod at Zajanji.

09:16:52 Zajanji quirks a quick grin, shushing her arguing Rylak.

09:17:11 [Julilee] says: A long, hard day. Some of us went ahead, but we've all come back together again.

09:17:18 Nojbu places his mask and hat back on

09:17:30 Kenjin lies down.

09:18:38 [Julilee] says: For awhile, it looked dim. We destroyed the portal, didn't have any way back home, and a horde was on our heels... and not our Horde.

09:18:50 Kenjin chuffs softly

09:18:53 Nojbu nods at you.

09:19:02 [Julilee] says: But we stuck together, and no one was left behind.

09:19:09 You nod at Valerel.

09:19:12 Zajanji flops haphazardly against Zojobu, bare feet enjoying the warmth of the fire.

09:19:13 Valerel waves at you.

09:19:32 [Julilee] says: Now we're building our own garrison... A Sanctuary.

09:19:37 Kargron nods at you.

09:19:42 Julilee Liene looks over the assembled.

09:19:43 Åmalyn smiles at you.

09:19:46 Lord General Faelenor Rayfeather smiles softly.

09:20:04 [Julilee] says: We all remembered and kept to our oaths today. We fought well and bravely.

09:20:44 [Julilee] says: I would consider all who have come this far to have proven themselves beyond initiates. Cerryan, would you agree for those you know better than I?

09:21:06 [Cerryan] says: With all my heart, miss >Julilee<.

09:21:33 Julilee Liene looks over at Kargron and Nojinbu in case they wish to add something regarding the promotions.

09:21:44 Nojbu removes his blades from his back, picking up some snow with his other hand and cleaning the filth from the blade, then taking some dirt and rubbing it back over to dull its shine

09:22:00 Kargron shakes his head, remaining silent.

09:22:22 [Kargron] says: I have nothing to add.

09:22:30 Nojbu nods at you.

09:22:49 [Julilee] says: Then all initiates here may consider themselves now Guardians of Sanctuary.

09:23:39 You look at Valerel.

09:23:40 [Kenjin] says: Mr. Nojinbu...what's a guardian?

09:23:45 You look at Zajanji.

09:23:47 [Cerryan] says: Well earned, everyone.

09:23:50 Cerryan Vyel smiles warmly

09:24:05 [Nojbu] says: be showin ya got da gut ta stand fo wot we be. be da first phase

09:24:17 [Julilee] says: Zaja, you fought hard to get this far. I will give you your promotion the next time I see you, should you continue proving yourself so well.

09:24:34 Zajanji lofts a brow ridge, meeting Julilee's gaze. "Jah, dat be soundin' good, Miss Elfy."

09:24:47 Julilee Liene nods, and looks over the group again.

09:24:55 Nojbu stands, looking to julilee

09:25:00 [Julilee] says: There is much work to be done in the days ahead. Support each other. Watch each other's backs. And be safe.

09:25:18 [Nojbu] says: may ah speak, boss?

09:25:22 You nod at Nojbu.

09:25:37 Nojbu looks at the faces of the group

09:25:45 Åmalyn inclines her head to the troll.

09:25:57 [Nojbu] says: we gadahd togeda rada quickly, at 'bout da same time dat dis new 'orde be attackin

09:26:43 [Nojbu] says: ah tink it be importan dat we discapline ourselves witin sanctuary. ah tink we need to be settin groupos a sorts, makin sho we up'old da 'orde

09:26:55 [Nojbu] says: make us stronga, mo united force.

09:27:22 You nod at Nojbu.

09:28:08 [Julilee] says: I will speak to all the officers and formalize an assignment of responsibilities.

09:28:11 [Åmalyn] left channel.

09:28:14 Nojbu nods at you.

09:29:36 Julilee Liene looks at Kargron and Cerryan to see if they wish to say anything.

09:30:37 [Kargron] says: This is a dangerous world, and this "Iron Horde" is a powerful enemy. They outnumber us greatly. This will be a great challenge.

09:30:43 Kenjin pulls a flask out of her armor and takes a sip, then offers it to Nojbu

09:30:51 You nod at Kargron.

09:30:52 [Kargron] says: Organization and preparation are key. What we have done tonight is a strong start in the right direction.

09:31:10 [Kargron] says: And I agree with Nojibu's words.

09:31:11 Nojbu nods at kenjin and takes the flask

09:31:12 Kargron nods at Nojbu.

09:31:24 Nojbu takes a swig and hands it back

09:31:25 [Cerryan] says: I have faith in our ability to overcome these odds, and ensure the safety of our own world.

09:31:31 You smile at Cerryan.

09:31:36 Kenjin motions to continue passing it around.

09:31:37 [Cerryan] says: Light willing, we will even return to see the fruits of our efforts.

09:31:51 Nojbu nods at Kargron.

09:32:48 [Julilee] says: Thank you all.

09:33:07 Nojbu nods at you.

09:34:06 [Julilee] says: I'm going to go take care of some recordkeeping for now.

09:34:06 [Kenjin] says: Dat be official meetin dismissal, ja?

09:34:10 You smile at Kenjin.

09:34:13 [Julilee] says: Pretty much.

09:34:26 [Cerryan] says: Understood.

09:34:27 Cerryan salutes you with respect.

09:34:32 Kargron nods at you.

09:34:36 Kenjin mutters, "Jes makin suah..."

09:34:45 Faelenor bows before you.

09:35:00 [Kenjin] says: Der be a keg ah two in dis place?

09:35:09 Kenjin chuckles softly

09:35:12 [Julilee] says: I'm sure someone can scare something up.

09:35:17 [Kenjin] says: Ja know, 'ssential supplies.

09:35:27 Åmalyn looks up from her thoughts, having only caught glimpses of the conversation. With a smile she gives Julilee a small bow.

09:35:37 [Julilee] says: Be safe, everyone.

09:35:42 Nojbu salutes you with respect.

09:35:45 [Kenjin] says: Figya we al coul use a restorative drin

09:35:50 [Kargron] says: Aka'magosh.

09:35:51 Kargron salutes you with respect.

09:35:55 You nod at Kargron.




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