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The Status Quo

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Uniformity and Personality, Solidarity and Uniqueness. These things did not always go hand in hand, but neither were they completely anathema to one another. It was a melding of the two that Urivial found himself contemplating now. The Knights of Turalyon were unified under their purpose, but their personalities were now allowed to shine through far brighter than they had in the past.

Urivial smiled as he considered his time as a Knight of Stormwind. In the beginning of his time he had worn the standard uniform of the Stormwind Army. It had been made to fit him, and he had worn it with pride and honor. As time went on however, and his abilities in battle shone through, his superiors eventually stopped caring about what he wore, so long as he brought in results.

So he had changed things up, his armor had stayed simple but also become his own, keeping to that vibe of a Holy Knight, and keeping to the colors of Stormwind. The goggles were entirely his own though, sitting upon his face and giving him invaluable tactical data and offensive capability. The goggles became a part of his identity over time, creating a persona for Urivial that grew to be known far and wide. It grew to the point that seeing Urivial without his goggles became cause for alarm and shock amongst those around him.

He had continued to wear the armor and those goggles even as he transitioned from Alliance Military to Karma Police, and from Karma Police to Hand of Salvation. Urivial even went as far as to craft the colors of his charity around his armor, melding them perfectly together to form what he hoped to be an appealing and awe inspiring image. People grew to expect him to look a certain way, and he basked in his individuality.

Then Vedma had died and the charity had fallen. He had lost the ability to lose the Light at the same time, and couldn’t find the inner strength to hold it up on his own any longer. So he moved on, searching for a worthy cause and finding it in the Kingdom of Arathor. He had joined, and been stripped of that individuality with great speed. Once again he wore a uniform that gave him no room to stand out, and merely made him another helm in a crowd.

Urivial was just fine with that though. His pride had been the cause of his downfall before, and he saw no reason to cling to that which held him captive any longer. Material possessions were just that, merely material. What mattered in the end was making a difference in the world, and with the Arathorians Urivial felt he was truly doing that. He would miss his goggles, the pair of glowing eyes that he’d worn for years by that point. But all things come to an end.

Now though, now things were different. The Kingdom had fallen, not to enemies or covert forces, but merely passed away in the night, the Steward’s words ringing loudly in Urivial’s ears; “The time for Arathor’s rise is not now.” The Knights of Turalyon had risen from its ashes, and Urivial found himself with purpose once more. The book showed him the way, and he was given his task. At the same time, he was given his mantle.

Smiling happily as he reached up and brushed the goggles adorning his eyes he nodded, completely satisified. The Light had seen fit to return his goggles to him. When deciding upon what suited Urivial best as a mantle, the Light reached within his very soul, and found what he needed. He would wear his tabard and armor with honor and pride as he always had. He would exemplify the standards of their Order and follow the words of the book.

He would do it all while wearing a pair of glowing engineering goggles.

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