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The Start of Something New

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((Hey look I wrote dis.))

The World of Azeroth had always been one of change, a world of a million dangers, all vying for power or control or a thousand other inconceivable things. It was surprising how long some folks lasted in a world where everyone and everything could decide to try to kill you at any time. To put it truthfully, Azeroth bred dangerous individuals, people who would stop at nothing to obtain their goals.

Strangely enough, this is what Urivial Beckett found himself thinking about as he sat upon a saddle and looked down upon the Shrine of Seven Stars from his perch. Only a month ago had he joined the Kingdom of Arathor. Only a month ago had he pledged himself to a cause that he thought would set him on the path to obtaining his own goals.

Now, it was all for naught it seemed. The Kingdom crumbled in the span of a week, its citizens abandoning it, its soldiers vanishing to Light knows where. Avici himself had told Urivial that a decision had been made by the Lords and Steward. The time for the Kingdom’s rise was not now. It would seem that they would have to wait for the return of the true King.

In truth, Urivial understood and even agreed. The Arathorians had pushed their advantage after consolidating Arathi, and had taken key points of Hillsbrad back from the undead threat. Yet did they truly have the capability to hold it afterwards? The Forsaken War Machine was immense, and grew with every enemy kill they made. It was only a matter of time before the Banshee Queen turned her true force against their fledging Kingdom.

Still, Urivial would have fought until the end regardless. He would have stood with the Kingdom of Arathor until the end, if necessary. Alas it was not meant to be and even as Urivial grew lost and confused, unsure of where he was meant to go next, an answer revealed itself to him. A book had found its way into Urivial’s hands, and he had consumed all it had to offer. Smiling as he considered the words he closed his eyes and breathed in deep.

For those who seek justice…

He had always sought justice both for others and for himself. He acknowledged that he did not always do it in the correct way, and his path had been fraught with pitfalls and mistakes made. No man was perfect, no mortal was without fault. He could only do his best, and do what he felt was right. No more, no less.

Life before Death.

The words of the book continued to come back to him, and he considered just what they meant to him as he sat comfortably. There had been times where he had thrown himself into situations where his death was almost assured. He’d come out of it still alive, but never expecting to survive. Now though, now he was aware of just how precious his and every other life was.

Strength before Weakness.

There were more than enough times in his life where he’d grown weak. Urivial had made his mistakes, had fallen prey to the weakness of man just as much as any other. The sins of greed, envy, wrath, and pride had all held hold over him at one time or another.

Journey before Destination.

This perhaps, was the phrase within the book that spoke to him the most. He had focused solely on the destination before, not caring about the journey, nor who he had to walk upon to get to where he was going. He had hurt others in the name of a cause, and he had ended up burnt most violently for it. He had learned from that mistake, but part of his redemption needed to be finding another way. A better way.

He smiled as he considered the next words, and they slipped out from his lips as he murmured them quietly, feeling the truth of each sentence.

“I will protect those who cannot protect themselves,” Always, always would he protect the innocent, the weak and feeble.

“I will remember those who have been forgotten,” He thought of his family and his teachers, the people who had made him who he was today that he would never let be forgotten.

He opened his eyes as the words of the book faded to the back of his mind. He was a new man, a changed man now. As he looked down upon the Shrine and the desecrated Vale beyond it he felt his resolve harden. He was no longer just a Knight of Stormwind or Arathor. He was beyond mortal allegiances. He was what the Light wished of him.

The Light wished for a Redeemer.

((Yeah, you know you like it.))

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