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The New World of Limits

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Intense pain spiked through her body, then nothing.

Neesa floated in a sea of black. Six hundred years she spent contemplating the pain she felt in that half second. The next four hundred years were spent in dull numbness. For a century she considered committing suicide. For two she attempted it, her body not complying. Her world condensed to a searing needle of pain embodied. It stitched her mind into a tapestry of pain and hate. Every stitch puncturing her soul. Every thread a new reason to detest the world. Her transgressions on morality seared into her spirit, yet never making the impact they should. How dare the bitch confine her here. Neesa would fight her way free.

Neesa floated in a sea of black. Six hundred years it took her to find the passage to her eyes. The next four hundred were spent trying to open them. For a century she tried to focus. For two she attempted to make sense of what she was seeing. Her world condensed to the painless perception of her eyes. She felt her body unravel as the stitches in her mind coalesced. All physical sensation ceased.

Neesa floated in a sea of black. Then she opened her eyes. The world resolved into a view of a warehouse. She must have fallen asleep leaning against the wall. She spends...time...trying...

Neesa floats in a sea. Unmoving, unfeeling, nothing but thought. She opens her eyes and looks out on the warehouse that is now her world and rebels. She will not be bound by these constraints. She is Neesa and she will rule her own destiny.

Neesa floats in a...warehouse? She tries to remember why. She remembers the slaves, and the books, but why is she...

Neesa floats... the knowledge of her life flows through her, every morsel hers to recall. She knows she wanted to move at some point, but she can't recall why. The world is the knowledge, and the knowledge is all. She owns the knowledge and is content.

Neesa opens here eyes. The dull crystal flickers to life with a faint, golden light. Neesa surveys the warehouse from her immobile viewpoint and decides the world is good.

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The troll walks down the gangplank to the dock, surveying her crew carelessly unloading her cargo and frowns. They have been doing this job for more than three years. They should know by now when a cargo requires special care.

“Ey! Ju wacha ‘anilin ah dat crate oh ju be fahndin ah new job. An dat be pretty ‘ahd when ju missin ja ‘ead!”

Her crew chief Nozomi glances up from the shipping manifest, then glares at the crew.

“You heard the lady! Watch those crates. Those aren’t exactly birthday cakes you’re throwing around there! Drop one of those and you’ll be lucky to lose a leg!”

Nozomi glances back at Kimiji.

“Sorry about that Boss. Sometimes these knuckleheads forget that we’re transporting mines instead of ore. Come a long way from the old days, eh?”

Kimi shakes her head at the Orc.

“Too fah ah tink sometahms. Jes make sure dey don kill demselves, neh? Got ‘nough ta worry bout lately witout one’ah dis lot blowin demselves up.” She rolls out her carpet and sits down. “Ju take care ah gettin dis ta da ware’ouse, neh? Ah’m goin a’ead ta make sure e’rytin’s in o’dah.”

Nozomi nods at Kimiji. “Sure think Boss. Should have everything to the warehouse by the end of the day.” With that, he turns back to the workers and starts yelling.

Kimi concentrates, releasing a small amount of magic into the carpet. A slight frost forms underneath it as it lifts off the ground and begins the flight to her warehouse.

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As her carpet comes down for a landing, the stiff fabric becomes soft and pliant. She isn’t half way through rolling it up when her assistant comes bouncing out of the warehouse. Against all better judgement, Kimiji had taken an elf on staff. She would never have considered it, except the girl was just so damn persistent. At first she had just been doing menial tasks. Running errands, delivering messages, boring, unimportant stuff. These days the elf is essentially running the day to day operations of Kimiji’s complex, from the warehouse to the various staff needed around the place. Somehow, in the past year, Prinn has become one of the most important people in Kimiji’s employ.

Prinn is small, even among Blood Elves. At 5’4 she was dwarfed by the troll. Being three feet taller than the elf makes it hard, sometimes, to look at the girl as an adult, but Prinn has proven herself time and time again. She has long since earned Kimiji’s trust.

“Boss! Boss!” Prinn bounced up and down, waving at Kimiji from the door of the warehouse before sprinting out to meet her on the road. She skids to a halt, throwing up a bit of dirt, but stopping before the carpet. “Boss!”

Kimiji holds up one of her large fingers to the young elf. “Wait jes a momen’.” She finishes rolling up her carpet, then lifts it in one hand and drops it into the arms of the bouncing girl.”

Prinn catches the massive rug with an “oomph,” then looks up at Kimiji, waiting. When Kimi finally nods to her, Prinn starts reciting the latest comings and goings of the complex. “We’ve had six shipments in while you’ve been gone. All of them on schedule except the second. It was three days late.”

The elf looks up nervously. “I took the liberty of docking the pay of the team by a fifth. I wouldn’t, except there was no reason they were late. They didn’t get stopped or anything. They were just slow!” She stutters for a moment. Then continues defensively, “Their tardiness cost us a client. The shop in Ratchet had to go with another dealer.”

Kimiji places her hand on the elf’s head. “Ja did good, li’l one. Nex’ tahm dey won’ be late, an Ratchet be an accoun we ken spare. Da gobbos got dat one pretty locked up anyway. Anytin else e’sitin ‘appen while ah was gone?”

Prinn looks over her shoulder, back at the warehouse. “Well, yes…” She hesitates. “There’s something weird going on in your private storeroom behind your office.”

The troll looks sharply at Prinn. “Whachu mean, weahd?”

“Just, you know, weird.” The elf shrugs, or tries to, the carpet hinders the motion. “I was in your office getting some files and I heard talking. I couldn’t make out anything, just a troll voice. At first I thought you had come home early without telling me. Then I went back there. The room was empty! There was no one in there, but I could still hear the voice!” She looks at her fee…the carpet she is holding. “So I, uh, locked your office and made it temporarily off limits. Sorry if it’s a little dirty. The cleaning staff hasn’t been in since then.”

Kimiji nods. “‘sokay. Ah’ll ‘splain when we get insahd. Shoulda ‘spected dis.” Kimi starts walking towards the warehouse, slow enough for Prinn to fall in beside her. “We gonna ‘ave a shipment ah mines comin in lateah tahnigh’. Ah need ja ta make shuah de ‘splosives wing ‘as ‘nough space for ‘em. Keep em near de fron. Dey won’t be wit us more den ‘alf a week. Make shuah Nozomi put'em weah dey spose ta go, neh?”

Prinn nods as they reach the warehouse. “Got it. What about the voice?”

Kimi takes the rug from the girl’s arms as they go through the entrance, then deposits it beside the door. “Don’ worry bout de voice til aftah ju got dis done. Ah’ll ‘splain it all to ja, but gonna take ‘while. Ju need ta get de ‘splosives wing ready firs.”

The little elf nods, then bounces off on her way to do her master’s bidding. Kimiji sighs, then strolls through her office and into her private store room, unlocking the doors as she goes. Once inside she removes a Soul Shard from an upper shelf. She returns to her desk in the office, sitting down and placing the crystal on the desk in front of her. Kimiji leans forward, placing her chin in her hands, elbows resting on the desk. She peers into the crystal.

“Ah sweah ah tol ju ta be quiet wahl ah was gon…”

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