Murder Mystery: Fisherman's Folly

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Murder Mystery: Fisherman’s Folly

Date: To be determined ((The script is still a WIP, and I want to see how much interest this generates first))

Requirements: A worgen toon of level 20 or higher, please have either MyRoleplay or TRP2 installed so that you can add a little extra “flair” to your character. Also please have a plain horse ground mount as some travel in the area will be required, and you will be required to get to Gilneas so please plan for this.

This is just a preliminary list to see what interest folks may have in doing another of these type of events. If you wish to play a character listed below, please let me know and I will add your name to the list, posting this in advance gives people time to either modify their current toon, or create a new one and get it to level 20 and get a mount. Reminder: THIS HAS TO BE A WORGEN TOON!

Cast of Characters:

Mayor Jonathon Finestein

-You are the mayor of Dusk Haven.

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Should dress in a suit, top hat, or monocle if possible.

States if using TRP2: Wealthy, Finely Groomed, Smell of Tobacco

Played by: Laskey (TBD based on date and time of game)

Josephine Finestein

-You are the mayor’s daughter.

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Should wear fine clothing as befitting a nobleman's daughter, carry girly things like flowers, in off-hand.

States if using TRP2: Smell of Roses, Finely Groomed, In-Love

Played by: Tianir

Bettina Smythe

-You are the mayor’s most trusted advisor

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Fine clothing befitting a noblewoman, carry a mug or a wine glass in your off-hand if you aren’t at an official meeting.

States if using TRP2: Smell of Alcohol, Finely Groomed, Wealthy

Played by: Rosepha

Stephan “Salty” Heyworth

-You are the town’s top fisherman

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Fishing pole, fisherman's style clothing but good quality.

States if using TRP2: Smell of Fish, Muscular, Handsome

Played by: Tuuro's Worgen

Matthew “Gimpy” Heyworth

-You are the town’s general store owner, and you walk with a limp

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Merchant style clothing, not poor, but not wealthy.

States if using TRP2: Wounded Leg walks with a limp, Muscular, Handsome

Played by: Jabberlittle's Worgen

Valerie Heyworth

-You are the wife of Matthew Heyworth, and you co-own the general store, you’re also very beautiful

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Common clothing for a woman, not poor quality, but not wealthy.

States if using TRP2: Shy, Beautiful, Smell of flowers, Bruises either visible or hidden.

Played by: Kakabel's Worgen

Bryan Young

-You are the town watchman

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Light armor, mail armor or plain looking plate armor if you are a higher level. A short one-handed sword, and a lantern if you can find one.

States if using TRP2: Strong, Watchful, and smell of tobacco.

Played by: OPEN

Jeffrey O’Connor

-You are another of the town’s fishermen

Suggested Clothing and Equipment: Fisherman’s styled clothing, fishing pole, maybe a small knife, maybe some shoddy styled clothing.

States if using TRP2: Smell of Fish, Poor, and Watchful

Played by: Bremaxton

If all characters are taken and you wish to participate please let me know and I will write you in, we have time a plenty for this as a date has not yet been selected.

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One other thing, the toon HAS to be on Twisting Nether. I want TRP2 and MRP to work without issue, so please if you are a cross-realm person viewing this, make a lowbie on TN if only for just this event as I am trying to promote RP on Twisting Nether. Thank you.

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I would say this would likely take place on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening time. I will poll the players as the rolls get filled. As for roleplaying the characters beforehand I would say that is likely not a good idea...but feel free to lvl your toon or whatever. Only reason is if your character dies during the roleplay event that would be bad.

What I am doing for my worgen for instance, is I'm leveling and roleplaying her but the toon I use has a different name than the toon IN the Murder Mystery. So my toon will just be "acting" as Josephine instead of being Josephine.

Unless of course you manage to survive the game...then you can roleplay as the character you act as in the Murder Mystery.

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But I will put Laskey in for the mayor depending on time and date of the game.

OK, don't let me forget about this! A thursday friday or saturday night is usually good for me, so it should work out. Thursday's my preference if it matters.

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