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Sword art online

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So guys, I've just watched this Anime called Sword Art Online on Netflix. Yeah Im one of those people, but anyways let me tell you the plot. So the story is about this guy who wants to escape reality by diving into a virtual reality MMO. This mmo is played by connecting to the internet on a Computer Hardware that uses your brain to control the character in the game.

Interesting right? Well plot twist, the story continues when players find out that they cannot log out of the game. At first everyone thought it was a bug, but they soon learned that the whole function of the game was to trap you inside and put you in this death game of Sword Art Online. If you die once in the game, you died in reality.

Spooky thought you may think, and yes the thought of that ever happening is horrifying. But as I got into the story, it made me think of how players online interact and find solace in other players that they befriend in the game. When faced with death, they all tried to beat the game to save everyone and they all really cared about each other within the game.

Now its true these are extreme circumstances, but the thought is still touching and made me reminisce the old days of the twisting nether server. Of how I met many people online that I have come to call as friends even though we may have not met in Real Life.

So enough of my blabbering, I just thought I would share this awesome story that can be found on netflix with you guys. It makes you think, and it certainly has me day dreaming myself as all of my characters as if I could move them like I could with my own body. I would imagine RP would be very spectacular if the game was played that way.

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