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[RP] Blazing Inferno (Also titled: Urivial dies again.)

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Urivial’s eyes moved across the rolling hills around him as the stallion he rode trotted down the road towards Lakeshire. The lands around him were quiet and calm and it disturbed him more than he cared to admit. The Redridge Mountains were not known for their peacefulness. He grew happier when he saw someone else walking along the road as well, a woman carrying a basket with flowers poking out of it.

He couldn’t help but study her even as he raised a hand and prepared to call out. From what he could see, she looked to be an adult of some years, not some child or teenager. She had short blonde hair and most of her figure was hidden by a simple white and blue dress. As his horse began to close the distance his eyes settled upon a single black hair his goggles had picked up on her shoulder. Strange to see, but likely as meaningless as much of what his goggles deigned to alert him of.

“Hail!” he called out as he urged his horse to catch up to the woman who turned around, clearly startled. With a smile he looked down at her, “A pleasure to see another friendly face on the road today, miss.” The dear lady looked abashed and subdued, most likely from his distinctive presence. She looked down before speaking, “Oh! Sir Knight forgive me for not noticing you sooner. I-it is a pleasure to see someone of your stature patrolling our roads.”

He sighed and dismounted from his horse with ease, smiling at her as he brought himself down to her level, “My dear, you need not lower your gaze to me. I have dedicated my life to defending and serving our people. A people you are part of. I implore you, please speak to me directly.”

Slowly the woman looked up, a tentative smile on her face as well as she nodded, “T-thank you Sir Knight. Ah, could I perhaps convince you to accompany me home? The roads are dangerous and it would be my honor to cook for you. A-and my s-son would just love to meet you.”

Urivial considered for a moment, looking at the woman behind his goggles. He noted how the comment about her son seemed to be almost an afterthought to her, but no reason why jumped to the front of his mind. He had food on him, but nothing beat a fresh, home-cooked meal. Even organic and long lasting Pandaren foods couldn't stand up to a hot plate of market food and wine. With a wide grin and a nod, the Paladin took his horse’s reins and gestured down the road, “That sounds wonderful miss. A home-cooked meal in exchange for a tale of bravery or two seems a fair trade to me.”

The woman smiled back at him and began leading him down the road towards her home. Urivial followed, leading his horse along at a sedate pace using the reins he held in his hand. He made a few attempts at small-talk with the woman, but she was strangely recalcitrant. Eventually a cottage came into view and as they drew closer she turned to him and spoke, “Ah, t-there it is. Let me go on ahead, I just need to t-tidy up a bit first.”

Urivial frowned as she rushed towards the door of her home. She was acting stranger and stranger as time went on and he found himself altogether too curious now. He followed her instead of waiting, only around ten feet behind her when she flung the door open. Her body went rigid, her fingers clutching at the door as she cried out, sudden anguish filling her voice, “I did everythi-!” Urivial’s eyes widened as she was cut off, her body suddenly flung back onto the ground by the force of something striking her head. He rushed forward, but could see she was already dead; a throwing knife up to the hilt in her forehead and her blood staining the red earth beneath her.

He knelt down and closed her eyes, before moving to the entryway of the cottage, ready for a fight. Looking inside, he found himself going entirely still, his eyes widening behind his goggles as he stared at the sight before him. Kelenis Firesworn sat at a chair, holding a young human boy in his arms. The child’s eyes were glassy and dead to the world, due to the long slash across his throat. His life blood had poured all over the floor by this point and Kelenis contemptuously tossed the body aside as he stood and looked at Urivial.

“Kelenis.” Urivial whispered, pained by the sight before him. A woman and her child were dead, at the hand of a blood elf that should have left the mortal coil long ago. Said blood elf sneered in response to Urivial’s voice.

“Beckett. Time we finished things.” And with those simple words, Kelenis attacked.

Urivial lay on the ground outside the half-destroyed cottage, defeated. He coughed and pain erupted in his midsection. He was sure that at least one rib was broken from Kelenis finishing the fight by throwing him through a weakened cottage wall. He grimaced as he was forced to admit the ugly truth. He was beaten, Kelenis had won. The elf stood over him, looking down upon Urivial with a mad grin.

“The Great Urivial Beckett, defeated. This is a glorious day!” Kelenis sneered happily, laughing as he circled his fallen opponent, "You brought this upon yourself, Beckett!" He continued to stare at the man, hatred filling his gaze.

Urivial grimaced again, but after a long moment nodded tiredly, “I suppose I did Kelenis. The victory is yours. Come, finish it.”

A moment passed, before Kelenis knelt behind Urivial’s head, his hands on the clasps that kept the goggles on Urivial’s face, “I intend to, but first, a trophy.” The goggles came away and Urivial looked up into Kelenis’ eyes with all of the disgust he could muster. His hand brought up the vial he’d taken from his belt while Kelenis closed in, and he delighted in the way the elf’s eyes widened in terror as he recognized what Urivial held.

The vial in Urivial’s hand seemed innocent enough at first, just another glass cylinder filled with some fluid. But for those who were engineers, the bright orange color was an obvious give away to what it held. Ever since people had begun to build Blingtron 4000 remotes, they’d been summoning the golden robot. He’d given gifts to any and all who asked for them. Sometimes the gifts were useful, sometimes they were insulting. Sometimes they were disturbing such as the damaged generosity circuits many engineers had found in their daily present. But only one gift was fatal to the receiver if opened carelessly. Bottled Fire and its simple yet cautious warning label; “Opening Causes Death.”

Urivial placed his thumb under the clasp of the Bottled Fire, and popped it open in one vicious move, even as Kelenis tried to stumble back. “Die with me Kelenis Firesworn!” were the last words Urivial got out before his world was consumed by flame. Fortunately for Kelenis, the Light reacted to his terror instinctively, and as he stumbled back from the growing inferno, it surrounded him with a protective shield of energy right as the fire washed over him and ravaged the area. When the flames finally died down, he was left alone in a field of ash. Urivial Beckett was gone once and for all.

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"What does that make this? The fifth, sixth time? I've lost track. Perhaps we could mix the aforementioned ashes with taurahe milk, giving a cup to someone on each of the continents, so that this evil may never return."

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