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Trans-Porter. (closed Stranglethorn Exports)

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Kimiji glances about the room. The Board of Stranglethorn Exports waits around the table. Board meetings aren’t common, for the most part. As long as the profits roll in there is no reason to meet. She called this meeting in one of the rare instances that the Director requires the direct input of her Board Members.

The Troll looks around the table at the board members that are able to attend the meeting. “Laydies an gentelmen...Ju been stron’ supportahs ah de company fah longah den is decen’ ta recoun’. Each ah ja sahcrafice’ mare den mos ta keep dis a profitable ventchah.”

The Director looks down at her notes.

She continues, “Ju all be ‘ere t’day at mah r’ques’.”

Kimiji’s assistant, Prinn, passes a folder to each person around the conference table.

“What m’gerl Prinn jes gave ja be de projected figuahs fah beeah prahduction, ‘ahd we been producin’ ovah de pas’ yeah.”

Prinn steps back after passing out the last of her folders. “These are the accurate figures if Stranglethorn Exports had processed and exported beer over the last four fiscal quarters.”

Kimiji looks back at the blood elf, a look of obvious annoyance on her face, “Dat what ah jes said!” Kimi looks back to the Board Members around the table. “Dis be an opahtunity fah us. If we ken come up wit a brew dat ken compete wit da pandaran swill, we ‘ave de chance ta make money ‘and ovah fis’.”

She smirks and gestures toward the back of the room. “Dat said, me brew mastah got a recipe dat mixes de pandaran brew wit de strong dwarf ale. Me new brew mastah be takin a bit ta create de final produc’, but it be a quality brew when it finish.”

“Dere be two pro’lems we ‘ave ta deal wit. De minor pro’lem be dat we nee’ a few ‘gredien’s dat not be readily ‘vailable. Ah realahz mos ah’ ju not be de sor’ ta sneak inta caves ta gahdjah ‘erbs on da possibility o’a payout.”

Kimi looks at the contractors sitting at the table. “Dis be why ju was ‘vited. Ju get me de ‘gredien’s needed an de payoff be generous.” She looks at Nojinbu and Vilmah. “Dis should covah mos’ scenariahs.” She slides a contract over to the mercenaries, leaving several more on the table for any other freelancers around the table that seem interested.

“De secon’ issue, an de main reason de contractas be ‘ere, be dat mah brew mastah be missin. Now ah not be de kahnd ta point fingas, but…” Kimiji tosses a cloak on the table. “Dat be de crest o’ de Sunspiah Tradin Co. Dis was torn off de kidnappas durin de raid.”

Kimiji glares at her hands on the table. Prinn rests her hand on Kimiji’s shoulder. “Ah need mah brew mastah and recipes back. Dis business takin off right now, an we can’ affo’d ta miss ou’ on it. We need ta get ou’ brew masta back an’ go inta full production mode. Ah got a facility lahned up ta take care o’ ou’ demand. Now we jes need ou’ supplies an brew masta an we be makin mo’ money den ju ken coun’.”

She nods at the assembled Board Members, hoping for their support, but counting on her mercenaries to really get the job done.

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